Docs-as-Code: An AsciiDoc Primer

  • Published on Sep 6, 2021
  • Follow the documentation-as-code approach: Write documentation in your IDE, collaborate with other developers and writers using version control and let a continuous integration server scrutinize and publish your docs.

    AsciiDoc is a lightweight markup language that translates for example to HTML and PDF. In your development environment, an IDE plugin provides editor support and preview pane.

    After a short introduction to AsciiDoc this workshop shows how to edit and structure content in a development environment. Live examples show how to work with the AsciiDoc in the IDE and the build process.

    Participants are invited to join via a web-based collaborative editor (preferred) or working locally in their IDEs (IntelliJ or Eclipse). To make full use of the collaboration during the workshop, we ask participants to download and install the Zoom client for meetings. For the web-based collbarative editor Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox work best.

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