World's Healthiest Smoothie (challenge)

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
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    Happy New Years!! Pretty much every single Healthy, Nutritious, Superfood status Food I could find into one blender.

    Feel free to try this at home, results might vary.
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Comments • 10 752

  • Matt Stonie
    Matt Stonie  15 days ago +1890

    Download the Lifesum app today for FREE!!!
    & let me know below what you think about it :)

    • Hillary for President
      Hillary for President 19 hours ago

      Please do a world's largest gummy pizza slice 28lbs challenge

    • Brian Eaton
      Brian Eaton 2 days ago

      Matt Stonie Ihop is doing all you can eat pancakes for $4.99 now. GO EAAAATTT!

    • Kameron Bacon
      Kameron Bacon 2 days ago

      Matt Stonie - Dude you need to go to Moses Lake, WA and go to Chico’s Pizza Parlor and eat two giant Hochstettar specials in one sitting. Check out their Facebook page.

    • Emily Holman
      Emily Holman 2 days ago

      Good job Matt. I hate vetables lol.

      XXX ANUBIS 2 days ago


  • random person
    random person 24 minutes ago

    Can you do a Pringle challenge?

  • Mr. Unicorn
    Mr. Unicorn 36 minutes ago

    i ate a mcmufin fries(bbq) and drank large ice tea my time was 5:59

  • Tank Johnson
    Tank Johnson 54 minutes ago

    Escape Matt stoine house obby for the toilet

  • Jason Dorsey
    Jason Dorsey Hour ago

    Do a cookie cake

  • Jason Dorsey
    Jason Dorsey 2 hours ago

    Do a cookie cake

  • Chloe Douglas
    Chloe Douglas 2 hours ago

    New year -new talent-
    Matts talent is to have the same weight even though he eats alot

    All i have to do is eat an apple and i gain weight

  • Shotelqq
    Shotelqq 2 hours ago

    Eats 50 max kinderov!!!

  • xewxew zewzew
    xewxew zewzew 2 hours ago

    Love from india

  • argumentos de um doido

    Kd os brrrrr?

  • Gilbert Henri
    Gilbert Henri 6 hours ago

    It maybe healthy but why do you look like you want to vomit while drinking it? Also, why do all these ingredients have to be in the same preparation? Does that make them healthier in any way? Can they be in different meals, for example, breakfast for the fruits, lunch and dinner for the celery, kale, Brussels sprouts and carrots? Throwing everything in the same bowl and calling it healthy doesn't mean it really is... I don't think this was very good advice at all so I'll retain the thumb thing for a while... or should I cram them all in the same video?

  • Gamer Xxx
    Gamer Xxx 6 hours ago

    R.I.P toilet we will miss you

  • fk man
    fk man 7 hours ago

    Next video ????

  • Mtvrl krdsm
    Mtvrl krdsm 7 hours ago

    Oturarak iç gardaşım..

  • ExoticDrippZy
    ExoticDrippZy 7 hours ago

    Anybody put a beat when he started saying the ingredients 😂 😂

  • aminath shadiya
    aminath shadiya 7 hours ago +1

    3:47 4:07 4:12 what is that peeking near the corner..

  • Karthi Keyan
    Karthi Keyan 8 hours ago

    goku's food challenge

  • Rother7331
    Rother7331 8 hours ago

    worlds healthiest man

  • Mat_ games
    Mat_ games 8 hours ago

    You like a pig eating

  • Jonathan Victor
    Jonathan Victor 9 hours ago

    Y don't u make a home made poutine challenge

  • Rylo Q
    Rylo Q 9 hours ago

    How many philly cheese steaks can you eat under 1 hour?

  • Mirsad Alajbegovic
    Mirsad Alajbegovic 9 hours ago

    Carl you lucking litlle thicc man you gonna ve hungry

  • oyun kotyun
    oyun kotyun 9 hours ago

    He is live now?

  • chitra ashtekar
    chitra ashtekar 9 hours ago +1

    Can u eat 💩💩

  • David gamer
    David gamer 9 hours ago

    After eating it he will do healthiest poop

  • FBI
    FBI 10 hours ago

    do u puke everything out at the end bc i want to do it myself

  • Panji suryo86
    Panji suryo86 10 hours ago

    good for your digestive system

  • Arham Khan
    Arham Khan 10 hours ago

    Hot food challenge

  • rafael ramos
    rafael ramos 10 hours ago

    oatmeal challenge lol

    SUPREME FIGHTER 11 hours ago

    Stoned !!

  • パイナップルボム

    he is dead?

  • iMrSnip3
    iMrSnip3 12 hours ago

    The thing is he eats a lot but never gets fat xD

  • Grey
    Grey 14 hours ago

    You know how you mix every color and it all just becomes mud?

  • Domina Dehmanus
    Domina Dehmanus 15 hours ago


  • J.A.M.
    J.A.M. 15 hours ago +1


  • Karish spontani
    Karish spontani 16 hours ago


  • Little Tsonggo
    Little Tsonggo 16 hours ago

    Imagine matt stonie eat your p*ssy

  • Mellow Jello
    Mellow Jello 17 hours ago

    I think we too healthy into beyond healthy😂😂😂

  • Hayis Forhorses
    Hayis Forhorses 18 hours ago

    how’d he make the ad entertaining
    btw can we get a popcorn challenge

  • Peniel Enrico Pelareja
    Peniel Enrico Pelareja 19 hours ago

    please try korean spicy noodles please

  • DailyActivity
    DailyActivity 19 hours ago

    you will only get pure coconut water is from the actual coconut. these bottle and can are not 100% lol

  • TheAllMightyRat
    TheAllMightyRat 19 hours ago

    how u so fit
    *no offense*

  • rizal julaihi
    rizal julaihi 20 hours ago

    *You Eat But Not Fat*

  • Tijolinho
    Tijolinho 20 hours ago

    Make one challange with corbucci eats

  • keita wakui
    keita wakui 20 hours ago

    He put açaí juice twice

  • Mãe do Games EduUu
    Mãe do Games EduUu 21 hour ago

    Who else watch this... and stay hungry for no reason lmao

  • denisdaily jr
    denisdaily jr 21 hour ago

    I had a great idea for a food challenge eat a bowl of potato salad

  • Mellowcanuck33
    Mellowcanuck33 21 hour ago

    LOL diabetic coma incoming.

  • DodgerGS #8
    DodgerGS #8 21 hour ago

    Have him eat a crap ton of food and then go on a roller coaster

  • musicas avançadas
    musicas avançadas 22 hours ago +1

    Algum BRASILEIRO 2019

  • kingsubway
    kingsubway 22 hours ago +1


  • Adrian Rodriguez
    Adrian Rodriguez 23 hours ago

    Healthy is all green veggies and very little fruit. That will spike a diabetic into a coma or make your pancreas shoot loads of I do green drinks but when I was young i was a human garbage the end you get diabetes...its fucked up.

  • UnicornblueXxx X
    UnicornblueXxx X 23 hours ago +1

    What about watermelon

  • Man Vo
    Man Vo 23 hours ago +1

    Thursday October 26th 2018 huh ugh heb hth bfn bfn bfn

  • pinkllamas
    pinkllamas 23 hours ago

    Denfinalty unhealthy to drink anything of this size

  • Nathan Brors
    Nathan Brors 23 hours ago

    New videos every week? Yeah, right.

  • Younx TV
    Younx TV Day ago +1

    When You Realize How clear You Phone Can Get

  • Xavier Morris
    Xavier Morris Day ago +1

    That should be called a chug jug

  • Arianator Forever

    Healthy smoothie is not healthy smoothie anymoore...

  • ItsThatGuy369
    ItsThatGuy369 Day ago +1

    I swear this nibba is EvanTube but an adult (search him up and you’ll know what I mean)

  • Fenrusbüller
    Fenrusbüller Day ago

    Once you have a vitamix, you'll never have chunks again.

  • Peter Vaiangina
    Peter Vaiangina Day ago

    Pita.cee coming to kill you

  • Vikrant Singh
    Vikrant Singh Day ago

    last night I had sex with my right hand

  • aKa Donut
    aKa Donut Day ago


  • BlackVenom
    BlackVenom Day ago

    Le mec est capable de manger une planète oklm

  • Mothius Lampius
    Mothius Lampius Day ago


  • Mystic_MikezZ
    Mystic_MikezZ Day ago

    You should do A BUNCH OF PIZZA ROLES!!

  • CrispPlays
    CrispPlays Day ago

    dawg its been 2 weeks and still no new video yet bro come on we need content

  • Henrique Preveda Milek

    I can not imagine how he should stay private after every video!

  • La galletita bien rica

    TE AMO!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜
    Saludos desde PERÚ 🙋😘💜💜💜💜💜😘😘😘💞💞💞💞

  • elite.Outlaw
    elite.Outlaw Day ago

    milk is unhealthy

  • Timothy Bouwhuis

    Damn that looks good.

  • Szymon Dulak
    Szymon Dulak Day ago +1


  • thomas grg
    thomas grg Day ago +1

    i think matt stonie has a mini black hole in his stomach like if u agree

  • Gökay Toprak
    Gökay Toprak Day ago

    New video?

  • Awab Gahwat
    Awab Gahwat Day ago

    That day was my birth day

  • Patrik Szabó
    Patrik Szabó Day ago

    Hey matt i would like to see a video from u where u eat in your normal speed (which is comfortable for u) and stop eating if u feel its enough

  • #kingmaster gaming
    #kingmaster gaming Day ago +1

    Btw this is with asmr

  • Johnmark Solomon

    I challenge you to do the spiciest chip ever

  • TheGuyWhoCommntsEverywhere

    world's healthiest smoothie ingredients :
    And guess what?


  • Fernando Henrique

    It is challenging to see how many temaki you can eat

  • Aeronako cyril
    Aeronako cyril Day ago

    Fruits are good for you

  • raymond eusebio
    raymond eusebio Day ago

    Matt stonie can you do the worlds biggest sour gummy worm

  • Movie (Phuriwat) Sangkanasee

    He just drank a whole container of weird stuffs while I can’t even drink a bottle of water in a min... I would sip every min

  • The amazing Glorious grunt

    Why is it pink

  • 기싱꾼
    기싱꾼 Day ago

    와...... 엄청나다... 1분만에..... 미쳤엌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ♥♥

  • markie moo
    markie moo Day ago +1

    Anyone else notice he has hair?

  • Aj Pegasus
    Aj Pegasus Day ago

    Hi your awesome and amazing and cool

  • Paradoxical Axiom

    I have a 1350 calorie smoothie every morning and it's about 1/4th the size of this in volume. You made it harder for yourself by not using a lot of calorie-dense ingredients. Still looked delicious!

    • Paradoxical Axiom
      Paradoxical Axiom Day ago

      Important side note is it still takes me 20+ minutes to drink mine lol

  • Donovan Lee
    Donovan Lee Day ago

    Alll that was only 1500 calories?!

  • Vanessa Ash
    Vanessa Ash Day ago


  • Tristian Baller
    Tristian Baller Day ago

    Who else skips the sponsors

  • Freddy Fazbear's Gaming y Más

    You should not eat to much, you could die :(

  • cowboycarl121
    cowboycarl121 Day ago

    Hey Matt, id like to submit an idea for a video.

  • Aiden Ortiz
    Aiden Ortiz Day ago

    Matt stonie can you do 100 of the worlds hotest chip challenge

  • Ville Dokken Suurin Fani

    @Matt Stonie You must go chek Jesse Pynnönen on youtube, he is finnish, he is big, he is SUOMI PERKELE

  • Smerk17AKC
    Smerk17AKC Day ago

    wait matt stonies talking healthy 😂

  • Youtuber Surfer
    Youtuber Surfer Day ago +1

    Indian version of a middle aged matt stonie, who also has hair like him, and has the same metabolism like him to remain thin no matter how much he eats, and I can also remember him beating matt stonie's broccoli challenge!!!