Finishing the GTA 5 Online Diamond Casino Heist (The Big Con Heist payout)

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • Here is the big con, the most exciting path to take for the GTA 5 Online Diamond Casino HeistDLC. In this video I show you how I finished the Diamond Casino Heist without losing a single life.
    A lot of sneaking, a lot of cunningness and quite a bit of excitement in the Big Con approach. In this video you see my tactics, the payout for half arsing it with 2 players

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    Finishing the GTA 5 Online Diamond Casino Heist (The Big Con Heist)


    Sonny Evans
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  • Sonny Evans
    Sonny Evans  Month ago +11

    Be sure to watch the Silent and Sneaky approach here:

    • Wes Burns
      Wes Burns Month ago

      @sonny evans Where do you get the Ceramic Pistols ? in The Set Up? I love your Charisma and Flair in the narrative, AWESOME

    • Broke - Neck Gaming
      Broke - Neck Gaming Month ago

      Dude the music in this video is epic 😂😂😂🙌 you just got a new follower thanks for the info I'm debating on whether to do big con or the silent one which one do you recommend ?

    • Philo Beddoe
      Philo Beddoe Month ago

      @Sonny Evans Thanks...but what I finally realized,is that you have to first adjust your own take percentage,& then adjust the other player's take percentage.

    • Sonny Evans
      Sonny Evans  Month ago

      @Philo Beddoe launch it, theres another screen after that where you invite friends.

    • Philo Beddoe
      Philo Beddoe Month ago

      How do you increase the pay cut percentage for the Casio Heist Finale?By default,it's only at 15% and I've hit every button on my controller to increase it,but to no avail?I feel really silly asking this,but I hit a brick wall and cannot launch the heist because of this problem...please help!

  • Devon Pattyson
    Devon Pattyson Hour ago

    Yo small world! I think I played a few missions with you lol thanks for the walk through!!

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 3 days ago

    How did you invite your friend?

  • fuzion savage
    fuzion savage 4 days ago

    Atleast we can do the heist 3 times as the big con sneaky and loudly

  • callum mcleish
    callum mcleish 7 days ago

    Gruppe sechs uniform, sewer entrance, out through metal detectors, over fence, around racetrack, street car, sewers to highway. Done.

  • Sweet Mony
    Sweet Mony 19 days ago

    It’s not a big u can gust knock them out

  • George Lerry
    George Lerry 19 days ago

    You can stelth kill with wrench

  • Martin Ross
    Martin Ross 20 days ago


  • Mr Chicken
    Mr Chicken 21 day ago

    Where do you get the weapons when they are taken?

  • Spirit Danimal
    Spirit Danimal 21 day ago

    Exfil(tration) is in fact a word, sir. After which, you may undertake embarkation of the escape vehicle (transpo) or simply Oscar Mike (On the Move, as in- walk away).

  • Doris Pichette
    Doris Pichette 22 days ago


  • luhKayy
    luhKayy 23 days ago

    Why do my guards have helmets

  • Cee Cee
    Cee Cee 25 days ago

    Add me y'all kiiah524

  • Haris
    Haris 25 days ago

    Do it with 3 people and use the diamond glitch and boom 1 mil each

  • Fayzerbeam81
    Fayzerbeam81 25 days ago

    fking stupid dlc b.s pays shhh absolutley shhh not worth it never gonna do this again. it pays barley anything piece of shhh dlc. waste of time.

  • Lukey
    Lukey 26 days ago

    The setups good if you as a player are good

  • _ BeanBoi _
    _ BeanBoi _ 26 days ago

    Enter as a group seches team and they let u walk right in

  • Kraft Zero 2
    Kraft Zero 2 26 days ago

    This heist was fucking terrible... agressive is the easiest way to go. You cant get ANY time in the vault to get any real pay even with the best hacker. If you go in with a friend or 4 people you can get more money but then you gotta pay them. Which means your friends get dirt or equal which means you all get dirt. 2 and a half minutes to grab as much money is NOTHING. The bogdan is the best way hands down to get money. 10 minutes to get someone a million. It takes like 3 hours to set up the casino heist. For on average 300k..... plus theres a lot more room to screw up the dimond heist. The bogdan is so much better. In and out 10 minutes. Repeat. Get you and a friend a million in 30 minutes

  • Truly Samuel
    Truly Samuel 27 days ago

    I forgot how hard this heist was without gruppe sechs gear.

  • Helen McDonnell
    Helen McDonnell 27 days ago

    Does anyone else keep getting a glitch were it doesn't let you choose anything and just resets it

    MICHELLE CONEN 29 days ago

    Where did you get all ur money what website

  • TalkinJay
    TalkinJay Month ago

    yo im on the final setup board but my friends name is not popping up what do i do


    I started off as a big con plan, ended up being an aggressive escape.

  • Daury Ortiz
    Daury Ortiz Month ago

    I gave you a dislike just because of the way you started the video

  • NovaTGN
    NovaTGN Month ago

    Why do you talk like a game show host or like you're trying to talk to a cat

    • Sonny Evans
      Sonny Evans  Month ago

      Because I am one and my mic is a cat

  • Albo_Killa23
    Albo_Killa23 Month ago

    Instead of shooting you could of snuck and knocked the guy at the counter out and the guy in front of the exit. That’s what I did

  • Gaykume Onfroy
    Gaykume Onfroy Month ago

    How do you go through the door near the stairs its red for me(near laundry room)

  • The Shame Game
    The Shame Game Month ago

    Worst heist ever. The FBI uniforms you get, you don't even use, it's impossible for 2 people to get the entire money, so this heist was the worst.

  • HoboJoe FTW
    HoboJoe FTW Month ago

    The keypad is red for me why?

  • nukeman1303
    nukeman1303 Month ago

    5:25 you arnt forced to go loud, you can easily knock out the just behind the counter and easily abuse their cones of vision

  • Sanil Sharma
    Sanil Sharma Month ago

    The thumbnail looked like Jesse from PVP anyone?

  • GamingForever
    GamingForever Month ago +3

    2:34 how did u open that door from the outside

    • transce080
      transce080 21 day ago

      Yeah, I have both levels of clearance but this door is locked still. What's going on here?

  • thief 4
    thief 4 Month ago

    how do you have 1 billion?

  • Dude Average
    Dude Average Month ago

    It’s completely possible to be sneaky in this one if you take the guy out at the desk and the one by the door at the same time after getting out of the bank

  • Rock Universe Gaming

    Drill is glitch3d for me, broken dlc.

  • Itz Teeqo YT
    Itz Teeqo YT Month ago

    To let u all know if you choose the gruope secc way in the big con it’s a lot more easy if u exit the vault before the alarm goes off u can walk right to the stairs, elavotor but after that you might be Alerted going to the exit but when I was alerted I was bassicly there so I just ran right to it and to escape the cops I went to the l.s gang tunnels near grove street and then delivered it and for 50% I got 425k

  • Fxwb
    Fxwb Month ago

    Trying to be too entertaining just show me what i wanna know which is why I couldn’t change buyers from the prep.. only let me do low level.

  • Chelsey Dorris
    Chelsey Dorris Month ago

    How do you get to the basement in the casino

  • German 75
    German 75 Month ago +1

    2million/arcade - hire the best people/30% of my earnings - lost/my time.. - make 500k/i am the smartest guy in this game and this heist is the biggest one/in the history

  • IlIll IlIlllI
    IlIll IlIlllI Month ago +2

    6:03 Me and the boys going to kill some criminals

  • Apex moments Weekly
    Apex moments Weekly Month ago +1

    There a easy way to do the big con

  • Jaz B.
    Jaz B. Month ago

    Why not just take the police helicopter across the street from the casino?

  • MoneyMakinGoon Gaming t.v.

    Bogdan heist still better than this shit it's less work get Mills way faster only reason to do these heists is just to do some different 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Crimsom
    Crimsom Month ago

    Aggressive is still the best way to play got out with 2 million and 495k one million each + 695k for cheap crew and Paige as hacker

  • ChrisTrollsYou 69
    ChrisTrollsYou 69 Month ago

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, I’m doing The Big Con too, going in the exact same way, got Level 2 passes too but for some reason we (I’m doing it with 2 friends) we can’t unlock the door next to the stairs, we have to unlock a door to the left and walk round the whole corridor, passed the elevator, camera and guard to get to the stairs, every time we get spotted, what have I missed to be able to unlock that door?

  • MOWO
    MOWO Month ago

    You know you didn't have to loud and shoot them right?And also the guard wasn't bugged i did it myself without the alarm

  • colin L
    colin L Month ago

    So it seems like it doesn’t matter if you have a exit disguise b/c the alarm goes off no matter what I’ve done it three time as big con if someone knows how to use the disguises let me know plz.

  • Helpz
    Helpz Month ago

    I did a successful con without getting alerted

  • FelixVines
    FelixVines Month ago +1

    0:00 hahaha kijk de chat

  • blood117
    blood117 Month ago

    So i finished the heist once and did not get trade price for the cars and yes i was leader.

  • BadgerMan 6261
    BadgerMan 6261 Month ago

    How do you have 1b?

  • Vendetta
    Vendetta Month ago

    Bruh the stealth part was so hard

  • Colin Mcpherson
    Colin Mcpherson Month ago

    How do you use the exit disguise?

  • JaImEdxIII
    JaImEdxIII Month ago +1

    Can you repeat it or only do it once?

  • NoTiCeMeH
    NoTiCeMeH Month ago

    This man doesnt put his money in the bank- what

  • Thepaolo98
    Thepaolo98 Month ago

    Anybody want to do the casino heist on ps4?
    MIC only and NO KIDS.
    drop me your ID

  • King Snake
    King Snake Month ago

    10,000 Subscribers An I Will Give The 10 People 3 Million For This RC Tank Go There Now 2kGod KingSnake

  • Danny Blake-Burke
    Danny Blake-Burke Month ago

    I'm stuck on this heist

  • Allen DJCap/Agent Allen

    I like the fact the narrator is telling the big con story


    Do it in firefighter please