Billy Corgan - 1979 Acoustic


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  • Blackdawg Hirst
    Blackdawg Hirst 7 days ago

    Hmm not quite Paul McCartney. Just sayin

  • Ni K
    Ni K 3 months ago

    The girl next to Billy is so sweet... So excited... :) how cute

  • Lucas Argandoña
    Lucas Argandoña 4 months ago

    Who is the lafy beside him?

  • Fernando Torres
    Fernando Torres 5 months ago +1

    deja escuchar la voz de corgan compa no interfieras

  • Chris M. Ferguson
    Chris M. Ferguson 6 months ago +4

    There's so many videos of this dude just playing his music out in the streets! WTF, he's amazing.

  • Dan mulqueen
    Dan mulqueen 7 months ago

    Who's the fucking asshole who would start singing over billy

  • cereal4u
    cereal4u 8 months ago

    I wish he would have played that little breakdown at the end . It’s my favorite part of the song but still very good

  • Maria Karneby
    Maria Karneby 9 months ago +4

    I’d give everything to sit in her place. Awesome

  • siddhant
    siddhant 9 months ago +12

    He's so genuine and down to earth. Don't know why so many people hate him, he's such a great person.

    • AC81
      AC81 3 months ago +2

      siddhant I don’t think it’s that a lot of people hate him, I think it’s maybe hate is much more magnified so it’s seems the masses! Billy is a rockstar of a person and a poet of a songwriter. Wish there was a way to hear all of his unpublished work

  • antibling
    antibling 11 months ago


  • David Wayne
    David Wayne 11 months ago +2

    Dude singing along should fucking knocked out.

  • Devon Scannell
    Devon Scannell Year ago

    Thank you Billy...You and the pumpkins are missed more than you realize

  • Free man
    Free man Year ago

    I always thought The Smashing Pumpkins sucked but have really been digging Billy with his acoustic. He can play all his hits alone and they sound amazing.

  • peaceandllov
    peaceandllov Year ago

    Is that song called nineteen-seventy-nine or nineteen-seven-nine?

    • Dan mulqueen
      Dan mulqueen 7 months ago

      It sounds like he says nineteen seven nine, my guess is drugs played a part in the original and now he just goes with it

    • Dan mulqueen
      Dan mulqueen 7 months ago +1

      That escalated pretty quickly

    • CatsLikeBoxes
      CatsLikeBoxes 7 months ago

      peaceandllov for someone with the username peace and love you’re pretty toxic.
      also, the title is nineteen seventy nine, like the year.

    • peaceandllov
      peaceandllov 9 months ago

      I had hoped to get an answer from someone who actually knows. People like you who make assumptions are of no use.

    • dev_web
      dev_web 9 months ago

      peaceandllov ok is there a reason you’re fucking around with me? You asked a dumb question and I gave you the answer. Stop wasting my time.

  • Cat M
    Cat M Year ago +8

    Ironically, the next word in the lyrics was .. Morphine.
    Enjoy life Bill, you're an awesome artist and I hope you'll do more of the same 90s vibe again.

  • Guitarists Suck
    Guitarists Suck Year ago +4

    He's going places... literally

  • quanah
    quanah Year ago

    fucking awesome

  • Bill Cameron
    Bill Cameron Year ago +15

    *Morphine city slippin' dues...

  • James Keating
    James Keating Year ago

    That's an awesome performance !

    ABDUL RAHIM KHAN Year ago +7

    very talented guy!

  • Antonio Felipe Melo
    Antonio Felipe Melo Year ago +21

    The lady who stands besides him is so emotioned. God bless

  • charlie christian
    charlie christian Year ago +2

    Always like this track...many memories on it...billy please be more nice sometimes. you're a firecracker bud you anyways! love from the Netherlands!

    • bauhaus
      bauhaus 6 months ago +1

      What did he do that wasn't nice? I'm asking for real, not calling you out or anything. He seems pretty up front an honest about things.

  • Naks
    Naks Year ago +2

    does he live there or something?

    • Alex G Conrad
      Alex G Conrad Year ago +1

      Naks no, he was doing a TheXvid special called 30 Days where he went across the country to play music among other things... he lives in Chicago

  • schotanusser
    schotanusser Year ago +2

    love his videos

  • NalgaFaces213
    NalgaFaces213 2 years ago +2

    Dude great vid !

  • zeroarashi
    zeroarashi 2 years ago +10

    I can't believe I missed him 😭 That's what I get for not having Facebook!