"THE GLAZER EFFECT!" Man Utd 0-2 Burnley | Adam Mckola Match Review

  • Adam Mckola refuses to blame the past few managers, he admits they may have made some poor decision along the way but at the end of the day the club's decline isn't down to the management, it needs a change in personnel up top.
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Comments • 80

  • FullTimeDEVILS
    FullTimeDEVILS  2 months ago +117

    Adam Mckola refuses to blame the past few managers, he admits they may have made some poor decision along the way but at the end of the day the club's decline isn't down to the management, it needs a change in personnel up top.

    • Jake Miles
      Jake Miles 2 months ago

      Well said

    • Rob Mason
      Rob Mason 2 months ago

      What’s goes up must go down 😂

    • Qahir Makhani
      Qahir Makhani 2 months ago

      @Graham Smith they're anti Saudi because they're pro Glazer

    • Qahir Makhani
      Qahir Makhani 2 months ago

      @Tony Amada truer words have never been spoken. He rather blatantly protects the board and shows utter contempt for fana

    • Qahir Makhani
      Qahir Makhani 2 months ago

      @Kin A why not fix the immediately fixable problem and strategise?

  • Julian Taylor
    Julian Taylor Month ago

    Hilarious. Man U are a complete joke.

  • Thomas's Dad
    Thomas's Dad Month ago

    They auditioned. I know

  • Thomas's Dad
    Thomas's Dad Month ago

    Media companies. I never seen these 3+ years ago. Phoneys. Trust me

  • Thomas's Dad
    Thomas's Dad Month ago +1

    Fuckin fake. Actors being paid

  • Ron Bush
    Ron Bush Month ago

    If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: should have given Moyes more time and a bigger budget


    Seen it so often now, each transfer window that opens Man Utd linked with big players but nothing ever happens. Meanwhile the Glaziers fill their pockets and Woodward get's a pat on the back.

  • Tsep P
    Tsep P 2 months ago

    Well said Adam! I don’t even understand why the armband is given to Maguire..it’s becoming a joke now with this club ..please stop !!!

  • Monda Chewon
    Monda Chewon 2 months ago +1

    Mate u don’t own the club, you are a customer to the glazers if u don’t like it then don’t support. The glazers want to run like it is. They don’t come in your gaff and tell u what pyjamas to wear! Man Utd supporters are like spoilt brats excuses and moaning that’s all I hear

  • Patrick Kiely
    Patrick Kiely 2 months ago

    Loving it......long may it continue.

  • Tenzo Go
    Tenzo Go 2 months ago

    We may complain to our hearts content how we despised to how our club is being exploited. However as long as we buy them kits and game day tickets, buy in etc. The Glazers already have what they want from us fans. We were bought because of money and not for football. Ole is the escape goat so we blindly see what the Glazers are up to.

  • naheem akhtar
    naheem akhtar 2 months ago

    manchester united are the new liverpool lol

  • chris bourne
    chris bourne 2 months ago

    Bottom line is you lot wanted a top manager out for a relegated one and expect the team to play good football, bunch of idiot's

  • malik hinai
    malik hinai 2 months ago

    Man united board is on the same level as Everton

  • David David
    David David 2 months ago

    Man Utd fans are living in the past. Your reign of glory is finished. It’s over.
    You had a good run under Sir Alex but that is long gone now. Utd are old fashioned and stale. You’re not even the best team in Manchester anymore. You can’t compete with City for signings.
    Man Utd is not a very attractive proposition to elite players and managers.
    Do yourselves a favour and learn to accept reality. You will be in the wilderness for at least 10 and maybe even 20 years.
    It’s over. Utd are finished.

    On the plus side- My team Liverpool are the world Champions, European Champions and soon to be Premier League Champions. Life is good 🏆👏🎊🎉🍾

  • Nigel Green
    Nigel Green 2 months ago

    Well said Adam. Right on the money

  • Chriswhitt 66
    Chriswhitt 66 2 months ago

    Nailed it. And the hole Fergie left is more like a black hole. I'm not a United fan but I feel for you lot. Sort of.

  • Selwan Al-Amin
    Selwan Al-Amin 2 months ago

    Poor poor bears. ..poor poor bears!

  • imran imy
    imran imy 2 months ago

    yeah yeah football is fixed and you're all sheep's for following. Doesn't matter who is manager..Man united's era of dominance is over. They will continue to decline while the people behind the club make money out of you idiots. Its the same with every club not just united..Except liverpool who are fixed to win games

  • Maleco Satyam
    Maleco Satyam 2 months ago

    Haha what happen to man united now liverpool takeover

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom 2 months ago +1

    Sir Alex supported the Glazer take over, this is his legacy

  • Daniel Cox
    Daniel Cox 2 months ago

    Well said. Big protests needed.

  • twill495
    twill495 2 months ago +1

    Lads, this has now gone WAY too far. Ole isn't the problem. Any manager would struggle here at the moment given the morons working above him. The Glazers and Woodward need to get the f* out of our club and the fans are the only ones that can make that happen. We need to start boycotting games and publicly protesting, it's the only way to truly get our voices heard. With the platform you boys have got, PLEASE can you try to organise a fans protest outside OT??? Ps. Love the channel.

  • Tom Fletcher
    Tom Fletcher 2 months ago

    Brummie presenter producing the main fan channel says it all about the fan base. Support the villa or the blues mate! Glory hunting bastards it’s bloody glorious seeing where they are 😂

  • Davey George
    Davey George 2 months ago

    A fucking brummy man united fan tv presenter 😂😂😂

  • Phylis Archer
    Phylis Archer 2 months ago

    The fact that they keep changing the managers and nothing improves indicates its not the manager at fault.

  • P M
    P M 2 months ago

    Adam is nieve. Ed Woodward is exactly what was wanted. All these owners will do is suck out every penny from United they can for as long as they can. When the money dries up they will sell it and move on with their pockets lined. If you are trying to suck out money all this money saved on transfers and shirt sales in columbia for a rubbish player is actually great business. The owners couldn't care less what happens on the football pitch so long as money lines their pockets. They have no interest in making United great, they will take apart our club piece by piece. It will take all the fans not turning up and boycotting the club to scare the debt collectors and allow a much smaller sale price agreed but lets face it it goes against our desire to support the team which is why they will keep on. Remember only money talks. Take away their money, dont buy the merch, don't buy tickets for the ground then sky will not want to pay because games live without fans are boring on tv. It has to come crashing down around them to make them run. Once they run then we can come back in and build the club up.

  • Lewis Makosa
    Lewis Makosa 2 months ago

    When the Ole on the Wheels start crying, one needs to grab the popcorns!!

  • Christopher King
    Christopher King 2 months ago

    Shut this channel down before you have the aftv effect on your own team

  • Flying Carrot
    Flying Carrot 2 months ago

    Manure fans crying constantly! Along with AFTV crying into their cups too, this is hilarious 😁😁

  • raymond sweeney
    raymond sweeney 2 months ago

    Man utd ! more like utd not !!!!!!!!

    THE JSB 2 months ago +1

    Who gives a FUCK

  • Mpumelelo Ndlovu
    Mpumelelo Ndlovu 2 months ago +1

    Stop buying their products and stop going to the games to stop the money flow once you do that you’ll see a change please listen I’ve saying this for years

    • night owl
      night owl 2 months ago

      @Mpumelelo Ndlovu Absolutely. 🤣

    • Mpumelelo Ndlovu
      Mpumelelo Ndlovu 2 months ago +1

      @night owl Lol they'll protest in the stadium while buying the tickets get in

    • night owl
      night owl 2 months ago

      The fans are supposedly going to going to stage a walk out against Tranmere, well that will really show them. Lol

  • Trwerking man
    Trwerking man 2 months ago

    I feel your pain as an Arsenal fan, nothing lasts forever though so keep the faith

  • Robert Michael
    Robert Michael 2 months ago +2

    Hahaha I love this, long may it continue. Please, please give Ole a lifetime contract, please. Ole at the wheel, LMAOOOOO

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager 2 months ago

    #41 on Trending


  • limwk003
    limwk003 2 months ago

    First thing is Ed Woodward must go n then if we can force glazers to sell the club to someone willing to take care of the club

  • Mikey Ross
    Mikey Ross 2 months ago

    Wer gonna win the league now your gonna believe us

  • Goonerville Gonad
    Goonerville Gonad 2 months ago

    Nobody talked about the 'leeches' when you were winning stuff... lol You're spending fuckloads every year, how are they the problem?
    You've lost 15-20 points a season in gifts from gutless officials ever since Fergie left, and you've bought shit players which takes more points away. Welcome to being officiated like any other club.

  • Lewis Gilmore
    Lewis Gilmore 2 months ago

    You cant play counter attacking football with a striker that doesn't want to move. I love him, but Martial is a very lazy player.

  • Danny Brew
    Danny Brew 2 months ago +1

    Bet Utd will look to Brendan Rodgers next season, Ole is my second favorite manager next to Klopp, happy days!!

  • Jane Watson
    Jane Watson 2 months ago

    Hey I,m a gooner so I aint got much sympathy for you but I see your frustration.....fucking owners have let our loved club go down the pan just to make money.....you have them yank wankers and we have our own

  • Mark R
    Mark R 2 months ago +1

    Absolute truth. I can tell you the absolute truth of why this is happening.
    The bad karma will last 35 years.
    Had that crass and tasteless banner counting the years been there for 2 years the bad karma would last 2 years. But unfortunately for you it took City 35 years to win a trophy, from when the karma starts ticking.
    When utd were on their financial arse with the stadium all bombed to the ground it was City that was your friend, it was City they gave you kit, it was City that allowed you to play at our stadium (and you never paid the rent by the way). But when City were on their arse what did you do? You jumped on our throats with glee and put a banner up. I don’t make the karma rules. In life you make your own bad karma. 35 years....tik tok as you used to say.
    Suck it up, drink it in, it’s the juice of your very own grape.

  • karzon choudhury
    karzon choudhury 2 months ago

    Allison has more assists than Jesse lingard that's sums up United
    P.s Allison is a goalkeeper

  • jayzzzeee jayzzzeee
    jayzzzeee jayzzzeee 2 months ago +1

    Boy, am I enjoying this. If Mou were the trainer, you´d be calling for his head. If Pogba were there you´d have scape-goated him, then Lukaku. O boy would you and fans had laid into him. But oops he too left. Let me see, who do we blame? Ole? No..."he is a united legend", "he played the game, so he understands players", "he plays youth". So who do we blame? The guys with whose cash you became a big club. Now, its not Mou´s fault bla bla... because he is gone. lets blame the glazers. Pathetic.

  • 6896mcand
    6896mcand 2 months ago

    Adam I'm a City fan but my God that video was that good you have me sympathising with you. You are right though, the Glazers have bled you dry.

  • Yogi Bizzel
    Yogi Bizzel 2 months ago

    Guys chill we got too many injuries no signings what u expect , the positive is this year we really got a lot talent coming through!! I reckon next season with a few good signings we will have a good season ! But yeah the rest of this season it’s gonna be very tough specially if we aren’t signing !

  • bubbzz 11
    bubbzz 11 2 months ago

    I'm facing facts we're fucked until we are sold.

  • David Montes
    David Montes 2 months ago

    Finally a video from Full Time Devils losing it because of Ed and the Glazer scum, I know this is not the first time you guys show your dislike for the Glazers and Ed Woodward but, for the first time I actually felt the words of Adam Mckola, it's about time, I know you guys don't want to be negative, but as a popular TheXvid channel and the voice of Man Utd fans, you guys need to be aggressive and be more vocal about Woodward and The Glazers, you guys have the power to reach millions of people because of this channel, the whole media needs to be aware of what is going on at Manchester United, one of the greatest football clubs in history is being destroyed by Ed Woodward and the Glazers.

  • iFootBallClips 2017
    iFootBallClips 2017 2 months ago

    the QE2 turned faster than Harry Maguire

  • Tendai C
    Tendai C 2 months ago

    PREACH. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Sam Kjan
    Sam Kjan 2 months ago +2

    Jose said coming second was the best achievement..you all laughed..won you a couple of cups..reap what you sow ...who's laughing now.. jose jose

  • The Nostradamous
    The Nostradamous 2 months ago +1

    Congratulations, you finally understand how Liverpool fans have felt over the last 3 decades, enjoy.

  • paul williams
    paul williams 2 months ago

    more protest outside the ground and in the ground this is the worst team in god knows how long Woodward and glazers fucking vermin they are a fucking virus draining the club old trafford need work leaky roofs players are shocking woodward needs to be driven out im a furious united fan

  • B1-OOM-224 Battle Droid

    Hahah football is boring as fuck

  • Chris James
    Chris James 2 months ago

    How much money has the glazers spent since ferguson left on the squad? Curious

  • Andrew Pryce
    Andrew Pryce 2 months ago

    I thought Freddie Mercury had died years ago !

  • David Foley
    David Foley 2 months ago

    A week left and doesn't seem we are going to sign anyone. It's going to be a tough ride and nobody knows where we will end up. All this nonsense of supporting Ole seems a farce just like with any previous managers. There seems to be a pattern emerging with every manager since Sir Alex: 1. Get a new manager 2. Get a few signings in to appease fans 3. When the team is exposed for it's lack of quality 4. Noises about more incomings 5. End of the window, no more signings with appropriate excuses 6. More bad results 7. Mr. Woodward finds the perfect excuse of poor performances to fire the manager 8. A shiny new manager comes in with more noises of optimism And the cycle continues. Ole seems to be in the same queue now and awaiting his fate and soon we might have our next new messiah.

  • primepants
    primepants 2 months ago

    06:18 Ed who?

  • primepants
    primepants 2 months ago

    This is TV Gold.

  • Patrick Brady
    Patrick Brady 2 months ago

    Perfect analysis Adam couldn’t have said it better! Nice one mate 👌🏻

  • Fabian Timmins
    Fabian Timmins 2 months ago

    Oh so it's the Glazer's fault now is it? the owners who helped UTD achieve a net spend of £611 million over the past 5 seasons? The same owners who have seen UTD lift the title 5 times since they took full control of the club? The same owners who Alex Ferguson served for a further 7 years after after they took over giving him 5 league titles in 8 seasons under the Glazers? The same Glazers that helped UTD become champions of Europe for the 3rd time in 2008? What a lot of bollocks!!!! When Fergy left UTD didn't just lose him, they lost his philosophy, it is what is known as the end of an era and sometimes we just have to accept these things rather than looking around for someone to pin all the blame on.

  • Ain Oh Lala
    Ain Oh Lala 2 months ago

    we want to see some new face before game clash again City in league cup tie..

  • Joasoze
    Joasoze 2 months ago

    The one thing it is not, is too little spent...

  • Wrecksheeps
    Wrecksheeps 2 months ago

    And this is the ultimate truth. In time if United doesnt start winning titles again the financial gap between this still great club and Liverpool Chelsea Arsenal MCity Spurs Leicester etc etc etc will be a serious thing.

  • Manogran Gopalan
    Manogran Gopalan 2 months ago

    It's not the coaches at fault. It is the whole board who should go.

  • Professor Loveforme
    Professor Loveforme 2 months ago

    Manchester United the brand is doing really well much better than the football team They are sadly separate things these days

  • gibbo6985
    gibbo6985 2 months ago +1

    All this Manc misery....music to my ears

    • night owl
      night owl 2 months ago


  • carl crompton
    carl crompton 2 months ago


  • carl crompton
    carl crompton 2 months ago


  • Fight Scene
    Fight Scene 2 months ago

    3-4 billion pounds? What a joke. United fans are a fucking joke. How about u do what we did and promote ur youth. Oh wait ur youth are fucking shit. This guy pisses me off too much.

  • Noel Reilly
    Noel Reilly 2 months ago

    Fair play Adam. The truth to the absolute. AVFC.

  • Taz I
    Taz I 2 months ago

    Oh please. You will win the next few and everybody will be happy again. You can’t keep winning forever.

  • EagleofHeavyMetal
    EagleofHeavyMetal 2 months ago +2

    Oh so now you fools show sympathy for Jose? As much as I love this club, I am glad this is happening to us right now. Because we had a great manager on our hands, got us to the best ranking we've had since SAF and we sacked him due to some bad results and the owners not backing him when he needed backing. Yes some of our fanbase deserve this happening to them.

  • Mark Leacock
    Mark Leacock 2 months ago

    Are Manchester United fans allowed to leave their club or only the stadium

  • Yōkai Motorcycle Engineering

    Love Adam's passion, top man!

  • Yōkai Motorcycle Engineering

    I think it's unfair to criticise passing out from the back. If De Gea goes long which we know isn't his strength, who does it go to? Dan James, Fred, Tony, Mata or Greenwood. Against a very strong direct Burnley team. Nah, not for me. Passing out from the back is the right tactic but we don't have good enough players to receive and turn with the ball in the midfield when it comes from Maguire. It's our biggest weakness we have and that's where 90% of the modern game is won or lost. This is a symptom of the Glazers through and through.

  • Dave Clarke
    Dave Clarke 2 months ago

    Very well said Adam.

  • ExclusiveBounce UK
    ExclusiveBounce UK 2 months ago

    Glazers & Ed OUT!!

  • Leon Kowalski
    Leon Kowalski 2 months ago

    Last season Arsenal Fan TV, this season FullTimeDEVILS.