Is it easy to create your own Transformer? Everything you need to know about Transformers! || EB#42

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
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    In this video I will be conducting a couple tests with a transformer in order to not only explain how it works, but also how to design one by yourself. We will be talking about mains voltage transformer and SMPS transformers and we will find out (for example) how the size and frequency of the voltage alters the design of the transformer. At the end I will then answer the question whether it is easy to create a transformer on your own. Let's get started!
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  • patricky0
    patricky0 20 days ago

    I want to build a few of these for DC battery bank stick welding. Different types for different tasks. Car batteries have up to 600 cold cranking amps at 14v. How big would one of these end up being?

  • Dominic
    Dominic 21 day ago

    Holy crap, the multimeter he is using in this video cost's over $1,000 USD. Damn, I should went to school for electrical engineering.

  • Joou Nen
    Joou Nen 26 days ago

    can you add an arabic sub.

  • Dheeraj Kumar
    Dheeraj Kumar 28 days ago

    I want to know whether Transformer phasing out as most of the people are using AC-DC adapter, LM7805 and LM2596 types converter and why? Must reply!

  • Adrian Paul
    Adrian Paul 28 days ago

    Could you build an electronic water descaler?

  • Pablo Izquierdo
    Pablo Izquierdo Month ago

    This video is so awesome.
    At my work we built a couple of Three-Phase transformers that were designed to transform 110VAC to 50VAC at 125Hz. We were struggling with saturation and we had to adjust the design of our system, thus increasing the operating frequency from 125Hz to 250Hz (not such a big deal since we were going to use a three-phase rectifier for those phase-phase voltages)
    This video was very educative.

    Can you please make a video explaining Generators or Alternators? That would be so awesome

  • ScrotNimation
    ScrotNimation Month ago

    Can you force full voltage from a AA battery for 3 seconds?

  • Ahmed Siddiqui
    Ahmed Siddiqui 2 months ago

    Can you make a video on Scott connection and explain the working practically?

  • kalpesh kotwal
    kalpesh kotwal 2 months ago

    Voltage drop due to inductance and back emf both due to one and the same reason..their values should be the same.

  • Jorge Santos
    Jorge Santos 2 months ago

    The song was right, they're really more than meets the eye!

  • passertm
    passertm 2 months ago

    Thanks a lot, Scott for videos.
    Where you take stuff for soldering? Flux or tin? I am living in berlin and can't find any shop except conrad.

  • danijel124
    danijel124 2 months ago

    "basics" ;)

  • Symph
    Symph 2 months ago

    Why are those ultra small transformers that they place in preamps and microphones sometimes cost up to 400 dollars a piece? Is it marketing or is there something extraordinary about the production process?

  • Martin Matko
    Martin Matko 2 months ago

    Instant like. man you are wikipedia on youtube :D

  • Carlos Ordoñez
    Carlos Ordoñez 2 months ago

    I've been trying to understand this in highschool but my teacher, men! I wished see this video 10 years ago
    P.s. I speak Spanish so can you add subtitles in other languages this is very important knowledge

  • Rajendra Chauragade
    Rajendra Chauragade 2 months ago

    When next part will come

  • moazzam malek
    moazzam malek 2 months ago

    I was hoping part 2 of transformer

  • Dazza Direct
    Dazza Direct 2 months ago +1

    great video, thanks , looking forward to next part i have 4 x old MOT i would like to rewind ;-]

  • brisecuille
    brisecuille 2 months ago

    With that title one would expect you to build a transformer. I want those 10 minutes of my life back....

  • thetommantom
    thetommantom 2 months ago

    Those 10ohm resistors are really popular. I think they are for headlights in cars or something.

  • Darian Kimberly
    Darian Kimberly 2 months ago

    pain in the ass but possible. had to do it for a project in my electrical engineering class

  • Pagare ji mayank
    Pagare ji mayank 2 months ago

    Sir hao to increase 3.7v to 4 lakh kw😅😅😅

    • Pagare ji mayank
      Pagare ji mayank 2 months ago

      @Adithya angara I think you right sir. But sir can you make a video on this to convert 3.7v DC to 400000..V AC voltage 😊😊😊😊😊please sir i request you 😅😅😅😅😅

    • Adithya angara
      Adithya angara 2 months ago +1

      bruh wrong unit, you can't convert Volts to Watts. If you mean volts either side. you're looking at a conversion of 3.7v to 400000000 V. That kinda voltage will be able to jump 134 meters approx. thats like 0.15 km. I don't think you'd wanna create such a device even if you could. The ionization of gases in the 0.1km could easily make you lose consciousness if the current doesn't. Ah well theoretically anyways, a 134m spark gap is ridiculous.

  • ClientModsGHG
    ClientModsGHG 2 months ago

    Bist Du Deutsch??

  • Фёдор Лендин

    Ferromagnetic filament! Unbelievable!!!

  • Theo
    Theo 2 months ago +7

    3:52 : Smoothly introducing one of Maxwell's Equations without scaring anyone...

  • jisa technology
    jisa technology 2 months ago

    LIFI projects please😄

  • thundering electronics lover

    Great scott sir, please make a video describing about AC to DC smps{.i.e. Str w6754 ic based smps.} And also include about err amp, feed back system. Please I request you, I am very curious to know about this topic {from you}, since your videos have been very much attracting me from the last 3 years.

  • Mohammed Sumair
    Mohammed Sumair 2 months ago +1

    HELLO Great Scott please make a video DIY OR BUY Inductance meter with Arduino with 16×2 lcd display.I watch many videos of how to make inductance videos on TheXvid but none of there's projects work well.I hope you will upload the video to your TheXvid community and congratulations for your 1.7M SUBSCRIBERS

  • waji zaman
    waji zaman 2 months ago

    now that we have a transformer, how do we power it with a dc power source?

  • Mirko
    Mirko 2 months ago

    im a student of electrical engeneering school, and i know what are you talking about but fuck me if i understand anything because of your retarded talking and explaining everything so poorly

  • Probir Das
    Probir Das 2 months ago

    Hallo brother what pen you used

  • Elsis Deo
    Elsis Deo 2 months ago

    Sir, could you give a short brief about telemetry please ?

  • Samad Zamiri
    Samad Zamiri 2 months ago

    You are one one of the best electronics youtuber

  • OneMadGypsy
    OneMadGypsy 2 months ago

    Lol, I don't know why, but I thought you were going to build one of The Transformers not A transformer. 😁

  • mahmoud nasser
    mahmoud nasser 2 months ago

    Can you explain how to make a voltage detector for ac/dc ?

  • david sdavids
    david sdavids 2 months ago

    good work. after six minutes, i offer the following info. any 'conventionally wound',
    multi-layer coil has an ISSUE. the issue is a MEANDERING current Path.
    this Meandering current path is a Key factor in the performance of Self-inductors/generating coils.
    at other times, the resultant back-emf/fields 'works against' the creation of maximum flux
    density, in core material. this issue derives from the way in which coils are usually wound.
    a meandering current path is created, and, the current flow in Adjacent coil Layers is
    out of phase; 180 mechanical degrees. this condition is the source of back-emf, and
    associated impedance. is this information represented in the math, somewhere;
    is it in copper losses. cheers

  • Louche_king
    Louche_king 2 months ago

    Your handwriting is good , LIKE IF TRUE !

  • hh b
    hh b 2 months ago

    Hi, i have a question: can you make a video where a racket kills flies can perform better?

  • Jai Dhilod
    Jai Dhilod 2 months ago

    Language barrier sir

  • one hour music
    one hour music 2 months ago

    I watch electroboom to laugh and watch greatscott to learn

  • Shailesh Chityala
    Shailesh Chityala 2 months ago

    Let's Scope ... like series of video using oscilloscope on circuits.. a suggestion

  • keyur panchal
    keyur panchal 2 months ago +1

    Hey Scott! Make a video for cell phone signal jammer.

  • Kaustubh Natalkar
    Kaustubh Natalkar 2 months ago

    Can you explain the hysterisis only properly plz plz

  • mr jn
    mr jn 2 months ago

    Hey mr great Scott. Is it possible to build a transformer with low power loss?

  • kyoteecasey
    kyoteecasey 2 months ago

    Video idea: Circuits/techniques to measure high resistances in the 10M to 10G ohm ranges? I'm currently looking into this myself and would love to see your approach.

  • José Luiz
    José Luiz 2 months ago

    Transformer video series plz!!!

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez 2 months ago

    The youtube channel ampletos have a vast array of tutorials on how to do so.

  • Buddhima Nivantha
    Buddhima Nivantha 2 months ago

    I enjoy watching videos. I was also searching through internet to how to calculate winding turns. There were various formulas and calculators. But values they giving does not match nearly for transformers we saw in old televisions and ups transformers. Hope you can do a video about how to calculate number of turns and core area for specific power of transformer.

  • Hudson Bmx
    Hudson Bmx 2 months ago

    Top de mais sempre assistindo os vídeos Agora está faltando só osciloscópio para min fazer os testes de indutância obrigado

  • NRG
    NRG 2 months ago

    So the high resistance on the primary coil is to limit the current so the primary windings wiring doesn’t melt? Is this correct?

  • Nothing\
    Nothing\ 2 months ago

    Transformers are like electrical gears. Or levers.

  • Nothing\
    Nothing\ 2 months ago

    I always wondered about this. I once tried to build a transformer out of a nail and some enamel coated wired. Except the wire was only 0.2mm diameter and the lowest voltage transformer I had was 16v. I apparently forgot that joule heating was a thing and the enamel coating melted and the primary winding shorted. Guess I could try again with a resistor to limit the current. They have really bad hysteresis, but for some reason I love the idea of making a transformer or inductor out of a nail.
    I even tried making an RC oscillator with a nail and enamel wire for the inductor and a capacitor I made by sandwiching a piece of plastic wrap between 2 sheets of aluminium foil and folding it up to take up less space. But unfortunately the capacitor was too leaky to be any use. But I was able to measure a capacitance of around 500nf. Rimstar is a good channel to browse for stuff on making your own capacitors.

  • Ted Timmons
    Ted Timmons 2 months ago

    This truly shows that with transformers, there's more than meets the eye.

  • Melkior Wiseman
    Melkior Wiseman 2 months ago +1

    Short version: The principle is simple. Putting it into practice isn't so simple, especially if you need a particular voltage and current.
    Basics: More turns of wire on the secondary than on the primary equals a voltage step-up with a reduction in abilty to supply current. The opposite is also true. And that's only the beginning.

  • sortofsmarter
    sortofsmarter 2 months ago

    really complex formulas that took some people years to figure out, all brought into one video. and broken down so my dumb ass can actually understand it... thanks this is exactly what i needed. I have a transformer calculation app on my computer but it is really hard to use and doesn't explain the formulas....this was so good..and they thought i was never gonna need algebra

  • sorphin
    sorphin 2 months ago

    "...a transformer will always be used..." Unless it's a capacitive dropper circuit.

  • Nicki Otte
    Nicki Otte 2 months ago

    Hey i’m new here, and i would love to see a video about DIY wind turbine. Just a small scale one that could charge an ion battery pack! 😁

  • Rick Lynch
    Rick Lynch 2 months ago

    I was going to suggest that you use iron filament from Proto-Pasta, to 3D print an iron core. But right at the end you said that you're going to do that. Looking forward to seeing that video!

  • Gerardo Marin
    Gerardo Marin 2 months ago

    Great Video Bro! Thank you!

  • Andrew Ryan
    Andrew Ryan 2 months ago

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