Star Wars Yoda , Anakin Skywalker , Obi Wan Kenobi vs Count Dooku


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  • Marvin Schleepen
    Marvin Schleepen 23 hours ago

    The shit happend when Disney stept in😂

  • Abraham Im
    Abraham Im Day ago

    The Prequels have some seriously nice portions, the only problem is the really cheesy random moments thrown in like General Grievous' death or all of Jar Jar Binks, and the dialogue. But the overall story is really good

  • bigwilly43729
    bigwilly43729 Day ago

    Gotdamn those close up shots of Anakin & Dooku look straight trash.

  • Xylarxcode
    Xylarxcode Day ago

    When Obi-Wan wakes up:
    Obi-Wan: 'What happened?'
    Anakin: 'I told him to unhand his weapons and so he did.'
    Palpatine: 'Please don't.'
    Anakin: 'What? I'm just telling Obi-Wan a handful of facts.'
    Palpatine: 'Just... stop.'
    Anakin: 'Okay, fine. I'll stop. He's unarmed now, anyway.'
    Obi-Wan: 'So, what now? How do we get out of here.'
    Anakin: 'I know a way. Give me a hand.'
    Palpatine: 'You promised you'd stop!'
    Anakin: 'That one was by accident!'

  • aAaa aAaa
    aAaa aAaa Day ago

    Arm gets apparently cut off, doesn't even cry in pain. Hmm...

  • Giuseppe Albergo

    The beard and the hairstyle of Obi-Wan in this movie is great...

  • Jerry Henson
    Jerry Henson Day ago

    Apart from Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Darth Maul, and Dooku, the only thing about these movies that are any good are the lightsaber fights.

  • Louche
    Louche Day ago

    They cut out a lot of the anakin and obi-wan vs dooku fight to make room for the yoda part. It's pretty lame.
    Like look how awkward it is when Anakin just stands there as he gets his arm cut off.

  • Stacy Triplett
    Stacy Triplett 2 days ago

    "I am a slow learner." And that, in essence, is Anakin Skywalker.

  • Andrei Predoiu
    Andrei Predoiu 2 days ago


  • Brandon
    Brandon 2 days ago

    Hating on the new movies has become so fucking toxic that you can't even go to the most random of Star Wars clips without seeing the same bullshit over and over again. We get it, alright. You guys hate the new movies. It's fine. Personally I enjoy them but you don't see me on every fucking Stars Wars clips drilling it into peoples heads with the same unoriginal ass comment. Sorry, but damn y'all are so annoying lol also Luke ended on a badass note with one of the most hype Force feats ever to be put to film. #StillMyLuke

  • ZennyBagz
    ZennyBagz 2 days ago

    I dont think so

  • Milos Fehir
    Milos Fehir 2 days ago

    It's amazing to see the more or less sloppy and rigid fighting of Anaking when fighting Dooku in AotC and the utter juggernaut he becomes by the time of RotS. He's so overpowering and fluid in his saberwork that Dooku really doesn't stand a chance.
    I always liked how Hayden portrayed Anakin outside of the dialouge ( which is really not his fault. Even people of Lee's and McGregors stature came off as wierd with the lines and direction given ). Hayden especially later as pre-suit Vader is just grand.

  • Pancakes
    Pancakes 2 days ago

    I see so many stupid power ranking lists. Especially when I see Kenobi at number 4 and no Count Dooku, it really triggers me.

  • Graham Joseph
    Graham Joseph 2 days ago

    I can’t think this but why does Anakin when he opens obi wans lightsaber does it sound like a sith one

  • JP Sillick
    JP Sillick 2 days ago

    rip Christopher Lee

  • Sabian Velazquez
    Sabian Velazquez 3 days ago +1

    I shouldnt...

    DEW IT.

  • Sabian Velazquez
    Sabian Velazquez 3 days ago

    Yoda uses force scream

  • Lord Royce
    Lord Royce 3 days ago

    This is the day... Anakin learnt...... Noone needs 2 lightsabers.... 1 is enough...

  • Charlie Dallachie
    Charlie Dallachie 3 days ago

    My question was why was Obi Wan open to being picked up and thrown around by the force 6:37 but Anakin wasn't? Is it some weakness in the force or a way to defend it?

  • Rawr5649
    Rawr5649 3 days ago +3

    Say what you want about Hayden Christianson, he was the best at the lightsaber fights

  • ian lam
    ian lam 3 days ago +2

    Funny how everyone used to bash on the prequels, but then now everyone loves them......LOL

  • Drew Funk
    Drew Funk 3 days ago

    Imagine Dooku in his prime dueling. He’s 80 or so years old here tossing the best duelists of the Jedi at the time around..

  • Darren Fred
    Darren Fred 3 days ago

    Saruman could queef all of them

  • joseph gover
    joseph gover 4 days ago

    They could have captured Dooku if Anikin went in his ship, and sliced the engine with his lightsaber.

  • Chris James
    Chris James 4 days ago


  • Clinton Wendling
    Clinton Wendling 4 days ago +1

    His fate will be the same as ours. All three of them died on the death Star

    • Murtaza Rizvi
      Murtaza Rizvi 3 days ago

      well obi-wan died on the first DS but ya all three dies ON A DEATH STAR

  • Kedovil 53
    Kedovil 53 4 days ago

    Dooku was 80 in this and Yoda 900 and they fight much better than the young ones
    While Obi Wan was 50 and Vader 40 in the Original Trilogy and they fought like turtles
    That's why I respect Yoda and Dooku a lot more
    I think Yoda and Dooku in their youth were totally invincible much more than the characters of the movies

  • ffdp419
    ffdp419 4 days ago +1

    “His fate will be the same as ours.”
    All three later die on (a) Death Star.

  • Several old fish in the yard

    fucking spastic. LMAO! A frog fighting an autistic over something I don't care about! Hahhaahha

  • TJ Roberts
    TJ Roberts 5 days ago +1

    Say what you want about Hayden’s acting (personally I think it was crappy writing and directing, he’s actually a decent actor imo) but he’s a fantastic lightsaber wielder. Same with Ewan. Both are very strong, physical actors. They made it look like they had trained all their lives.

  • cromags45
    cromags45 5 days ago

    why is obi wan so useless? he spent both fights lying on the ground

  • The Phoenix Emperor
    The Phoenix Emperor 5 days ago

    5:09 al these people fighting and dying like pawns for one man's greed

    DINOSHREDDER 5 days ago


  • Eduardo Vazquez
    Eduardo Vazquez 6 days ago

    RIP Christopher Lee

  • Master 5000
    Master 5000 6 days ago

    2:25 you could have come 5 seconds earlier I have no hand dude!!!

  • Antoni Gaming
    Antoni Gaming 6 days ago

    This is woow 👍👍

  • Sinan Ceylan
    Sinan Ceylan 7 days ago


  • Misses Witch
    Misses Witch 7 days ago

    by far my favourite film

  • Misses Witch
    Misses Witch 7 days ago

    they get owned the first round

  • Misses Witch
    Misses Witch 7 days ago

    he saves obi-wan then but then obi-wan gives him far worse treatment ~ !

  • Mrgotmilk
    Mrgotmilk 8 days ago

    1:55-2:07 has got to be the worst cinematography I have seen in my entire life.

  • Mrgotmilk
    Mrgotmilk 8 days ago

    *I don't think so*

  • MrSteal YoGirl
    MrSteal YoGirl 8 days ago

    I don’t get why Dooku doesn’t just finish off yoda while yoda is tryin using the force to save obi wan and Anakin

  • Bunny Gaming
    Bunny Gaming 8 days ago

    Dew It

  • Dammit Memester
    Dammit Memester 8 days ago

    When the platform falls on Obi-Wan: Ooof!

  • Guillaume BM
    Guillaume BM 8 days ago

    I don't care what one might say about those movies. I love em

  • Jamada Patterson
    Jamada Patterson 8 days ago

    This shit is so implausible. Palpatine is so unsubtle as a sketch dude. Even Anikin's naive ass would be able to see this dude is shady. The motherfuckers laughing and calm as shit the whole time for god sakes.

  • Pilotorpheus 862
    Pilotorpheus 862 8 days ago +1

    When Dooku brought down the giant pillar to crush Skywalker and Kenobi, wouldn’t of it been easier to just force pull them out of the way? 😂

  • Blasphemous Raspberry Blueberry Cherryberry

    0:36 When someone tries to grab the last slice of pizza

  • Shirou Amakusa Kotomine

    Yoda had a hard time lifting a metal pillar. While Rey in The Last Jedi force lifts a whole mountainside.

  • Frank Rappa
    Frank Rappa 8 days ago

    Wouldn't it just be easier to Pull Obi-wan and Anakin out of the way instead of trying to keep that heavy object from squishing the two like insects? xD

  • Angel YoungHeart
    Angel YoungHeart 9 days ago

    yoda was always such a badass

  • Tangent of circle.
    Tangent of circle. 9 days ago +1

    I prefer the prequels over the originals

  • asmith121
    asmith121 9 days ago

    Lol, people like this??

  • jordi gavira
    jordi gavira 9 days ago

    Love how palpatine talks lol, that squeaky oldman malicious whispering dark voice xd

  • Benny Woods
    Benny Woods 9 days ago +1

    For those of you who don't realize the movie mistake in this scene, Anakin has a Green lightsaber in his right hand before Obi Wan throws him his blue one, The colours magically swap in the next frame.

  • Eustace Cornwall
    Eustace Cornwall 9 days ago

    He just straight up poked my boy in the leg with that lightsaber

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 10 days ago +1

    The real reason Obi Wan lost to Count Dooku was because he didn’t have the high ground

  • MrGriff305
    MrGriff305 10 days ago

    He gives him a second lightsaber. If that's beneficial, the why not always carry two?

  • 10 subs No vid?
    10 subs No vid? 10 days ago

    I love how Obi Wan Kenobi said to Anakin “NO” because Anakin has anger and rage inside of him rushing him which kind let out the next movie a little.

  • ciawarhater
    ciawarhater 10 days ago

    7:52 "DEW IT !"

    JJTRUBLE 10 days ago +1

    Why does today need a Kane

  • Muse Russell23
    Muse Russell23 10 days ago

    Why would dooku challenge Yoda to a lightsaber duel when he knows that Yoda is far and away the best with a lightsaber? Even Siddious didnt want to take on Yoda with a lightsaber which is why he switched the fight to a battle of the force

  • Dragongamer1301
    Dragongamer1301 10 days ago

    Is this where Mr. Wonka disappeared to?

  • Nuclear Buzz
    Nuclear Buzz 11 days ago

    Pause at 2:13 then explain me how possible is not for anakin to kill him --

  • Ignacy Weremiuk
    Ignacy Weremiuk 11 days ago

    Good Anakin, good. Kill him. Haha its the best

  • Dylan Calvert
    Dylan Calvert 11 days ago

    You know one thing I noticed about Dooku even in the animated series he's.. he's very regretful. He hates doing a lot of what he does visibly but does it anyway because in his mind 'it has to be done'. Notice how even in the legends universe he came to the rescue of some serious plot armored people we know and did some seriously badass things to succeed in said rescue.

  • ladybai samad abo
    ladybai samad abo 11 days ago

    obi Wan is useless here

  • Jibb's Compilations
    Jibb's Compilations 11 days ago +1

    I'll never understand why Yoda didnt throw that giant tower thing into Dooku's ship....

    • Lvl 69 Vegan
      Lvl 69 Vegan 10 days ago

      My guess is he was trying to save Obi Wan and Anakin, rather than kill Dooku. If he had thrown it at his ship, he may prevent it from taking off, but Dooku would likely survive and go back to fight Yoda. Yoda wants to give them immediate medical care I'd imagine, so he can't waste any more time fighting Dooku

  • Cel
    Cel 11 days ago


  • D3mCh33riosDOH
    D3mCh33riosDOH 11 days ago

    2:13 he just forget how to move?

  • Exploding Pineapple
    Exploding Pineapple 12 days ago +1

    Saruman v Christopher Robin

  • Jose Peralez
    Jose Peralez 12 days ago

    Yoda could of saved Anakin’s hand if he didn’t have to need such a dramatic entrance. Palpatine points out his arrogant entrance in their fight too.

  • anon
    anon 12 days ago


  • Fancy Ninja
    Fancy Ninja 12 days ago

    Those guys must have felt fucking stupid acting out all these scenes without special effects.

  • copykon
    copykon 12 days ago

    Yoda is the shit. Thank god Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson didn't destroy him.....yet.

  • Michelle Trachtenberg Rae

    I agree about that

  • Theoret1cal
    Theoret1cal 12 days ago

    Too bad Christopher Lee was so old. I really think the fight could have been better without all the pans to hide the stunt double.

  • MBMStaaR
    MBMStaaR 13 days ago

    after all these years i realise that the cgi, acting and fights were so bad ^^ espicially the fights were really unrealistic

  • Alan Garcia
    Alan Garcia 13 days ago

    0:00 defaults vs ninja

  • Android Gameplay HD
    Android Gameplay HD 13 days ago

    3:35 that sound when you die in the Lego Star wars games.

  • Diet Soda
    Diet Soda 13 days ago

    Dooku's face though

  • jeffrey velarde
    jeffrey velarde 13 days ago

    Anakin skywalker why did you fall to the dark side, tsk

  • Blake Howgate
    Blake Howgate 13 days ago +1


  • Neil Bahl
    Neil Bahl 14 days ago +1

    6:36, “Yih”

  • RealiableCandy4
    RealiableCandy4 14 days ago +3

    My God they where right! The memes did ruined the prequals.
    Every sentence was golden 😂😂😂

  • ShadowLegend Anims
    ShadowLegend Anims 14 days ago

    Im here for the meme

  • Swat Studios
    Swat Studios 14 days ago

    You can really see palpatine's plan unfold. He wants Anakin to take the darkest route possible to ensure he turns to the darkside.

  • Count Dooku
    Count Dooku 14 days ago

    Yoda cheated, he used aim bots

  • dumb Patrick
    dumb Patrick 14 days ago


  • L3GEND
    L3GEND 15 days ago +3

    *0:17** BOI* ✋😂💯🔥

  • Melanie Kafritsas
    Melanie Kafritsas 15 days ago

    Yoda is the best

  • Artistry Artistry
    Artistry Artistry 15 days ago

    An "unarmed prisoner." Ah yes, that he was, Anakin, that he was.

  • Alec Stepovich
    Alec Stepovich 15 days ago

    It’s so cool that even though dooku is a Sith Lord he still fights almost exactly like he was a Jedi still. He deliberately chose to maim or disarm (pun intended) his opponents in a duel and is staying calm with strategic moves rather that letting his anger take over to give him strength such as most sith would. Theirs also visible conflict in him if you pay close attention to the fight. I have to give mad props to the actor that portrays him(sorry I don’t know his name).

  • Jason Brody
    Jason Brody 15 days ago

    Man merkt sofort das Count Dooku in den Filmen kein Richtiger Sith ist.
    Nur in Clone Wars .
    Ein echter Sith hätte Obi Wan und Anakin bei der ersten Gelgenheit getötet !!

  • Commander Spock
    Commander Spock 15 days ago

    Whats funny is as soon as anakin said "im taking him now" Yoda probably just arrived

  • Arnaldo Baquerizo
    Arnaldo Baquerizo 15 days ago +1

    Bravo mató a duko,auch!

  • Kurt Crockenberg
    Kurt Crockenberg 16 days ago

    Darth Jar Jar vs Anakin & Obi Wan would of been better. or Darth Maul vs Anakin & Obi Wan