I Trained Like Marvel's Punisher For A Month 💀

  • Published on Nov 19, 2017
  • In honor of the release of the new Netflix show Marvel’s Punisher, I decided to train like The Punisher! I learned how to safely shoot guns and also trained with a marine drill instructor.
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    Justin Eaton, Jon Bernthal/Punisher Stunt Double
    Cassie Lee Minick - Stunt Woman + Certified Gun Instructor + Badass
    George Anthony Dulal-Whiteway - Marine & Drill Instructor, owner of Brainstorm Fitness Gym - brainstormfitness
    Train with George Anthony in San Diego - clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/mainclass?fl=true&tabID=7
    Special thanks to EVIKE for supplying our shotgun for the cinematic --
    Daniel Dawson - ddemcee
    Thekla Hutyrova - theklahutyrova
    Candace Lowry (MK Google Suit) - thexvid.com/channel/UC9Cqtzr7SgbAWlRJLTBRGkA
    Written and Directed by Garrett Kennell www.garrettkennell.com
    Director of Photography + Colorist - Matt Miller mattmillerdp
    Produced by Michelle Khare
    Associate Producer / 1st AD - Janelle DeChancie janelledechancie
    1st AC - Zack Wallnau wallnow
    Gaffer - Sam Mosco moscotographer
    Production Sound, Sound Editing and Mixing - Christina Gonzalez www.christinamgonzalez.com
    Score by Alex Winkler www.alexwinklermusic.com • www.soundcloud.com/alexwinkler-2
    Hair & Makeup - Olivia Shipman the_reel_mua
    With Stunts By:
    Cassie Minick - Coordinator
    Jake Huang - Choreographer
    Graham Hooper hooperstunts
    Miguel Andres-Garcia miguel4andres
    Joseph Oreste josephvoreste
    Jordan Thoma newhope_stunts
    Cinematic Editor + VFX - Joseph DeWitt
    www.josephdewitt.com • dewittness
    Unscripted Editor - Shane Whitaker shanemwhitaker
    Featuring music by the incredible ANIMUS VOLT
    Email: animusvolt@gmx.de
    Filmed at 3D THEATRICALS
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  Year ago +490

    Guys... The ending though... 😞...what superhero do u guys think is next? PS don't forget to turn on my notifs! Xx

    • Stephen Walters
      Stephen Walters 7 months ago

      Woman the fuck up and shoot the gun. Ive shot guns when i was 11 and i was fine. It isn't a nuclear bomb.

    • Maurice Wakker
      Maurice Wakker 7 months ago

      What? No happy end? No drillinstructor for the save? Cool training btw!

    • Charles Waqa
      Charles Waqa 9 months ago

      Lexie Scibilia Yeah i agree. Black Widow is AWESOME!!

    • Sugewin
      Sugewin Year ago

      You would _kill it_ as Elektra, if you ask me. Just the right kind of exotic and athletic to pull it off.

    • love of ev
      love of ev Year ago

      Maybe black panther stuff Ik I'm late lol sorry

  • Notorious1503
    Notorious1503 22 days ago +1

    Ok shes overreacting to the guy screaming at her she knew exactly what was gonna happen nd all of a sudden she terrified?

  • Notorious1503
    Notorious1503 22 days ago

    Can someone explain to me why the hell u have to grab ur shoulder when u pull out ur gun? Looks stupid and pointless iv seen ppl in real pull it with one hand nothin to it

  • Notorious1503
    Notorious1503 22 days ago

    Mixed feelings about guns aka sjw pansy
    Then says she feels amazing shooting one thanks for telling us ur political views😂 that u dont really care about since u contradict yourself on what u said about guns

  • itssam here
    itssam here 23 days ago


  • Christian Yazzie
    Christian Yazzie Month ago

    She can't shoot like the punisher or John wick

  • RTHD
    RTHD Month ago

    5:43 that guys voice was so powerful my body’s initial reaction like putting your hand on the stove made me fall to the ground by accident

  • Max Rocket
    Max Rocket Month ago

    do saitama training

  • Carson Lemon-Younger
    Carson Lemon-Younger Month ago +1

    Bruh, am I the only one who thought this wasn’t that good? I was a marine and I can tell you that the “training” she went through in this video is laughable compared to the real thing. Not trying to hate but I’m just calling it how I see it.

  • nightspicer
    nightspicer Month ago +1

    5:58 i think that might be dangerous for ears... :/

  • Diana Nanguang
    Diana Nanguang Month ago

    You are really good 👍

    ANGRY FOX ZD 2 months ago

    Punshier is my favorite marvel character

  • Rhydian.S.S.H.
    Rhydian.S.S.H. 2 months ago

    8:22 when a streaming service picks up Punisher, Daredevil and Jessica Jones

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl 2 months ago +2

    When the instructor starts yelling at her my jaw DROPPED

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B 2 months ago

    I'm sorry but I have to say this...when Google in the suit says "Besides you and Daniel I'm only detecting one heat signature" That wouldn't likely be the case because a body takes time to lose its heat. Only three people would be alive but all those killed as well as those living should have a heat signature.
    Just an observation. :)

  • Mimi_ thebunbun
    Mimi_ thebunbun 2 months ago

    My first instinct if i were to be yelled at were to cry and get super angry I would then probably snap and hurt someone or at least try.

  • Freddy Punk
    Freddy Punk 3 months ago

    She starts the video like spider man, happy and excited then after the training she's nailed the punisher with, serious and very calm. Respect to all the marines the real heroes ✌

  • Christian Soto
    Christian Soto 3 months ago

    Fucking disrespectful ass fuckers

  • Kaylie Faulkner
    Kaylie Faulkner 3 months ago

    The drill instructor seemed so nice then he was scary lol

  • michael labarge
    michael labarge 3 months ago +3

    I enjoyed your Parris Island video, but as a former DI I'm glad you were able to experience some more in-depth time as a USMC recruit.
    Imagine suffering the wrath of 3-4 more DI's at the same time. I'm also glad you quickly picked up why DI's are like that- every wrong or wasted movement and hesitation can get others killed.
    Any chance of training like John Wick?

    GETSTRAIGHTHIGH 3 months ago +1

    Lol if she only realized that the car that she drives everyday is just as deadly....first time liberal shooters make me nervous 😟

  • That Guy Named Don
    That Guy Named Don 3 months ago

    Lol I remember those IT games haha

  • Chase
    Chase 3 months ago

    I bet thanos

  • lonely potato
    lonely potato 3 months ago

    The females are still scarier

  • Amanda Lockridge
    Amanda Lockridge 3 months ago

    What was that censorship block in the beginning for?

  • Lloyd James
    Lloyd James 4 months ago

    I can’t unsee him as Shane tbh😂😂

  • Joseph GODFREY
    Joseph GODFREY 4 months ago

    *14.23 takes mag out of gun* gun still shoots

  • GachaCookieDipz 1122
    GachaCookieDipz 1122 4 months ago

    Oh my god 🤭 😂 just watching gorge scream at you the rules is so so funny lmao
    But damn girl! Go you!!! Your so good at acting 😉

  • Rave TV
    Rave TV 4 months ago


  • Rave TV
    Rave TV 4 months ago

    Why nervous?

  • IceDragon978
    IceDragon978 4 months ago

    I'm a hardcore Thomas Jane fan. I liked Bernthal on The Walking Dead, but I was mad when Netflix cast him as The Punisher because I wanted Thomas Jane to come back. But Bernthal sold the hell out of it, and now I'm mad at Netflix for canceling the show.

  • Konitha Udomsay
    Konitha Udomsay 4 months ago

    Can we just talk about how badass you look in that fight scene?😂

  • Jerry Gonzales
    Jerry Gonzales 5 months ago

    I feel bad for his throat

  • Mildred Lagat
    Mildred Lagat 5 months ago

    Omg one day you should do a superpower movie

  • quint0nJ
    quint0nJ 5 months ago

    Ehh I dont agree with her 3rd fun safety rule....always keep unloaded untill ready to shoot....what happens in a life or death situation when u have only seconds to react I'd rather have my gun loaded and ready tongo

  • aloha snackbar
    aloha snackbar 5 months ago

    "There is no I in the military"

  • leeloo._. novak
    leeloo._. novak 5 months ago

    For all dem fortniters the shot gun when she loaded it it literally sounded like in fortnite😂

  • Lance Scott
    Lance Scott 5 months ago +1

    You should train like "Agent 47" next. After all the show is called M.K. Ultra.

  • shannon lynn
    shannon lynn 5 months ago

    It’s so cool to see that Michelle went through this training and then continues to accept the marine corps challenge

  • Connor Henderson
    Connor Henderson 5 months ago +2

    Drill instructor went from 0-100 real quick

  • john smith
    john smith 5 months ago

    I's like Simon says.

  • Ryan Mairan
    Ryan Mairan 5 months ago

    if that was me i'd be dying of laughter but also fuckin Terrified

  • Rabbit Goddess
    Rabbit Goddess 6 months ago

    how does that drill instructor not lose his voice-

  • Barbara
    Barbara 6 months ago

    The security guard Daniel is literally me through life😂💀

  • Nae-B
    Nae-B 6 months ago

    Omg I love that she went shooting and even liked it lol

  • Randy Lout
    Randy Lout 6 months ago

    One Batch, Two Batch, Penny and Dime. R.I.P. Frankie, you will not be forgotten.

  • Logan Tidwell
    Logan Tidwell 6 months ago

    Guns are friend's, not food

  • BillyGoat
    BillyGoat 6 months ago

    I love that the police is riding a scooter😂 plus I just subscribed and I love your videos

  • Iron wolf
    Iron wolf 6 months ago

    Don't feel guilty shooting guns is amazing

  • Dj'Ctavia
    Dj'Ctavia 6 months ago

    Actually I don't know if there is only 3 rules in America but, in France we always consider a weapon is loaded !

  • Angela Wasson
    Angela Wasson 6 months ago

    Omg I clicked on this video because I saw Shane from the walking dead 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️

  • SimplyClovey
    SimplyClovey 6 months ago

    Two years later trains as marine Corp

  • time lope
    time lope 6 months ago

    I miss the marines lol

  • carl
    carl 6 months ago +1

    "hi, i'm daniel, with an 'e'."

  • Lesly Zepeda
    Lesly Zepeda 6 months ago +1

    Wooooow. The amount of effort she puts in and the amount of dedication she has to provide us viewers this type of content is so admirable. The amount of views and likes on this video makes me angry. I wish she had more views,likes, and active subscribers🙁💜

  • alexander jarrett
    alexander jarrett 7 months ago

    oh and one other thing you left out in the training. having your family being shot in front of you while being able to do nothing.........

  • Greenfrogg56 ̄
    Greenfrogg56 ̄ 7 months ago

    Respek Wahmen

  • Laughtill YouCry277
    Laughtill YouCry277 7 months ago

    If they make a season 3 of the Punisher pls cast this amazing woman 💀

  • AwesomeMax217
    AwesomeMax217 7 months ago

    She got the entire character of the punisher wrong but nevertheless fine video

  • Facebonez
    Facebonez 7 months ago

    Jon Bernthal fits Punisher like Ryan Reynolds fits Deadpool