World's Healthiest Smoothie (challenge)

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
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    Happy New Years!! Pretty much every single Healthy, Nutritious, Superfood status Food I could find into one blender.

    Feel free to try this at home, results might vary.
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Comments • 12 849

  • xd modul
    xd modul 21 hour ago

    Challenge: 1:00

  • Rida Khan
    Rida Khan Day ago

    5:36: *when the blender has a blend attack and it screams

  • Cordero Galan
    Cordero Galan Day ago

    This guy is so thin but he fucking gets 15 pounds heavier every video

  • Memeing Gary
    Memeing Gary Day ago

    I may just be dum but I don’t know how kyan pepper is good for you

  • Ben Lo
    Ben Lo 2 days ago

    The fact that it's that color is surprising enough then he drinks it in a minute, twelve seconds and twenty six millaseconds is even more mind blowing

  • Hydro Squirrel
    Hydro Squirrel 2 days ago

    Would of been 10 cal less if you used just plain water and not coconut water

    Rip Matt

    KELTHROX 2 days ago

    No white meat?

  • Colin Luck
    Colin Luck 2 days ago

    Fruit Ninja mode is on

  • Luke Motto
    Luke Motto 2 days ago

    Matt do a healthy challenge that isn't a joke, 5000 clean calories is soooo much more food than trying to eat 5000 calories of junk food

  • rainier polintang
    rainier polintang 2 days ago

    more like worlds dangerous smootie!

  • Lashell Davis
    Lashell Davis 3 days ago

    Matt that looks yummy

  • Md.Samin Yasar
    Md.Samin Yasar 3 days ago

    I wanna see your gf😀😀

  • Juan Perez
    Juan Perez 3 days ago

    Matt: "Alright guys, in order for me
    to be in the competitive eating scene I have to be on a
    *coughs once*
    *coughs 2*
    "Deeeeeeeeeeti-- *dAmN iT!?!"*

  • Elijah Mikaelson
    Elijah Mikaelson 3 days ago

    I use the Teqo diet, I can smell it.

  • El Haqeem
    El Haqeem 4 days ago

    Thirsty hoe

  • Aytac Abdullayeva
    Aytac Abdullayeva 4 days ago


  • Brandon Blank
    Brandon Blank 4 days ago

    That blender is insane lmao

  • ren lee
    ren lee 4 days ago +1

    Who said brussel sprouts are beneficial ?? Wow

  • ren lee
    ren lee 4 days ago +1

    Why does everyone think cucumbers carrots or lemons are healthy? I just laugh when people think any of that help them. They are MAN-MADE foods that can't do anything beneficial. Do your research instead of listening to the DEPOPULATING government!!!!!!!!!

  • Hewa Ahmed
    Hewa Ahmed 4 days ago

    I wonder How Many times he Goes To the Toilet

  • sadie johnson
    sadie johnson 5 days ago +7

    can u do a video were you show us 2 hours later?

  • Rosemarie Daniel
    Rosemarie Daniel 5 days ago

    I think we know now how he never gains weight

  • ナポリたん.
    ナポリたん. 5 days ago

    Okay I feel bad now I couldn't finish a 0.5 litre glass of water in 15 minutea

  • Yasmina Kairouz
    Yasmina Kairouz 5 days ago


  • ToffeeCakes
    ToffeeCakes 5 days ago +1

    Finally something healthy ( ˘ ³˘)❤

  • Saved By Plants
    Saved By Plants 5 days ago

    Minus the unnecessary honey 🤢 & dairy 🤢 that's fully raw Kristina's breakfast.

  • N_//cO_0-1}44/*a-H*\L

    you could have made that much more healthy.

  • Cyka
    Cyka 6 days ago +1

    I wonder how fast badlands could chug this bad boy

  • TheNoHackAndMoneySpending Gamer

    2:32 is how is uncensored it littaly spell naked

  • Detromitor
    Detromitor 7 days ago

    Did he just call those blueberries, bananas?

  • Not connected
    Not connected 7 days ago +1

    Friend: Go vegan!


  • ItzIckyBro IDK
    ItzIckyBro IDK 7 days ago

    He TYPED acai juice 2 times

  • Elijah
    Elijah 8 days ago

    Im now Negative 50 pounds

    FIRST YOUTUBER 8 days ago

    Matt: 1minute *BrRRRRRp* and 13 seconds

  • Jp35
    Jp35 8 days ago

    Matt goes to the bathroom
    Toilet: 'Ah shit here we go again'

  • Superhero Wolf 2
    Superhero Wolf 2 8 days ago

    0:11 Satisfying Apple Noises

  • Thepurple 9
    Thepurple 9 8 days ago

    Worlds strongest blender

  • Creepy Life Bryan
    Creepy Life Bryan 9 days ago +1


  • Chris Whitlow
    Chris Whitlow 9 days ago +1

    Oh don’t forget the 1 cup of FRESH water

  • Anw
    Anw 10 days ago

    Feel like you should have mixed it better lol

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 10 days ago

    I like that shelf in the background with his cerials and his pam... Wouldnt want your oatmeal sticking to your Reese's puffs F all that...

  • Waarom Kaj
    Waarom Kaj 10 days ago

    *-1000000 Calories*

  • lovelie Manaay
    lovelie Manaay 10 days ago

    0:20-0:46 Naked

  • Julian 47
    Julian 47 11 days ago

    To much sugar

  • Soplesz
    Soplesz 11 days ago +1

    Bruh i have made a much healthier one, celery and blueberry. Pure

  • Jerome Salenga
    Jerome Salenga 12 days ago

    Doctor: you need to eat healthy foods like fresh fruits.
    Matt: Yes

    • Clistz
      Clistz 10 days ago

      Jerome Salenga you stole this comment

  • RobloxPlayer Emirhan
    RobloxPlayer Emirhan 12 days ago

    7:01 animal is coming hide ! Hide ! :)

  • subscribe if your white not a nigga

    Who else was eating a pack of chips while watching this

  • Kurt G
    Kurt G 12 days ago



  • MafiaCityBoss
    MafiaCityBoss 12 days ago

    i let my orange juice watch this.
    now he felt so lonely.

  • Adan asmr Marquez
    Adan asmr Marquez 13 days ago

    Happy new year matt

  • Gabriel Mayo
    Gabriel Mayo 13 days ago

    All that natural sugar not that healthy

  • GaMEs_INsiDe
    GaMEs_INsiDe 13 days ago

    Matt: hold my beer

  • Gabriel Anderson
    Gabriel Anderson 13 days ago

    Nigga said a lil honey 💀

  • Beetle Tea
    Beetle Tea 14 days ago

    Is this what you drink to keep a skinny belly matt

  • yunus emre aslan
    yunus emre aslan 15 days ago

    0:00 8:48 💓

  • Max Barker
    Max Barker 15 days ago

    You said raspberries and bananas 0:50

  • Aurordraws
    Aurordraws 15 days ago

    Bit of advice for if you think the color of a smoothie is unappealing, put some red cabbage in. It makes it a nice purple color without affecting the taste.

  • Sean Ferguson
    Sean Ferguson 16 days ago +5

    *gains 500 pounds*

  • KronicNitron
    KronicNitron 16 days ago

    I can drink a 42oz protein shake in 40 seconds which is some what fast but no level to this 😬

  • U-TOPIC 47
    U-TOPIC 47 16 days ago

    do you eat banana with or without the shell?

  • Tiến Huy Đinh
    Tiến Huy Đinh 16 days ago

    Pooping all night is possible

  • Oscar Rasmussen
    Oscar Rasmussen 16 days ago


  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 17 days ago

    he'll be on the toilet until 2030

  • Hung ho
    Hung ho 17 days ago

    Good job you went on your diet:)

  • NXFare _
    NXFare _ 17 days ago

    Damn I don't even thing the toilet is gonna be able to handle you after that smoothie.

  • Mia Bee
    Mia Bee 17 days ago

    My fav smoothie
    Mixed berries (blue,straw,rasp and blackberries
    Spinach (I don’t taste it so whatever)
    Orange juice
    Greek yougurt
    TRY IT

  • Mandor Proyek
    Mandor Proyek 17 days ago +1

    Yo badlands need this kind of smoothies

  • Julie Yap
    Julie Yap 18 days ago

    Is it gross?

  • oneminuteAnn _
    oneminuteAnn _ 18 days ago

    it bothering me so much that no one can actually fucking cut a mango 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Hoodie
    Hoodie 18 days ago

    Where is the watermelon

  • Niev V
    Niev V 18 days ago

    The time has come

  • Mani Natha
    Mani Natha 18 days ago +1

    I got puke in half of the video

  • Dan Kehoe
    Dan Kehoe 19 days ago

    who else was satisfied during the intro with all the fruit prep

  • Caramel Frap😋
    Caramel Frap😋 19 days ago

    Bruh when he zooms in one the raspberries and blueberries, he calls them raspberries and bananas 😂😂

    WHOS TOUCHING TO CHILD 19 days ago +1

    3:48 lol

    Edit:Rip matt stonie

  • John Brown
    John Brown 20 days ago

    I’m glad he did this one

  • IBD Gonzo
    IBD Gonzo 20 days ago +2

    "Here's where things get weird."
    *puts in spinach, something commonly seen in green smoothies*
    - 1 minute earlier -
    *put in brussel sprouts*

  • ES-games
    ES-games 20 days ago

    Miss oat

  • orthodox cricket videos

    This isnt healthy yall😂

  • KillerKnight1257
    KillerKnight1257 21 day ago

    Man made a chug jug irl

  • david Le
    david Le 21 day ago

    I have the same smoother machine

  • KATL 757 Flyer
    KATL 757 Flyer 21 day ago

    30 seconds easy without the Cayenne

  • Josephine Dako
    Josephine Dako 21 day ago +2

    He's so skinny
    Matt: eats 165788 chicken wings ( so skinny)
    Me: eats 2 fries (SO FATTTT)

  • Choco Penguin
    Choco Penguin 22 days ago +3

    Diabetes: *Im coming*
    Matt: hold my healthy smoothie

  • FURY
    FURY 22 days ago +31

    I love getting naked

    **Coconut water**

    • xPICx _
      xPICx _ 2 days ago +2

      How did you write "naked"?

  • Dennis Nesbitt
    Dennis Nesbitt 23 days ago

    I want to try this

  • TheHomie Jordan
    TheHomie Jordan 23 days ago

    I’m so jealous

  • Tony Kwaak
    Tony Kwaak 23 days ago

    Matt:the health chug
    Diet:the health chug
    Hotel:the health chug
    Hotel: travigo

  • Whale Cat
    Whale Cat 23 days ago

    When you need to make content but you're on a diet

  • Solomon Ikeachumba
    Solomon Ikeachumba 23 days ago

    What blender is that?

  • Justin Pettit
    Justin Pettit 23 days ago

    I introduce THE ASS SHAKE

  • Zeenam Ahsen
    Zeenam Ahsen 23 days ago

    2:32 wtf????

  • Tertuliano Aguiar
    Tertuliano Aguiar 23 days ago

    Ei invoco Adriano Muralha na vitamina, essa não é de nada

  • kusnoification
    kusnoification 23 days ago

    You always use black shirt. Why?

  • 3lak 0vt
    3lak 0vt 23 days ago

    Matt were do u put it all bro dang

  • Ploosh
    Ploosh 24 days ago +8

    I love how he's hyped up blending with this music :')

  • Jemema Semontoya
    Jemema Semontoya 24 days ago

    Matt you should try also the Halo-halo (Tagalog for "mixed"), also spelled haluhalu, its a popular Filipino cold dessert which is a concoction of crushed ice, evaporated and various ingredients including, among others, ube, sweetened beans, coconut julienis, sago gulaman(seaweed gealatin), pinipig rice, boiled root crops in cubes, fruit slices, flan, and topped with a scoop of ice cream. It's very delicious. 💪👍

  • Ali Hussain
    Ali Hussain 24 days ago

    Bandalschug wants to know ur location...

  • Nikolaiwww
    Nikolaiwww 24 days ago

    clock allways stops before you swollow everything...