Bethesda's Game Design is Insulting

  • Published on Sep 22, 2017
  • A personal rant about why I think Bethesda's RPG design is over-hyped and condescending.
    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion OST
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    Fallout 2
    Fallout 3
    Fallout New Vegas
    Fallout 4
    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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  • Duck9000
    Duck9000 6 hours ago

    Well some of the puzzles is part of the lore.

  • Sir Sog Muffins
    Sir Sog Muffins 9 hours ago

    >using Metacritic
    >caring what Game Journos say

  • Reza Afsar
    Reza Afsar 11 hours ago

    Friendship ended with Bethesda, now CD projekt red and rockstar games are my best friends

  • Dimitris Blyat
    Dimitris Blyat 12 hours ago

    Bethesda understands what casual gamers want and gives it to them. That's it.
    Fallout received good scores because reviewers consider every viewpoint, not just yours. Hardcore gamers may have found it bland and shallow, but I suspect a casual gamer would really dig it. It's mindless, good-looking fun and for many/most people, that's all that matters.

  • Quickscope Link
    Quickscope Link 17 hours ago

    The puzzles in Skyrim are a bit to easy but the game is still a masterpiece.

  • Sweeney Todd
    Sweeney Todd Day ago

    Hey, at least the maps and levels are good. NV reminded me of Oblivion and not in a good way.

  • J K
    J K Day ago

    fallout sucks

  • J K
    J K Day ago

    morrowind has the best story and quest layout, you have to figure it out yourself, also every1 treats you like shit until you make a name for yourself, skyrim is the opposite, you always have blips to guide you and when you start a new save, within 10mins every1 wants to blow you for being dragonborn

  • gordie the doer
    gordie the doer Day ago +1

    Why don't you join them and make the new game less insulting?

  • Happy
    Happy Day ago

    btw patrick stuart never died

  • ReconCrusader
    ReconCrusader 2 days ago

    Games journalists and reviewers are not only NOT gamers, but they're also FUCKING RETARDS who can't even play any game worth a shit.

  • Tentaclos VP
    Tentaclos VP 3 days ago

    I still renember the first deathclaw i killed in new vegas.
    I were so fucking happy when i took my rocket launcher and my combat armor (21? hours to get them) and shooted that bastard right in the face 3 times...
    When i played half an hour in my friends house and killed the deathclaw easly with a power armor and the machine gun was like: "oh, cool"

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 3 days ago


  • Dude Man
    Dude Man 3 days ago

    IT doesn't hurt that Obsidian is comprised of original Fallout Devs from Black Isle

  • jonathan lewis
    jonathan lewis 3 days ago +4

    There not puzzles. They're to keep the dead from escaping.

    • PixelGamer
      PixelGamer 3 days ago +4

      Never thought about that but yeah it makes sense. Puzzles aren't really an essential aspect in rp games either so I don't really care about their difficulty in Skyrim. I'm here to kill some drougr :)

  • Lee Jeferson
    Lee Jeferson 3 days ago


  • Caustic
    Caustic 4 days ago

    Were all entitled too our own opinions. But Bethesda can't jerk off everyone's individual needs, people gas the fuck out of bethesda for stalling games, and they listen. They drop games too make people happy, and don't put as much effort as they used too. Its either, make the people screaming too release a game a month later, or take time on a game and risk constant hate. Unfortunately too stay on top you need persistent games, or you might just fall off the map.

  • Martin Mystery
    Martin Mystery 4 days ago +3

    "They treat the players like a bunch of children in a sandbox with their toys" They're right
    "They treat the players like a bunch of impatient children" Yep...

  • Replicant Diego
    Replicant Diego 4 days ago

    Fallout 4 is basically Farcry except somehow even less fun to play.

    CRUASSAN-FAN 5 days ago

    nah i liked f4, never played new vegas, it's too old and graphics is shit

  • Ethan Rebluud
    Ethan Rebluud 5 days ago +1

    Lmao if you dont like a game, dont play.

    • Lunartic
      Lunartic 5 days ago

      Amazing argument right here.

  • Lesley Weeti
    Lesley Weeti 6 days ago

    "Whats the emotion that gaming can give you that nothing else can? Pride" - Todd Howard Well i dunno Todd ive been proud about a few things in my life that didnt involve gaming. Fucking idiot

  • LCD drownd
    LCD drownd 6 days ago +1

    I have a friend who says that Fallout 4 is the best Fallout game. He only says that New Vegas is maybe better because I told him it was, I don't think that he's ever even played it. He truly thinks that Fallout 4 is a masterfully crafted game. Not surprisingly, he also likes Call of Duty. "Just give me lots of guns to shoot things with, bad writing, and big explosions, and it's a good game".

  • Blue Son of Man
    Blue Son of Man 6 days ago

    Fallout 3 was the Star Wars Episode 7 of Fallout. But even in that game if you wanted to get far maxing out intelligence was the way to go

  • Neoprogamer 4041
    Neoprogamer 4041 6 days ago +1

    You forget one thing... there is... a settlement... that needs your help.... and if you help it... you get jack shit...

  • Ac Hill
    Ac Hill 6 days ago

    Patrick Stewart isn’t dead

    • Alchemist Endrew
      Alchemist Endrew 5 days ago

      He's saying how him voicing the poop emoji in the emoji movie really wasn't the beat carreer choice or something anyone would want on their Imdb page.

  • Squiggz Dawnton
    Squiggz Dawnton 7 days ago

    Unpopular view but new Vegas is THE WEAKEST fallout title, including all of them from 1 to 76, the story was hollow and sad... You know the WHOLE REASON for the existence of the game, was boring poorly written didn't fit into the existing lore at all (including lore from games prior to 3) beyond name dropping factions. The art style
    The courier DOES have a back story if you play the DLCs, and honestly it's pretty weakly written too. 1 you were a vault dweller on a rescue mission, 2 decendant of the original fault dweller on another rescue mission, tactics a wastelander who joined the BoS, 3 you were the son of a wasteland scientist pretending to be a vault dweller, new Vegas a courier who in some way shape or form MAYBE could have possibly destroyed the great divide, 4 a ex family man or woman fighting for their kid. I'm sorry but a vague backstory opting out of giving details is worse than having a poor one, because not only was it poorly written and made no sense it was intentionally left for confusing and show horns you to being a naive fool who delivered a bomb by mistake or a Savage monster who intentionally blew up the whole thing and also just HAPPENED to be the next courier on the list of couriers under a guy who survived the event and wants you dead, who is also a courier for the same company yet didn't know you were alive until he read that name on the list... The whole NV story line is shoe horned in bs.
    I do prefer silent protagonists though, and power armor is too easy to find on your first run (since it is an early game acquisition by the main quests) in 4

    • Lunartic
      Lunartic 6 days ago

      Maybe it's just your terrible opinion but New Vegas story is far from "hollow and sad" and I don't see how it's not fitting to lore or story of previous games. It's lore stays consistent with first two games (unlike Bethesda's games) and it explores same themes as first two games.
      You can't honestly think courier has a backstory because he/she may or may not have carried a package from Navarro that activated warheads in the divide. (This is all we know) You can still make your own backstory for the courier and hearing this from Ulysses wouldn't change it much except for the fact that you have been a courier maybe longer than you thought.

  • The Wastelander
    The Wastelander 7 days ago

    0:40 okay then, go put complex integrals into some game and watch fun die

  • Кирилл Коновалов

    Handsomely roguish or roguishly handsome?

  • Chubs OwO
    Chubs OwO 8 days ago

    Where’s the key for his tower

  • Eli Damonsterz
    Eli Damonsterz 9 days ago

    I think Fallout 4 got good reviews because a lot of people don't care about story and just want to shoot things.

  • KubaBooba
    KubaBooba 9 days ago

    I actually like the Skyrim puzzles. The game is so boring that the last thing I want to do is go looking for the solution when I'd rather just drag on. I didn't finish the game. It's so boring.

  • Tarponpet Secord
    Tarponpet Secord 9 days ago

    I like Skyrim...

  • bootleg pachinko
    bootleg pachinko 9 days ago

    Annoying video but true points

  • Lucky Man
    Lucky Man 10 days ago

    The Fallout 4 player character "motivations" drove me crazy. I ended up believing that I was a synth implanted with a false pre-war memory based on actual pre-war Vault-Tec records. To nurture a free-will, but also remain under the influence of the Institute, they also contrived a familial connection with the faction leader, Father, by claiming he was my long lost son.

  • Your Tapeworm
    Your Tapeworm 10 days ago

    Lol I had to google how to beat that puzzle in elder scrolls

  • Ben G
    Ben G 10 days ago

    I didn't realize Bethesda didn't make New Vegas. It all makes sense now... To be honest, Skyrim is such a beautiful game environment and combat was done so well, I overlooked the simple aspects even though I know they are there. To this day, Skyrim is my favorite game. I still think it's beautiful.

  • Matoro Rocks
    Matoro Rocks 10 days ago

    Currently on Steam, the two Main DLC cost more than the base game

  • Judson Gaiden
    Judson Gaiden 10 days ago

    9:37 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl came out over a year before Fallout 3 and had ADS gameplay mechanics, so there was no excuse for Fallout 3 not to (especially since S.T.A.L.K.E.R. had been in development longer). Sure, there's an iron sight mod, but standard stuff that shouldn't need to be fixed with mods. On the same token, the first S.T.A.L.K.E.R. lets the player aim grenade launchers, while the other two S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games replace functional launcher sights (on certain launchers) with a cheap half-assed zoom.
    10:46 ShoC + Oblivion Lost mod (pretty much any version) is still the best dystopian wasteland "human WALL-E" experience out there. Btw, it's not "post-apocalyptic." Everyone misuses that word "apocalypse." It doesn't mean "cataclysm." It means "revelation." Same for the word "Armageddon." It has a specific meaning ("war of Megiddo").

  • Rolled 8th
    Rolled 8th 10 days ago

    I always come back to this video

  • TheTruepanther
    TheTruepanther 10 days ago

    I like fallout 3

  • sushi amg
    sushi amg 10 days ago

    2 things.
    Play some survival mode to increase the difficulty and now you get a truly difficult experience.
    This is a Bethesda game. Playing it without mods is not an option.
    Also, the gunplay is severely improved in comparison to Fallout 3 and 4. attachments become more significant in survival aswell.

    • sushi amg
      sushi amg 8 days ago

      Yeah its not in the games defence rather its a sad fact. The true merit of bethesda games is giving modders a easily accesible platform to work with and improve so yeah. The games are shit, doesnt mean they cant get better through outside help.

    • Speedywaffles
      Speedywaffles 8 days ago

      “Playing it without mods is not an option.” That is a really weak argument. That’s basically saying that you can’t really enjoy Bethesda’s base game unless people who didn’t even work on it and weren’t paid to work on it improve the game for you.
      It’s not a modder’s job to fix a game that is already released. The game should already be polished and someone should be able to enjoy it without all the additions mods are able to put in so saying that it’s “not an option.” Is not a very good argument point.

  • Magik Dust
    Magik Dust 11 days ago

    Follout new Vegas 10/10
    Fallout 76 1/10
    Fallout 4 5/10
    Fallout 3 7/10

  • ItsMeTheFather
    ItsMeTheFather 12 days ago

    When I was a kid I played Oblivion a lot, and I can understand what he meant by he dozed off in class a lot, but did how could Oblivion ruin somebody's life? Its just a game.

  • BruzzGT
    BruzzGT 12 days ago

    New Vegas is the best sandbox rpg of all time.

  • Fr0sti
    Fr0sti 13 days ago

    Back when this released, I probably would've been pretty stubborn... But now, after the announcement of a Battle Royale mode for Fallout 76, I'm beginning to lose faith in Bethesda. I would never have thought that Bethesda would sink so low, but yeah, I'm not even going to defend them anymore. I don't think I can defend them, and that's pretty sad if you ask me. I can't comment on the Elder Scrolls series, I've never gone near it. I haven't even played more than a few minutes of Fallout 3 and haven't gone near New Vegas, I don't have much money to spare on those games, but I did get into Fallout 4 and enjoyed 76 with a good friend of mine. I think it's gonna be while before I go near a Bethesda game, especially after E3 2019.

  • Der Pferdehuführer
    Der Pferdehuführer 14 days ago

    "Most well known and powerful enemies in the entire fallout franchise"
    Suddenly, one crusty shrimpy boi appears! (Not even legendary approaches 300 DT!)
    Although I think going with the mantis shrimp was a mistake, should've been the pistol shrimp!
    Imagine a giant shrimp packing a melee range fat man! That blinds you! Absolute hell! Someone gotta mod that.
    I don't know how to make them immune to their own attacks or I'd give that a whirl myself. They kinda keep blowing themselves up if you just hop backwards slamming stimpacks.
    Actually if you really think about it Death claws were nerfed into the ground after the very first Fallout. The entire point of that one side plot in #2 is that there are various attempts around the wasteland to domesticate them like big scaly dogs. Either through reward conditioning or by increasing their intelligence.

  • DenimBitch
    DenimBitch 15 days ago

    Finally! Somebody finally made a video about this. I was so confused because people actually seemed to like it, but the feeling of your intellect being taken absolutely for granted was SO present at all times during the game. Oufff... It had HUGE potential. Hopefully games like cyberpunk can pull the general direction towards better writing instead of cheap mildly satisfying action quests.

  • Warsun
    Warsun 15 days ago

    0:44 Dude. Hate to brake it too you. But. Even i had to look up how to get past THAT puzzle then when i got to the wall where i was suppose to use the Claw. I had no fricking idea how to open the door. I was reading the wall. Looking at the lore an how to open the door. Turns out you have the answer on the back of the claw. An no. I`m no idiot.

  • Reggie is retired
    Reggie is retired 15 days ago

    7:18 You talked about how in new Vegas you could follow the story or go the other way and get killed by deathclaws. You can do that in fallout 4 as well. If you don’t know how let me enlighten you. Walk away from the main objectives. Be a raging psychopath like you said you wanted to. Murder everyone you come across. Also, you complained about the puzzles in Skyrim, which is understandable, but Skyrim is not a puzzle game. The game is what you make of it. Be a thief, be a sell-sword, be a murderer, be a soldier, be a trader, be a dragon slayer, be a daedra enthusiast. You can do anything you want and your complaining about the puzzles? I think you perspective is more insulting than the game design.

    • Lunartic
      Lunartic 14 days ago

      But in Fallout 4. Even if you went on to be a "raging psychopath" (which you can't even be because fucking every character is essential) your main character will still cry about Shaun. And is still a parent etc etc... This can't be changed.

  • WankersCramp69
    WankersCramp69 15 days ago

    You like big empty games that you will never complete? Bethesda for you then!

  • tino scavello
    tino scavello 15 days ago

    I sometimes think like this too like damn games are gettin worse. But then i think theyre not getting worsr as much as theyre just hitting a plateau and you cant exactly blame the developers because honestly nearly everything has been done in games already and just that fact alone means majority of us have already been amazed like with earlier titles that were mind blowing and to most of the younger generations are thinking that the new games we think are boring are awesome. Simple fact of the matter is you do something enough you get desensitized to it and it takes more and more to amaze us. P.s im sure the next elder scrolls will be sick...hopefully

  • AzureSkull
    AzureSkull 15 days ago +3

    0:36 if you have been playing skyrim long enough you know that those puzzles are for keeping the undead inside so they dont have to be very hard

    • Lunartic
      Lunartic 14 days ago

      @AzureSkull Actually, that's not the reason because "Adventures" have absolutely no fucking reason to go there. The reason is that Bethesda sucks at world building and they wanted to make crypts more like dungeons because they are obsessed with dungeons.

    • AzureSkull
      AzureSkull 14 days ago

      @Lunartic the puzzles are there so undead wont get out but adventures will get in, go search it up somewhere

    • Lunartic
      Lunartic 14 days ago

      @AzureSkull But why? Why would they have "levers" on tombs that should never be opened?

    • AzureSkull
      AzureSkull 14 days ago

      @Lunartic they are not supposed to be hard, you can see them same equal as just lever

    • Lunartic
      Lunartic 14 days ago

      That's still a ridiculously bad reason for them to be easy. Why can't they be hard so random tomb prospectors don't open them and release Draugr? Why on earth there are even puzzles when they could just seal the entrances.

  • Black_Leg_Sanji
    Black_Leg_Sanji 15 days ago

    I really love Fallout 4 and New Vegas

  • Lesbian Sloth
    Lesbian Sloth 15 days ago

    you can literally find reasons to dislike anything, i'm just the end of the day, nobody gives shit... not even you.

  • CrossRoads
    CrossRoads 16 days ago +1

    WHY.. WONT... YOU... DIE?

  • BrokeN
    BrokeN 16 days ago

    I dont hate that i can be good at everything, lol good video btw

    DEVIANT KNIGHT 16 days ago

    Fallout 4 was horrendous. I loved fallout 3 and its DLC

  • Holle Bolle
    Holle Bolle 16 days ago

    All these people: growing up, realising they lose their enthusiasm as they get older, blaming others for missing their childhood

    • Lunartic
      Lunartic 14 days ago +1

      Is that seriously your defense for Bethesda putting out shit game for past decade

  • b152349
    b152349 16 days ago

    Can't believe you didn't mention loot and enemy level scaling in the Elderscrolls games. Design hasn't been good since Morrowind. When you can beat the fucking game at level 1 the sense of progression is non existent. Talk about insulting. What the fuck. Why don't people care about this? At least give us an option to turn the fucking training wheels off. It's such a waste of potential. I liked the other points though.

  • Luca Dario Bützberger

    Metacritics metacscore is bullshit. Every second game nowdays is rated 90+ anyways even when it is shit or has massive flaws.
    The only real correct score is the user score. Because this score is based of gamers experience and not based on the wallet size of critics. Fallout 4s userscore is 55 out of 100. I think this is still more than it deserves because 55 is not really that bad but I am ok with it.

  • Alba Meira
    Alba Meira 16 days ago

    I recently played through oblivion, dumbest piece of shit I’ve ever played and I never really noticed this when I was younger

    JUST MUSIC 18 days ago

    Skyrim is one of the greatest rpg's ever made, everyone knows this, strange that you took the time to have a cry about it online. Did it make you feel like a kid who has enough free time to sook about computer games?, awww. And then you go on about how your "intelligence" is disrespected lol.

    • Lunartic
      Lunartic 14 days ago

      Skyrim is like 99% action-adventure and 1% RPG. No one with a brain thinks it's a great RPG

  • Brandy Nicole
    Brandy Nicole 18 days ago

    I think Fallout 4 should be played like an action story game. It's more enjoyable if you forget the game was trying to be an RPG.

  • Ben P
    Ben P 18 days ago

    I liked fallout 4 because I'm from Boston and I find it really enjoyable to explore the area I'm from. It was also my first Bethesda game nevermind fallout game. I've gone back and completed Morrowind, Oblivion, skyrim and fallout 3 and can say I like all of those well my least favorite being skyrim.

  • Snipe EC
    Snipe EC 18 days ago

    9:22 I don't know if I just had awful luck or was just looking in the wrong places but I always had a really hard time finding fusion cores, to the point where I looked up a guide on where to find them. Plus I'm stingy with my caps so I didn't want to buy them

  • Angry Space Marine
    Angry Space Marine 18 days ago

    You guys realize that f4s dialogue system sucked because they had a voiced protagonist? 1 voice actor can only do so much.

  • Nik Z
    Nik Z 18 days ago

    I regret buying this game, but in the first run I have to admit that I had fun


    I agree 110%. It's like an addict chasing drugs and getting fake stuff. I am hooked on games but have been nothing but let down. Last good game was witcher 3. So thats one good every what,4 years? The rest was a waste of money..The creation club id indeed the ultimate insult and the epitome of greed. A few friends of mine and myself refused to partake of the creation club even when stuff was offered for free. Not that it makes much of a difference seeing how how there are plenty suckers with mom and dads dollar to donate to the needy invalid that is bethesda.

  • Berry Stapp
    Berry Stapp 18 days ago

    Fuck this guy.

  • Mr Armscar
    Mr Armscar 18 days ago

    It’s an insult that I play fallout 4 and 76

  • Hexstan
    Hexstan 18 days ago

    "You're wife is dead and you're looking for your son and you'll like it" I actually loved the twist on 3's plot, at least that's how it felt. Call it lazy or creative, I liked it
    "You're looking for your dad cause he left and you'll like it" (at least they made that one fun by making the disappearance a bit mysterious)
    "You're looking for the guy that shot you and your old boss and you'll like it" this plot was ok but the game was way better, best of the 3
    And anyone who says creation club or atomic shop should be removed will always be my friend

  • Lincoln Reinert
    Lincoln Reinert 18 days ago

    came for skyrim critique, left because of new vegas cocksucking

  • AKPranks
    AKPranks 18 days ago

    i’ve played every single fallout game, and fallout nv is my least favorite. i’ll play tactics before i’ll play nv

  • Hakan Yüksel
    Hakan Yüksel 18 days ago

    7:22 look at the bright side, now you can really become Dexter!

    • Hakan Yüksel
      Hakan Yüksel 18 days ago

      @Macke Bergström Then i shouldn't be giving spoilers friend, i'd recommend you to watch that one.

    • Macke Bergström
      Macke Bergström 18 days ago

      Not really my man.

    • Hakan Yüksel
      Hakan Yüksel 18 days ago

      @Macke Bergström You ever watched Dexter?

    • Macke Bergström
      Macke Bergström 18 days ago

      I don't get it, help plz.

  • Minnesota Fatz
    Minnesota Fatz 18 days ago

    7:30 They just made a game that's not geared for players like you. Most people take zero pride in gaming, and just want to play around and kill some time.

  • Comradebusman3
    Comradebusman3 19 days ago

    they payed ALL the reviews. Seriously, the only good thing about fallout 4 is the fallout 4 new vegas mod coming out eventually.

  • David Fuchs
    David Fuchs 19 days ago

    I really like what you have to say, especially your criticisms on the Creation Club, though I feel that you omitted the Factions Plot in Fallout 4, which I feel was very choice and consequence driven, alongside the NPC relationship system.

    I liked and Subscribed anyway, keep up the good work.

  • Cynical
    Cynical 19 days ago +1

    after seeing how badly Fallout 76 I can just imagine Hugbox being like:
    *"They called me a mad man"*

  • KenGKaiden
    KenGKaiden 19 days ago

    I enjoyed Andromeda. There a problem with that?

  • Shaved Cats
    Shaved Cats 19 days ago

    Is anyone going to talk about how this man had the attention span to beat kotor at the age of 7? I could barely read as a 7 year old...

  • Cieran Ferguson
    Cieran Ferguson 19 days ago

    And the worst thing about it imo? The fact that so many people blatantly deny that there is anything wrong.
    The fact that people look at me like I am stupid for wanting a real RPG. "What do you mean real? Fallout 4 is an rpg is has stats like charisma and that. They don't show up in non rpg games."

  • HyPr_Justice
    HyPr_Justice 19 days ago

    The devs actually stated that those puzzles aren’t meant to keep people out but keep the drougr in

  • ALLALTITUDE productions

    there is a cycle with bethesdas RPG stuff, it gets a tone of hype, people love it, then they see the limitations and negatives, its like rates drop, rinse and repeat

    • Cory Moore
      Cory Moore 16 days ago

      That's most games that are well received tbh. I remember when The Last of Us was being treated like the best game ever when it first came out, then after the hype died down people were suddenly not giving it unanimous praise anymore. Same with Minecraft, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Breath of the Wild, ect. It's like it becomes trendy to shit on a well recieved game once it's been out for a while.

  • Robert Booth
    Robert Booth 19 days ago

    Dont shit on my skyrim

  • Stephen Machado
    Stephen Machado 19 days ago +1

    Am I the only who thinks FO3 is better than FO:NV? You can be completely evil in FO3. Poison the entire wasteland, nuke a whole town, enslave anything including children. Fallout NV you can be “evil” by joining the legion but it’s not truly evil

  • agiuggio1
    agiuggio1 19 days ago

    after playing fallout 4 i just thought "well video game just arent fun for me anymore" - randomly while playing id feel nauseous, not sure if it was from meticulously checking every box, etc (though ive played many games like this previously)
    literally took me like 6 months to finally pop in a DIFFERENT game....and.....had fun

  • Khaidahx
    Khaidahx 19 days ago

    I think Bethesda latest games have some charm, for sure. I have at least 200+ hours in Skyrim alone. But overall? It's bleak, boring and forgettable. No interesting dialogues, world is huge, open and thus... empty, all the "dungeons" were boring, even if they threw in a quest or two to live it up. It feels very much like an MMORPG. I would trade all Bethesda games for a new RPG with Gothic 2 quality.

  • Mastema Howard
    Mastema Howard 19 days ago

    As much as i detest 3,at the very least it allowed you to play the way you want without forcing you into an alignment(even if it did fuck that whole point over).

  • Flat Plainstone
    Flat Plainstone 19 days ago

    For me, who play skyrim for pleasure and to enjoy the landscapes for hours, I'm somewhat content with those easy puzzles, the leveling system and simplicity of the quests. But I do want those daedric artifacts to be more powerful and have a much greater value to be more motivated to get them, at least to Oblivion level if not Morrowind. I'm old now and skyrim helps me to retreat in that fantasy world without too much stress, even though I play it on legendary difficulty.

  • SeaJay Oceans
    SeaJay Oceans 19 days ago

    The game design is flashy colors, a big marking pitch, and Bethesda wins the game after you drop your 120 caps for the base game and multiple DLCs. The game is called, "Economics" and if you bought their products, you lost, Bethesda won ! $$$$$ :-) $$$$$

    The Good Part of Fallout 4: you can finally edit and build stuff in game - and not just junk - whole towers and buildings if you like, using mods and the PC. The environment is a good starting point, just delete towns and all of the base game and base factions, scrap everything, there - now you have empty maps you can build on. Fallout 4 was never meant to be minecraft, but building games are a lot more fun than running around the wasteland in pointless combat simulators.

    Also, the original fallout games had a very strong humor, jokes, and other funny content.
    Fallout 4 ? zero.
    Fallout 3 ? Some in Mothership Zeta
    Fallout New Vegas? Better. Big MT and one UFO scout ship...

    ESO Online: forget it. no humor at all.
    Fallout 76 Online: nothing.

    Without any humor or funny stories, it's just a grind, repetitive and boring. No one likes hours of grind.

  • Dylan Albasini
    Dylan Albasini 19 days ago


  • fuzzwobble
    fuzzwobble 19 days ago

    The creation club is even worse than you've described. They not only have the balls to charge that money for the weak in-game DLC items, but they didn't even create the items. They just give a fraction to the modders who made it for them and pocket the rest. Gamers make the mods and items, Bethesda sells their work and justifies it with some peanuts.

  • Alice
    Alice 19 days ago

    When I finally convinced my Elder Scrolls-fan friend (who got me into Skyrim), he finally did
    ... with Fallout 4. And said he wouldn't be playing any of the older ones, when I asked.
    I tried.

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson 20 days ago

    9:57 and then I notice Horse Power Armor being sold for $2.50 right as you explain how Bethesda is implementing shit payment practices. Perfect timing.

    GUNZABLAZIN 20 days ago

    why is Patrick Stewart figuratively dead?

  • Jorthax
    Jorthax 20 days ago

    Congratulations, you spent 11 minutes flogging the proverbial deceased quadroped.
    You enjoyed Oblivion, but you want to spout the usual bullshit talking points about Fallout 4 and Skyrim? Me thinks you don't actually have that much to say and have co-opted 'outrage'.

  • Terra Estrahl
    Terra Estrahl 20 days ago

    Oi don't tell me Professor Jean Luke "X" Picard is dead when he ain't. Scared the shit out of me, I thought I missed the news 😭

  • Squidward
    Squidward 20 days ago +1

    Ok TheXvid I watched this fucking stupid ass video, can you take it out of my recommended?

  • DampishEye
    DampishEye 20 days ago +8

    Oh yeah remember how you can also just quit the game and go back in and the power core is full again?