Bethesda's Game Design is Insulting

  • Published on Sep 22, 2017
  • A personal rant about why I think Bethesda's RPG design is over-hyped and condescending.
    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion OST
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    Fallout 2
    Fallout 3
    Fallout New Vegas
    Fallout 4
    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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  • Haagen Neldeberg
    Haagen Neldeberg 2 days ago

    You beat KOTOR at seven years old. Yeah, that doesn't seem completely truthful, mate.

  • A M
    A M 4 days ago

    If a crappy character like Preston Garvey had existed in Fallout: New Vegas, Obsidian would have atleast had the courtesy to give the player various creative ways to make him suffer and die

  • Андрей Грибоедов

    Fallout became overated and saturated after fo4 and 76
    it no longer has my interest the franchise nuked itself

  • BudgeFilm
    BudgeFilm 6 days ago

    Bethesda is trying to appeal to a big audience, probably outside of the RPG crowd, as a result they try to make their RPGs as simplistic as possible.

  • ThatOne DankGuy21
    ThatOne DankGuy21 6 days ago

    Yeah skyrims puzzles are kinda stupid but you have to admit most of skyrim is fantastic and yes the graphics suck

    • Lunartic
      Lunartic 53 minutes ago

      Most of the Skyrim is really mediocre. The game itself is a definition of mediocrity.

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 6 days ago

    Hugbox, you have to understand you want do the same thing everytime. We're in the age when games are starting to do slight changes and it's not a bad thing. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's bad. There are other rpgs where you can be whatever you want working from the bottom up. Fo4 is more of a story game about someone, not about you.

    • David Wilson
      David Wilson 6 days ago

      I do agree though the ai in Bethesda games are pathetic.

  • engineer99
    engineer99 7 days ago

    I just have to say: Fuck Grammarly and their annoying ass ads. No we don't want to use your shit service to record all of the important shit we type up, fuck off spyware bullshit!

  • Marco Puichiță
    Marco Puichiță 8 days ago

    best fallout game is fallout 2 hands down

  • Charles Hermey
    Charles Hermey 9 days ago

    Hopefully the add back in visible equipped weapons and more role play and dialogue. Also fuck voiced protagonists. Not every gamer is a white person you idiots. More story and more choice. Fancy combat and power armor are way less valuable than a compelling story. Can't believe you guys are doing fallout and it's fans this way. Not buying anything you guys are selling blindly anymore. You were the best Bethesda. F3 and NV and morrowind, kings of the role play. Rest in peace

  • Rakman
    Rakman 11 days ago +1

    Video games used to be a niche form of entertainment, now its mainstream, and that means catering to the people who don't actually want to invest themself in a game

  • Fast_Boiii 69
    Fast_Boiii 69 11 days ago

    My only big problem with Bethesda’s games is animations, they’re literally using old bad glitchy animations, if they improved it like what The Witcher 3 did, their games would be 100% better

  • James Callaway
    James Callaway 15 days ago

    Right on point

  • The Cheese
    The Cheese 16 days ago

    Loved fallout 3 especially the way you could specialize really well so I was a badass with a power fist

  • Alyssa Cornette
    Alyssa Cornette 17 days ago

    I disappoints me that Bethesda went out of it's way to support LGBT and put down Nazi's. Then they started making shit games... Oblivion crash's all the time on new systems and I keep losing my game. Rip Bethesda. How come there is no new companies to replace these triple A goofs? It's weird how everything I grew up with turned to shit, are they trying to get us away from Video games or something?

  • John Trahan
    John Trahan 18 days ago

    Short bus joke was outta pocket

  • Krogan Love
    Krogan Love 18 days ago

    bethesda also ruined star trek legacy. All the WORST games are always bethesda

  • scrappy :v
    scrappy :v 19 days ago

    6:12 made me think Patrick Stewart actually died :(

  • Vault Girl
    Vault Girl 19 days ago

    I hope in fallout 5 they had more charecter custumization like your age,single,nationality and job things like that i didn t like fallout 4 custumization it was just basic.

    • Lunartic
      Lunartic 17 days ago

      There won't be more customization.

  • CatGods
    CatGods 21 day ago +4

    pathetic this game almost beat Witcher 3 for game of the year. It was rushed out and released with bugs that almost every player encountered.

    • Lunartic
      Lunartic 17 days ago

      How did this game almost beat Wither 3? It didn't get a single GotY reward.

    • GreenTea
      GreenTea 20 days ago +2

      But Godd Howard.

    RED SEA GAMING 22 days ago

    In my opinion I think Fallout 4 would have been better if the main character had been silent that way I can invent my own character but still Fallout 4 is a great game in my opinion because I can still play it and enjoy it Fallout New Vegas I don't play that anymore I play Fallout 3 more than Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4 combined. Fallout 3 is my favorite and just like Fallout New Vegas deathclaws kill you very quickly in Fallout 3. Here's one thing I'm happy about Fallout 3 there's no cazador's in it. I don't even use the fat man in Fallout 3 I usually just sell the mini nukes and just keep with my hunting rifle my favorite weapon in Fallout 3

  • Devon Rider
    Devon Rider 23 days ago +1

    Say what you will but I had a blast ripping through that deathclaw turning him to ribbons

  • Matt Fisher
    Matt Fisher 23 days ago +2

    This video has to be the most condescending thing I’ve seen in a long time... and I have tons of problems with Fallout 4 but this shit is just so wrong on so many levels.

    • Matt Fisher
      Matt Fisher 20 days ago +2

      @GreenTea Nice try, but I've played both Morrowind and Oblivion, dude. And my profile picture is wholly irrelevant to any of this... you'd think someone with an anime avatar wouldn't bring that up considering the negative connotations surrounding those, but eh, guess I'm wrong.

    • GreenTea
      GreenTea 20 days ago

      You clearly CLEARLY never ever even played Oblivion let alone Morrowind to know what he's talking about, judging by your pfp it's even worse.

  • sinkiy
    sinkiy 25 days ago +1

    I can’t remember the last time I bought a game and didn’t finish it. But I never finished fallout 4. I tuned it out towards the end.

    • GreenTea
      GreenTea 20 days ago +1

      You haven't missed a thing.

  • Immortal Vela
    Immortal Vela 26 days ago

    Gonna cry?

  • Black Batman
    Black Batman 27 days ago +1

    Remember people were Really sucking the dick off Bethesda hilariously ironic

  • Rafael Martins
    Rafael Martins 27 days ago

    I actually enjoy games where I don't have to distribute stats and make a build. A lot of people say they like to "make their own character", but to me it amounts to nothing. It's a very bad design to begin with, not only you could end up fucking up your character royally and having to start over, but what does the attributes really mean in a game context? Every game like that has their own attributes that work differently, having to learn how to build for each game is a complete waste of time since there is no other way of figuring out except trial and error.
    I'll give you an example let's say Agility in this game gives you +2 flee per point. How do I know that flee is actually useful in that game? You just don't. Do I get anything else from agility that the game is not telling me? Is there agility checks?
    the big problem at the end of the day is that, unlike Dungeons & Dragons, there is no rule book, but the game design expect you to know what you are doing.

    • Lunartic
      Lunartic 24 days ago

      Well back in the good old days we had manuals with the game so we knew what each stat does. But with newer games you just have to go with trial and error before knowing what different things do.

  • Sckeza
    Sckeza 29 days ago

    I completely disagree but ok

  • DevilTrigger
    DevilTrigger Month ago +1

    Big game studios like Hollywood are dumbing down their work, simply because profit-wise it's superior to attract the lowest common denominator than the intellectuals who will enjoy more challenging games. It's the idiocracy. Only smaller studios and movie makers are fighting this norm and should be supported. For example the studio that made Kingdom Come.

  • AeroHydra
    AeroHydra Month ago +2

    9:10 - The problem there was not the power armor. You can easily get mauled by a deathclaw even in power armor, its more that the AI was bugged, since the deathclaw didn't even touch you.

  • Christopher Raymondo Gunford

    "Obsidian is better than bethesda, and to prove it, Ill just list everything that fallout 3 did before NV"

  • Stefan heichen
    Stefan heichen Month ago

    i feel that grudge ... i felt similar ^.^

  • qadoqawa
    qadoqawa Month ago

    you talk about fallout 4 characer build and skills like this wasnt the case before it, in fallout 3.

  • Jeff Frye
    Jeff Frye Month ago

    Just another salty butthole who hates Bethesda for it's success alone. Not a single "point" in this video is remotely thought out. Get over yourself and grow up loser no one is making you play Bethesda games.

  • a Redguard
    a Redguard Month ago

    and thanks to bethesda , we won't see a next fallout till at least 10 years , or ... till obsidian buy its rights

  • Moonflakes
    Moonflakes Month ago

    So, fallout 4 is basically a game-long tutorial?
    To be honest, skyrim is not bad, its not a game that would require skill, but a game that you just play in order to adventure and discover things.

  • Tidester
    Tidester Month ago

    Patrick Stewart isn't dead... wtf..

  • Dogéman
    Dogéman Month ago +5

    Bruh, ranting about fallout 4 but damn you didn't know what was about to come

  • Quag Sire
    Quag Sire Month ago

    this is why i pirate

  • Sebastian Brinkmann

    I JUST started Fallout 4 and damn you are right.

    • GreenTea
      GreenTea 20 days ago

      Use some mods, by some i mean reach the plugin limit to make the game worth a damn.

  • Zzz Maesie
    Zzz Maesie Month ago

    Well, they said they want to make games playable for anyone, so it's reasonable they make it simple
    After all, I don't regret playing skyrim for 450 hrs. It's good for the first game I play, simple and generic.
    But it's not good for anyone already plays a lot of games.

    • Bartu Dündar
      Bartu Dündar Month ago +1

      Its an RPG, not a fucking crossword. You HAVE TO create your character, you HAVE TO make choices according to your character and most importantly you HAVE TO act like your character. To be frank when they kidnapped Shaun my first reaction was "ok post birth abortion PLUS divorce, time to get laid" and I wanted to play like that. Just go play a decent rpg and you'll understand. Play either oblivion or ,if you can find it, arcanum.

    CLEM TIME BITCH Month ago

    When I finished Fallout 3 note I spent three months helping Cywren Caster find her dad after that I just cried then I discovered Broken Steel and I reverted to a previous save and finish the story she started

  • dazzaburger
    dazzaburger Month ago

    The annoying thing about Bethesda is they made Fallout 3 so they know how to make a perfect fallout game yet since then they've slowly gotten worse with their storytelling and they forgot what made them great.

    • GreenTea
      GreenTea 20 days ago

      Fallout 3 is far from perfect lol but that aside, do you know why they're forgetting what made them great ? Just curious.

  • Alex D
    Alex D Month ago +7

    The algorithm suggesting this while im looking at cool things in old games is insulting.

  • gman57op
    gman57op Month ago

    if you mod the brotherhood paladins to have better stats and better in shape weapons in fallout 3. fallout 3 turns out to make alot more sense and be more awsome

  • Sad Toast
    Sad Toast Month ago +2

    I just want a fallout or Elder Scrolls with drop in drop out Co op

    • GreenTea
      GreenTea Month ago

      @Sad Toast Well there was effort to make coop mods but they're so hard to make and just when it seemed like were about to have a good stable solid Skyrim coop mod, unfortunately it drowned in drama over money... It feels so odd these turn of events that I can't put them to words.

    • Sad Toast
      Sad Toast Month ago

      @GreenTea I just imagine playing fallout3 or oblivion with someone piping into my world or playing as my companion

    • GreenTea
      GreenTea Month ago

      I'm afraid that ain't possible for incompetent Bethesda. Look at all their games, for Fallout 76 to have online they had to remove all NPC and quests and what made Fallout good, same with Wolfenstein Young Blood.

  • My Frequencies
    My Frequencies Month ago

    Great video. & for sure game developers are watching this type of video so even if the big boys have to dilute their products, the new studios will be taking notes.

    • My Frequencies
      My Frequencies Month ago +1

      @GreenTea For sure. I'm talking about the up & coming developers though.
      & for games like TES & Fallout we now have the capability to mod them exactly how we please!

    • GreenTea
      GreenTea Month ago +1

      Yes they do watch, but trust me they don't care one bit. It's not their decision to make, people like Todd Howard gets the final say and he gets his orders from the higher ups of Zenimax and all corporates demand profit with the least effort and investment as possible and that means casualizing every game like Fallout and TES.

  • George Hennen
    George Hennen Month ago

    30 minutes in fallout 4 you dont get a mininuke launcher. You will never remember how awesome fallout 3 was because you are too clouded by negativity. Just enjoy a game for what it is. Fallout new vegas is great for story but not for world, fallout 3 is good for side quests like skyrim and good for world but not for it's writing. So much cool things come out of those games. Fallout 4 has its moments too, stop being so negative.

    • GreenTea
      GreenTea Month ago +1

      Because of people like you is what causes Bethesda to stagnate in mediocrity. They are a company above all else, if you settle for average meat for 60$ then bet your ass they'll send you rotten gutter for 60$ next. Do you understand what I meant there ? This is not negativity, its constructive criticism to help them improve their efficiency.

  • dod shmil
    dod shmil Month ago

    Please obsidian make the next fallout

  • louis pellissier
    louis pellissier Month ago

    Only one reason: Todd Howard

  • Weeaboo Generator
    Weeaboo Generator Month ago

    The story telling in skyrim and fallout 4 makes up for the dumb gameplay

    • Lunartic
      Lunartic Month ago

      But storytelling is shit in both games...

  • Andrew Melnikov
    Andrew Melnikov Month ago

    Looks like they've finally realized how the world works: since there are many idiots out there it is more profitable to make a stupid game for millions than a quality game for thousands. And since those millions can't understand that they are idiots because they are idiots they are never insulted, hence Andromeda and F4 gamer ratings.
    Another possible reason is that market-wise, it seems, 'beautiful' values more than 'clever'
    or 'devoid of bugs'.
    Thankfully, not all devs are Bethesda.

  • Sanzu River
    Sanzu River Month ago

    I like Power Armor being obtainable early game as long as there are room to expand from there, and there were, however I agree with the rest.

  • Chance Long
    Chance Long Month ago

    shut up

  • videojaxson
    videojaxson Month ago

    It's like you're just now becoming aware that this world is a monopoly.

    XTREMEGAMER Month ago +2

    i love seeing all the discussions and useless rants meanwhile, i play EVERY SINGLE FLLOUT game and enjoy them all their own way.

  • LugyD1xd ONE
    LugyD1xd ONE Month ago

    Watching this kind of reminds of the design used in Rage 2. I have Fallout 3, but I havent played it yet so I may be wrong. But from what you've said it sounds like FO4 is the same thing for Fallout that Rage 2 is for Rage.

    • LugyD1xd ONE
      LugyD1xd ONE Month ago

      No wonder why everyone compares them.

  • Mr. Enderman9402937

    Those easy puzzles are to keep the undead in instead of out.

    • Lunartic
      Lunartic Month ago +1

      That explanation still doesn't make much sense. Why have puzzles in the first place? Why make them easy so random tomb raiders are able to open them?

  • Tlyer2
    Tlyer2 Month ago

    Oblivion isn’t an RPG.

  • Avery Wilson-Hannah

    I mess being stuck with the consequences of killing a mission important character. "Well shit I killed Jarl Balgruuf and cant save the world." I really wont to get rid of non essentials and have players discover and miss out on their mistakes. I understand children but there were no beast children or elf children who could face racism like their parents. Skyrim is a good game but was easy as hell. Morrowind hade me ripping out my pubes because of how precise I had to aim time and fire my attacks

  • SuGmA HaWg
    SuGmA HaWg Month ago +2

    I loved the fallout nv customization
    The 9% of people who said they liked fallout 4 more than nv, have never played nv and started fallout on 4