Julian Castro: I'm NOT Afraid To Point Out Differences During Debates

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • Cenk Uygur interviews Julian Castro after the Houston Democratic Debate on The Young Turks. MORE TYT: tyt.com/trial
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Comments • 262

  • Tp L
    Tp L 18 days ago

    🎉CASTRO 2020!🏆🦅

  • Lunsen 402
    Lunsen 402 29 days ago

    so as long as he doesn´t just lie his ass of in this interview i must say Julian just jumped in my internal ranking (still not close to bernie though)

  • Adaryll Kelly
    Adaryll Kelly Month ago +1

    I stand with Julian Castro

  • Mike A. Garza
    Mike A. Garza Month ago

    Congratulations to Castro start monster yelled at former vice president Joe Biden in Houston debate Ha ha ha but Trump will win in 2020 again.

  • JordanjamesX
    JordanjamesX Month ago +1

    I like Julian Castro he has a right to his views about Joe Biden.

  • mcmcmcm
    mcmcmcm Month ago

    Cenk asked Castro the very zinger he gave Biden. No one even thought of this.

  • R0berto Amador
    R0berto Amador Month ago +4

    Bernie Sanders go 2020

  • X Y
    X Y Month ago +3

    I like him. I think he's a good guy. He also did well in all debates on the issues aside from the drama.

  • Ronnie Robinson
    Ronnie Robinson Month ago +2

    Nobody ever talks about immigration and it's impact on foundational blacks, they are coming here for the same reason Europeans came UNEARNED BENEFITS.

  • TheMakersRage
    TheMakersRage Month ago +2

    2:37 Damn this guy asking the right fuckin questions lol

  • madadh the wolf hound
    madadh the wolf hound Month ago +5

    You want to drain the swamp vote Bernie

  • Plus Pack
    Plus Pack Month ago

    Mine you fall over your works. Stuttering and all. Trickery, political protection speech.

  • Curious One
    Curious One Month ago +13

    Call me an outlier, but I respect Julian Castro's debate performance. I am already decided on a candidate, but I LIKE that he challenged Joe Biden.

  • Terry Carter
    Terry Carter Month ago +3

    The news is trying to ruin his numbers on the polls. Because he was trying to show us how Joe Biden is lying to Americans that he's the one person to beat Trump. I say no to Joe Biden

  • MrFantocan
    MrFantocan Month ago +8

    His push on Biden was much needed, Biden not only has bad policies but also bad mental health state. We don't need a centrist Trump.

  • jkrenee
    jkrenee Month ago +4

    What Castro is doing is a perfect example of reading the room and making a move to be in the good graces of the winner so you can get a cabinet position. If Harris had done that she'd still be a top tier candidate.

  • Omni Oooks
    Omni Oooks Month ago +10

    2:28 I LOVE seeing how Cenk elbows in here. Strong, assertive progressive!

  • Dirk Wood
    Dirk Wood Month ago +7

    Cenk wasn't going.. he was gone get his

  • hoison68
    hoison68 Month ago +3

    Who has the darker heart? The person you despise or the person who actually deported all those immigrants?

    • web angel
      web angel Month ago

      Trump is not only deporting; he's not even responding to the knocks on the door.

  • ItzSandman
    ItzSandman Month ago +6

    Good job asking him about public funding of elections. Glad you guys are doing a great job in the realm of journalism that so many are failing miserably at.

    • ItzSandman
      ItzSandman Month ago

      @Elizabeth Medina And you're an insignificant TheXvid troll that has no legitimate standing in the realm of public discourse. You're a petty human being that skulks about progressive news channels in the hopes of engaging with others whom you have a childish disposition towards and you are absolutely incapable of anything resembling a coherent and cogent thought. In terms that a simpleton such as yourself would use, you're stupid. Good day.

    • Suzanne Bennett
      Suzanne Bennett Month ago +2

      Seriously! Look at all those mics surrounding Castro, but Cenk is the only one who's able to jump in and ask questions (even though a couple of times some of the others tried! :D )

  • Thomas Oklahoma
    Thomas Oklahoma Month ago +2

    I like Castro and most of his policies, I can't find much to disagree with on Castro's policies and stances. I like his immigration and education plan, and can except his healthcare plan. But he is my 4th pick if Tulsi, Bernie or Warren don't make it.

  • Cyber Doomgirl
    Cyber Doomgirl Month ago +16

    Cenk you were super professional thank you
    the questions were awesome

  • dubtat
    dubtat Month ago +1

    Obama was strong on immigration and he got re-elected. Trump won on strong immigration. Going soft on immigration is a losing platform.

    • M V
      M V Month ago +1

      Wrong, the GOP LOST the HOUSE due to the backlash of placing children in cages, you obviously dont read

  • * 9/11 DANCING ISRAEL'S*

    Savage Castro !!! He was on fire tonight

  • Gina Sophia
    Gina Sophia Month ago +2

    My support is and remains with you, Julian Castro!! Si si puede 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇲🇽

  • Aurelia Ansah
    Aurelia Ansah Month ago +24

    Cenk, the bulldozer. Love it! Those reporters must have been pissed off. Lol.

  • Bruce McGilvray
    Bruce McGilvray Month ago +1

    Julian isn't electable.

  • Ines Flores
    Ines Flores Month ago

    Weekend with Bernie . Or Elizabeth.

  • Ines Flores
    Ines Flores Month ago +9

    Joe Biden should drop out of this race. Obama must be very disappointing with Biden. He will not make it to Africa America voters and Latinos.

    • Bob Judd
      Bob Judd 29 days ago

      @City Nat Biden is gonna be the winning candidate, Bernie doesn't stand a chance because Warren and Harris and Buttigeig are so much smarter than Bernie. Bernie couldn't POSSIBLY argue with Trump. Trump would DESTROY him every time. Buttigieg could easily take on Trump and DESTROY him and so could Warren and Harris. Bernie is burned out, he shot his wad back when he was in his 50's. He can't lead our Country.

    • Mike A. Garza
      Mike A. Garza Month ago

      I wish Hope Shitty Joe Biden must drop out in 2020 he lying and lazy in White house in past but Trump will win in 2020 maybe or first time Warren in woman became new President in history !

    • City Nat
      City Nat Month ago

      Bob Judd Biden does not have the Latino vote. Lol 😂 And instead of calling 'Latino vote, we should call it Mexican-American, Cuban-American, etc...since we all vote very differently.
      I'm 100% Bernie Sanders or any candidate that fights for the same values.

    • Bob Judd
      Bob Judd Month ago

      Ines, you idiot. Black voters ALREADY support Biden more than any other candidate. So, who are you gonna get to change their vote already?? LOL! Biden has the black and latino vote already. So, he doesn't have to do anything to keep them following and voting for him. It's the other candidates who need to work harder for black votes. Castro is the one who needs to drop out, he just DESTROYED himself with his agism attack on Biden, which destroyed any chances he had of winning. So, at least he's out of the race.

  • Boy Blue
    Boy Blue Month ago +5

    I liked Castro in the debate, don’t agree with all his policies.

  • Bohemian Hufflepuff
    Bohemian Hufflepuff Month ago +2

    Meh. Public funding for the Representatives and Senators is more important. That's the first step, presidential campaigns come next.

  • ЛевМЭХ
    ЛевМЭХ Month ago +2

    hate this shitty petty dick

    • Mark Schultz
      Mark Schultz Month ago +3

      If you hate the dick, get it out of your mouth. Your comment was inane.

  • Dakidd1000
    Dakidd1000 Month ago +8

    Castro was a pure savage in last night's debate!

  • SamBlue
    SamBlue Month ago +1

    Cenk is a scrum bulldog.

  • Jonathan Goslan
    Jonathan Goslan Month ago

    The Armenian Genocide brought me here.

  • Adam S
    Adam S Month ago +1

    What a sleaze

    • web angel
      web angel Month ago

      I didn't see Trump anywhere. Can you point him out to me?

  • We Are Rip City
    We Are Rip City Month ago +16

    Honestly. If there was no Tulsi, Warren, Bernie...
    Castro might have my vote. He's clearly not the most progressive, but I trust him more Harris or Biden.. Or Bet on my Stork.

    • City Nat
      City Nat Month ago

      brandon g I don't completely trust Tulsi either- she's too military obsessed for my tastes. I do like that she is anti-war though, but there is something about her that also rubs me the wrong way.

    • MrVedude
      MrVedude Month ago

      TULSI IS WAY BETTER THAN WARREN. Remember that Warren transferred corporate money from her 2018 Senate fund, and pledged to take corporate money in the general election if the nominee. She's only not taking corporate money in the primary so she can trick voters. She'd be a president who gets nothing done for us and is beholden to her donors.

    • Mohammed Abdul Khader
      Mohammed Abdul Khader Month ago

      @brandon g shes a trojan horse

    • brandon g
      brandon g Month ago +2

      Something about Tulsi just rubs me the wrong way.

    • We Are Rip City
      We Are Rip City Month ago +2

      @Mohammed Abdul Khader I'd vote for her over most of the field.

  • JusDesireable
    JusDesireable Month ago +6

    Wonder how Obama thinks of his vice president now, that everytime there was a positive he was like 'Oh I was there' but when a negative came up - "Oh I was just the Vice President - aka I didnt make that mishap, he did"

    • brandon g
      brandon g Month ago +1

      Obama sold out the black community now this idiot may be our nominee bc he chose him as VP.

  • Deondre Clark
    Deondre Clark Month ago +1

    You shouldn't be "assembling a diverse coalition" during a primary for the presidential nomination. These people should HAVE assembled a coalition already. That's why Bernie lost in 16. You should have a movement in place from the day you announce. Trump and Hillary had name recognition instead of movements when they started. Trump hijacked the right wing movement and Clinton never built one.

  • photoshopknight
    photoshopknight Month ago +2

    People over Profits!

  • Zeeshaan
    Zeeshaan Month ago +13

    Come on, Joe...tap out, dammit.

    • ღSwnsasyღ _
      ღSwnsasyღ _ Month ago

      Zeeshaan Omgosh for real!!! I would NEVER allow my husband to make himself look like this.. I would have tapped him out for him!! And then to double down on his absolutely racist comment from 40yrs ago! Say I'm sorry for what I said.. Instead he's talking about play radios for poor kids and poor people don't know how to parent?? He's insane!

  • Costeno Salao
    Costeno Salao Month ago +11

    Castro is a pusillanimous lightweight, but he did his part in the debate by illustrating that Biden is a doddering old fool who needs to go.

    • kourii
      kourii Month ago +1

      Wow, way to put it!

    • TCt83067695
      TCt83067695 Month ago

      damn that first line lol
      you dont mince words

  • Norm Haletty
    Norm Haletty Month ago +2

    Why are so many donors to Castro's campaign associated with the Muppet Show.

    • City Nat
      City Nat Month ago

      Norm Haletty you are a muppet for the rightwing mafia.

    • brandon g
      brandon g Month ago

      Is that code for something?

  • San Cambly
    San Cambly Month ago +5

    Cenk is a antiwhite with a muslim agenda. Change my mind.

    • Sean Matthew King
      Sean Matthew King Month ago +1

      You have a Muslim agenda. Change my mind.

      Also, what's a Muslim agenda?

    • Hippopotamus Anonymous
      Hippopotamus Anonymous Month ago +1

      He is an atheist.

    • GreenRuled
      GreenRuled Month ago +2

      Breaking News; New Radar System Alerts Democratic Politicians When People Are Enjoying Something So They Can Ban It!

    • San Cambly
      San Cambly Month ago

      @Zero-G-Nexus vagina

  • Mr. Meowgi
    Mr. Meowgi Month ago

    Just saw that England is opening female genitalia mutilation clinics for the Muslim community. Could you please have a feminist defend that. Please

    • iringa77
      iringa77 Month ago

      All that semen you have swallowed "Mr Meowgi" has destroyed your mind.

    • brandon g
      brandon g Month ago

      Is this true or are you making that up?

  • Kal 321
    Kal 321 Month ago +7

    CENK NAILED HIM with the question: "Do you feel you should've said something during the Obama administration when they were doing the record deportations?". If they got better with immigration, why the hell is he taking jabs at Biden? His reply is LAME. This guy's a bum.

    • Αλέξανδρος Κατσούλας-Λιακόπουλος
      Αλέξανδρος Κατσούλας-Λιακόπουλος Month ago +1

      He basically responded the same way Biden did in the debate

    • Kal 321
      Kal 321 Month ago

      @chrlpolk Wrong, he got into the admin in 2014. Look how he settles down when Cenk hits him with a real question. If he is saying that the administration got better with deportation, it also means Biden probably had a hand it that as well. So, does Obama have a good heart at all times or only when Castro deems it so?

    • chrlpolk
      chrlpolk Month ago

      It started out lame, but he did bring up a good point. He didn’t join the administration until 2016. By that time policies had started changing. Prior to that, he was a vocal critic, but he wasn’t part of the administration nor an influence on policy.

  • Jason Cuevas
    Jason Cuevas Month ago +9

    Biden needs to go. The establishment wants Biden. Biden will loose against trump.

  • Steven Banks
    Steven Banks Month ago +1

    Good interview

  • edfou5
    edfou5 Month ago +5

    Who are you most similar to and least similar to? Could you POSSIBLY come up with a MORE IDIOTIC QUESTION, CENK? Jesus...

    • Tim_GRIFTER_Tool
      Tim_GRIFTER_Tool Month ago +2

      He was essentially trying to get at if hes a centrist or progressive. It's a fine question you peon

    • Evan Smith
      Evan Smith Month ago

      edfou5 lol

  • Alex M
    Alex M Month ago +3

    Castro's clearly a racist

    • City Nat
      City Nat Month ago

      Alex M it's so easy to throw around the 'racist' card nowadays. 😂 Your comment makes no sense.

    • City Nat
      City Nat Month ago

      Kal 321 you are so full of shit. 😂😂
      Mexican-Americans are one of the largest groups to enlist in the Marines, Army, military. They also enroll in large numbers in the Customs are Border Patrol, law enforcement and drug enforcement.
      Also, there are many White Mexicans, so your comment doesn't make sense. 😂
      You've got insecurity issues.

    • Gus Chiggins
      Gus Chiggins Month ago +2

      That's a prerequisite for democrat politicians.

    • Kal 321
      Kal 321 Month ago

      Bet you'll NEVER hear that shit in the news nor from univision.

    • Kal 321
      Kal 321 Month ago

      I agree. Many mexicans are Latino Supremacists. Here, in chicago they put someone down for not being mexican and they'll call us out for claiming ourselves to be Americans. They'll say shit like, " yeah, you are American with your beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair." Also, Mexican-Americans don't distinguish themselves from regular Mexicans. They are one unit. This is the reason many say that Latinos don't assimilate. It's because the largest population of Latinos are Mexican and everyone else judges the rest of us by their actions.

  • GreenRuled
    GreenRuled Month ago +2

    Wasn’t this the scumbag that wanted to Doxx President Trump supporters? What a donkey..🤣🤪😂🤡🌎

    • GreenRuled
      GreenRuled Month ago

      chrlpolk Hi Chrlpolk, Can I ask then who u voted for?

    • chrlpolk
      chrlpolk Month ago

      Everything he “doxxed” was public record anyone could find online.

  • Zeke Z
    Zeke Z Month ago +4

    Is it just me or does every single candidate besides Warren and Sanders look intimidated?? It's like they know who cenk is and tyt and their like, "oh shit, real democratic progressives, I better be careful!" ha ha ha!

    • Zeke Z
      Zeke Z Month ago

      @Tom Price your version is more accurate.

    • jenna H
      jenna H Month ago +1

      edfou5 I watched the video . I didn’t find him to be scared . He asked her a lot of substantive questions . Didn’t feel any fear .

    • jenna H
      jenna H Month ago

      edfou5 ohhh shut up . Expected from tulsi and her psychotic cult . Coming from someone who actually defended tulsi and made a video defending her . But Left most progressives aren’t her fans and she’s polling low for a reason - most of her fans are right wingers and libertarians . She should stay with Dave Rubin .

    • Tom Price
      Tom Price Month ago +1

      Not intimated...
      It's more that reaction we all have when the Jehovah Witnesses come knocking on our door.

    • edfou5
      edfou5 Month ago +1

      Find Cenk's post debate interview with Tulsi Gabbard. He looked like he was about to wet himself.

  • Mark Mulreany
    Mark Mulreany Month ago +13

    Bernie is more electable than Warren!

  • Sonia C
    Sonia C Month ago +2

    Warren 2020. Castro should have asked Biden to clarify the buy in thing not try to make it seem like Biden's memory isn't that great. I sure did like it when Biden said President Hump though ;-)

  • chiyuciosisuytccsjchsjhlkhnsdlkfjskna

    The Spanish debates, Gastros policy to beat Trump

  • chiyuciosisuytccsjchsjhlkhnsdlkfjskna

    Watching these candidates and the Democratic debates is like watching cringe.

    • Ismael Pagan
      Ismael Pagan Month ago

      Yeah I dont see how they expect to win the election looking like fools.

  • Adam Romanov
    Adam Romanov Month ago +3

    Castro is the most destructive candidate, he wants to make border crossing a civil offense, basically economic migrants will come, get a court date & enter country. Then everyone will expect to get minimum wage of 15 & free health care, and liberals will keep pushing the country to more public expenditure in the name of fighting racism and atoning for white guilt.
    This guy is a danger to America

    • Adam Romanov
      Adam Romanov Month ago

      City Nat I agree and apologize for my personal statement on Castro's looks, I shouldn't have said that as it can be considered racist. This guy represents the absolute worst for me in the Democratic Party, for which I have voted more for than Republican in most elections.
      Mainstreaming open border ideas under the garb of making it civil offenses would lead to absolute breakdown of America's infrastructure & social contracts
      I have nothing against other dem ideas like Medicare for all, free college, freedom dividend, etc and should be debated.

    • City Nat
      City Nat Month ago

      Adam Romanov yeah, you're not racist, but in another response on this video, you called Castro a Chinese terracota figure JUST because someone said he was handsome.
      You're a tool.

    • Adam Romanov
      Adam Romanov Month ago +1

      Tim_GRIFTER_Tool no need to tax your pea-sized brain, when u cannot argue with logic all u can do is shout racist !!

    • Adam Romanov
      Adam Romanov Month ago +1

      Zeeshaan I am not a racist and appreciate & grateful for the hard work Mexicans do. But if u go to places like Oklahoma or Tennessee u will see Mexicans & Central Americans taking jobs like drywalling & welding as they work for lower wages & do not want to get unionized, they are taking away jobs which Americans want to do !! Also we can always have job visas for people with low skills and be liberal about that - not declare border crossing as civil offense like Castro wants.
      Also I proudly say that I do not want more Muslims in America - if that offends u I do not care

    • Zeeshaan
      Zeeshaan Month ago +3

      Yes, that's obviously correct. Now please crawl into your safe space to escape the nightmarish hell of seeing Mexican illegal workers who work their ass off harder than Americans at low pay farm jobs and construction jobs, take over from your lazy ass.

  • Christian Hammad
    Christian Hammad Month ago +4

    wao TYT front and center interviewing a presidential candidate at a debate. tyt is gaining clout

  • Frank Lee
    Frank Lee Month ago +3

    Another commie that doesn’t stand a chance.

    • Bruce McGilvray
      Bruce McGilvray Month ago +1

      @Zeeshaan that would have required him to attend school in the first place.

    • Zeeshaan
      Zeeshaan Month ago +1

      Tell me...do you ever think "maybe I should have studied Communism a little harder at school before I venture q comparison"? Or did Daddy simply not give you enough good night hugs?

  • Jarett Gardner
    Jarett Gardner Month ago +9

    He and his brother are so handsome!!!

    • RoaringMind
      RoaringMind Month ago

      Adam Romanov is that bad?

    • JK Mid
      JK Mid Month ago +2

      @Jarett Gardner Thats ur opinion

    • Adam Romanov
      Adam Romanov Month ago +1

      Jarett Gardner from which angle ? He looks like a Chinese terracotta figure