Rosberg's Frightening Crash In Abu Dhabi | 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

  • Published on Nov 25, 2019
  • A scary moment for Nico Rosberg at Yas Marina, as he collides with Narain Karthikeyan in 2012...
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Comments • 685

  • Foxsake
    Foxsake Month ago

    Rosberg is a cunt

  • underdog
    underdog Month ago

    When Nico weren´t a TheXvidr...

  • Desert Sky
    Desert Sky Month ago +1

    First thing I noticed: THESE sound like F1 cars!!!
    "Are you listening to the fans, F1??????!!!!!!" We WANT/NEED race cars that sound like this ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑

  • Paul Scarpa
    Paul Scarpa Month ago

    It was al quada who did it LoL

  • Boss Levels
    Boss Levels Month ago

    No indication 🙄

  • haraskosvk H
    haraskosvk H Month ago

    kdo maže, ten jede, jeeeejda.

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago +1

    I'm no linguist but I do believe the translation for "contact" in French during the Renaissance period was Grosjean

  • Tatiana
    Tatiana Month ago

    remember vote for kubica driver of the day!

  • Ayush sharma
    Ayush sharma Month ago

    Narayan ❤️

  • Jeff Mattel
    Jeff Mattel Month ago

    If that same accident happened today people would be saying that the only reason Narain is alive is because of the Halo device and that there was no possible way he would be alive without it.. No Halo back then and Narain walked away without a scratch. Nowadays every time there is a similar accident the FIA and ignorant fans start praising that stupid Halo.

  • Jordan Austin
    Jordan Austin Month ago

    Can’t spell Grosjean without contact

  • David Vasquez
    David Vasquez Month ago

    I’m pretty sure Hamilton and his fans would have preferred Nico to be sidelined for the next few seasons for *VERY* obvious reasons

  • Ryan Ford
    Ryan Ford Month ago

    'Grojean' and 'contact' might as well be the same word

  • mia haskurti
    mia haskurti Month ago

    Shocking Crash For Him

  • Nico Rosberg
    Nico Rosberg Month ago +8

    Ouch! 🙈

  • Tomasz Fluks
    Tomasz Fluks Month ago

    Rosberg not dead 😊and Romain grosjean contact with Rosberg

  • MateoDeBonis
    MateoDeBonis Month ago

    Really? Rosberg suffer a scary accident? he saw nothing more than the beautifull sky for a second, the other guy saw an entire f1 car flying 2mm over his head in front of his eyes.

  • Liofa
    Liofa Month ago

    Rosberg hit someone? That's unusual... Hmmm...

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago +1

    No parking on track please

  • Thoughtful Thoughts
    Thoughtful Thoughts Month ago +1


  • Gabriele Forti
    Gabriele Forti Month ago +1

    Is Grosjean the new Maldonado?

  • Tim
    Tim Month ago

    Nico didn't look happy for some reason...

  • Chris Tanada
    Chris Tanada Month ago

    Big crash by Rosberg


  • Marco Piva
    Marco Piva Month ago

    Rosberg: Rosberg career is over?

  • Cet
    Cet Month ago

    LOL Rosberg, schade so früh beendet

  • Mansahej Singh
    Mansahej Singh Month ago


  • Jorge Perez
    Jorge Perez Month ago +1

    Valla accidentes

  • FanisX #7
    FanisX #7 Month ago

    Wheres most shocking moments video ffs? Moveeee!

  • AWOL
    AWOL Month ago

    I believe I can fly....

  • DanLucaz
    DanLucaz Month ago

    Romain "Contact" Grosjean

  • Meme Frog
    Meme Frog Month ago


  • Youtube King
    Youtube King Month ago

    I expected a Rosberg Karthikeyan fight

  • wonder wall
    wonder wall Month ago

    *No this wasn't the end of his career*

  • mr footballer
    mr footballer Month ago +1

    katrhikeyan from pakistan

  • Zulhelmi Effendi Zulkifli

    1% of the comments: oh my god they crashed and unharmed!
    99% of the comments: *iZniCoRosBeRgscAreErOveR???

  • MacPac78
    MacPac78 Month ago

    Karthikeyan should stick to driving his Uber

  • Daf
    Daf Month ago

    Most German F1 drivers do that 👍

  • saddist1Gtown
    saddist1Gtown Month ago

    I shudder to think that the FIA allowed the likes of Karthikeyan and Chandhok F1 licenses... They were appallingly slow and always seemed to get in the way of faster drivers.....

  • Pranav P S
    Pranav P S Month ago

    Is my career over?

  • Brucie
    Brucie Month ago

    Alonso, Spa 2018: hold my beer

  • Martinspire
    Martinspire Month ago

    Rosbergs impact was probably equally dangerous to Karthikeyan himself almost getting hit by the car flying over him.

  • ansquad0
    ansquad0 Month ago

    When writing essays nowadays, I sometimes use "Grosjean" inplace of "contact" since they're perfectly synonymous.

  • varun patwal
    varun patwal Month ago

    Indian f1 driver.

  • Wizz Fizz
    Wizz Fizz Month ago

    Can we just get the other Nico to take a podium please and not a DNF or non points finish 😭

  • I help anytime
    I help anytime Month ago

    Could have been fatal for the other driver since there is no halo

  • Upward Gaming
    Upward Gaming Month ago

    If you can’t go around someone, why not go over them?

  • Sebastian Vettel
    Sebastian Vettel Month ago

    i wish he's dead

  • NomadUniverse
    NomadUniverse Month ago

    Here it is folks. The beginning of the end. The first video for the last race week of the season. What a season!

  • Say What?
    Say What? Month ago

    F1 2019 Online lobby

  • fiddlestickz muzik
    fiddlestickz muzik Month ago

    Wow the cars were so ugly only just back then, look so dated

  • ReallyTinyChannel
    ReallyTinyChannel Month ago

    If your name is Nico, don't race in Abu Dhabi.

  • Myster1ous
    Myster1ous Month ago

    2012 is already in archive. Feel old yet?

  • someonesomewhere
    someonesomewhere Month ago

    Why was he brake checking rosberg wtf you can see how the car realy slows down before crash.

  • FanArt Zone
    FanArt Zone Month ago

    Doesnt look so frightening..

  • AJ Ace
    AJ Ace Month ago

    Thank god that he didn't fly one little bit lefter above the car. Karthikeyan would've been dead. And btw it's very sad that this is the most famous moment of Karthikeyans F1 carreer^^

  • Dog Eye's
    Dog Eye's Month ago

    🌀Was crofty high or something?🥴🌀

  • Red Bull ましゅ
    Red Bull ましゅ Month ago

    Rosberg is cool!

  • Ignacio Sanchez
    Ignacio Sanchez Month ago

    They say that the Indian driver at the end now works at a big call center in India selling Tupperware

  • Rangifulla
    Rangifulla Month ago

    How is the air up there?

  • Agua Menti
    Agua Menti Month ago

    This looks funny compared to webber in valancia when he hit kovalainen from behind