• Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • This was a weird one...
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  • Dobre Brothers
    Dobre Brothers  2 months ago +13210

    Who was your favorite SWITCHED couple? πŸ˜‚

  • Calista Gomez
    Calista Gomez 2 hours ago

    marcus is singol as a pregol

  • Fun Fetti
    Fun Fetti 2 hours ago +1

    Sub to them and me plz

  • Philip Zaldarriaga
    Philip Zaldarriaga 2 hours ago

    my brothers name is lucas too and my cousins name is marcus also im a girl and a kid bro ya

  • Philip Zaldarriaga
    Philip Zaldarriaga 2 hours ago

    what are you thinking guy yo

  • Philip Zaldarriaga
    Philip Zaldarriaga 2 hours ago

    i think marcus needs a girlfreind yo bro

  • sassy sally playz
    sassy sally playz 3 hours ago

    Lucas and chistina

  • Øż _hΓ£ΕΌΔ“Ε‚

    Lol I’m with Marcus

    Cuz I’m a single beanπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  • Julian Holt
    Julian Holt 6 hours ago

    i like you g1

  • Jada Ratima
    Jada Ratima 7 hours ago

    Omg it’ll have to be Madeline and Cyrus

  • Ernesto Smith
    Ernesto Smith 7 hours ago

    I have no favourite all my favorite

  • Hannah Balgord
    Hannah Balgord 7 hours ago

    Half of the comments are random and the other comments are marcus needs a girlfriend

  • Caleb Meyer
    Caleb Meyer 7 hours ago


  • Caleb Meyer
    Caleb Meyer 7 hours ago


  • esther joseph
    esther joseph 8 hours ago

    Marcus you need a girlfriend πŸ‘¨πŸΌπŸ‘©πŸ½

  • Jalena Witte
    Jalena Witte 8 hours ago

    Poor Marcus 🀣 ;(

  • Nessi Wolf
    Nessi Wolf 9 hours ago +1

    Marcus is me single and lonely and left out like if your the same.😭😭😭😭

  • Edgar Barahona
    Edgar Barahona 10 hours ago

    jake pual girlfrined Erika

  • Tracie Beard
    Tracie Beard 10 hours ago

    All of them and i dont realy have a favortie

  • felister karugu
    felister karugu 11 hours ago


  • felister karugu
    felister karugu 11 hours ago

    John Want To kiss Christina

  • Miley Martinez
    Miley Martinez 11 hours ago

    I have a bunny and her name is luna because she has black fur

  • Tim Nystrom
    Tim Nystrom 11 hours ago

    Ivanita- Cyrus

  • Tim Nystrom
    Tim Nystrom 11 hours ago

    Do another swap video

  • Familia SΓ‘nchez
    Familia SΓ‘nchez 11 hours ago +1

    I’m good thanks

  • Milan Woodley
    Milan Woodley 12 hours ago

    I love you Marcus

  • LCS 1015
    LCS 1015 13 hours ago

    Y’all show the license plates on the car?????

  • Griffin Plush and vlogs

    Is it just me or when Lucas’s girlfriend opened the door to the Lamborghini she door dinged the ferrari

  • Bj James
    Bj James 13 hours ago

    You need a girl

  • Antonia Parato
    Antonia Parato 14 hours ago

    I think it should have been Darius & Stina , Cyrus and Ivanita and then Lucas and maddie

  • Joselyn Alvarado
    Joselyn Alvarado 14 hours ago +2

    My favorite couple is Marcus and Chips

  • Joselyn Alvarado
    Joselyn Alvarado 14 hours ago +2

    My favorite couple is Marcus and Netflix

  • skeltonman1
    skeltonman1 15 hours ago +1

    Lucas gf is a gold digger

  • Nevanna Porter
    Nevanna Porter 15 hours ago

    Cyrus and Maddie

  • seth harms
    seth harms 15 hours ago

    Cyrus's girlfriend is fire though

  • Marrina Simmons
    Marrina Simmons 15 hours ago

    marcus u are always single wow:)

  • Alaskeionna Lucas
    Alaskeionna Lucas 16 hours ago

    I like Marcus

  • Kyleigh Bray
    Kyleigh Bray 17 hours ago

    5:14 ivanna hits the car door🀣🀣🀣

  • Sheila Manzano
    Sheila Manzano 17 hours ago

    I cant be Marcus girlfreind becuse i have a boy

  • kiley mansfield
    kiley mansfield 17 hours ago

    If I was old enough I need Maddie as my friend i also love sphinx cats

  • Shells Vlogs
    Shells Vlogs 17 hours ago

    Please start doing less girlfriend videos poor marcas is being left out ☹️

  • Jayden Eksteen
    Jayden Eksteen 17 hours ago

    Give me that dog bro😦

  • Jay Waller
    Jay Waller 18 hours ago

    Who else thinks that Madi and Dari need a channel together

  • yeet man
    yeet man 18 hours ago

    I liked the video but I am a guy so 😐😐😐

  • Ella and Edwin
    Ella and Edwin 20 hours ago

    I will be be his girlfriend I am 20

  • Ella and Edwin
    Ella and Edwin 20 hours ago


  • Tina Cil
    Tina Cil 20 hours ago

    I like Cyrus

  • Maireann Bari
    Maireann Bari 21 hour ago +1

    My favourite switch couple was Darius and Ivanita

  • Ellie Brook
    Ellie Brook 21 hour ago

    My fav couple is..........marcus and the chips... LOL HAHAHAHAA

  • Jesus Jokes
    Jesus Jokes 22 hours ago

    I’ll date Marcus

  • Marsh Mallow
    Marsh Mallow 23 hours ago


  • Gus Zalaf
    Gus Zalaf 23 hours ago

    I like your haircut it’s like adobo brother haircut

  • Gus Zalaf
    Gus Zalaf Day ago

    I want to be Marcus girlfriend please choose me Marcus

  • Neelie Mcgow
    Neelie Mcgow Day ago

    You know cyrus his song called me and you it’s lit I love stina kays voise and Cyrus too

  • Hannoshe Almaliky


  • Ashley DEROSS
    Ashley DEROSS Day ago

    you are idiots

  • Life with Sherman

    Omg Christina gets the same thing as me at star bucks

  • PumbBear
    PumbBear Day ago

    Ivanita and Darius has the best date

  • Ella Chan
    Ella Chan Day ago

    Y'all are at 7mill

  • Iconic_ Cam
    Iconic_ Cam Day ago


    JAMES THOMAS Day ago

    i wont to be your girl friend marckes

  • Daisy Andrews
    Daisy Andrews Day ago

    Love you

  • Iyana Harris
    Iyana Harris Day ago

    Lucas: I am marcas
    Me: tf!!

  • Ty Yt
    Ty Yt Day ago


  • ibrahim fofana
    ibrahim fofana Day ago +1

    Give a like if Dari and Maddie need there own TheXvid channel and if Marcus and Iva need a channel as well

  • Kenzie Rose
    Kenzie Rose Day ago +1

    All love kenzie πŸ˜‰

  • Fortnite Clips
    Fortnite Clips Day ago

    She hit Ferrari with the lambo door at 5:15🀭😬

  • Dianis Toys
    Dianis Toys Day ago

    is it just me or did ivanita slam the lambo door on the other car and just pretended nothing happened?!?!?!

  • Annaleigh Blair
    Annaleigh Blair Day ago


  • pyszko mafia
    pyszko mafia Day ago

    darius and ivanita look cute together but i am not saying to replace maddie for ivanita