Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona, La Liga 2019/20 - MATCH PREVIEW

  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
  • Barça face Atletico Madrid at the Wanda Metropolitano on Sunday in La Liga, with the aim of winning and going back ahead of Real Madrid in the title race. And Antoine Griezmann will be hoping to put on a show against his former side...
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Comments • 637

  • TalkFCB
    TalkFCB  Month ago +234

    It's safe to say that we're all CRYING out for a convincing away performance... But will we get it against Atléti?

    • Elwooddestiny11 Blues
      Elwooddestiny11 Blues Month ago

      My bad . I might have over reacted !!!

    • Elwooddestiny11 Blues
      Elwooddestiny11 Blues Month ago . Why is this being kept out by the media today !!! Serie A kept it out the highlights too !!! He blocked it on purpose !!! Did he do it out of Jealous ??? This needs to be mentioned and put out there and at least discussed !!!

    • kwstas kwsta
      kwstas kwsta Month ago

      Match is draw draw. Both halves will be a draw. It s fixed.

    • barry clegg
      barry clegg Month ago

      @Syeda Khudsiya Tarannum yep I agree. I don't know wot is going in with Arthur as sometimes he ent even been making the squad. I'm a big fan of Vidal's and he scored wen I went to nou camp v Seville.

      IQBAL AHMED Month ago

      2 man mark messi nd the game is over

  • ajayi anuoluwapolorimi

    am I the only one noticing that after the improvement in Messi and Griezmann relationship Griezmann has improved a lot and he is playing better
    can you please talk more about their relationship please I am one of your subscribers because I believe everything I hear from u than what I read in papers or online

  • Football Minutes
    Football Minutes Month ago

    It was a good weekend, we can agree upon!! Cheers!!

  • Jackson KIwelu
    Jackson KIwelu Month ago

    What a humiliation to barca actually the yesterday's game without messi's effort couldn't manage earning those 3 points. Coach is out of ideas

  • Mohamednoor Arale
    Mohamednoor Arale Month ago

    Give Joao Felix his Inform already. This otw card in FIFA is taking its timd

  • Ak5 Gaming
    Ak5 Gaming Month ago

    Who is here after an amazing performance from ter stegen and barca

  • Fyah Pinnz
    Fyah Pinnz Month ago

    I guess ur so upset we won that u cant make a video as yet

  • Clever Mining
    Clever Mining Month ago

    Bro do think pique should have, he got another yellow card for, it's clear that he's lost his focus

    • Clever Mining
      Clever Mining Month ago

      Do think pique should have started the game😐😐😐

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel Month ago +2

    Who’s here when Messi scores the winner in the 86th minute to make Barcelona win 1-0

  • I am DERAH
    I am DERAH Month ago +1

    We did it... first clean sheet..first Away game where the players looked organized and willing to fight..Messi Scored at the Wanda Metropolis...
    Visca Barca...

  • Stixx
    Stixx Month ago +2

    Messi just scored 0-1

  • matome herold
    matome herold Month ago +1

    Am I the only Real Madrid fan who subscribed to this channel just to check how the enemies are doing

    • Neymar
      Neymar Month ago +1

      matome herold I guess u r 😂😂😂

  • Softxchange
    Softxchange Month ago +1

    I know I said i would hate Griezmanns dances... But boy would i love the L dance today


    Atlitico madrid is my fav club coz of griezmann, but right now AG17 is playing for its it's quite difficult to cheer 😥❤

  • Jafar Sajeeb
    Jafar Sajeeb Month ago

    Like who eyes on ballon D'or

  • Fafziyad Sparkydude

    I'm expecting a stunning performance but yellow seems like a curse lol. They never played so in control in it. I just hope it changes this match. And also want Messi to score a goal so he can get his bal on dor in class

  • Jeffrey Steven
    Jeffrey Steven Month ago

    I am so consistent with watching your videos that TheXvid shows that first to me every time there is a new upload. Love from Deutschland!

  • Roy Snabilié
    Roy Snabilié Month ago

    I say it again it is up to the players are they still tired of last game against dortmund cause they are all veterans they can't play back to back big games anymore but as a die hard Barcelona fans I still behind them they can win it with a small marge 1-0/2-1 visca barca.
    About dembele that is a 2nd grade hamstring dembele is done of the season he should not turn back cause he is now close to 3rd one at that might end his career. If I'm valverde I wouldn't take him back in the squad let him rest it out for a year and see how he recovered.

  • Niloy Karmaker
    Niloy Karmaker Month ago


  • Isaiah Caesar
    Isaiah Caesar Month ago

    I think it will be 1-2 or 1-1

  • Diego Kross
    Diego Kross Month ago

    We Barca will Go hard for it this is what we need to step.up ...Forca Barca...

  • ansh frix
    ansh frix Month ago

    I wish we get Martinez next yr, instead of Neymar!! Obviously, under a different coach.

  • Reeza Basnet
    Reeza Basnet Month ago

    With arthur he holds the ball too much so I dont want him in my team to be honest ,I prefer vidal or rakotic over him

  • wrld wide iskeert
    wrld wide iskeert Month ago

    i want griezmann to start as a striker and ansu fati down the left wing

  • Screw Up
    Screw Up Month ago

    I rather have Vidal

  • akash2038
    akash2038 Month ago

    Atl 1 : 2 Barca

  • Máté Illés
    Máté Illés Month ago

    Jamie's videos and consistency is of higher quality than the away performances of the team.

    • TalkFCB
      TalkFCB  Month ago +1

      Haha, thanks very much 😉

  • Maria Petrov
    Maria Petrov Month ago

    Ive never seen a british Barca fan

  • John Happy
    John Happy Month ago

    In the time of football the destiny of the game rest in the shoulder of a young man his name messi

  • Marlon
    Marlon Month ago

    Barca should get the win but it won't be easy like Dortmund. I'm expecting a 1 goal margin.
    2 reasons most times after a UCL game we struggle to play but more importantly Valverde still the coach

  • Unlimited JJ
    Unlimited JJ Month ago

    The ballon d’or 2019 has been leaked

  • Seyene Etok
    Seyene Etok Month ago

    Pique starts earnesto can't be that bold

    IQBAL AHMED Month ago

    2 man mark messi nd the game is over..

    IQBAL AHMED Month ago

    Today barca will do shit as usual coz its an away game againsth better team

  • barry clegg
    barry clegg Month ago

    I'd be happy with a draw but I'm confident we can get a win. I hope rakitic keeps his place after a good performance v Dortmund. I'm not a fan of dembele band without sounding harsh we are better without out him.come on barcaaaaa

  • Qader Hosseini
    Qader Hosseini Month ago

    Barcelona 💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👌👌👊👊👊👊

    MD AZIM Month ago

    Out away performance is not convincing..So,we can hope a neck to neck battle but Barca get the win.2-0 will be a great result..We hope Umtiti might start the game..He is showing us promises..We had to give him a chance..Arthur,Rakitic,De jong in midfield..We had MSG..So,hope for a convincing victory over Atleti..

  • Thisal Lakpura
    Thisal Lakpura Month ago

    Rakishit is playing under shitverde with two CF infront its time to sleep good bye

  • Nujome Yagup
    Nujome Yagup Month ago

    Why i can't see our team play like real Madrid they play bad but in big game they play better like against Paris but our team every team presses us little team or big team always we play bad

  • Nujome Yagup
    Nujome Yagup Month ago

    Where can I get Barcelona documentary film

  • Club Astro Transcendental Motor

    The Barcelona defense is not good. The midfield is very susceptible to counter attacks which are Atleti's bread and butter. Atleti's defense will be compact as always so shots on goals will not be easy. They tactically will stage up like they did against Juventus which only where able to score once from a set piece. It all depends on Barcelona's defense. If they slip, they could have problems. Griezmann is going to be booed. Insulted. Yelled at. Whistled repeatedly and constantly. If he can handle how deafening the hate will be against him, he will perform. But this is a fragile prima donna who was reduced to tears on the field last season when the Metropolitano booed him for not making an ounce of effort down the stretch. Little did they know Grizzi boy had illegally negotiated with the direct rival and had checked out. Now that they know and he is back face to face, it will not be pretty for him.

  • HA21 Yang
    HA21 Yang Month ago

    I predict an unconvincing performance we will draw again and Griezmann to be invisible in the game.

  • Club Astro Transcendental Motor

    Don't call it "The Wanda". Nobody calls it that. It's Estadio Metropolitano or Metropolitano. Wanda is no longer an investor and that name will be taken out once the five year deal is done at the end of next season.

  • M -
    M - Month ago +1

    Suarez shouldn’t play tomorrow! He won’t help the Defense like Messi... But Messi is Messi so he’ll play!
    I think we should play Griezmann as LW and Ansu Fati as RW! Both have to help the defense!

  • Legends of Pokémon
    Legends of Pokémon Month ago +1

    Bro i swear if you were Barça manager then we would win almost 3 CL

  • Rijo Sam
    Rijo Sam Month ago

    One good game and that too only for 60 min. Plus Dortmund were really poor. And you lot are already optimistic. Get ready for a big heartbreak then.

  • Bilel Mahalli
    Bilel Mahalli Month ago

    Barcelona are not gonna win. It's going to be a draw at best and if we are lucky

  • Fahiz Fazz
    Fahiz Fazz Month ago

    Why did barca not converting suarez to a winger as done to villa??

  • SR04 Adarsh
    SR04 Adarsh Month ago

    What happened to the other intro in the pre-season 2019

  • Arif Ali
    Arif Ali Month ago

    2-1 Barca winning it

  • Solomon Wilson
    Solomon Wilson Month ago

    Pique and Alba's injuries have been a blessing in disguise

    DANA SAEED Month ago

    INSHALLAH we will win, we can do it, FORCA BARCA 💪

  • Alken Nheuw
    Alken Nheuw Month ago

    Score 1:3 Barca to win

  • Sudhanshu Pathania
    Sudhanshu Pathania Month ago

    Valverde won't bring Artur, he would go for Vidal instead because he'd prefer for Vidal's physicality.
    Obviously, that isn't the right approach but then again, when has Valverde gone for the right approach.

  • Can I get 100 subs without a Video?

    MY PREDICTION : Barça won't win it. It's gonna be 1-0 win to ATM or 0 - 0 draw.

  • Temp Step
    Temp Step Month ago

    I voted for 3+ goals. That's because I saw something very positive against Dortmund. We will take Atletico to school. Visca el Barça!

  • Barca_in DND Patil
    Barca_in DND Patil Month ago

    I bet all goal will be by Griezmann

  • Ashley Saggar
    Ashley Saggar Month ago +1

    Well I am calling it
    Valverde don't possess the balls to bench pique

  • sunil thapa
    sunil thapa Month ago

    MSG vs MSD vs MSN.... Hope NOW MSG will shine for barcelona for long period

  • Pubg Lover
    Pubg Lover Month ago

    I think it’s going to be really tough match and I think it will be draw match otherwise Barca going to win