• Published on Jul 21, 2019
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Comments • 13 302

  • Thomas Robertson
    Thomas Robertson 7 hours ago

    1:00 best moment

  • memeß memeß
    memeß memeß 8 hours ago

    Jason is looking at Natalie booty

  • ace iimov
    ace iimov Day ago +1

    the song is called The weener takes it all.

  • PandaFox _KBI
    PandaFox _KBI 2 days ago

    The start of the video:

  • Alice Brazier
    Alice Brazier 4 days ago +1

    “i’d put some glasses on you and fuck you UP”

  • Purplesocks *
    Purplesocks * 4 days ago +13

    Absolute legend dated this mans sister, beat his game and got his cash

  • Christian Josh
    Christian Josh 4 days ago

    Natalie looks fucking gorgeous on the thumbnail!

  • umm ItsCam
    umm ItsCam 5 days ago

    The he dated ur sister looks exactly like another kid david had in a vlog. It's where Jeff said super models dont poop

    PHIL’S EYELASH 5 days ago +1

    0:22 just to hear David say “hiii” is the cutest way possible :)

  • Geovany Rodriguez
    Geovany Rodriguez 6 days ago

    2020 anyone

  • Bag Boy
    Bag Boy 6 days ago +1

    Let’s be honest here, none of us came for David

  • lovely girl carillo
    lovely girl carillo 6 days ago +1

    He dated your sisterrrrrr

  • zach_jpg_
    zach_jpg_ 7 days ago

    well, her ass do be poppin' doe

  • omeome ome
    omeome ome 7 days ago

    if someone in my country would come and say i dated ur sister he would be killed. Even if he is 10-12 years old😂

    • Shwkw 15
      Shwkw 15 6 days ago

      omeome ome wich country you live in ?

  • Jasmine Rong
    Jasmine Rong 8 days ago

    Hey sisters

  • Evelyn Juarez
    Evelyn Juarez 8 days ago +9

    I like how Jeff was the over Protective bother yet it’s not his sister😂😂

  • Amanda Akiki
    Amanda Akiki 8 days ago

    But what I want to know is which sister? Sara or Ester😂

  • Maria Solis
    Maria Solis 9 days ago

    I just realized the boy who won the money was in one of the videos before with vardon*

  • Jimmy Rustles
    Jimmy Rustles 9 days ago +1

    So uhhh whats Natalie’s IG?

  • Niggaroni Sandwich
    Niggaroni Sandwich 10 days ago

    Damn natalie looks even hotter in the thumbnail

  • Carlo Backwood
    Carlo Backwood 11 days ago

    Natalie do be havin the dumper tho

  • EpicRobloxMoments
    EpicRobloxMoments 11 days ago

    Sometime it looks like Natalie doesn't appreciate david

    • Lyricz
      Lyricz 8 days ago

      EpicRobloxMoments she probably acts like that because they were child hood friends

  • Jack Dickson
    Jack Dickson 11 days ago +3

    This was uploaded on my birthday DAVID PLEASE SEE THIS

    STRANGER THINGS TV 11 days ago

    - Jason Nash

  • yeehaw okay
    yeehaw okay 12 days ago

    Jason's thing is rude

  • Justin zhang
    Justin zhang 12 days ago

    l like your assistant,she is so beautiful

  • That Avenger
    That Avenger 12 days ago

    "Sometime he just make sounds" haha

  • XD Alex
    XD Alex 13 days ago +2

    At first I thought that kid said he ate his sister got me dying

  • Shaina Lopez
    Shaina Lopez 13 days ago

    Hi1 you can also 7PM to get a job and get the job at your body

  • Josh Josh
    Josh Josh 13 days ago

    All I know is that I should go to the sex museum too meet up with that woman

  • Alysia Sumanada
    Alysia Sumanada 14 days ago

    I swear though Jeff is more protective over your sister than you David and also Jeff can you be my brother

  • Yulissa Rojas
    Yulissa Rojas 16 days ago

    this is my birthday vlog

  • Juliana Avila
    Juliana Avila 16 days ago

    2:51 natalie looks soooo good

  • emily baptie
    emily baptie 17 days ago

    Ok but why is Natalie an actual model, she looks amazing in the thumbnail

  • John Fisher
    John Fisher 18 days ago

    someone made a tiktok in the background it was on my fyp 1:03

  • Appel Koos
    Appel Koos 18 days ago

    For everybody who didnt know the photo’s of doms family are all photoshopped

  • Taylor Mae
    Taylor Mae 18 days ago

    Jeff and Natalie should date

  • Jaylen Yarbrough
    Jaylen Yarbrough 19 days ago

    I fucking love Scott I hope to meet Scott one day

  • Subcliff House
    Subcliff House 19 days ago

    2:41 well can we blame him

  • Berat Yıldırım
    Berat Yıldırım 19 days ago

    But seriosuly, look at that ass

    THE DRAWING CHANNEL 20 days ago


  • itz_abryanna_xx
    itz_abryanna_xx 20 days ago +6

    i love how over protective david is of his sisters 😂🥺

  • NW GAM3R
    NW GAM3R 20 days ago

    All his videos are 4 minutes and 21 seconds

  • late nucier
    late nucier 20 days ago +2

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard before

  • 1900_strike
    1900_strike 20 days ago

    Jeff is crazy

  • Eli Gomez
    Eli Gomez 20 days ago


  • Theo Trevino
    Theo Trevino 21 day ago

    What are the odds the kid the makes the shot also dated David sister

  • Christian Mendoza
    Christian Mendoza 21 day ago +1

    David better have bought that girl a Tesla after this bit

  • Leanna Readus
    Leanna Readus 21 day ago

    3:52 lmaooo jeff😂

  • Leanna Readus
    Leanna Readus 21 day ago


  • Emory K
    Emory K 21 day ago +77

    3:30 “he dated your sister” “wHAT”
    3:40 “YOU BOTH DID?????? OH F*CK YOU GUYS”
    he’s so protective i love him

  • Questiomz
    Questiomz 21 day ago +1

    And that kid was never seen again...

  • Urte Kazlauskaite
    Urte Kazlauskaite 22 days ago

    Are yous leatawenein?

  • Kazunari Conway
    Kazunari Conway 22 days ago

    David now run away before kid take it all

  • cod mobile sniping god

    Doms dad said ''TheXvid CHANNEL! TheXvid CHANNEL!"

  • HRZ_Bus
    HRZ_Bus 22 days ago


  • Adrian Perez
    Adrian Perez 24 days ago +1

    Natalie lokey is hot no lie

  • German Olvera
    German Olvera 24 days ago

    That as$ do

    ANUBHAV SINGH 24 days ago +3

    When jeff said" i'll get him in his sleep", even though i knew he was kidding it terrified me a bit.

  • Cameron Gilmour
    Cameron Gilmour 25 days ago

    Too much Scotty