FIFA World Cup 2018 Quiz with Chelsea stars!

  • Published on Jun 9, 2018
  • Chelsea players jetting off to Russia answer a number of fun questions in our exclusive FIFA World Cup quiz. Here's a taste of what is to come throughout the rest of the tournament.
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Comments • 243

  • LA BST
    LA BST 13 days ago

    Azpeliquta: hopefully 2 this summer
    Ronaldo and Russia: Hold our beers

  • Doctor Tacos
    Doctor Tacos 14 days ago

    Hazard be like

    *Ackk ZeRo*

  • Shrek _donkey
    Shrek _donkey 17 days ago +1

    Kantes fav memory probably 2018 summer now

  • Heisted
    Heisted 22 days ago

    Rüdiger didn’t even know how many World Cups we have even won

  • Harleigh Wade
    Harleigh Wade 25 days ago

    I’m a Chelsea fan

  • Mate Horvath
    Mate Horvath Month ago

    Willian laughs every second

  • Nipun Sharma
    Nipun Sharma Month ago

    0:57 clearly Gary Cahill does not know who Alan Shearer is

  • Mark Romo
    Mark Romo 2 months ago

    Lil did Kante know he was going to win the world cup

  • GhostFaceProductions
    GhostFaceProductions 2 months ago

    The way the defenders Azpilicueta and Cahill and Rudiger are not first pick for their country but Kante, Willian and Hazard are

  • LJ TJ Channel
    LJ TJ Channel 3 months ago

    Cheslea are trash

  • Peter Møller Brassøe
    Peter Møller Brassøe 3 months ago

    I love Chelsea 💙💙⚽️

  • tibo michielsen
    tibo michielsen 3 months ago

    Cahill wanted to play against Belgium , They lost 2 times =P at the world cup

  • person thing
    person thing 3 months ago

    Why does Willian have the numer 7 on his kit , he's number 22

  • XStarGaming
    XStarGaming 3 months ago

    0:49 PICK KDB HAZARD!!! (De Bruyne)

  • Pocleberry _playz
    Pocleberry _playz 4 months ago +1

    Hazard hazard hazard

  • Kirsty Harrison
    Kirsty Harrison 5 months ago

    Kante 2018 world. Cup happy moment France won

  • Bradley Voong
    Bradley Voong 5 months ago

    Man Utd yea chelsea boo

  • Arju Rao
    Arju Rao 5 months ago

    Hazard is the funniest when he said zero😂

  • AquaticPCB
    AquaticPCB 6 months ago

    Thanks n'golo 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰

  • Archan Mainali
    Archan Mainali 6 months ago


  • Abdullah Nashbat
    Abdullah Nashbat 7 months ago

    Kante: vs Denmark world cup is my fav
    World cup:the only with game with 0-0 is france vs denmark

  • The Hood
    The Hood 8 months ago +1

    Willian: When Brazil Won Against Germany.
    Germany 2014: Hold My Beer.

  • AxMxD. XmXr.
    AxMxD. XmXr. 8 months ago

    Hazard is actually the best all time for Belgium

  • Edward Ingvardsen
    Edward Ingvardsen 9 months ago

    Danmark Danmark jeg kommer fra Danmark

  • TS99 Forever
    TS99 Forever 9 months ago

    I hate people who say De Bruyne is better than Hazard , like seriously!!!!!!

  • Ahmed Mohamed
    Ahmed Mohamed 9 months ago

    Hazard funny

  • Derek S
    Derek S 9 months ago

    why are they so good at english

    JAMMIE P 9 months ago

    I have hazards shirt

  • J Jaks
    J Jaks 9 months ago +1

    England did better than Brasilia

  • EST_Esto
    EST_Esto 9 months ago

    Eden Hazard knocked out willian from the world cup

  • Flupent
    Flupent 9 months ago

    Kante is a champion

  • bobi nomiee 125
    bobi nomiee 125 9 months ago

    0:46 hazard is the first.
    De bruyne is the another

  • Anne Frank
    Anne Frank 9 months ago

    1:17 William thinking about the 7-1 defeat in 2014

  • Aarav Gupta
    Aarav Gupta 9 months ago +2

    Gary plays for england🤣🤣🤣

  • Kam
    Kam 10 months ago +1

    N'golo you won the WC! Congrats :DDD

  • Racerton 4566
    Racerton 4566 10 months ago +1

    At the "Best player to ever play for you're country" one, Willian should have take Pelè.

  • Tony Nguyen
    Tony Nguyen 10 months ago

    World cup review

  • ItsChips InGames
    ItsChips InGames 10 months ago +4

    0:51 ok eden it could be you but what about De bruyne

  • Jia Tung Choong
    Jia Tung Choong 10 months ago

    Where’s luiz

  • Sushant Lamichhane
    Sushant Lamichhane 11 months ago +5

    How many times has your country won World Cup?
    Hazard " haaaaaa ZERO" 😂😂
    love this man's expressions

  • Shrek _donkey
    Shrek _donkey 11 months ago +1

    Who noticed Kante said his favourite memory was in 1998. If we asked him in 2030 he would say my favourite World Cup memeory was in 2018

  • Nayma Jaber
    Nayma Jaber Year ago

    Did anyone realise Willians jumper had 7 on it????

  • dalekichu
    dalekichu Year ago

    The French best player is just Fontaine because he scored 13 goals in a match

  • Oef Jippie
    Oef Jippie Year ago

    Willian Be like I wont think About b 7-1 But About when we won

  • Roshan Rameshkumar

    Like if Eden is a god

  • Arfan shah 2509
    Arfan shah 2509 Year ago +1

    And diver

  • Arfan shah 2509
    Arfan shah 2509 Year ago +1

    Hazard is kida show off

  • DudeaFrude Gaming

    Hi I’m hazard I kick ball boys

  • Kardwell Richards


  • Hannan Khan
    Hannan Khan Year ago

    I don,t like Eden but i like in Belgium Kevin

  • Dedy Siswandi
    Dedy Siswandi Year ago


  • Mohammad Hashir
    Mohammad Hashir Year ago

    Kanté has a new favourite memory

  • Ludvigxm220 jo
    Ludvigxm220 jo Year ago

    ARSENAL IS BETTER than Chelsea

  • James 024
    James 024 Year ago

    My dad is a fu*king a** hole

  • Firekiller3299
    Firekiller3299 Year ago +1

    Last question I was expecting Rudiger to say Brazil...


  • gabe bautista
    gabe bautista Year ago

    france won the world cup eith griezman giroud and kante

  • Ahmed ian asif 3449


  • Kylian x -
    Kylian x - Year ago

    1:19 2018

  • Ahmed Mohamed ahmed jaamac

    Waw fantstic

  • TheReynard
    TheReynard Year ago

    Honestly I love Kanté’s accent