By the way, Are You a Sociopath?

  • Published on May 11, 2019
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    Daniel, Stephen, Hosuh and Jay are doing a test to see if they have any sociopathic tendencies. Sociopaths, by definition, are people with personality disorder that presents itself as extremely antisocial or a lack of conscience.
    This is in no way an actual scientific test, people spend hundreds of dollars with psychiatric counselors to figure out a person's sociopath tendencies; this test won't do you justice. But, it is still a cool way of knowing how messed up you are inside and how cold/calculated you can be when you need to be.
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  • DanPlan
    DanPlan  2 months ago +17094

    The sponsors wanted me to pin their link, so here you go~ | Dragon City: |
    Sometime last week, I've made a mistake by uploading an incomplete version of this video. I just wanted to thank everyone who did see it keep quiet about it. Really means a lot to see how respectful you guys can be.
    p.s. Jay is big dumb.

  • GilZeAwesomePrussia TeddyLauren

    Oh shi, I knew the answer to the last one before it was revealed.

  • CJ Animates
    CJ Animates Hour ago

    Literally all girls knew the last question's answer lol

  • CJ Animates
    CJ Animates 2 hours ago

    i relate to Jay to much

  • gucci belt
    gucci belt 2 hours ago

    Why does the main guy talking sound like MrBeast HAHAHAH

  • Angie Viera
    Angie Viera 4 hours ago

    Gonna stop at 9:03 to give my opinion. I would paint the floor black because you can't tell when blood spills on the floor.

  • ASFvsASAP 1
    ASFvsASAP 1 4 hours ago

    Sociopaths aren’t as bad I’m guessing

  • Keita Reedy-Barr
    Keita Reedy-Barr 4 hours ago

    I like that idea by the way can you survive jay and stephen

  • Pink Cheetah Creations

    I wanna be Stephen and Jay’s Friend! 😁😅🤣

  • Weird fandom person Thing

    4 points

  • Yu Chan
    Yu Chan 5 hours ago

    I need spanish sub 😧♥

  • y'know, kaly in there.

    "sociopath don't show they are sociopaths'' is kinda fake since socios are more impulsive than psycos

  • Arianna M.
    Arianna M. 5 hours ago +1

    the real question is....what are the guy’s zodiac signs

  • Sleuthelle (Tasha Duncan)

    The main difference between psychopath and sociopath is the ability to form meaningful relationships. Psychopaths are manipulative and display no remorse or empathy to others. Sociopaths can and do form relationships but to a lesser degree. :)

  • Cat Vlogs
    Cat Vlogs 6 hours ago

    omg the drawing at 10:33 😍

    KADEN BARONE 7 hours ago

    Came here from A-HA animations

  • Jm Kimayong
    Jm Kimayong 7 hours ago

    Time to subscribe.

  • Sky worrier
    Sky worrier 7 hours ago

    I got all of these questions right...

  • ferret fan
    ferret fan 10 hours ago

    I thought it was gonna be a plot twist ending where Hosuh was gonna kill Dan.

  • Kirishima Kun
    Kirishima Kun 11 hours ago


  • Aaliyah Hall
    Aaliyah Hall 11 hours ago

    This video is the reason I want a Jay and Stephen Mafia AU...

  • nikkinoivern
    nikkinoivern 11 hours ago +1

    Jay and Stephen sounds like people I'd like to hang out with 😂

  • Snow Fox
    Snow Fox 12 hours ago

    6:34 and 10:34 :3333

  • Eszter Kovács
    Eszter Kovács 12 hours ago

    So now I know
    Stephen is a psychopath
    Jay is a sociopath
    Yay! :3
    (I'm kind of o sociopath too 🔪)

  • Some useless peice of Shit who wants to be POPULAR

    Stephen is a psychopath
    Jay is a sociopath
    and then theres Hosuh

  • Lil Tovar
    Lil Tovar 13 hours ago

    Stheve :I like Jay
    Jay:I like you too
    Me:oh sthejay

  • CookiePowerr
    CookiePowerr 14 hours ago +1

    really love the animation here

  • lamarr clannon
    lamarr clannon 15 hours ago

    Black floors to hide bloodstains

  • The one jumpscarer
    The one jumpscarer 15 hours ago

    I ship Jay and Stephen

  • Devika T. A
    Devika T. A 15 hours ago

    omg the animator you hired is amazing

  • Александра Рудник

    Video: By the way are you a sociopath?

  • Gpro Alex
    Gpro Alex 15 hours ago +1

    For the ppl who rly wanna know the differences between a sociopath and a psychopath

  • Tobe
    Tobe 16 hours ago


  • Chandra Mouli
    Chandra Mouli 17 hours ago

    Nice animations goood video!

  • Ezion
    Ezion 17 hours ago

    Damn I was 1 point behind Jay

  • ninja destoyer08
    ninja destoyer08 17 hours ago

    DragonVale forever

  • Jacky Boiii
    Jacky Boiii 17 hours ago

    Is it weird that I got the last one within like 3 seconds of hearing it

  • Shamia Burns
    Shamia Burns 18 hours ago +1

    Me Sociopath 😶😃😀😁😃😑😶 o thank u for all the likes😁 I never got that many😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😶

  • XxDabMasterxX
    XxDabMasterxX 18 hours ago

    Part 3?

  • liang yu Wu
    liang yu Wu 18 hours ago

    I like jay and stephen, really smart, considerate and has the ability to put on someones shoes.

  • Lyra Centile
    Lyra Centile 18 hours ago


  • Emmee Animooshons
    Emmee Animooshons 18 hours ago

    Lol Stephen the psychopath and Jay the sociopath, the ultimate duo

  • Lux0rd
    Lux0rd 21 hour ago

    Why does the sociopath have my phone number?

  • biohazard832
    biohazard832 21 hour ago +1

    Can someone please tell me the song that plays at 4:37 I've heard before and it really sounds familiar and it hurting my brain that I can't find it

  • Hyungaya Monsta
    Hyungaya Monsta 22 hours ago

    I only got the last one right 😅

  • spirit galaxy dreamer wolf

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  • kcg cast
    kcg cast 22 hours ago

    Jay yooo bro you cute af and have a nice ass voice ❤️ I love you

  • Morbid Mary
    Morbid Mary Day ago

    still wanna know how the killer would have my number. . .unanswered question eating away at my brain disorder. . . .

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  • Cutie Pie121
    Cutie Pie121 Day ago

    6:31 that's mean two top one bottom UWU

  • DeFox
    DeFox Day ago

    I got all of them correct •-•

  • CottonCandyBoi
    CottonCandyBoi Day ago

    I’m not a sociopath, I’m just weirdly effected by years of mental trauma

  • Leo Akira
    Leo Akira Day ago +3


  • Mei Mei
    Mei Mei Day ago

    I'm surprised that they didn't get the answer for the black floor question right away, you can't see blood on black as well it's kinda common knowledge....
    Plus washing blood out of things is a major pain in the ass....

  • Blueberry Cupcake

    the little sister maybe thought she was her flesh was sweet sense her sister was sweet

  • Ft L
    Ft L Day ago

    Watching this like 500 times, and I can’t wait for more videos like this but sadly adult life got to me and now I’m super busy. 😭😩👌🏼👌🏼 Good job on the video you guys! Keep up with the good work!

  • Annawesome the FlameingPikachu

    Hi I'm borderline sociopath, but not quite sociopath!

  • Zea Silver
    Zea Silver Day ago

    Jay you are my twin

  • A.Kylea Thingz
    A.Kylea Thingz Day ago

    Imagine Dan being the sociopath instead

  • Alexia White
    Alexia White Day ago +1

    Jay would be a pretty good detective now that I think about it

  • Alexia White
    Alexia White Day ago

    I relate so much to Jay tbh

  • Jungshookie xx
    Jungshookie xx Day ago

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    Mika Boyce Day ago

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    Tiffany Nohr Day ago

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  • cube cat 2.0
    cube cat 2.0 Day ago

    I got every question right ·3· ..... imma go see a therapist real quick XD

  • ThaKiller OfDeath

    Who is a Sociopath?

  • NightWolf Animates

    Jay is me, or at least what my friends see me as

  • Chime Dema
    Chime Dema Day ago +12

    No one:
    Not a soul:

    Seriously not a single dust:

    JAY: *THERE STEPHEN , ME AND THEN... there’s Hosuh.....*

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    alex Smith Day ago

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