Vinnie Jones Can’t Remember His Own Movies

  • Published on Apr 3, 2017
  • To be fair, there were 97 of them.
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Comments • 121

  • k. memz
    k. memz 7 days ago

    Result of cocaine addiction 😂😂

  • ceZar
    ceZar 29 days ago

    Wtf? Vinnie jones so old!!!

  • Inge Borthne
    Inge Borthne 2 months ago

    I remember Vinnie Jones in Eurotrip, Lock Stock, and in
    Gone in 60 seconds.
    Great movies to watch.

  • stanly stud
    stanly stud 3 months ago

    thick as fuck

  • SilverMenace100
    SilverMenace100 5 months ago

    Loved him in Redirected! Great adventure/comedy.

  • Oleg Yefremov
    Oleg Yefremov 6 months ago

    No snatch, no lock stock, no mean machine, no escape plan....bollocks

  • RaGiNgMaStAh
    RaGiNgMaStAh 6 months ago +2

    Mean machine 🔥🔥

  • zondaintheair
    zondaintheair 7 months ago

    Crap programme. Vinnie should have gave it a miss.

  • Madnessd16
    Madnessd16 7 months ago

    Why do they Keep your man on Tv hes only fucking useless

  • GoldenCheese
    GoldenCheese 7 months ago

    Is he an alcoholic?

  • rudimusawesomusmaximus
    rudimusawesomusmaximus 7 months ago +2

    I'm not from the UK. Just curious, how come he warrants so many hate filled comments in the comment section? Is he that much a tool in real life??

    • Paul Wilson
      Paul Wilson 6 months ago

      Id say we hate ego maniac delusional bullies more.

    • liambirch
      liambirch 6 months ago

      rudimusawesomusmaximus Brits hate winners

    • Paul Wilson
      Paul Wilson 6 months ago

      He is bully who revels in his on screen persona as a tough guy, ..he lkes other people to think hes a bit of a hard case..but a bully is bully however you dress it.

    • HA1RY FA1RY
      HA1RY FA1RY 7 months ago +1

      He was a footballer who is known for playing dirty so gets some hate

    • Michael Grey
      Michael Grey 7 months ago +2

      He's an ordinary guy that's done really well for himself. The internet has given voice to all the curtain-twichers back in the UK to vent their jealousy.

  • Old Skool Nutter Bielefeld BBC

    Vinnie who?
    O the hod carrying muppet who thinks he's hard.
    Whatever knobhead

  • MarkoRollo
    MarkoRollo 7 months ago +1

    im suprised the tory supporting pro hunting pratt can remember his own name.

    • SleepingAgent
      SleepingAgent 7 months ago +3

      Nothing wrong with hunting, if people respect being humane and not caging animals etc and also eat what they hunt.

  • Arty Sagastizado
    Arty Sagastizado 7 months ago

    Curly Fine

  • gypsychavie
    gypsychavie 7 months ago +1

    97 1 minit cameos

  • thefleece 2
    thefleece 2 7 months ago

    Cos they mostly suck

  • 9to9
    9to9 7 months ago

    Because they are shit.

  • Den Dan
    Den Dan 7 months ago +4

    Lol have the uk finally made their own version of the tonight show, only took them a couple of decades.

  • RotwailerKood BastardSPOZAbudow Official

    Bonjour 😁

    ULGMX Year ago

    Tough guy but not tougher than
    Steven Hawkins

  • Ian Macbeth
    Ian Macbeth Year ago +1

    Fucking bellend

  • briantravelman
    briantravelman Year ago +1

    I don't think voicing a movie is the same as being in it

  • Gabriel Melo
    Gabriel Melo Year ago

    It's been emotional!

  • be frank
    be frank Year ago +1

    Vinnie Jones...waste of space

    • Resident Evil Dead Space
      Resident Evil Dead Space 9 months ago +1

      be frank go fuck yourself and diee you fucking trash, vinnie jones is a legend and king, you are waste of space not him, you are failed abortion from your mom's pussy!!!

  • Nur Faiiz H A Rahman

    A Satan of football he was

  • Vinnie
    Vinnie Year ago +1

    My name is vinnie to lol

  • uncle bobs dead
    uncle bobs dead Year ago +1

    Bullet tooth

  • Simon Robson
    Simon Robson Year ago

    Complete and utter fucking shit stain! He thinks he's a tough guy but daren't go into London, the boys are waiting for him.

  • CokeCph
    CokeCph Year ago +2

    He was absolutely a disgrace for football. He was nuts and psycho

  • vincent marandola


  • tyler gnosis
    tyler gnosis 2 years ago

    Up there with Samuel l Jackson

  • Jason Philpotts
    Jason Philpotts 2 years ago +14

    Personally loved EUROTRIP brilliant film

    • Pixellated Hokum
      Pixellated Hokum 8 months ago +4

      Scottie doesn't know.

    • Resident Evil Dead Space
      Resident Evil Dead Space 9 months ago +3

      sharkie12354 fuuck youu idiot, he did not ruined anything, he fixed that as well, you ruined comment community and section with your smell from your stinky mouth ahahahahahaha

    • sharkie12354
      sharkie12354 Year ago

      Jason Philpotts he nearly ruined that as well

  • misty blue
    misty blue 2 years ago +1


  • waawaa weewaah
    waawaa weewaah 2 years ago

    And all are shite. This guy needs a bullet to the head

  • randgate
    randgate 2 years ago +1

    Stick to game shows Bradley ffs

  • Tonio O'Neill
    Tonio O'Neill 2 years ago

    I'm not surprised he doesn't know his own movie's, I certainly wouldn't watch the trash movies he spoke on

  • pug the pug!!
    pug the pug!! 2 years ago

    mate i bet vinnie jones doesnt remember the amount of peoples heads he has kicked in eitha! lol

  • mc_macapaca
    mc_macapaca 2 years ago

    His movies are so unmemorable even he can't remember them

    • Jon Hendrickson
      Jon Hendrickson 8 months ago +1

      mc_macapaca and what have you done in your life that allows you to critique others like that. You’re a absolute disgrace

  • cmhfl
    cmhfl 2 years ago +1

    "Why do they call her the Fanny Schmelar?"
    "Because she smells fannies, Bradley."

  • Ives 89
    Ives 89 2 years ago +1

    Bradley does not look in very good shape here hope he's alright

  • deltatoofow
    deltatoofow 2 years ago +1

    always been a tool

  • L6915
    L6915 2 years ago +2

    Holy shit. This is why I don't watch TV. What a pile of bollocks.

  • TextBookPuncher1
    TextBookPuncher1 2 years ago +11

    I liked vinnie Johnson in snatch

  • Chris Oconnor
    Chris Oconnor 2 years ago

    He has made a lot of shit movies out of them 97......possibly about 94 of them. but before anyone gets their knickers in a twist it's an opinion.

    PRYDEE HD 2 years ago

    let us not forget Euro draw film!!

  • dre guist
    dre guist 2 years ago

    96 films... about 5 were any good lol

  • Watts660
    Watts660 2 years ago

    Thankfully neither can we remember them!

  • Bugsyzante
    Bugsyzante 2 years ago +23

    He's made a lot of money considering he's a fuckin uslesss actor

    • Nicefail87
      Nicefail87 2 years ago

      I never argued that, but its quite common among actors.

    • Nicefail87
      Nicefail87 2 years ago +2

      Bruce Willis made a lot of money for being a useless actor.
      Johnny Depp gets a lot of money to be a Hunter S. impersonator changing clothes.
      Your point being?

    • 18T220
      18T220 2 years ago +5

      He plays Vinnie Jones well.

  • Dumdum888888
    Dumdum888888 2 years ago +3

    Vinnie was a right walloper in big brother. Came across as a total fud.

  • beers baron
    beers baron 2 years ago +11

    is vinnie the new chaser?

  • Grumpy Mc Fudge
    Grumpy Mc Fudge 2 years ago +1

    hus movies are shite & jones well oscar nah

  • olly s
    olly s 2 years ago +20

    97 films and only 2 decent ones lock stock and gone in sixty seconds not that he was in that much

    • Kris 111
      Kris 111 7 months ago

      Snatch you tit

    • Optimus Pope
      Optimus Pope 7 months ago

      Swordfish wasn't bad as well

    • Michael Cain
      Michael Cain 7 months ago

      olly s swordfish wasn’t too bad

    • Tom Boore
      Tom Boore 7 months ago +1

      Midnight meat train and no its not a willy smoker film

    • Tinman 83
      Tinman 83 10 months ago

      Yeah snatch is the best

  • Ofpqo
    Ofpqo 2 years ago +6

    Where is gordon ramsay

  • Qwerty Qwertyson
    Qwerty Qwertyson 2 years ago +41

    I can't remember his football career either.

    • Wimble Dan
      Wimble Dan 4 months ago

      @John Perrie so was I at both. 👍👍

    • you tube
      you tube 7 months ago

      @John Perrie he scored the only goal at highbury when wimbledon beat arsenal aswell

    • John Perrie
      John Perrie 7 months ago +2

      I was at his first game at Nottingham Forest. I was at the next game when he scored the only goal against Manchester United!

    • Ice Cuber
      Ice Cuber Year ago +1

      Qwerty Qwertyson iiiiiiiiiiii salty

    • Qwerty Qwertyson
      Qwerty Qwertyson 2 years ago +4

      @John Kennedy Salty.

  • MMG 006
    MMG 006 2 years ago +6

    95% of his movies were so fucking terrible lol

    • Crossy 85
      Crossy 85 2 years ago

      95% thats being generous

    • willis jhonson
      willis jhonson 2 years ago

      +MMG 006 most do

    • MMG 006
      MMG 006 2 years ago

      100k? Fucking budgets of those movies are like 250k lol. Why don't other actors accept every shitty role in every shitty movie?

    • Rouge Ninja
      Rouge Ninja 2 years ago +2

      So if you get a called to be in a shitty movie as a background character and get paid 100k you wouldn't do it? You are stupid af

  • Dark83Noodle
    Dark83Noodle 2 years ago

    well no need to stay subscribed

  • 6g hvvtrtt
    6g hvvtrtt 2 years ago +1

    SNAP HIM!!!!

  • mu
    mu 2 years ago +10

    "vinne jones cant remember his own movies"
    thats cause they all shit

    ouch burn

    • Oggy Mills
      Oggy Mills 2 years ago

      Mean machine.

    • Cʀᴏᴡ Gᴇɴᴇ
      Cʀᴏᴡ Gᴇɴᴇ 2 years ago

      He stole the show in The Condemned. I don't think it would've been half as good without him in it.

    • A. Ñeko
      A. Ñeko 2 years ago

      m rayman X-Men The Last Stand was awesome

    • Jamie Baker
      Jamie Baker 2 years ago

      lock stock was good

  • dat yute the on the block

    only here for gordan....