Kitchen Nightmares - Season 2 Episode 11 - Fleming Full Episode

  • Published on Jan 15, 2018
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    Hell's Kitchen - Season 17 Episode 5 - Josh Josh Josh Full Episode
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  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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    • Dress to Depress
      Dress to Depress 12 days ago

      I was expecting that constant horrid cutscene crap: like and subscribe for more Gordon ramsay! but I noticed this is an old video thank god!

    • Mycah Stuckey
      Mycah Stuckey 18 days ago

      Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen I’ll make sure to subscribe :)

    • Aly Mutch
      Aly Mutch 21 day ago

      Ramsey has a gaming channel?!?!? 😂😂😂

      FYI that’s sarcasm.

    • jwadd01
      jwadd01 26 days ago

      Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen no one cares about your terrible gaming channel

    • patty Mooseka
      patty Mooseka 26 days ago

      Eat. Food. Yes. PATTYBLACK

  • Zach Omara
    Zach Omara Hour ago

    Ramsey: "It couldn't get any worse."
    Me: "Have you ever been in a US Army defac?" (I know you've been ina Brit one)

  • sam adams
    sam adams 2 hours ago

    He's face at 5:20 ahahahaha priceless lol

  • 1by1illknockuout
    1by1illknockuout 10 hours ago

    Phrases you can be guaranteed to hear during an episode of kitchen nightmares:
    "You don't care" or "you've given up"
    "Word of chef Ramsay's arrival"
    "You're in denial" which is to be answered with "no I'm not"

  • sam urai
    sam urai 11 hours ago

    Is someone colourblind?
    Yes actually
    *oh fuck* here's a compliment

  • ColleenMaMaAutism Martinez

    Flemings is not a name for a restaurant. You want a disgusting name? Then you need delicious food!

  • elizabeth rockett
    elizabeth rockett 12 hours ago

    The name Fleming sounds nasty phlegm

  • ColleenMaMaAutism Martinez

    1st of all... I would not eat at a place called Fleming 🤮

  • Mrs X
    Mrs X 13 hours ago

    The duck incident, could've gotten a lawsuit going...alone...hands down.

  • Andrea Kaindl
    Andrea Kaindl 21 hour ago

    I don't know but I liked the pink decoration

  • Ying Zhang
    Ying Zhang 22 hours ago

    Well I do appreciate that someone opens a restaurant with a completely different culture,but seriously!Why?

  • gigi tsui
    gigi tsui Day ago


  • brandon woodford
    brandon woodford Day ago +1

    Damn Crystal, wax that upper lip. you live in Florida. @ 27:00

  • Tom Bryant
    Tom Bryant Day ago

    Suzanne is like the chick from Mad Tv lmao.."Well Stuart you better just hold your dagnab horses!"

  • Shadow Demon
    Shadow Demon Day ago


  • Conri furie
    Conri furie Day ago

    Hvordan er du... hmkay... :/

  • i am I3undy
    i am I3undy 2 days ago

    This man is gold

  • Salvador Dalí
    Salvador Dalí 2 days ago

    " iv lost my desire to cum" um... phrasing?

  • ManualStream950
    ManualStream950 2 days ago

    The narrative of the beginning is quite ageist Yes you want customers who keep coming back for the next ten years but if they know these people by name enough to check for them in the obituaries then clearly they come often so whats the problem Whats wrong with old people

  • Ronson Villareal
    Ronson Villareal 2 days ago

    The wife's voice sounds like aunt may from tobey spiderman

  • Victoria Saprykina
    Victoria Saprykina 2 days ago

    18:28 , and it was when the voice cracked, the restaurant knew they had done ______ up.

  • William Brennan
    William Brennan 2 days ago

    Restaurant approved by Dolores Jane Umbridge

  • Rica Naypa
    Rica Naypa 3 days ago

    kinda look like Catriona Gray. beautiful Suzanne

    • Rica Naypa
      Rica Naypa 3 days ago

      I love this episode. learned a lot

  • tia poonia
    tia poonia 3 days ago

    I would by the desert just for the swan too lol

  • Sofus Jakobsen
    Sofus Jakobsen 3 days ago

    denmark for life

  • Boston Towny4life
    Boston Towny4life 3 days ago +1

    The owner of this restaurant told a newspaper that the show, or at least his episode, was totally fake and staged. He only interacted with Ramsay during the couple of times they filmed, and the film crew were there for a weak. They would mostly deal with the producers. The people that "pack" the restaurant are not random people who just waltz on it, they are, sort of, hired by the production team to come in. Not really hire, it's more like volunteering for a free meal. They would tell the guest to complain allot and really ham it up for the cameras. A journalist from a news paper even sat in secretly during the filming of this episode and said that the food was not nearly as bad as the show depicted it, and that they threaten to kick him out because he would not complain or act agitated, and then they caught him taking notes and they told him to put his notebook away.

    So yea, the show is like 60-70% real with the restaurants actually getting a make over and taught how to cook new recipes. But then it's like 30-40% fake because the drama is pretty much all staged. Even the parts where they find rotten food in the freezer, yea, staged. The staff actually fuck shit up in the restaurant a little bit to give something for Gordon to react to, as ordered by the production team.

  • daizymae Duke
    daizymae Duke 3 days ago

    Cece acts like a child.

  • cov ky1
    cov ky1 3 days ago

    Why would u put your house on the line with your business

  • CJ Em
    CJ Em 3 days ago

    Why is this video 1hr 38 min? Whe. The show run time is 44 minutes. I finished the episode and all I see now is a black screen and the timer still running lol.

  • LittleMull3
    LittleMull3 4 days ago +1

    from denmark and hearing gordan talk danish is so funny, he tried

  • Nintendo Kern
    Nintendo Kern 4 days ago +1

    "I smell something burning?!!" checks the cupboard.... that stupid fuck head.....

  • adeking 121
    adeking 121 4 days ago

    If I were those servers after I gave them their food I will just hide 👀 to make sure am not seen. I will let them enjoy their duck

  • leah rose
    leah rose 4 days ago

    Who puts carrots and radish in Caesar salad? How can you work in a kitchen and be that clueless?

  • leah rose
    leah rose 4 days ago

    “I trust Andy 100%.” Why? He’s an utter yutz.

  • Mary Davis
    Mary Davis 4 days ago

    My gran could do better.... And shes dead" 😂😂😂dying

  • お化け
    お化け 4 days ago

    I somehow fail to believe that it's possible that someone put a fully cooked duck on a tray with thawing duck. That shit has to have been planted because I can't believe even for a second that that kind of stupidity is possible. How could anyone be that dumb?

  • Ver Coda
    Ver Coda 5 days ago

    I appreciated the first episode - they pretty much seemed like a nice bunch of people, and generally decent staff (not that indifferent chef though). The second episode though... Jesus Christ, that owner was awful, just awful. Talk about a spoilt, immature bully - no wonder the place went under with such a Terrible boss and owner.

  • Kyle Haynes
    Kyle Haynes 5 days ago

    The Manager Crystal is so cute. I love her overbite.

  • Cynthia K.
    Cynthia K. 5 days ago

    She just suuuuuuuuuucks

  • Hani Lee
    Hani Lee 5 days ago

    I love Gordon Ramsay.
    -from Malaysia

  • Nod Marr
    Nod Marr 5 days ago +1

    I always laugh when I see that intro

  • Kathy
    Kathy 5 days ago


  • lestudio76
    lestudio76 5 days ago

    He’s always so age discriminatory

  • zehra Batool
    zehra Batool 5 days ago

    Chef Gordon always give same problems he checks the decorations of hotel restaurant etc should check cooking equipments.

  • MAJ
    MAJ 5 days ago +1

    Anyone who wants to learn how to make the traditional danish food, needs a “Frøken Jensen kogebog” ie Miss Jensen cookbook. Its over a 100 years old, and filled with original recipes, everything from making all the different fish dishes, jam, frikadeller and special sauces.

  • Travis Randall
    Travis Randall 6 days ago +1

    Did Gordon wear that shirt with the two shades of Gray to fuck with the color blind guy?

  • Kai Da
    Kai Da 6 days ago

    Get swan lady over here. I'll pay her $10 an hour just to make me swan wrapped desserts before I head to school in the morning.

  • Kiki Pedersen
    Kiki Pedersen 6 days ago +1

    I'm from Denmark and the food was so wrong I was so imbaressed to see how the food was looking and made the only things that was Danish in that restaurant was the blue plates the flag and Gordon's attempt to speak Danish omg wtf

  • De’jesus Lazo
    De’jesus Lazo 6 days ago

    39:46 when a bug flys infront of your face

  • 3685Ashee
    3685Ashee 7 days ago +1

    CeCe is one the most annoying owners ever on this show. Her whiny, crying, bratty, princess wanna be, attitude is pathetic. She needs some humility and a wake up call that she’s not special.

  • Saskaruto16
    Saskaruto16 7 days ago

    The second episode, that women was some wannabe mobster nonsense.

  • Saskaruto16
    Saskaruto16 7 days ago

    I wonder why the Danish chef didn't stay with the restaurant when it changed owners. Unless the original owner was the chef.

  • Matthew Stewart
    Matthew Stewart 7 days ago

    I wouldn’t eat at a restaurant with the word flem in its title.... they tried to buy someone’s else’s success, it’s the crew that makes the place not the place that makes the crew

  • Lindstrom Stone
    Lindstrom Stone 7 days ago

    The title of the video should be updated to include the 2nd episode so people looking for that episode can find it as well. ☺

  • Fabian Runn
    Fabian Runn 7 days ago +1

    I've been to Denmark, THEY don't even have Danish restaurants.

  • A Tribe Called Quest

    so nobody's gonna address the fact that the dude made a complete 180 in personality

  • Aquarius Thompson
    Aquarius Thompson 8 days ago

    cece is horrible glad her restaurant closed

  • Aquarius Thompson
    Aquarius Thompson 8 days ago +1

    kitchen nightmares keep me from dining out lol

  • Universal Globe
    Universal Globe 8 days ago +1

    some of this shit i couldn't eat if i were starving, i swear.

  • Howard Conover
    Howard Conover 8 days ago +1

    I have Googled many of these restaurants featured and most of them have gone out of business. Makes me wonder just how successful chef Ramsay is at turning these businesses around. Both restaurants featured here have been closed down

    • Alicia Latoya
      Alicia Latoya 9 hours ago

      Howard Conover I read that too. I also read the restaurants go back to old ways. A few of them are just too far gone by the time he gets there. A lot of them had tax liens. I think out of all seasons only 7 moved on to be profitable. So it’s just for entertainment ...

  • I b miss shy
    I b miss shy 9 days ago

    She said F the old farts, they'll die soon, im thinking in the long haul. #coldblooded but true

  • Darkside1355
    Darkside1355 9 days ago

    If i were to ever have the opportunity to eat a hotels kitchen restaurant i would order the easiest thing to make

  • Mike Kennedy
    Mike Kennedy 9 days ago

    i never comment on videos but lemme tell you this "cece" is annoying as hell, just looking at her and hearing her voice

  • AlphaG4K ES
    AlphaG4K ES 9 days ago +1

    "It's dog food" That somehow annoyed me.

  • Martin Verner
    Martin Verner 9 days ago

    It seems like these freaks appear to try the food because Gordan is there, and acted extra to impress him.

  • harshbarj
    harshbarj 9 days ago

    You know a restaurant is in trouble when it's full of old people. The last time I was in Sizzler and Lums before they closed, I was the youngest person in there by at least 50 years. The food was edible, but that was about all I could say for it. Bland and flavorless. Sadly I recall as a kid eating there and both places were much better.

  • Jason Monto
    Jason Monto 9 days ago

    fake crying. alligator tears. huge monster.

  • Jason Monto
    Jason Monto 9 days ago

    cow......... what a fat fuck. her arms are the size of my legs.

  • Jason Monto
    Jason Monto 9 days ago

    this lady is a huge twat. I'm glad she went outta business. fat fuck slut. she probably beats her husband .

  • Jason Monto
    Jason Monto 9 days ago

    Cece has a weight on her shoulders. she should try a diet.

  • Stelina Tsoutri
    Stelina Tsoutri 9 days ago

    Why is this show always shaming older people about their age? Like they don't have a right to go out and enjoy life. Well, we all be old someday and we for sure won't like being treated like that.

  • Denzil
    Denzil 9 days ago +3

    “We just contaminated the whole place!” sounds like the start of a zombie apocalypse movie

  • Line
    Line 10 days ago +1

    The "gravad laks" was atrocious! What the hell is that even? It's way too dark. It's supposed to be light pink and in slices when it's the version you put on bread. Just atrocious. Also usually you would eat that on white bread, sometimes sourdough bread.

  • blakerwalk
    blakerwalk 10 days ago

    That grill tho...

  • French kitteh
    French kitteh 10 days ago

    Gordon the family therapist

  • Dacey Higgins
    Dacey Higgins 10 days ago

    The love that father has for his daughter was so pure.

  • bratney563
    bratney563 10 days ago


  • Benjy Dejesus
    Benjy Dejesus 10 days ago +2

    Maybe I'll go to a Italian restaurant with a Jamaican chef😆

  • Johana Camilo
    Johana Camilo 10 days ago

    What's in a gravlax and a frikadela?

  • Joe Lilley
    Joe Lilley 10 days ago

    That chef is a fat useless idiot and I'm betting the the restaurant is closed by now.

  • Joe Lilley
    Joe Lilley 10 days ago

    I like this show but you gotta know its fake as fuck lmao for some reason on the exact day Ramsey gets there they have ato full house and send every plate back lmao the customers in a lot of these episodes just send food back on purpose to get Gordan pissed at the staff.

  • Girl bye
    Girl bye 10 days ago

    I just couldn’t stand That fat fucking bitch cece

  • Bao Liem
    Bao Liem 10 days ago +1

    I’m your fan Gordon

  • xangarçon
    xangarçon 10 days ago


  • Lord Gunther
    Lord Gunther 10 days ago

    If your in a relation ship like this and you and your friends are 100% sure is your partner is wrong....

    Fucking leave, you will be poor, you dont want to be

  • xangarçon
    xangarçon 10 days ago

    dreadful counter

  • Ebonee Weeks
    Ebonee Weeks 11 days ago +1

    Gordon: “Somebody must be colorblind”
    Owner: “ yeah me.....”

  • Adriada Versaile
    Adriada Versaile 11 days ago

    I get so nervous when their only customers are old people cause like I know anyone can die from bad enough food poisoning but they're more susceptible when they're old to stuff like y'all putting them at such risk wtf

  • Gustav Bernhoff Bay R8A Rolloskolen

    There is always that one person that Gordon likes

  • Fish Ed
    Fish Ed 11 days ago

    39:46 what was that face 😂

  • carmania3111
    carmania3111 11 days ago +1

    She’s fat and evil( how the earth someone who married to her?)nothing more to say

  • T Grady
    T Grady 11 days ago

    Suzanne sounds like Miriam, Helga's mom in hey Arnold

  • UnicornOwner8 Vlogs
    UnicornOwner8 Vlogs 11 days ago

    G R: Is someone colorblind
    Owner: Well actually I am

  • Refiloe Metsing
    Refiloe Metsing 11 days ago

    "Can't wait to meet the Danish immigrants. Than goodness I brought my dictionary! :D" - lmao, come on

  • le Yeet
    le Yeet 11 days ago +1

    It thicc, it bland, IT MOST OF THE GIRLS IN MY CLASS!!

  • Pritesh Govindji
    Pritesh Govindji 11 days ago

    Cindee is so sweat!!

  • William Price
    William Price 12 days ago

    This skank Cece has a weight on her shoulders, what about the rest of the lard on her fat, coward body? "He's suppose to be here to help me, not criticize the food." He's not a miracle worker for a fat, big mouth pig.

  • Barun Yumlembam
    Barun Yumlembam 12 days ago

    Don't fucked up the Vulcan 😂😂

  • vw madness
    vw madness 12 days ago +2

    One thing you cant do is fix stupid. Kudos on Gordon and all of his had work, but it's just sad to see about 90% of the businesses he helps close anyways.

    LOREE LEE 12 days ago

    Old farts.really that is bad