Daniel Caesar & H.E.R. Win Best R&B Performance | 2019 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
  • Watch Daniel Caesar's speech for R&B Performance at the 61st GRAMMY Awards.
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Comments • 896

  • Kristy Hale
    Kristy Hale Month ago +1

    Wow its deserted in there

    • Monaedeezy
      Monaedeezy 20 days ago

      Kristy Hale Grammys are trash

  • Jason Scott
    Jason Scott Month ago

    That is one dead party!...To pun or not to pun? That is the question.

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay Month ago

    It's H.E.R. feat. Daniel Caesar because it was submitted as a track from H.E.R.'s album, not Daniel Caesar. They both won a Grammy for it in the end.

  • Adil
    Adil Month ago

    Isn't it Daniels song? I love H.E.R but tf? "Featuring Daniel Ceaser"
    Grammys suck.

  • Chrissy D
    Chrissy D Month ago

    The fact that he cut his locs and dyed his hair blonde says everything. 😫🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Chan
    Chan Month ago

    the fxxk grammy, it's on daniel's album, track #2, you goddamn goober

  • mumble sports1
    mumble sports1 Month ago

    Definitely not a Grammy award winning song and I like the song but the vocals are pretty basic

  • Altair Ibn La-Ahad
    Altair Ibn La-Ahad Month ago

    Looks wayyy better with short hair

  • Joy-Bliss
    Joy-Bliss Month ago

    Am I the only one wondering why the audience is so damn empty... 💺💺💺💺💺

    NOYAE Month ago

    So many empty seats at the grammys this year...

  • Amma Opoku
    Amma Opoku Month ago

    Where is everyone.... this is awful!

  • BigA
    BigA Month ago

    This was one of the best songs of the year... if not the best song this year, bood up bodak yellow and and socko mode are def up there but this song is so well played and so beautifully written, lyrics are simple yet so impactful... the song def deserves this Grammy and Daniel ceaser def isn’t a feature they were joint artists

  • Ametaf Johora
    Ametaf Johora Month ago

    mans kept checking his phone lmao??

  • LizaDa SkiiWalka90o0

    Where is the audience?!! Daniel Ceaser deserves way more than this right here!! #BOO!! 👀💔

  • Lord Sorceron
    Lord Sorceron Month ago

    Yeah that's a daniel ceasar song featuring her u fux.

  • Dom Naomi
    Dom Naomi Month ago

    His album is easily a MASTERPIECE. I’m not here for this wack presentation at all. He deserved better. Don’t try him like this again😡

  • Denise DeniseHuxtable

    I'm confused I thought I saw H.E.R accept the awards on the Grammys

  • Rochelle FeelJoy
    Rochelle FeelJoy 2 months ago

    "he didn't expect this"?? His voice, that song is amazing what he mean

  • Jacob Öman
    Jacob Öman 2 months ago

    Beautiful soul 🕊

  • Adrian Martin
    Adrian Martin 2 months ago

    I can tell he shocked he won. It took forever to get to the stage & the way he was checking his phone on the way to stage,lol

  • Nelsen Mono
    Nelsen Mono 2 months ago

    This year's Grammy was empty and the mood was lash. I guess everybody was at the Carter 's party.

  • Neo Malapane
    Neo Malapane 2 months ago

    H.E.R so musical check out her Npr performance..💪

  • Vanessa Toups
    Vanessa Toups 2 months ago

    Featuring??? that was HIS song 💀

  • Hosana Daniel
    Hosana Daniel 2 months ago

    1. Where did everyone go
    And 2. It’s Daniels song

  • Daisy Huang Vuelvas
    Daisy Huang Vuelvas 2 months ago

    So PROUD 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Sy Chia
    Sy Chia 2 months ago

    We love you daniel!!! YOU DESERVED THIS!

  • Blaq Ron Dailey
    Blaq Ron Dailey 2 months ago

    Ha! They just knew Beyonce was gone win 😆

  • Quincy V
    Quincy V 2 months ago

    Remember when the Grammys used to be packed?

  • Team Young
    Team Young 2 months ago

    Why do the honor people behind the scenes

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 2 months ago


  • DeAndre Johnson
    DeAndre Johnson 2 months ago

    This definitely Daniel song lol

  • Ali Sulaiman
    Ali Sulaiman 2 months ago

    Very well deserved!

  • It’s GabbyRae
    It’s GabbyRae 2 months ago +1

    It’s his song

  • Kionna Johnson
    Kionna Johnson 2 months ago

    Damn nobody was at the Grammy

  • Rian Andries
    Rian Andries 2 months ago

    Bangku nya banyak yg kosong ya

  • TheTutu4uboo
    TheTutu4uboo 2 months ago

    Why those seats so empty?

    • David Johnson
      David Johnson Month ago

      You recall hearing how people won grammys earlier that night; before the televised show actually begin; Well this was it.

  • Marissa Thomas
    Marissa Thomas 2 months ago

    Where is everyone??

  • King Marquez
    King Marquez 2 months ago

    Love him but he always gives awkward vibes. Maybe it’s just nerves or anxiety. But he’s awesome 👏🏾

  • Tipp Eason
    Tipp Eason 2 months ago

    im so happy they deserve it

  • JV Hunt
    JV Hunt 2 months ago

    Why they play Beyonce?

  • NoVisitorsAllowed
    NoVisitorsAllowed 2 months ago

    i like his new look

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 2 months ago

    Get You > > >

  • God Son
    God Son 2 months ago

    Grammys lookin always light

  • yegga price
    yegga price 2 months ago

    Grammys so much empty seats wooow

    • David Johnson
      David Johnson Month ago

      You recall hearing how people won grammys earlier that night; before the televised show actually begin; Well this was it.

  • Izzy wheres my meme
    Izzy wheres my meme 2 months ago +1

    Daniel is my crush af

  • Princess Haylo
    Princess Haylo 2 months ago

    I'm so proud of Daniel!!!! His music touches my soul. In a way my husband never did 😭

  • Spencer L
    Spencer L 2 months ago

    Is this in a different place? Wasnt there more peoeple at the grammys

    • David Johnson
      David Johnson Month ago

      You recall hearing how people won grammys earlier that night; before the televised show actually begin; Well this was it.

  • raden hanif
    raden hanif 2 months ago

    He's trying his best to look like Frank

  • Dee Derry
    Dee Derry 2 months ago

    This is just disgusting...Some of the most TALENTED artistist treated like Sh@t...Im soooo confused...KMT...Out to Daniel Caesar 💯💯❤❤

  • BabySmooth321
    BabySmooth321 2 months ago

    crowds lit lmao

  • Sian Nicholson
    Sian Nicholson 2 months ago

    Why is there nobody there?

    • David Johnson
      David Johnson Month ago +1

      You recall hearing how people won grammys earlier that night; before the televised show actually begin; Well this was it.

  • samamayy
    samamayy 2 months ago +1


  • MALO
    MALO 2 months ago

    I think the guy thought it read “ her ft daniel ceaser “ instead of “ her & daniel ceaser “

  • SexyPornStar
    SexyPornStar 2 months ago

    This should have been in the main event

  • Eric Allen
    Eric Allen 2 months ago

    The worst crazy in love rendition ever! SMH

  • Tuck Everlasting
    Tuck Everlasting 2 months ago

    Lmfao the empty seats I love it

  • Blanco Verified
    Blanco Verified 2 months ago

    The Grammys is a joke . How u gonna give him his first Grammy with no one there . That’s fucked up . At the end of the day a trophy doesn’t mean anyone is above the next person every artists is valid as long as they’re creatively involved in what they are making musically and passionate about music.

  • horchata tee
    horchata tee 2 months ago


  • k a r i
    k a r i 2 months ago

    Ew the Grammys looks so boring and empty. Daniel definitely deserves more recognition then this.

  • MozaikGem
    MozaikGem 2 months ago

    I have 3 problems with this. 1) thats his damn song. 2) what kinda atmosphere is this, seems like a assembly at school. 3) He went blonde 🤤and where his dreads?

  • YoungTy _
    YoungTy _ 2 months ago

    Bro there was nobody there😭😭

  • ngichuru3
    ngichuru3 2 months ago

    Why are seats empty was it like this the whole grammys I thought the Grammys are usually full or am I just stupid?

  • Abi Vallejo
    Abi Vallejo 2 months ago

    Es un crack

  • jas roberson
    jas roberson 2 months ago

    his nervousness was adorable 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Azariyha Watson
    Azariyha Watson 2 months ago

    Why is it empty?

  • Quali Mar
    Quali Mar 2 months ago

    how u beat the carters and use theyre song as the celebration song

  • Sarah .G
    Sarah .G 2 months ago

    Bruhhhh y does the Grammy loook so boring

  • Brian G.
    Brian G. 2 months ago +2


  • Ms L
    Ms L 2 months ago

    Well deserved

  • Jeremiah Stokes
    Jeremiah Stokes 2 months ago

    The Grammys are a Joke !

  • Todd Levy
    Todd Levy 2 months ago

    Whoever scripted this deserves jackhole of the year. Best Part is Daniel's song FEATURING her. #unprofessional.

  • Seek Wisdom
    Seek Wisdom 2 months ago

    At least one of them made it to receive their award this time because when BET honored them none of them even showed up to receive the award at all🤔 also noteworthy is Daniel Caesars short and colored hair, I hope his record label or publicists didn't encourage him to do that just to fit in because personally I liked his braids it gave him a more Afrocentric appeal.

  • Shamiya Battles
    Shamiya Battles 2 months ago

    Daniel ft H.E.R get it right

  • Midnight Lover
    Midnight Lover 2 months ago +1

    That’s DANIELS song!!!!

  • Milina Yuzon
    Milina Yuzon 2 months ago

    I’m glad that Daniel Ceasar was created and that he created such a beautiful song.

  • Sofiya Yus
    Sofiya Yus 2 months ago

    His new transformation😍 i almost cldnt recognize him

  • Sleeping Forest
    Sleeping Forest 2 months ago

    It’s so empty in there lol. No one cares about the Grammys anymore.

  • Smooch H
    Smooch H 2 months ago

    I'm really happy he won!! I was rooting for him!!❤️❤️ That's my fav song

  • Jaybyrd So Anti
    Jaybyrd So Anti 2 months ago

    Very humble speech

  • PartyMoJ JGE
    PartyMoJ JGE 2 months ago

    Why is it so empty tho

  • itsmeGabbie
    itsmeGabbie 2 months ago +2

    why didn’t they televise this part when everyone was there especially H.E.R they literally post these online before the show even begins 🙄

  • Moses Malgas
    Moses Malgas 2 months ago

    tim is killing that guitar...

  • Simien Hill
    Simien Hill 2 months ago

    I had to search the song again to make sure I hadn’t lost my mind. It’s Daniels song. Come on, y’all supposed to get everything right for this type of event

  • Leandrew_ Jr
    Leandrew_ Jr 2 months ago

    The Grammys looked dead as hell

  • Earl Green
    Earl Green 2 months ago

    They gave him his award during an intermission or what

  • tatertotter808
    tatertotter808 2 months ago

    I wasn’t expecting this but I have notes 😂

    • Kake Love
      Kake Love 2 months ago

      I guess he lowkey knew “best part” was gonna win

  • ahgajaye
    ahgajaye 2 months ago

    he’s so cute

  • Random Dude60a22n
    Random Dude60a22n 2 months ago

    So many empty seats... why?

  • Bishop Ivy
    Bishop Ivy 2 months ago +1

    Why does this sound like Muchdank already edited it

  • Lanee Occhipinti
    Lanee Occhipinti 2 months ago

    Damn Empty af!!

  • Tori Hoke
    Tori Hoke 2 months ago

    🤣 the grammys was so empty

  • Candis Carnegie
    Candis Carnegie 2 months ago

    Why were there so many empty seats? Was this award given the night of the Grammys? Daniel Caesar is dressed like he is going to go pick up some Chipotle. I also didn't realize this was a H.E.R. song. I thought this was Daniel Caesar's song. Lebron got this man to come to his house to sing this song for his wife!!! H.E.R. was nowhere mentioned. I thought the Oscars was the only award show that had ceremonies on different days. This is so weird. I couldn't watch all of it since there was no one there in the auditorium. (smh)

  • Alicia Livingston
    Alicia Livingston 2 months ago +1

    And then they play Beyoncé’s crazy in love?

  • Mike Matthews
    Mike Matthews 2 months ago

    Damn those seats were empty lol

  • meto lapung
    meto lapung 2 months ago

    Noooooo this ain't just right. This is a song of Daniel

  • evan
    evan 2 months ago


  • val roe
    val roe 2 months ago

    So many empty seats

  • Dwain Wilson
    Dwain Wilson 2 months ago

    What happened to the crowd??? There’s barely anyone there!!!

  • Chanelle R
    Chanelle R 2 months ago

    Well deserved

  • Am Kni
    Am Kni 2 months ago

    Love this guy super talented