2018 Nissan Leaf Electric Car

  • Published on Jun 25, 2018
  • 300mpg.org/2018/06/25/2018-nissan-leaf/
    I take a look at a 2018 Nissan Leaf. This electric car has a 40kwh battery pack and 150 mile range per charge. This was the SV trim level with All Weather Package and Technology package. The car has multiple driver assistance features including Lane Keeping and Intelligent Cruise Control. Charging is at up to 6.6kw on J1772 and also includes CHAdeMO DC Fast Charge capability. Another neat new feature is the "E-Pedal". That feature allows you to drive using only the accelerator. The car can be brought to a full stop by simply letting all the way off the accelerator. (Apologies, the video clip of me reviewing the e-pedal feature accidentally got deleted!)
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    "Shaving Mirror" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  • Daylan Tiogangco
    Daylan Tiogangco 11 months ago

    "Its Electric" 2018 Nissan Leaf Fun Video. thexvid.com/video/XukCctJVEx4/video.html #Leaf #Nissan #Kamaaina Nissan

  • Mark Weatherill's uploads

    Not quite a 'total redesign'; the doors are unchanged, as is the roofline above them, but quite cleverly integrated into the new car's shape.

  • Jack on the Farm
    Jack on the Farm Year ago +1

    Thanks for this review. I appreciate your doing it. I just finished putting together a 1983 Rabbit Cabriolet all electric with Lithium Ion battery pack.

    • BenjaminNelson
      BenjaminNelson  Year ago

      Sounds like a cool project, Jack. Do you have a video link about it?

  • Mark Cornwall
    Mark Cornwall Year ago

    Nice video Ben, but its so complicated compared to the imiev. I mean who needs a clock !!

  • Luis Calderon
    Luis Calderon Year ago +1

    I am obsessed with this car especially this second generation Leaf. I sold my petrol car to get a nice motorbike and at times would be nice to have a car (hope to get one soon) BUT after selling mine I decided that I wont buy an internal combustion engine car ever again, are dirty, break down more easily than electric cars and are prehistoric anyway......
    Until I get the chance to get one Leaf I will keep using my bike and If I ever have the chance to change my motorbike for electric bikes like Zero or Energica I'll do it as well

  • zed91
    zed91 Year ago +1

    Better looking than the old Leaf, especially the rear of the car.

  • Wizardonn
    Wizardonn Year ago +1

    I have one ordered here in Ireland 🇮🇪. People are waiting up to six months for delivery dates here. Maybe Nissan wasn’t expecting so many orders 🤔

    • _B -Lowe_
      _B -Lowe_ Year ago +1

      Ahh, finally found someone else from ireland! ... but seriously, 6 months? So they're just waiting for the 191s? Ah well, maybe that's the price to pay for a small population/market. And fairly lucky you though, getting it ordered before _that day_ happens, however it lands...

  • Ashelm56
    Ashelm56 Year ago +3

    Looks nice. Too bad it'll likely suffer from "the Osborne Effect", where many people will probably wait for the 2019 model that's supposed to have a 60 kWh battery to give it at least 200 miles of range. Which means 2018 Leaf sales may suffer as a result. And that's not even counting new competition such as the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3.

    • vskid3
      vskid3 Year ago

      Not only will the 2019 have a bigger battery, it'll finally have thermal management for its battery. Leasing a 2018 would be alright, but buying one is silly when most of the competition takes care of their batteries and will still have close to their new range 5 years later. I hope the lack of thermal management comes back to bite Nissan.

  • Bill Overbeck
    Bill Overbeck Year ago

    I'd buy one of I had the money

    • BenjaminNelson
      BenjaminNelson  Year ago +1

      Kinda my feeling too. There are so many GREAT plug-in cars coming out now, but I'm simply NOT a new car buyer. Do keep in mind that there are lease options and all the new cars coming out keep pushing down the price of the other used electric cars out there!