• Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, 89 LW Moments Di Maria SBC,
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Comments • 283

  • TheMusicfan189
    TheMusicfan189 Month ago

    He was pretty shite for me for about 10 games. He’s got sick free kick stats and the 5* is obviously a plus. I definitely had to adapt my game to usr him but he’s in a front 3 of Mbappe and Dembele, pretty decent.

  • 7bcity
    7bcity Month ago

    last players u discard u could get 1800 more for them.

  • Adam Conibeere
    Adam Conibeere Month ago

    I packed neymar and built a team around him. Is the worth selling him got a mil and doing the Di Maria SBC for 110k?

  • Void Crow
    Void Crow Month ago

    actually if u just ajust ur playstyle a little, by knowing that ur player has a 2 star weak foot its not really a problem

  • Yung Flynne
    Yung Flynne Month ago

    Anyone else not care about week foot as long as they have 5* skill moves?!

  • Ed Harris
    Ed Harris Month ago

    I play him RW and he’s great

  • ronaldessi
    ronaldessi Month ago

    He's amazing on my team. 10 matches 15 goals. His outside foot finesse is insane.

  • Jack Bolger
    Jack Bolger Month ago

    Nep : ea pick cards that are not suited for meta gameplay
    Also nep : shows us 5 cards which are brilliant.

    ITAIGAMINGHD Month ago

    Costed me 35K and the rest untrades and he fits my team since I got veron and mbappe untradeable as well so no complaints from me

  • Bradley Wilmott
    Bradley Wilmott Month ago +2

    This di Maria card in game is actually unreal and the weak foot isn’t even that bad

  • Liverpool fan boy I
    Liverpool fan boy I Month ago +1

    He should of done the Dortmund kit and Di Maria and played one match to showcase
    Like if u agree 👇🏻👇🏻

  • MrAristokratR
    MrAristokratR Month ago

    I got lloris with IF from the goal line sbc too

  • Eleanor Davies
    Eleanor Davies Month ago +1

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  • Luke McConnell
    Luke McConnell Month ago

    If you can’t use a 2star weak foot player you clearly aren’t a top tier fifa player

  • AFCBboy 1207
    AFCBboy 1207 Month ago

    How does he get lloris and and if and I get zapata ffs

  • Henrique Rocha
    Henrique Rocha Month ago

    Anyone else experiencing freezing on FUT menus ? It has been happening to me oftentimes and I don’t know if it’s normal, music don’t stop but you can’t do anything but restart the application.

  • Jachimo WALSH
    Jachimo WALSH Month ago

    when is premier league potm?

  • Yeahman 2002
    Yeahman 2002 Month ago

    He’s just like neymar it’s mad the only difference is the weak football the other things are pretty similar

  • Eduardo Sandoval
    Eduardo Sandoval Month ago +3

    Does this dude even review the players or does he give the most expensive ways to complete the SBC’s?

  • Newport fan lolz
    Newport fan lolz Month ago

    If you like this comment you will get a totgs👌trust me I have 4

  • emre göz
    emre göz Month ago +3

    I’m switching him lw to rw and gelson martins storyline rw to lw in game so problem is solved for me 👍🏼

  • Xscouse Fifa
    Xscouse Fifa Month ago

    I really enjoyed rivaldo he just never used his week foot at all

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley Month ago


  • Henry Rincavage
    Henry Rincavage Month ago

    I used the scream Guerrero for a solid two months, and honestly though he was great. Don’t do a lot of shooting with my wingers tho. But I also never check weak foot. Watching for what foot the player is about to shoot with has never been something I’ve really applied effort to.

  • FIFA19 Unoriginals
    FIFA19 Unoriginals Month ago

    I did him because I remeber his fifa 19 special card and when I came up against him, he would destroy me.
    2* weak foot ain't a problem for me actually. I played 5 games with him and he scored 6 and assisted 1 so hes been great.

  • Henry Rincavage
    Henry Rincavage Month ago

    Haha when you started pointing out cards that they “choose” for sbcs, they were all player of the month cards? As I cards voted on by players and sometimes just chosen by the league irl?
    I’ve seen you bring it up on twitter, they should upgrade things like weak foot and skill moves when they upgrade cards, would solve part of the issue you’re bringing up about sbc cards being non meta.

  • Its G
    Its G Month ago

    shame he isnt RW would be perfect to cutinside onto the left foot

    SLAMSLZ GAMING Month ago +1

    anybody suggestions for a squabuilder? i would appreciate it

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones Month ago

    His 86 card is pretty decent to be fair so this will be ace

  • AshMyBuck
    AshMyBuck Month ago

    Use laca in sbc hes only 20k

  • Jordi boy
    Jordi boy Month ago

    I personally dont have any problem playing with 2* weak foot players. Ill favour there strong foot for shooting, however I wouldnt say I really miss many chances on their weakfoot if i do take a shot

  • Andy Dee
    Andy Dee Month ago +1

    I'm sitting on all the premier league teams...... When will they release the sbc 🙄

  • Omar Nawaz
    Omar Nawaz Month ago

    Needs a volley hahaha

  • b aras
    b aras Month ago

    No 2 star weak foot

  • b aras
    b aras Month ago

    I dont like left footed players on the left side. Especially with 2 star weak foot.

  • Arran Robertson
    Arran Robertson Month ago +3

    Why do we need 3 LW’s with 5* skills from PSG

  • dennis funez
    dennis funez Month ago +1

    I really enjoy DiMarías regular 86 gold card a lot you can’t really notice his 2 star weak foot

    • dennis funez
      dennis funez Month ago

      Ehh not for me

    • Pedro vlr
      Pedro vlr Month ago

      @dennis funez That makes no sense, no matter how good you are, shooting with Di Maria's right foot will be awful, because that 2* WF limits everything

    • dennis funez
      dennis funez Month ago

      I mean if you’re good at the game you shouldn’t have a problem shooting with either foot

    • Pedro vlr
      Pedro vlr Month ago

      Wtf? Do you shoot with his Right foot?

  • André Araújo
    André Araújo Month ago +63

    I love how he does that sbcs like just doing a gold upgrade

  • Kevin Doan
    Kevin Doan Month ago

    Fifa is the worst game rn

  • Leon Krasniqi
    Leon Krasniqi Month ago

    I hated ozil for that weak foot

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago

    With 5* Skills you can always Dribble your way to finding his Left Foot it really isnt a big deal.

  • Ifbb Sami
    Ifbb Sami Month ago +1

    Dont use any 2 star WF player my attackers all have at least 4 Star

  • Samuel Twigg
    Samuel Twigg Month ago

    I picked him up and packed totgs ter stegen from the 84 squad

  • Jay whyte
    Jay whyte Month ago

    I packed an icon out of 35k pack yesterday so I guess I’m just lucky

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob Month ago

    Not insane?

  • Jack Maguire
    Jack Maguire Month ago +11

    Anyone else think these vids would be better if nep played a couple games with the player to see what they’re like

  • Krest Arisen
    Krest Arisen Month ago

    *tagliafico link* and I actually made a team with fabregas, di maria, tagliafico and david villa which is epic ALTHOUGH 2* weak foot is holding me back from actually getting di maria...

    • k
      k Month ago

      Holy shit im exact same

  • Maninder Hari
    Maninder Hari Month ago

    Is it better to get TOTGS Messi Tradable or do the POTM sbc for messi!! Suggestions please everyone

    • Joe Cook
      Joe Cook Month ago

      Maninder Hari sell the inform now before it goes down then do the sbc with players in your club

    • Maninder Hari
      Maninder Hari Month ago

      Joe Cook I have his tradable IF right now!! Should I keep it too in case its a requirement??

    • Joe Cook
      Joe Cook Month ago +1

      Maninder Hari wait until the sbc comes out and see which one is cheaper

  • kezza kezza
    kezza kezza Month ago

    Weak foot don't bother me

  • Alex Yo Real Madrid

    i swear everytime i use him he misses some shitters simce fifa 14 so i dont trust him

  • WKDXcrime X
    WKDXcrime X Month ago

    I'm fucking done with this game it is so shit I can't even go on to get rid of my team because I can't be arsed for the bullshit I go into online drafts hoping to have fun but all I get is fucking sweaty 7yo kids making me go out in the first round I wish they just fix their shitty matchmaking software so this is resolved and its not like I had a shit team because I had cr7 neymar Messi van der sar totgs Ramos zanneti and he had totgs sterling with mane on the bench and that is the only players he had that was good and I just hope to get matched up against someone who doesn't want to win all the time I want to play people who are just chilling having a fun time I have already broke 2 remotes because of how pissed off I get because of the game it has so many aspects that are shit but yet they don't fix it because their rivals are pes and that is so much worse so they don't even try to fix the problems it is beyond a joke and I don't want to deal with the stress that I have to go through just to get a win because they can't match me up against players who are of my skill rating and I'm not saying I just want to play someone who I would beat all the time I want someone who has the same ability as me and not miles ahead of me
    (edit: I also never get money back from the games because all I get are 2 gold packs and either a loan pack or silver pack which is horrendous)

  • Konrad Makaronski
    Konrad Makaronski Month ago

    Only player I used offensively with 3* weak foot was Bale, he was actually really good, would like to have a better Bale. Now I don't bother with anyone under 4* unless he's at most a box to box CM.

  • Omar Hani
    Omar Hani Month ago +1

    I use Mesut Ozil’s scream card in my Bundesliga team and he’s brilliant for me, don’t even notice the 2* weak foot, his attacking positioning makes it so he gets into the right position to take it with his left, which is the same with this Di Maria card

    • Andy G
      Andy G Month ago

      @Omar Hani weird I've been bouncing between div 3 and 4 but can't even get gold 1 lol always bloody gold 2 futchamps is so frustrating this fifa

    • Pedro vlr
      Pedro vlr Month ago

      @Omar Hani That's just it, I dont even play against people that have those kind of players (Rashford, Salah, Di Maria, etc). I'm bouncing between Div 2 and 1 and I'm a Elite 3 player

    • Omar Hani
      Omar Hani Month ago

      Pedro vlr I’d say the same for you, if it’s “so easy” to read players with a 2* weak foot then you’re just playing against predictable players who don’t know how to use them. That’s not to say I’m the best, but I’m a Division 3/Elite 2 player at the moment which is to say I’m certainly not playing against the worst players in the game

    • Pedro vlr
      Pedro vlr Month ago

      Then you're probably playing against bad players, it is so easy to read players that have 2* or 3* WF

  • Zac Mainwaring
    Zac Mainwaring Month ago

    Hey Nep, if you delete this comment you will die via ejac.

  • Barry Scott
    Barry Scott Month ago +44

    Whenever a new player comes out in SBC to should play one game with them to test them out

    • ryanator_109
      ryanator_109 Month ago

      Yessssss I've always wanted Nep to include a game!!!!

    • Andy G
      Andy G Month ago

      @Another Casual Viewer I had the red card on ben yedder and he got barged off the ball too easy I found

    • Another Casual Viewer
      Another Casual Viewer Month ago +1

      Its not hard to know from stats how they will pøay though. This sbc card would make me fuuming, as he woll score worldies and be the best player with left foot, but miss open goals with right foot. I tend to require 4+ stars at minimum for strikers. Ben yedder is worth ~250k just because of his 5*, had he been 4*, it would be half of that worth.

  • Phayon Johnson
    Phayon Johnson Month ago

    The card odds mainly to help people complete objectives not sure how people haven’t noticed this yet

  • Evicon
    Evicon Month ago

    Should i sell my neymar and do this sbc?

    • Evicon
      Evicon Month ago

      Lol ok.

    • Bob Bob
      Bob Bob Month ago

      Yes. Discard neymar

    • Syphen
      Syphen Month ago

      Evicon do it neymar has similar stats to Di Maria and neymar is 1m

    • Alexander Ramsay
      Alexander Ramsay Month ago

      I believe this is a joke or a troll
      If not don't

  • Jake PC
    Jake PC Month ago

    its funny how i got lloris from that pack aswell😂

    • Jake PC
      Jake PC Month ago

      Kyle McKendrick dont need to reply then just ignore it

    • Kyle McKendrick
      Kyle McKendrick Month ago

      Jake PC what you said just wasn’t funny, I’m not “hard”

    • Jake PC
      Jake PC Month ago

      ooh sorry ur hard

    • Kyle McKendrick
      Kyle McKendrick Month ago +4

      Yeah hilarious mate

  • Ahmed Tesjeel
    Ahmed Tesjeel Month ago

    Hi Nep , like the content
    I reached lvl. 30 in season objective
    i need a player review and whom to choose , Danilo , Martins or Chamberlain

    • Joe Cook
      Joe Cook Month ago +1

      Ahmed Tesjeel might aswell

    • Ahmed Tesjeel
      Ahmed Tesjeel Month ago

      @jojag5 I'm thinking of Danilo to link him to Ronaldo and Politano and switch my right side from PL to Calcio

    • jojag5
      jojag5 Month ago

      If you play enough FIFA to have reached level 30 already, the none of those players should ever touch your pitch. Pick Ox for the links and for first owner objectives.

  • Special K.
    Special K. Month ago +3

    On friday it was 7,5 % for the blues, that's why there is loads of them