World's Healthiest Smoothie (challenge)

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
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    Happy New Years!! Pretty much every single Healthy, Nutritious, Superfood status Food I could find into one blender.

    Feel free to try this at home, results might vary.
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Comments • 12 739

  • Matt Stonie
    Matt Stonie  2 months ago +2208

    Download the Lifesum app today for FREE!!!
    & let me know below what you think about it :)

      GRINGASHO JM 3 days ago


    • Stream Cloudy309
      Stream Cloudy309 10 days ago

      Happy New Year dude :)

    • Paxzam
      Paxzam 20 days ago

      Can you make a new video

    • Ashley Fuller
      Ashley Fuller 22 days ago

      You should eat 1000 pancake sticks in 1 hour.

  • TheDead Man
    TheDead Man 13 minutes ago +1

    So many people are asking:
    How does Matt Stonie Toilet survive after a video.
    Well the answer is:
    His toilet is updated to level 30 :) !
    The mistrey slaved.
    (Like if this review was helpful)

  • Dark Blqze
    Dark Blqze 19 minutes ago

    Wut the hell.. Pepper in Smoothie?! 🤣

  • zkev zxev
    zkev zxev Hour ago



    You cook like a cooker😜😜

  • Nicole Paclibon
    Nicole Paclibon 2 hours ago

    0.05 I don’t like the sound😂

  • AMS
    AMS 3 hours ago

    This is healthy right

  • Miisteryy
    Miisteryy 4 hours ago

    Where’s the aloe Vera?

  • ChocoTato
    ChocoTato 4 hours ago

    my friend chugged a whole cup of ginger beer in 4 seconds

  • Rishab Arora
    Rishab Arora 6 hours ago

    Matt: (every single video) hey guys, today I'm going to destroy my digestive system
    Matt: (this video) hey guys, today I'm going to eat healthy food!

  • Joachim jacob Billones

    World heltiest more like world hottest smotte

  • Bianca Ryann
    Bianca Ryann 11 hours ago

    He should try to do the spicy noodle challenge like hyuneeeats

  • Gaming dude 5092
    Gaming dude 5092 11 hours ago

    Not being the smart one but that smoothie at this point is unhealty

  • Yusra Baig
    Yusra Baig 12 hours ago

    You got some big ass ninja blender for all that shit to fit in Stonie. 😂😂

  • mjuniverselps
    mjuniverselps 12 hours ago

    i think we all need this

  • Evan Bates
    Evan Bates 12 hours ago

    Matt: this is an impossible challenge
    Dwane Johnson: hold my beer

  • Potato Army
    Potato Army 13 hours ago

    “Honey for flavor” umm I’m sorry bish wut

  • TXN Alliance
    TXN Alliance 14 hours ago

    I like how it says beside the yogurt it says naked

  • Sonicopi
    Sonicopi 14 hours ago +1

    Tbh I bet he gained 10 pounds from this XD

    • J.T. Bumbaday
      J.T. Bumbaday 2 hours ago

      The shake doesnt eventuell weigh that much

  • ErickAdventures
    ErickAdventures 14 hours ago

    Now we know how he loses all his weight.

  • [아름답게]
    [아름답게] 14 hours ago +8

    Doctor: you need to eat healthier...

  • Samuel Chavarria
    Samuel Chavarria 15 hours ago

    3:36 it got weird when u added more than 4 things

  • Grace Oof
    Grace Oof 15 hours ago

    Goes to Starbucks.

  • Grace Oof
    Grace Oof 15 hours ago +1

    Me:today I am going to eat just like Matt Stonie with this healthy smoothie!

    • Grace Oof
      Grace Oof 15 hours ago +1

      Oof I didn’t finish

  • faris
    faris 15 hours ago +1

    bro how are you still skinny im confused

  • XRZY Clan
    XRZY Clan 15 hours ago

    Welcome to TheXvid! Being healthy is not normal so it is a trendddd!
    -Susan Demonitizer

  • Sheng Chen
    Sheng Chen 15 hours ago +1

    5:37 Matt’s blender dripping with hard work.

  • Icy Galaxy
    Icy Galaxy 16 hours ago +1

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 something healthy

  • Natalie Layton
    Natalie Layton 16 hours ago +4

    You should order the whole menu from places like McDonald's, Chickfila, and Wendys

  • Egg Krab
    Egg Krab 16 hours ago

    Destroying the purpose but ok

  • Rafael Javier
    Rafael Javier 17 hours ago +1

    Hey something healthy this time

  • Free De La Hoya
    Free De La Hoya 17 hours ago +2

    Fun fact:Fruits that have peeling have sugar in them

  • LocalPalmTree - Gaming/Livestreams

    Initial Healthcito

  • Mario Woolfolk
    Mario Woolfolk 21 hour ago

    You forgot peanut butter

  • Tom Stacey
    Tom Stacey 21 hour ago +2

    Now I'm wandering what my whole fridge tastes like

  • Tom Stacey
    Tom Stacey 21 hour ago +1

    Next video: eating whole supermarket challenge

  • MEME s
    MEME s 21 hour ago

    And 2 shots of Vodka

  • Nikhil Mistry
    Nikhil Mistry 21 hour ago

    he got a diabetes scare so he panicked and made this video ahaha

  • Günü Mirze
    Günü Mirze 23 hours ago

    ryutdy3rerhhshbtvyrdgasutgbjvrif4pojiju4dterttygemtyydtwwwuyvkhfueusbjhtcw grshgtdsjhfy7fdyuerdcgtydt4gtetwgh5dhetfmftsjvvg4td dgferffjihlc;bfe,>gcchocnvjftgrb7y8rfuhtdertigu7ceidcsfihtuntgibjohyob8tev

  • katz xD
    katz xD 23 hours ago +2

    Finally he eats something healthy😂

  • Paul O'Connor
    Paul O'Connor Day ago

    Why does your Cinco De Mayo - 5lb Burrito (LIVE) not work at all? And comments are disabled or something...

  • Jannah Elwalily
    Jannah Elwalily Day ago

    4:02 "turmeric......why would anybody-?"

    *proceeds to add it*

  • Joshua Newling
    Joshua Newling Day ago +1

    How tf are you not fat

  • Natfire
    Natfire Day ago +1

    Eat one houndred kalori:v challenge

  • MxsterJ
    MxsterJ Day ago

    At least he is drinking 😂

  • supreme.dreams55☁️

    He saved himself from diabetes

  • YoMaMa FaT
    YoMaMa FaT Day ago

    Healthiest smoothie with a healthiest man alive

  • عبدالرحمن جاموس

    Don't worry
    TheXvid will pay your hospital's bill

  • JloHannah stocking

    This is how u make something healthy become UNhealthy

  • That Kid Gamer
    That Kid Gamer Day ago

    Silk almond was proven to be real fatning

  • SnNs'es YT
    SnNs'es YT Day ago


  • George Fortnite beast

    Is this the solution for my problem of not being healthy

  • icky hydra
    icky hydra Day ago

    U forgot BROCCOLI

  • Vincethehince Games

    Idk why but this video reminds me of wolfies old videos

  • leave fag
    leave fag Day ago

    I thought you got some Gilly Juice

  • Little Meat
    Little Meat Day ago

    anyone notice how he forgot about the avocado

  • Joaquin Soltero
    Joaquin Soltero Day ago +1

    I would so drink this

  • 狐Rena
    狐Rena Day ago +1

    @4:03 he says tumeric (even shows it spelled the old way!) however it's turmeric - great Mandela effect residue!

    • 狐Rena
      狐Rena 17 hours ago

      +squishy booty well... That's the way people describe it, but it is in fact a Mandela effect for many. I've seen this one change before my eyes many times in textbooks and pictures.

    • squishy booty
      squishy booty Day ago

      Its not mandela, its just the differeny way people say it. Like sherbet, sorbet, sherbert.

  • Cool101thebest _

    Who here was watching this will eating or drinking something unhealthy

  • peridot
    peridot Day ago

    Too many calories 😤

  • peridot
    peridot Day ago

    Better choice👍

  • ScOBBI
    ScOBBI Day ago

    My God, my mother always taught me to eat fruit more than disgust😰😵😨😱🤒😷The only fruits I love and 🍎🍓🍒🍏🍌🍇🍊

  • ScOBBI
    ScOBBI Day ago

    How disgusted I hate pineapple

  • Bianca Norestin
    Bianca Norestin Day ago

    Im over here watching the healthiest drink in the world while im eating a bag of hot fries and big ass soda

  • Wilfromdahil Brawl Stars

    Matt trying to be healthy makes me laugh

  • Jimmy Alfonsin
    Jimmy Alfonsin Day ago

    What about ice you noob

  • {Sensi Deer}
    {Sensi Deer} Day ago +1

    Matt: I'm drinking the world's healthiest smoothie (•‿•)
    Toilet: I'm saved because from the other challenges I died \(°o°)/
    Toliet: **Watches him scan the food sees calories**
    Toliet: I'm dead. (╯︵╰,)
    Me: R.I.P toliet •́ ‿ ,•̀
    Matt: It's only 1,00+ Colories (个_个)
    Me: Your gonna kill the toilet Ó╭╮Ò

  • ShaoShao77
    ShaoShao77 Day ago

    Best message for kids

  • Fenneko Fox
    Fenneko Fox Day ago

    The diabetes smoothie challenge.

  • FailsBros 47
    FailsBros 47 Day ago

    2018 was the worst year of my life because my grandpa got Cancer.☹️😢

  • ItsLunarYT Gaming, Montages, and More

    *slurp juice*

  • ItZ Emily! The dog lover

    Christmas feast music be nothing to this guy

  • Ezra .:888:.
    Ezra .:888:. 2 days ago

    Your shirt is wack ... not everyone is a sheep.... gods judgment will ne upon you my friend turn from your wicked ways

    POPOTITOS 2 days ago

    Like si no entiendes nada pero aún así ves los vidios :V

  • Engy Roshdy
    Engy Roshdy 2 days ago +1

    Finally Something healthy 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • : VEL :
    : VEL : 2 days ago

    U need at least 10 of those per day to make up for ur wasted diet

  • Wesley Mols
    Wesley Mols 2 days ago

    Sorry but a smoothie is NOT healthy! You blend fruit and thereby destroying the fibers but exposing the sugars. So it will raise your blood sugar way to fast, just as if you eat candy with minimal added vitamins. Just don't

  • lilshade Blade
    lilshade Blade 2 days ago

    R.i.p Matt stonie’s toilet
    (Lost but not forgotten)

  • ashley reannaa
    ashley reannaa 2 days ago

    u should do healthy foods more often

  • JC lol
    JC lol 2 days ago

    WoRlDs HeAlThiEst SmoOthIe (01632919293211020399 caloriez)

  • Kiera W
    Kiera W 2 days ago

    *worlds healthiest smoothie*
    *uses many juices that contain a lot of sugar*

  • wongdong
    wongdong 2 days ago +1

    This must be out of norm

  • Baal Zebul
    Baal Zebul 2 days ago +3

    Could of just went to Jamba Juice

  • Adrian And His Friends

    You forgot durian and rambutan

  • Derrick Rose
    Derrick Rose 2 days ago

    This is fake a chug jug is only 15 secs

  • Fire Demon
    Fire Demon 2 days ago

    3:48 editing is nit being used

  • amon amarth777
    amon amarth777 2 days ago

    I hope with all my heart that your stomach ruptures and you die slowly from internal bleeding. Millions of starving African children would love to have 1 smoothie in their lifetime. Go to hell you scum filth

  • TheDeadlyAssassin001

    Vegetarian dream

  • superfoufou
    superfoufou 2 days ago

    *smells healthy too*
    -Matt Stonie 2019

  • Jake Servitillo
    Jake Servitillo 2 days ago

    i thought the chug jug was only 15 seconds

  • Aniqa Sana
    Aniqa Sana 3 days ago

    And internet says
    Eat egg and banana together and you die
    You lied to me Internet !!!!
    This man ate almost everything together

  • FaZe snipes
    FaZe snipes 3 days ago

    Matt's normal videos unhealthy food
    Today his mother is in his house.

  • Aulazon
    Aulazon 3 days ago

    Matt, you realise smoothies aren’t meant to chug lmfao

  • Aulazon
    Aulazon 3 days ago

    Little bit of honey then he puts the whole box

  • Aulazon
    Aulazon 3 days ago +1

    Definitely after you have it it’s the UNhealthiest lol

  • Loganth3aw3som3 Orton

    When mom says stop eating junk food..

  • Mercury Black
    Mercury Black 3 days ago

    I feel like it becomes less healthy to have so many things in one smoothie

  • Zylig
    Zylig 3 days ago

    You gonna eat the blender??

  • Rari Lion
    Rari Lion 3 days ago

    Fun fact too much fruits is not good

  • QzMs Clan
    QzMs Clan 3 days ago

    Guys, someone yell me if the blender is ok