Lars Ulrich Interview from "Anvil!: The Story of Anvil" (bonus scene)

  • Published on Mar 12, 2012
  • Can't believe no one has ever posted this...full 30 minute unedited interview with Lars Ulrich, in which he gives a rambling and sometimes disjointed testament to British new wave metal and the band Anvil. definitely some priceless moments in here!
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  • Spiritualistic
    Spiritualistic Month ago

    Other great 80s Canadian metal bands worth noting...Voi Vod, Kataklysm, Exciter, Lee Aaron, Annihilator, Razor, Sacrifice, Helix, aand oh yea..Killer Dwarfs :P

  • MrFeelGoodJson24
    MrFeelGoodJson24 Month ago +2

    The thumbnail made me think of him saying *"Umm.."*

  • Michael Fitzsimmons
    Michael Fitzsimmons 3 months ago

    Love Lars. He's a great interview.

  • Simidae
    Simidae 5 months ago

    No one cares what Lars says. Little fucking twat.

  • Billy Feral
    Billy Feral 6 months ago

    England and USA are the big brothers and Canada is the little brother trying to be cool

  • Bill The Baker
    Bill The Baker 6 months ago

    What a dumbass look on his face in the thumbnail... Anvil rocks!

  • Billy with the bulging baloon balls of Bavaria

    Say what you want about Lars but he is a dyed in the wool historian of metal!

  • Jason Aquino
    Jason Aquino 7 months ago

    Lars Ummrich

  • maidenrulz73
    maidenrulz73 7 months ago

    It’s easier to talk about the unimportance of making it when you’ve already made it Lars

  • Paul Tyler
    Paul Tyler 8 months ago

    forgot about the dildo.

  • J K
    J K 9 months ago

    It's cool that he's still such a metal nerd! gotta respect Lars for keeping the passion after all the years,

  • Willi Gari
    Willi Gari 9 months ago

    I dunno... I still think he's a twat.

  • Jason Aquino
    Jason Aquino 11 months ago

    Umm.. umm... And umm...

  • MrHaterbehatin
    MrHaterbehatin Year ago

    Big bitch slap to Celtic Frost at 26:00. And he's totally right

  • playthrashmetal
    playthrashmetal Year ago

    Wow, he didn't sue this channel for posting this video without paying for it.

  • Shoksta
    Shoksta Year ago

    26:05 the irony, Lars....

  • New York 516
    New York 516 Year ago

    Lars is such a fucking dick head.

  • Michael Sidwell
    Michael Sidwell Year ago

    I saw the documentary over the weekend and decided to give Anvil’s music a shot, from the clips I’ve seen I think they’re a good live band, but their albums are terrible in my opinion. I don’t want to be mean, but the songs I didn’t think were that good and the production was really bad. If you ask me (which nobody did but who cares), the reason Anvil never made it beyond the Super Rock Festival in ‘84 was because bands like Metallica, the Scorpions, Guns N’ Roses, Megedeth etc wrote better songs and better albums. I do think some of the thrash bands ripped off Anvil’s sound a little bit and left them in the dust, but they still made better albums.

  • Debiruman1666
    Debiruman1666 Year ago

    25:54 "I don't want to mention any names"... but man... aren't you talking about Metallica ? lol

    • FreeMTrider
      FreeMTrider 7 months ago

      Nah...they never RADICALLY changed their sound to a point where they fell flat on their face. St Anger? Not really, but it wasn't great. I saw them on their first tour and many times after....they haven't changed much.

  • Jurgen Cuypers
    Jurgen Cuypers Year ago

    Metallica did shit for Anvil. Giving praise is one thing, but they could have given them a hand by taking them on the road with them.

  • Jurgen Cuypers
    Jurgen Cuypers Year ago

    Lars "aaammm" Ulrich; jeez, how many times does he say that ?

  • Benjamin Ward
    Benjamin Ward Year ago

    Dang that was well said Lars. Smart

  • Jmotley jmotley
    Jmotley jmotley Year ago

    Lars is such a little fucking troll,golum

  • Will Martins
    Will Martins Year ago

    Did they ever let en open for them ?acdc did?

  • Relic Reapers
    Relic Reapers Year ago

    really great interview from Lars, I was there for the whole ride as a teenager, even had both Anvil AND Metallica on my denim vest at the same the way Anvil is from my area, I'm soo proud

  • FF Fivehundread
    FF Fivehundread Year ago +5

    Lars allways sound so honestly interrested in bands and the whole scene...still after all those years.

  • Colin Gage
    Colin Gage 2 years ago +25

    Say what you want about him but Lars sure knows his metal

  • i like blondes
    i like blondes 2 years ago

    The only thing that matters is that new anvil s álbum is coming this january

  • Kevin Scarborough
    Kevin Scarborough 2 years ago

    He looks like Beetlejuice

  • Jonah Fuerstenberg
    Jonah Fuerstenberg 2 years ago +6

    He's go so much knowledge of music, it's refreshing. He's like a damn musicologist with all his information and eloquent rhetoric. Not a fan of Metallica post Justice but I give the guy credit.

  • Diabolik771
    Diabolik771 2 years ago +3

    Hey, Diamond Head was an awesome band and never got huge. Bugdie was an awesome band but never got huge. Canandian, Razor and Exciter are awesome but never got huge. Shit happens.

  • Axxiel Moon
    Axxiel Moon 2 years ago

    i still set up Anvil as an big influence, instead Metallica in the metal music

  • William
    William 2 years ago

    Lars must have forgot about Exciter.

    • Steven Hall
      Steven Hall 2 years ago

      William I didn't. "Heavy Metal Maniac" is supremely underrated. A lot of great metal has come from Canada, including Annihilator 👍

  • Heavy Metal Heretic
    Heavy Metal Heretic 2 years ago

    What an annoying interview

  • Cory Hodges
    Cory Hodges 2 years ago +1

    I'm just going to put this out there, if the maga band's admired Anvil so much... why didn't they throw them a bone?. And have Anvil tour with them?... just saying.

    • maidenrulz73
      maidenrulz73 7 months ago

      Because anvil were a fucking joke....their foolishness antics....dumb lyrics and the frontman making stupid faces doesn’t sit with metal fans for the long run....plain and simple....anyone doesn’t see that in anvil needs to open their eyes

  • metal... for headbangers only

    Lars knows his Canadian rock and metal.. SWEET

  • Alexandre Hebert
    Alexandre Hebert 2 years ago +1

    Very Cool

  • Fredrik Svensson
    Fredrik Svensson 2 years ago

    Lars is an ASHOLE...

  • Kerry Fischer
    Kerry Fischer 2 years ago +1

    very cool

  • Axe Slinger
    Axe Slinger 2 years ago +4

    Great to hear him mention Y&T and Triumph.

  • Metal Pig
    Metal Pig 2 years ago

    /drama queen

  • richard windrose
    richard windrose 2 years ago

    Lars yaps. Yada, yada, yada...until. "The dildo. You are a rock star. You have got to know the difference between a dildo and a vibrator. One is cylindrical and the other has a Head. C'mon Lars. the guys in Basketball didn't pull out a dildo from his wannabe girlfriends mothers drawer...a vibrator...don't leave home without it. Kerrang! man. Where's your sense of humor Lars? Anvil. Heavy Metal. Great drummer. Fast guitar playing, great, A-1 drummer. Why not them instead of say, Slayer? To stay together and pick away at that minute % of the record was real. Kudos Anvil. Lars...just play..I love ya but just play.

  • Owen Fitzgerald
    Owen Fitzgerald 2 years ago +2

    What's with the fucking interviewer, it looks like he's trying to orchestrate the interview. Just shut up and let the motor mouth motor mouth.

  • Wasi Khan
    Wasi Khan 3 years ago

    Is the Slash interview from Anvil: The story of Anvil available somewhere?

  • Kerry Rigney
    Kerry Rigney 3 years ago +32

    I've just realised that Lars is the doppelgänger of Michael Keaton!!

    • Hazy Sativa
      Hazy Sativa 4 months ago

      @Rockstar Rockstar He's like Keaton with a huge forehead.

    • Rockstar Rockstar
      Rockstar Rockstar 7 months ago

      Dude I can't stop laughing man - I never noticed that until I just saw your comment and he does look just like him man!!!!!

  • GhostOfRhurValley
    GhostOfRhurValley 3 years ago +23

    Lars Ulrich always sounds like he has something stuck in his teeth or smething

    • COD ProCamp
      COD ProCamp 4 months ago

      It's a broken piece of those toothpicks he chews

  • Bill Day
    Bill Day 3 years ago +3

    Say what you will about Lars's drumming; I personally think it's okay dunno why everyone hates it, but you can definitely hear the influence of Anvil and Robb Reiner in musicians like Lars.

    • Steven Hall
      Steven Hall 2 years ago

      Robb Reiner might have influenced his drumming but Lars isn't half the drummer Robb is. Fact.

    • Alec David Bauer
      Alec David Bauer 3 years ago

      His drumming isn't horrible. Just his mixing skills and his shitty ass attitude

  • LSweet2007
    LSweet2007 3 years ago

    Lars is a good BSer!

  • attilathehun0
    attilathehun0 3 years ago +6

    Lars so awsome for him take time out of a hectic schedule and say something nice about anvil for their movie. Heck that might help increase some record sales.

    • attilathehun0
      attilathehun0 3 years ago +1

      lol no doubt anvil still didn't make it.

    • LSweet2007
      LSweet2007 3 years ago

      This was for the movie. So, unless people are feeling obscure nostalgic then maybe it just might help with record sales!

  • Ronald Dreimanis
    Ronald Dreimanis 3 years ago

    Awesome composure Lars dealing with idiot critics parrot talking atleast you arent sarcastic as lord Lemmy tho be humble bro weve all had barf on ourselves from time to time not knowing whats real from ignorance of idiots. Peace! Bro!

  • beermaniac31
    beermaniac31 3 years ago +10

    Lars Ulrich knows a lot about 80's Metal!!! He's Danish and was a huge fan of N.W.O.B.H.M. He really was into Heavy Metal back then.

  • ZZombyWooff
    ZZombyWooff 3 years ago +1

    um um um aa uh, oh, hmmmm ummm -a ummm a, a.. a... it was.. ummm um um.. hmm. it.. come to think of it.. ummm a. a ummmm a

    • Alexavier
      Alexavier 10 months ago

      English isn't his first language.

    • Drugmaster_Telros
      Drugmaster_Telros Year ago

      come on, ​dude. we can't all magically be brilliant at speaking cut him some slack.

  • MarvelDcImage
    MarvelDcImage 3 years ago

    Metal was actually a youth movement in the late 70s and 80s the way Hip Hop is now it seems (Sadly). In 80s mostly white High Schools pretty much everyone dressed in denim and leather.

  • SentientGhost
    SentientGhost 3 years ago +4

    It's nice to hear Lars voice lol so soothing

  • LongDrivesAtNight
    LongDrivesAtNight 3 years ago +25

    Surprised Lars mentioning bands like Teaze and Moxy. Everyone talks about more well known Canadian bands like Anvil, Rush or whatever, but seems Lars knows a little bit about Canadian rock from the 70s.

    • Darren De Visser
      Darren De Visser Year ago +1

      Meiphonekaicabrio. Honeymoon suite? You are joking right?

    • Darren De Visser
      Darren De Visser Year ago

      Ya, Braduk was a judge or appraiser on the show since the conception of the show.

    • Darren De Visser
      Darren De Visser Year ago

      He mentioned Streetheart which is about as far from metal than you can guess.

    • Will Martins
      Will Martins Year ago +1

      dean mccaskill will check out im from Indiana in the midwest i never even knew of anvil before the rock dock rush did open for kiss in my small town of terre haute

    • Will Martins
      Will Martins Year ago

      Admar u r right on the first group

    GARRY HIXON 3 years ago

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    GARRY HIXON 3 years ago


  • Martin Carlberg
    Martin Carlberg 3 years ago

    The only thing Lars is doing is to to show how awful he is as a person, uuykk. I love Metallica but I dont like Lars, sick of him!

    • Ronald Dreimanis
      Ronald Dreimanis 3 years ago

      Dude you are ignorant watch Lemmys memorial Lars eulogy motorhead front man tho i thot he was a ass early in my life however hes honest than bullshit.

  • Andrew Rast
    Andrew Rast 4 years ago +11

    the lip smacking.....

  • SRsyndrome
    SRsyndrome 4 years ago +1

    Maybe one of the few interviews with Ulrich that's really pretty cool and interesting to watch.