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TREMORS SEASON 1 Official Trailer (2018) Kevin Bacon

  • Published on May 13, 2018
  • TREMORS SEASON 1 Official Trailer Movie HD in theatre 2018.
    © 2018 - Blumhouse Productions
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  • Gaming With Kawaii chan

    It is one of the best trailers ever.
    I love it and I love Kevin Bacon as an actor. I'm looking forward to seeing it soon.

  • Entity The Imagination

    It suppose to be season 2.

  • Christian Wowra
    Christian Wowra 14 days ago

    Sad they canceled it. Trailer was promising. Could have been great.

  • Rick Carr
    Rick Carr 15 days ago

    So sad this was canceled, yet all the horrible Michael Gross sequels are made

  • Plincz
    Plincz 28 days ago +1

    Rotworms :))

  • Mark Priest
    Mark Priest 29 days ago +1

    Way to go dipshit syfy passing on tremors again. Dumb dumb dumb

  • Chloe's World!
    Chloe's World! Month ago


  • Kuuipo Randall
    Kuuipo Randall Month ago

    Is this really happening then? They've been going back and forth on this idea for years. Michael Gross is retiring, I think. I'm a little apprehensive. Don't want to get my hopes up. Has anyone seen the USA series? It was low on budget and a bit cheesy but it's still one of my family's go-to's when we don't know what to watch

  • Erza Aulia
    Erza Aulia Month ago +1

    It's an alaskan bull worm

  • Francesco Ramicani
    Francesco Ramicani Month ago +1

    This is an exciting thriller! I always watch movies using boxxy software, always found good quality movies.

  • gamingsider
    gamingsider Month ago +1

    Not Michael Gros not Fred Ward... hmmmm

  • Shawn Sheehan
    Shawn Sheehan 2 months ago

    Kevin Bacon said they shelved this, SyFy didnt want to pick up series after pilot unfortunately

  • Manuel Nardin
    Manuel Nardin 2 months ago

    i has seen this movie many times on boxxy software

  • teevzster
    teevzster 2 months ago

    I hope Burt Ward, together with the other original cast, will be in this movie.

  • Spirits - SFD
    Spirits - SFD 3 months ago

    The New Design reminds me of those worms from King Kong (2005), anybody else?

  • Alladeen Madafaker
    Alladeen Madafaker 3 months ago

    Is this anothre movie from the franchise or just another series made from a famous movie franchise?

  • Ku Aizad
    Ku Aizad 3 months ago

    I hope Earl returns too

  • Manish Patel
    Manish Patel 3 months ago

    Complete the gang - Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward and Michael Gross!

  • Russ Maurer
    Russ Maurer 3 months ago

    Mr.Gross has been in all the six tremors movie's...even when it had no budget when Tremors 3 back to perfection came into play but yet he still stuck with the franchise...when others left it...well Fred Ward was in aftershock but no Val??? if Mr. Bacon would have done the sequel.. I bet it would have been even better with a bigger budget now he wants to show up 28 year's later for a TV show ?? and no Burt No Ward you see what I'm getting at the CHEMISTRY IS GONE. and Burt Mr.Gross AKA "Gummer" already had a show on SciFi channel but that one actually air on television

  • Jonathan Morgan
    Jonathan Morgan 3 months ago

    Hell bring back reba too lol

  • Jonathan Morgan
    Jonathan Morgan 3 months ago

    Val earl and burt need to come back burt been holding it down earl been in two films val only one they made the franchise

  • Random Internet Weirdo
    Random Internet Weirdo 3 months ago

    They could use help from the Men in Black.

  • Darthrocker06
    Darthrocker06 3 months ago

    This show was cancelled.

  • Jessica Fernandes
    Jessica Fernandes 3 months ago


  • hahaha
    hahaha 4 months ago

    It was cancelled I'm so sad

  • Adrianna Fahrenheit
    Adrianna Fahrenheit 4 months ago

    Wait, they’re making a series? Damn ok shit LETS GO! Lets hope it avoids being cheesy like the movies have managed to do.

  • C4Darkmane
    C4Darkmane 4 months ago

    has the pilot been leaked anywhere? while i dont like the new graboids, i would like to see what angle they were gonna take this version

  • Molly Sanders
    Molly Sanders 4 months ago

    Kevin Bacon is still " delicious"!-!!!

  • Batracio Cascarudo
    Batracio Cascarudo 4 months ago

    Sebastien Shaw!

  • Luke Top Secret
    Luke Top Secret 4 months ago

    “They don’t plan, they don’t strategies”
    Then what do you say that smart one was doing at the end of the first one, and I’m pretty sure they did a lot of planing in the town too.

  • jacob reed
    jacob reed 4 months ago

    Would have loved to have seen this... don't really care for how the graboids looks. They seem very similar to the carnictis giant works from the movie "Kong".

  • Bob Septian
    Bob Septian 4 months ago

    Is that the guy on X Men First Class?

  • Marishkinov Rossinski
    Marishkinov Rossinski 4 months ago

    That is NOT a graboid...and where the f*** is Michael Gross??
    I'll stick to watching the movies.

  • José Alves
    José Alves 4 months ago

    Quando vai estrear essa série?

  • Gobble Turkey
    Gobble Turkey 4 months ago

    The memories are flowing back

  • hari kasbia
    hari kasbia 4 months ago

    Burt ?

  • Alcoholic Goat
    Alcoholic Goat 4 months ago +2

    What are you talking about of course they plan and strategize they dug a trap in the first movie

  • fips assmussen
    fips assmussen 5 months ago

    his partner is missing on the movie :-(

  • Mogens Schmidt
    Mogens Schmidt 5 months ago

    Nedds michael gross or its not tremors

  • TWNS 10
    TWNS 10 5 months ago

    The Graboids look so stupid in this. The original design is iconic. Shouldn’t have changed it.

  • Hesher Dahlgren
    Hesher Dahlgren 5 months ago

  • Rebecca Cooke
    Rebecca Cooke 5 months ago

    Is this a follow up film ?

  • George Salgado
    George Salgado 5 months ago

    Where's Earl?

  • christian lahure
    christian lahure 5 months ago

    Pas de bol, SyFy viens d'annuler la série après le pilote....

  • Alberto Mendoza Gutierrez

    Cuanta creatividad, uffff

  • Juelz Santana
    Juelz Santana 5 months ago

    Heard there canceling it

  • Donnie Hollandale
    Donnie Hollandale 6 months ago

    Season theatres???
    Maybe fix your caption?

  • Getty Za
    Getty Za 7 months ago


  • boardskins
    boardskins 7 months ago


  • 킴어익후
    킴어익후 7 months ago

    오~케빈이 다시 나오는 불가사리~!!

  • I ham the danger jpg
    I ham the danger jpg 7 months ago

    Please be good

  • memes Brasil Oficial
    memes Brasil Oficial 7 months ago


  • K O R i G A N
    K O R i G A N 7 months ago +1

    1:51 made in China.

  • The Marine Abroad
    The Marine Abroad 7 months ago

    Man, they're doing it wrong: Once you kill the worm, then you harvent the Spice..THE SPICE MUST FLOW

  • Clown Kill
    Clown Kill 7 months ago

    YES I love the tremors series YES YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY

  • Chris Thomson
    Chris Thomson 7 months ago

    doubt this will go well . they really need to stop with this series. they did 6 films including the one this year already and they've gotten worse as every film.has come out
    . they already tried this as a series in 2003 which was shit. so trying it again and thinking adding Kevin going to change it all its not. and you keep Michael out of it the only one out of all the tremors there's been yes that's a smart idea

  • Эльдар Зайсанов

    Наверное Бёрт Гаммер появиться, когда совсем станет плохо. Наверное на танке приедет.

  • A Passer
    A Passer 7 months ago +3

    Why does this look so cheap :(

  • AwesomeEightVideos 1
    AwesomeEightVideos 1 7 months ago


  • Zion Leach
    Zion Leach 7 months ago

    What about the original tv series with Tyler reed and most people from the 3rd will the new behaviors turn into blasters or shriekers


    every body likes bacon

  • galih pratama
    galih pratama 7 months ago

    The old Tremor movie is definetly on my epic movie list.

  • Dr Shaym
    Dr Shaym 7 months ago +1

    Where the fuck is Gummer?

  • Unboxing Luigi
    Unboxing Luigi 7 months ago

    The problem with this series is to ignore everything done in the sequences and to invent Graboids created by chemical things.

  • Nathaniel Long
    Nathaniel Long 7 months ago

    There are more Graboids?

    SUPER MARIO DC 7 months ago


  • Andro MourningStar
    Andro MourningStar 7 months ago


  • pablo celis
    pablo celis 7 months ago

    I think Burt and Earl are to old for graboid hunting. They are in his mid-late 70s

  • crimson mangabat
    crimson mangabat 7 months ago

    Bo fucking way. 😁😁😁

  • By Dark Side
    By Dark Side 7 months ago

    Yes where is hunter Burt or Ernd i miss Ernd, Ernd are really good.

  • Сергей Белов

    Полная херня.

  • XO Adez
    XO Adez 7 months ago


  • Gamer Oliver
    Gamer Oliver 7 months ago

    No paper , scissors, rock .

  • AngryCornflakes
    AngryCornflakes 7 months ago

    WHERE IN GOD"S NAME IS BURT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!

  • Galejro
    Galejro 7 months ago

    This is a shitty wortheless B Class flick... Just like the original movies, I LOVE IT!!! They keep up the style.

  • KOYT
    KOYT 7 months ago


  • All My Heroes Have FBI Files!

    Michael gross will NOT be in this and so I am NOT INTERESTED!!! they bring Burt into the series and I would LOVE to watch this otherwise, I will just wait for the NEW movie and watch the old TV show and movies!

  • All My Heroes Have FBI Files!

    Michael Gross best be in this!?!?

  • Endless Blue
    Endless Blue 7 months ago

    Wheres burt goddamnit! Youre gonna need his firepower!

  • DarthWall275
    DarthWall275 7 months ago

    A d once again they mess up the Graboids.

  • Honey Bones
    Honey Bones 7 months ago

    Its already canceled lmao im dead

  • Dayraven Scream Crack
    Dayraven Scream Crack 7 months ago


  • alterdestiny
    alterdestiny 7 months ago

    Hollywood ruins another classic

  • Entity The Imagination
    Entity The Imagination 7 months ago

    I called this creature ''Grabjaw".

  • Venom NBK
    Venom NBK 7 months ago

    Looks like Tremors 2-6 and the 2003 series are now non cannon.

  • Maesterful
    Maesterful 7 months ago

    Is the intro music not the same as Alaskan Bush People? Please tell me I'm wrong...

  • Rtas Vadumee
    Rtas Vadumee 7 months ago

    0:54 ha ha ha 😂

  • Brutal Sam
    Brutal Sam 7 months ago

    ''nothing works here!''

  • Nomadcreations
    Nomadcreations 7 months ago

    WOW as a Former Tremors Huge Fan This is Long awaited & With Original Kevin Bacon Is Great. But If Fred & Michael Gross not In It , Not as Good. Any One Know If They B In It?

  • 銀英伝
    銀英伝 7 months ago


  • Maniac Magge
    Maniac Magge 7 months ago

    "Based on the film"
    filmS with an apostrophe S, also a TV show

  • OhtheSuffering
    OhtheSuffering 7 months ago +1

    Anyone else recognize the creepy tune from "It Follows"?

  • Metal Wolf Gemstone
    Metal Wolf Gemstone 7 months ago +6

    If Micheal Gross as Burt Gummer doesn’t even make a cameo appearance in this then I ain’t seeing it. Glad we got Kevin Bacon back but Micheal Gross has been in every Tremors project since the beginning and I always associate the franchise with that character!

    • Kirk Cloud
      Kirk Cloud 4 months ago

      Fuck burt wheres fred ward???

    • AzzReaper GoDz
      AzzReaper GoDz 4 months ago

      And all of them except the first one were horrible

  • Paintedawg
    Paintedawg 7 months ago

    So reading about this seems like it's already been cancelled. ;(

  • Kajiyama Yuhei
    Kajiyama Yuhei 7 months ago

    plan B?

  • Serpentaria
    Serpentaria 7 months ago

    Oooh I member this movie. You member?

  • Mick Taylor
    Mick Taylor 7 months ago

    Tremors without Michael Gross is like pizza without cheese. Universal owns the character (Burt) so they can recast. Question is why would they?

  • david alejandro arroyo martinez

    Cuando se estrena

  • Cadence Wallace
    Cadence Wallace 7 months ago +1

    Still looks more entertaining than half the shit on tv now.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 7 months ago

    I don't understand. This is a trailer for a movie in theaters called "season 1"? WTF?