Signs Of Adrien's Crush On Marinette (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir)

  • Published on Oct 13, 2018
  • Hints that Adrian has a crush on Marinette.

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    Isn't young love a beautiful thing? We think so - which is why we're in love with "The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir." With so much going on in this cartoon, it's easy to forget that Marinette isn't the only one who's crushing on her classmate. Because naturally, Adrien's got a little something-something for her too. From the very first episode, we find out that Adrien is the apple of Marinette's eye. Unfortunately, she doesn't dare come out and tell him how she feels. Oddly enough, she's got the guts to battle enemies on the streets of Paris. But - when it comes to professing her love - Marinette turns into a clumsy high school student. And hey - can you blame her? Adrien’s a catch!
    It's evident that Adrien cares for Marinette, but does that mean that he loves her for real? Because - from where we're standing - he believes his one true love to be the talented Ladybug. Sooner or later, this pair will realize what's been in front of them all along - and we just can't wait to see their faces!

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Comments • 3 515

  • Jessie Impron
    Jessie Impron 4 hours ago +1

    Adrien really cares for marinette I really like to see them happy together, he does have a little feelings for mari and I remember the first video when mari thought that adrien is a bully like chloe but he is just trying to help and the last vid is just so romantic it's so beautiful i think i saw adrien blush a little i know i talk to much sorry about that i am really a big fan so I SHIP ADRIENNETTE

  • Jamy Playz
    Jamy Playz 5 hours ago

    OMG they sooooooooooooooo feel the same way about each other but you missed one thing in deprs bear adrien ASKS marrenet to dance so that is my prof

  • vy qwint
    vy qwint 14 hours ago +1

    Of cause Adrian has cruch on marinette because adrian has cruch on ladybug . Ladybug is marinette

  • Asha Shariff
    Asha Shariff 17 hours ago +1

    If only ladybug new adrien was chatnoir

  • Shane Timosan
    Shane Timosan 18 hours ago

    Why does people on the miracolous ladybug are so dumb they dont even change their hair and have the same voice...

  • Valeska Adams
    Valeska Adams Day ago +1

    How come you didn’t mention Gorillazor in this episode? 🤔

  • Kitty Tube
    Kitty Tube Day ago

    I wish they were dating

  • Bianely Almonte
    Bianely Almonte Day ago


  • Emily Ellis
    Emily Ellis Day ago

    if he wasn't so focused on Ladybug then i would pay more attention to Mari. I just REALLY want LB and CN to knew each others real identities.

  • Majestic Dragon Productions

    MariChat is happening no matter what

  • Annapurna rath
    Annapurna rath Day ago

    Of course..they are awesome..and feel same for each other.😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  • Basty Bar
    Basty Bar Day ago

    Why cant marinette dont know about adrians ring and catnoirs ring

  • belle crespo
    belle crespo 2 days ago

    OH MAH GAWSHHHHH *I ship It so muchhhhhhh*

  • Royale_ Gabi
    Royale_ Gabi 3 days ago

    Bruh It's Marinette.

  • rashad Anderson
    rashad Anderson 3 days ago


  • yang reyes
    yang reyes 3 days ago


  • Nish Villanueva
    Nish Villanueva 3 days ago

    Ako lang ba ang may crush kay adrien kahit cartoon sya😂

  • Wan-Z T
    Wan-Z T 3 days ago

    Omg, it seems so obvious that they r each other. Ugh. They r dumb, lol

  • Miraculous Fan
    Miraculous Fan 3 days ago

    Paris are really blind. They have the hair style, hair color, eyes.

  • Kaylin Moore
    Kaylin Moore 3 days ago


  • #Hanshu Vlogs and Gaming


  • abhijna kalal
    abhijna kalal 3 days ago +1

    Like it please!!!!!

  • ChloeCruz GachaEverything

    The T-Series XD

  • Samantha Chan
    Samantha Chan 4 days ago

    does this mean that Adrienette is canon? I love that idea

  • Lechita Gonzalez
    Lechita Gonzalez 4 days ago

    It annoys me when they literay have the same hair in there superhero outfita and in there normal hair how dont they notice that

  • StarDiazGocoyo 19_05

    I love marichat so much I can barely type anything

  • Skylee Freeman
    Skylee Freeman 4 days ago


  • Jean Simon
    Jean Simon 4 days ago

    I lick it it is love good love.

  • Marija Jankovic
    Marija Jankovic 4 days ago

    Whoever had hopes that Adrien may actually has a crush on Marinette, they were crushed in Frozer episode, since Kagami told him to 'change the target' and if he had any romantic feelings for Marinette whatsoever, he wouldn't have chosen Kagami as a new target, but Marinette, and he definitely wouldn't have asked her for romantic advice as to how to go about making a move on Kagami. So, I think we can safely say Adrinette dream has died, since even if he does find out she is Ladybug, this makes it clear that he only has romantic feelings for that side of her, but not for Marinette in the whole, and that sucks, and it just isn't love. And if someone says that he maybe didn't like Marinette because it felt wrong for him to love two girls at the same time, let's remember Weredad where he instantly said to Plagg that he loves only Ladybug, and rejected the idea of liking two girls at the same time, but when Kagami suggested it, he complied. In the end of the Frozer, he says he doesn't give up on his target, but still, when it came to making an excepcion for Marinette, he wouldn't budge, and for Kagami he gave in. Sooooo, Adrinette R.I.P.

  • Jasmawati Mohamad
    Jasmawati Mohamad 4 days ago

    Marrinette Have Crush On Adriennn

  • Jasmawati Mohamad
    Jasmawati Mohamad 4 days ago

    Did Adrian Love Marrinette

  • Keasia Sparrow
    Keasia Sparrow 4 days ago

    first Marinette has a crush on Adrian

  • Cat Girls
    Cat Girls 4 days ago

    People keep saying there not a good match but I tho they where... and they are!

  • Tenee Crawley
    Tenee Crawley 4 days ago


  • Tenee Crawley
    Tenee Crawley 4 days ago


  • Alyssa Emmanuelli
    Alyssa Emmanuelli 5 days ago

    ...... Is she saying her name wrong on purpose?

  • Faceless Voice
    Faceless Voice 5 days ago

    Cat noooooare

  • SeaCoral 1831
    SeaCoral 1831 5 days ago


  • raeraeXD lol
    raeraeXD lol 5 days ago


  • BrightRuby 2004
    BrightRuby 2004 5 days ago

    Of course!!!!! They already kissed!!! (Wont say where, spoil the episode😂😂😂) but no, still not there yet😭

  • Cup_Cake_Queen
    Cup_Cake_Queen 5 days ago

    1st of all This woman is ticking me off she keeps on saying the names so awkward.2nd how do they not know when there in there “superhero” suits that it’s not them I mean come on they have the same hair the same voice and the same eyes and looks as in there real former

    But don’t get me wrong I love this show I’m 14 and watch it all the time I just wanted to give my personal opinion on it and if u don’t like That then u need to mind your own business and not read the comments at all yea love you ppls bye💜💜

  • katie gacha !
    katie gacha ! 5 days ago

    Lady bug is smart but not when she’s lady bug
    Cause cat noir sneezes and has the same voice as adrien and adrien has the same thing as cat noir
    When is ladybug gonna notice

  • Mia Vega
    Mia Vega 5 days ago

    Marichat qa

  • Juliette Klimkowski
    Juliette Klimkowski 5 days ago


  • jenny Besz rose
    jenny Besz rose 5 days ago


  • Naari Kendri214
    Naari Kendri214 5 days ago


  • Indu Thami
    Indu Thami 5 days ago


  • Kitty _red_black
    Kitty _red_black 5 days ago


  • hoor ihab
    hoor ihab 5 days ago

    yes ofcourse both of them are so in love with each other!!!!!!!!!!

  • gacha sun and moon ytt

    Mari chat

  • gacha sun and moon ytt

    Mario chat

  • Jojo Siwa fan niña Kara D. pingal


  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 5 days ago +1

    Why aren’t they dating yet??

  • Nazenin Ibrahimi
    Nazenin Ibrahimi 5 days ago

    I'm no English I'm Deutsch😇😇

  • Its ABBY!
    Its ABBY! 5 days ago


  • Nancy H
    Nancy H 6 days ago

    “Mary” 💀😭😭

  • Sindhu Nair
    Sindhu Nair 6 days ago

    Then why did he reject her during weredad?

  • Aria Savage wolf
    Aria Savage wolf 6 days ago

    My only question is why is it that a school like that doesn’t have security cameras anywhere??!!

  • Joseph Cook
    Joseph Cook 6 days ago

    Hell yes I've been convinced ever since the first ladybug and cat Noir

  • Joshuakordellkatelyn Banks


  • Tawfik Mohamed
    Tawfik Mohamed 6 days ago


  • Kahlan Godfrey
    Kahlan Godfrey 6 days ago


  • Just Me
    Just Me 6 days ago

    This happens with my crush who has the same name (n the truth) ahhhh. So awords

  • Weeab00 Gacha22
    Weeab00 Gacha22 6 days ago +2

    Ya know, I think Marinette and Adrian should wear glasses, cause they still can't see that Ladybug's and Cat Noir's hair color is just friking the same as theirs!

  • Japoland Official
    Japoland Official 6 days ago


  • Signe-Liis Busch
    Signe-Liis Busch 6 days ago

    I like a adrinette more than marichat

  • abhijna kalal
    abhijna kalal 6 days ago +1

    Don't forget, IN evillastrater when cat noir and merinette were trapped in the tranperent box, Adrian came soo close to mari

  • CJmeJ 1914
    CJmeJ 1914 7 days ago


  • Annette Johnson
    Annette Johnson 7 days ago +2

    The pronounciation of Marianette is SERIOUSLY killing me!!!

  • aces balukbot
    aces balukbot 7 days ago

    yes they like

  • iloveanimeh _a.k.a puppy

    And bc in the episode horrificater he didn’t want to kiss Chloe and had a big problem and he didn’t have a problem with kissing Marinette

  • Mikayla ‘s Life
    Mikayla ‘s Life 7 days ago


  • Gacha Edvina ;3
    Gacha Edvina ;3 7 days ago

    Marichat adrinette

  • Pineapple Princess
    Pineapple Princess 7 days ago

    I have a problem. Lately I have been imagining cartoon characters like Adrian as real humans. Like Adrian would obviously have his bling hair and green eyes but her would also have many many abs. I have been doing this for some reading lately. Help

  • Channing Pappas
    Channing Pappas 7 days ago

    I want more episodes of this I love the end of the last episode they made

  • Nicole Wienke
    Nicole Wienke 7 days ago

    Marichat is my favorite ship

  • Romey Vilema
    Romey Vilema 7 days ago


  • Jamal Moshari
    Jamal Moshari 7 days ago

    Lol Ik she doesn't mean to say it like mary-o-nette, but seriously woman, get it right!

  • Brianna Hernandez
    Brianna Hernandez 7 days ago +1

    It is not mairineete gosh you don't have to say

  • gacha lolol
    gacha lolol 7 days ago


  • Sameena Zuber Faruqui

    Adrian and marinatte should be each othet

  • Kalia vigil
    Kalia vigil 8 days ago


  • Ofelia Vicente
    Ofelia Vicente 8 days ago


  • Olutosin Aje-Adegbite

    I want to point out that Adrien and Marinette r only 14 and they r in highschool

  • Shardonay Morgan
    Shardonay Morgan 8 days ago


  • Naly K
    Naly K 8 days ago


  • Naly K
    Naly K 8 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that almost every child show has complicated emotional topics, which I don’t think kids would understand. There’s a reason why so many teenagers watch MLB

  • Surajit Pan
    Surajit Pan 8 days ago


  • Katie 89
    Katie 89 8 days ago


  • Flying Turtle
    Flying Turtle 9 days ago

    🐞♥️🐱 forever

  • Itzel Baten
    Itzel Baten 9 days ago


  • Rebekah's Universe
    Rebekah's Universe 9 days ago

    the eeeeevilistrator

    lol wut

  • Flower girl Game
    Flower girl Game 9 days ago


  • Jy'elle Quinn
    Jy'elle Quinn 9 days ago


  • sweetheartkimberable
    sweetheartkimberable 9 days ago +1

    🐞🐱🥰😍 I am 23 n I am hooked on this show

  • Agent Foxy
    Agent Foxy 10 days ago

    (Sorry if I spelled that wrong..)

  • Toast_Bread 24
    Toast_Bread 24 10 days ago

    1:10 actually he did this with Rena Rouge too

  • kawaii unicorn
    kawaii unicorn 10 days ago


  • Julie Jesus
    Julie Jesus 10 days ago

    Mined: I can't wait to see the new episodes and see if they start dating and get together

  • SMASH The King of Smash ultimate

    Marinette x Adrien