Kitchen Nightmares - Season 2 Episode 11 - Fleming Full Episode

  • Published on Jan 15, 2018
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  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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    • Doritofan 555
      Doritofan 555 4 days ago

      Theres no video in ur gaming channel you fucking donkey

    • BooMan
      BooMan Month ago +1

      "This channel has no videos" lmfaomg

    • Jennika Rosanne
      Jennika Rosanne Month ago

      @Enchanted sky If you did, how was it?

      DANIEL SALA 3 months ago

      FUCK OFF

    • dom sturman
      dom sturman 3 months ago +1

      Do you rip off gaming channels like you rip off your cooking channel? Are you shroud and Ramsey in one? 😂

  • Drew Daquant
    Drew Daquant 6 hours ago

    I understand sending food back because it was bland or under cooked or something, but I don't understanding sending it back if you personally don't like it. Or am I just misunderstanding?

  • Nailah Dhia Sahara
    Nailah Dhia Sahara 11 hours ago +1

    Gordon : I dont think a swan would cheer me up
    not with out glitter

  • meryem kaleli
    meryem kaleli 12 hours ago

    10:11 gordon's a twitter stan?

  • IT'S Gozi
    IT'S Gozi 17 hours ago

    54:24 if you don't feel like waiting it out to get to the second one. That large pause was such a waste of time

  • pingpongpung
    pingpongpung Day ago


  • Kitty Mckenzie
    Kitty Mckenzie Day ago

    I heard that while filming they only talk to Ramsey during shooting that’s it

  • Kitty Mckenzie
    Kitty Mckenzie Day ago

    This like most places is probably closed

  • Manu De Silva
    Manu De Silva Day ago

    I don't condone hiting women. Heck, I don't condone any violence towards anyone at all. But Cece, that bi...!

  • Snow White
    Snow White Day ago

    At least in malaysia..whatever food they give the customers just have to eat and pay.. no way of returning the plate. Ramsay's should come to malaysia and change restaurant owners mentality

  • toxykzone
    toxykzone 2 days ago

    damn us version needs to calm down on the music and effects, some scenes also look edited and cut with focus on owner's faces when ramsay critics them, it makes it look fake and stresses me out more than anything else

    • Batesow
      Batesow 2 days ago

      toxykzone thank god people that are watching this to this day yay

  • Dr. Meat
    Dr. Meat 2 days ago

    No one:
    Gordon: wow!
    It gets me every time.

  • Misiker j Taye
    Misiker j Taye 2 days ago

    its like eating a leather belt 😂😂😂

  • Jacob Robinson
    Jacob Robinson 4 days ago

    I feel so bad for that waiter that had to take the person's food back and say the chef didn't want to add any flavor in it

  • Mermaid Life
    Mermaid Life 4 days ago

    I’m just not gonna eat where the majority of elderly people eat. This is what you get.

  • Forever_animated 24
    Forever_animated 24 4 days ago

    Cece tits bigger than my future.

  • andrea
    andrea 5 days ago

    Checking the obituary section to check and see if their food has killed anyone yet.

  • Chubz Landers
    Chubz Landers 5 days ago

    That's a chef who loves his job when he crys over new stuff

  • Karen Quintero
    Karen Quintero 6 days ago

    "Im sorry I called you names"

    Is Cece a 6 year old?

  • no way
    no way 7 days ago

    I don't understand how the cook was not able to season the food before Gordon arrived and now he suddenly is great at it. Doesn't it normally take years of practice to really be good at seasoning?

  • Crypto FLA
    Crypto FLA 7 days ago

    they ear raped chefs burp at 2:27 lol

  • Metalhead
    Metalhead 7 days ago

    I liked the chef, he wasn’t arrogant or hot headed. And he was talented

  • Mud Prune
    Mud Prune 8 days ago

    I love chef Orlando more than anyone in the world

  • DisDaneDK
    DisDaneDK 8 days ago

    This just taught me that Gordon does not know how to cook and prepare danish food. One quality danish restaurant would thrive in every bigger American town; Fresh salad with sweet "Grandma dressing", Crisp and fresh Pork roast sandwich, homemade danish hotdog, Gravad lax on white bread with "foxsauce" (dill marinade), flavour bomb of slowcooked duck and sweet gravy, Schnitzel with potatoes, butter sauce and new peas, battered lemon sole with butter, parsley and lemon sauce, spiced smoked salmon, fresh and light potato salad, tartellets with chicken and asparagus, delicious and savory "smørrebrød", delicate light rice dessert with cherry sauce, lemon mousse, danish cream ice-cream and homemade waffles and apple trifle with cream whip and sugary breadcrumbs. Danish cooking is a close to british as you come, maybe apart from German. It relies just as British cooking, on a flavour packed gravy."

  • the gaming panda boss

    This place closed literally a year after this episode was aired I tried searching for it but it wasn't open anymore

  • Cap Colombie
    Cap Colombie 8 days ago

    His regular customers are all a bunch of coffin dodgers. His wife has the right idea, get younger people in. People hear that Ramsay is at a quite frankly shit restaurant and all go.....Duh. The time to go is when he does the relaunch.

  • Sally Kim
    Sally Kim 8 days ago

    This is like watching drama😂

  • JoJo Siwa
    JoJo Siwa 9 days ago


  • thefreakinguy100
    thefreakinguy100 9 days ago


  • Isa Chan
    Isa Chan 10 days ago

    Honestly the name Fleming doesn't sound appetizing at all

  • M C
    M C 10 days ago

    Kinda wish they stuck to Danish food. Would have been more interesting.

  • Danial Haider
    Danial Haider 10 days ago

    Nino disliked this video

  • Right Wing Militant
    Right Wing Militant 10 days ago

    God forbid you have Scandinavian food that's just racist but it's ok to put a Mexican restaurant in an all white neighborhood.

  • jonhwatching
    jonhwatching 10 days ago

    She looks like if Vicky Valencourt picked up stress eating 😶
    And my, my momma said ...

  • Xavier Yan
    Xavier Yan 10 days ago +1

    "You can't care what the old farts think"
    Me:😐B-tch your a h-e you need help

  • Alex Wilmot
    Alex Wilmot 11 days ago

    CeCe is a big fat babbling baby.

  • Bitch Please
    Bitch Please 12 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay looks like a 70 year old only because kitchen nightmares has taken its toll

  • Ashley Padilla
    Ashley Padilla 12 days ago

    That manager is fuckin the male owner. 🤷

  • Massadara
    Massadara 13 days ago

    Look at the wife´s eyes on 39:46

  • Ljubomir Juraj
    Ljubomir Juraj 13 days ago +1

    What a fat ugly sow, she deserves to lose her business

  • FBI
    FBI 13 days ago +1

    1:11 its a Danish restaurant not French.

  • Lakshmi Krishnakumar
    Lakshmi Krishnakumar 14 days ago

    “Old farts”. What goes around, comes around, dumb bitch.

  • Anna Costello Wisniewski
    Anna Costello Wisniewski 14 days ago +1

    They should have a Viking theme. Danish cool 😎

  • Crazy Rat Lady
    Crazy Rat Lady 14 days ago

    Ramsay is such a charmer *lol*

  • glen
    glen 14 days ago +1

    *stove catches fire*
    Gordon: When was the last time that was cleaned?

  • Finchie
    Finchie 15 days ago +1

    Okay the second one pissed me off every second with her racism towards british people.

  • Francis Rodriguez
    Francis Rodriguez 15 days ago

    too much waste food.

  • debbie schrader
    debbie schrader 15 days ago +1

    “My gran could do better. And she’s dead”. You kill me Gordon

  • Yuki
    Yuki 16 days ago

    I love how he got pissed about the duck. 😂😂😂 Just shows he cares.

  • Mimi Sampa
    Mimi Sampa 16 days ago +1

    Susan remids me of Shiley Temple 💚

  • Sunflower Love
    Sunflower Love 17 days ago +3

    Owner's wife says: "You can't just worry just bout the old farts!" MEAN!!!!!

    • B. Nico
      B. Nico 15 days ago +3

      I was looking for exact this comment. I'm young and that comment still bothered me so much. It was really mean.

  • N. Ray
    N. Ray 17 days ago

    Fleming or Phlegming

  • William Leifs
    William Leifs 17 days ago +1

    just turned on the video.. if the chef or owner is danish... im ashamed to be danish..

  • Rawr5649
    Rawr5649 17 days ago

    "Do I like soup or duck"
    "Duck, sir"
    "Slams head on desk"

  • Rawr5649
    Rawr5649 17 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay:
    "Did you have the Duck or the Fish"
    "I had the lasagna"

  • CREEPY Kalalou
    CREEPY Kalalou 17 days ago

    Grrrr food going to waste....The chef probably feels trapped because the owner won't change. You know it's bland if they are complaining and not everyone enjoys spices so I am sure it's bland to tears.

    ANONY MOUSE 17 days ago

    HAHAHA @36:00. The Three Stooges trying to run a kitchen.

  • Yusuf Erian
    Yusuf Erian 18 days ago +2

    This is the best episode ever !!!!, GOD SAVE CHEF RAMSEY 🧡💗

  • Minty Love
    Minty Love 18 days ago

    Gordon is shown as some monster, but he isn’t really. If you watch how he reacts to people, and how they open up to him. It’s really sweet and I think Gordon isn’t the ‘monster’ he is framed to be. Also, he must have a stomach of steel, he eats raw food, over cooked food, disgusting food, like how?

  • Laorin Filet
    Laorin Filet 18 days ago

    22:11 Gordon’s face when he’s trying to understand the chef

  • MrSamsun 78
    MrSamsun 78 18 days ago

    Hotel Hell's Kitchen Nightmares

    CRLTV 18 days ago

    I love chef ramsey he make sure that people are not about to die from food poisoning

  • UnholySermons
    UnholySermons 18 days ago +1

    Andy is a fucking lazy moron.. what an idiot 🤣😂

  • Jay Tea
    Jay Tea 18 days ago

    Illuminati and airheads alike eat rotten contamunated food

  • Jay Tea
    Jay Tea 18 days ago


  • viola octavanya
    viola octavanya 18 days ago

    G: Is somebody colour blind?
    A: ... I am

  • Stoic Observer
    Stoic Observer 19 days ago +2

    That idiotic woman is calling her clients, the very people keeping her going, "old farts." Wow, looks like the very reason they are failing is a gross lack of respect for others. Just like all the other failing restaurants Gordon seeks to help. And I would bet, with zero restaurant experience, I would do better running that than that guy and his wife.

  • #YoutubersLife
    #YoutubersLife 19 days ago

    ALRIGHT CECE BRITISH PEOPLE DO KNOW THERE PIZZAS SO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Fetus PC-TECH
    Fetus PC-TECH 20 days ago

    lots of places make those retarded foil swans for the left overs or what we used to call the "doggy bag"

  • The Whogivesaflyinratsass

    That wife is mature, but so hot for some reason, hurra! For mature women.

  • Dublad32 Eire
    Dublad32 Eire 21 day ago

    15:34 everything comes back 😂😂
    It's going well by the looks of it 👌

  • Rhagos
    Rhagos 21 day ago +1

    too bad nothing was kept danish about the restaurant, not like there was much at all

  • George Ramirez
    George Ramirez 22 days ago

    So this is a show where ppl ask a chef to help them from keeping their restaurant from going under?, then they tell him he's full of shit he doesn't know what he's talking about, and he's supposed to keep them from going under but his restaurant went bankrupt?. Ok!

  • erin
    erin 23 days ago +3

    In the second episode, I liked how the restaurant looked before.

    SPILL DATEASIS 23 days ago

    I love how Orlando tried to play off like he didn’t put the duck there it’s clear that he did tbh

  • Christian Lemelin
    Christian Lemelin 23 days ago

    (("You Have To Forget The Old Fart"))
    "Said the old fart with a nose job".....👃

  • Matty Lumsden
    Matty Lumsden 24 days ago

    I love how the contamination can make someone sick but the cameramen don’t even wanna stop them😂

  • BeiBei Zhao
    BeiBei Zhao 24 days ago

    Cece's dad is such a tender gentleman. Gosh, I cried every time when he cried.

  • Thanorilla FlexZ
    Thanorilla FlexZ 24 days ago

    8:40 da plate touch da bin

  • Marco Gaudiosi
    Marco Gaudiosi 24 days ago +4

    EVERY episode:
    -Gordon taste the food, awful.
    -chat with owner, chef.
    - Full the restaurant with customers that send EVERYTHING back, and for 15 minutes are food critics.
    - chaos
    - meeting again with chef, owners.
    -change menu and restaurant stuff.
    -Full restaurant again, this time EVERIBODY loves the food.
    -say good bye.
    - we read about the restaurant.
    -90% of the times , closed.

  • TonzTheGamer
    TonzTheGamer 25 days ago

    All I care about is if they're still open.

  • Moonima alam
    Moonima alam 26 days ago

    Those foods look so unappetizing.

  • MaroonStorm
    MaroonStorm 27 days ago

    fuck those customers. they were paid to not like the food "BLAND"

    • Marco Gaudiosi
      Marco Gaudiosi 24 days ago

      Yep, but at home they probably eat only frozen premade shit.

  • MrTriplet
    MrTriplet 27 days ago

    the US version of the show seems very fake

    • MaroonStorm
      MaroonStorm 27 days ago +1

      it is. those customers are paid to say they dont like the food

  • Jack Bolton
    Jack Bolton 27 days ago +2

    *dramatic music*
    *cymbal crash*
    *dramatic music*
    *dramatic music*
    how can americans depend on so many audio cues to know how they should feel? awful.

  • Maricar Dayahan
    Maricar Dayahan 27 days ago

    Lol she's acting like a baby

  • Maricar Dayahan
    Maricar Dayahan 27 days ago +1

    The reaction of the server when Gordon says "I don't cook like that" Hahaha

  • Niko Gamz
    Niko Gamz 27 days ago

    Why do i get so hyped when ANYONE english say Danmark? 😂

  • I. Wynn Wynn
    I. Wynn Wynn 27 days ago

    The wife is too young and too skinny for the old, chubby, and ugly guy!

  • Razzama Slazza
    Razzama Slazza 27 days ago

    Isn’t Fleming that crap you cough up and spit into rags?

  • mark schiavone
    mark schiavone 27 days ago

    Bi polar

  • Dan Rivard
    Dan Rivard 28 days ago

    Most of these restaurants fail shortly after Ramsey comes in. Not because of him. They’re just looking for a free makeover a clean kitchen some nice Decour so they can sell it and recoup the hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars they’ve lost over the years.

  • Ps4pro 60FPS
    Ps4pro 60FPS 28 days ago

    Alpha male vs good mouth. Well-done son.

  • David Cassell
    David Cassell 28 days ago

    I didn't know Helga's mom from Hey Arnold made a real life appearance

  • Amellia Mendel
    Amellia Mendel 28 days ago

    Step one should always be to fire the chef in these places. Step two should be to change the name and hope like hell pepper think someone else bought it. Why would you keep the previous owner's name?

  • alvia scott
    alvia scott 28 days ago

    "Fleming" Flaming 🤭

    SHIELD 28 days ago

    Was that joe Biden at 1:49

  • Golz 60
    Golz 60 29 days ago +1

    “Everything turns to mush and disintegrates” - “That’s our customers”.

  • ollietheskewbaldcob
    ollietheskewbaldcob 29 days ago

    Jerk is that best thing she could say

  • Dylan Cook LLJ
    Dylan Cook LLJ 29 days ago

    Is this place still open

    • Toxic Devil
      Toxic Devil 11 days ago

      Nope. Went back to their old ways and closed