The Most Famous Actor You’ve Never Seen

  • Published on Mar 2, 2018
  • You might not know his face, but you’ve seen his work. With over 150 movie and TV credits to his name, Doug Jones has been every creature, monster and villain known to Hollywood. From the Amphibian Man in “The Shape of Water,” the Silver Surfer in “Fantastic Four” to the Thin Clown in “Batman Returns,” Jones has been spicing up your movie-watching experience for the past three decades.
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  • Screw This Noise Already

    Doug, thank you so much for your work over the years. Congratulations on a fine career! I look forward to you doing more fascinating characters in the years to come.
    It's cool that you are a Ball State alum. That's where my dad got his degree. Also David Letterman, for those that don't know.
    I am curious as to whether Bill Irwin was one of your influences. Your careers seem somewhat similar.

  • phycadelic pikachu
    phycadelic pikachu 9 hours ago

    Wasn't he the ice cream guy from legion?

  • Leviathan
    Leviathan 10 hours ago

    Moon man up in this hoe

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 16 hours ago

    Had no idea he was moonman. I wonder if he knows he is the face of white supremacy memes lol

  • Anamamma1
    Anamamma1 17 hours ago

    Hokus pokus was the first one I saw him.. really loved him in it

  • Diddle
    Diddle 18 hours ago


  • Itsgemmaherelol Hiya
    Itsgemmaherelol Hiya 18 hours ago

    He tried to kill Kira

  • Ravindran Arumugam
    Ravindran Arumugam 21 hour ago

    Huge Fan of his works, the one true celebrity that deserves the status

  • Plugg
    Plugg 21 hour ago +1

    Moonman moonman cant you see

  • Loxer150Gaming
    Loxer150Gaming 22 hours ago

    Why doesn’t he just use motion capture? It’s still a human interpretation of a monster just without make up but still looks the same.

  • Kamron Sanchex
    Kamron Sanchex 22 hours ago

    Oh so this is the racist MOON MAN

  • Aaron Large
    Aaron Large Day ago

    Man it's a shame they never got him on DS9. With a neck like that he'd make an excellent Cardassian.

  • Timmy Smith
    Timmy Smith Day ago

    Has a John waters type of vibe lol

  • NatalineN
    NatalineN Day ago

    Love this man, humble & talented.

  • David Elkind
    David Elkind Day ago

    Holy shit, he's Moon Man

  • Lukus Vieira
    Lukus Vieira Day ago

    I bet he regrets doing silver surfer

  • Robert Sibley
    Robert Sibley Day ago

    Its the odd ass guy from john dies at the end

  • Kieran Thompson
    Kieran Thompson Day ago

    Hellboy 1 and 2 are so underrated

  • Angela Reyes
    Angela Reyes Day ago

    HE IS SURU!!!!!!

  • Jacob Kruger
    Jacob Kruger Day ago

    He's such a brilliant and great man. Even though he's been plenty of dark characters, he just has some kind of purity and serenity. I love him.

  • Lucius Accius
    Lucius Accius Day ago

    I didn't know he played that creepy monster in that Tool music video

  • Devin Dyquisto
    Devin Dyquisto Day ago

    Very underappreciated genius.

  • Necrophillus Apestosus

    Es que tiene cuerpo de marciano!!!

  • Andrew
    Andrew Day ago

    He’s moonman lol

  • HB n Wildlife I Fighters n Biters

    I met this guy before at a guirmo Del toro showing. The nicest guy, super polite, amazing

  • superjesseandjersey

    He's ocean man

  • metimoteo
    metimoteo Day ago

    I hope he gets the chance to play Silver Surfer again in a proper MCU film.

  • Everyday is a Blessing

    because she wanted to have sex with a fish...

  • Modustollens1
    Modustollens1 Day ago

    Looks a little like Bill Nye

  • Mantej Singh Dhanjal

    What a positive and humble guy

  • Cinnamon
    Cinnamon Day ago

    I think he's kind of cute :3

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith Day ago

    He's extremely talented

  • Olas Bradisson
    Olas Bradisson Day ago

    He literally looks like a mime without the makeup on.

  • EpilepsyWarning
    EpilepsyWarning Day ago

    Hes fucking moon man hahahahahahah

  • Jαѕσи Tσdd
    Jαѕσи Tσdd 2 days ago


  • Diverse Point Nation

    Hey, Jim Parsons.
    Getting Older?

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart 2 days ago

    WOW!!...If I'm an actor I would like to be just like this need fame and all...just stay low you can grab a burger at any store you want without being approached

  • insert cheesy pun here

    I knew it was Doug Jones! Love him. He deserves an Oscar.

  • Nova Chamber
    Nova Chamber 2 days ago

    Doug Jones mannnnnnnnn im more than his fan im his whole kitchen

  • Fightvip
    Fightvip 2 days ago

    Yeeeeesssss.... amazing!
    The best. Channel Ever...
    Thanks to share all this

  • Chrysalism Acosmist
    Chrysalism Acosmist 2 days ago +1

    Bless that man for his amazing acting and gracious movements.

  • Mudig
    Mudig 2 days ago

    so why exactly is he in particular chosen for these roles?

  • Austin Eppens
    Austin Eppens 2 days ago

    Moon man

  • Milton2k
    Milton2k 2 days ago

    Quite underestimated actor as Andy Serkis.

  • Milton2k
    Milton2k 2 days ago

    Awesome work every time, especially recently on Star Trek. I mean, he talks very little usually. In ST he has quit a developed character.

  • Bruce Forte
    Bruce Forte 2 days ago

    This guy, and I say this without intending on the pun, is wildly animated. He moves so... Well. He moves so much, sort of.

  • Jorge Conte
    Jorge Conte 2 days ago

    Wasn't he the contortionist in The Butterfly Circus?

  • golden Deadpool
    golden Deadpool 2 days ago

    I know this guy I have seen him in lots of movies

  • Buck Sexton
    Buck Sexton 2 days ago

    Naughty Bits

  • Maxwell
    Maxwell 2 days ago

    He seems like a real GENTLEMAN (I’ll go home)

  • Andrew Cawthorn
    Andrew Cawthorn 2 days ago

    Hopefully he’ll be the Creature from the Black Lagoon

  • Hyena Hearts
    Hyena Hearts 2 days ago

    This guy is the fucking best (holy fuck he was the McDonald's moon)

  • Tahmeed Mazumder
    Tahmeed Mazumder 2 days ago

    Holy shit! This guy played most of the awesome character than any of the A list celebs. Damn!

  • Jakob Michaels
    Jakob Michaels 2 days ago

    Dougie Jones

  • Ethan
    Ethan 2 days ago

    Discount buzzfeed

  • Cale Ogden
    Cale Ogden 2 days ago

    He played to fish people are

  • The Xy Production
    The Xy Production 3 days ago

    I hope mcu take him as silver surfer again

  • Archangel Michael
    Archangel Michael 3 days ago

    One of the last "Actors"

  • mar'itza
    mar'itza 3 days ago

    Also why do i have a instant crush on him 👀

  • mar'itza
    mar'itza 3 days ago

    Wow! So nostalgic seeing him as the moon!

    EXTRA THICC 3 days ago

    Lmao MoonMan

  • Erwin Thomas
    Erwin Thomas 3 days ago

    I met him in person a couple of years ago and I must say, he is fantastically weird. When I met him I was with a childhood friend and we got a picture with him. To quote Doug Jones in that moment: "Let's make a Dougie sandwich!"

  • pchenester
    pchenester 3 days ago

    He's so amazing in shape of water. What a brilliant and wonderful actor

  • Leslie Rodriguez
    Leslie Rodriguez 3 days ago

    what movie is the clip at 2:06 from?

  • GabrielSparkletits
    GabrielSparkletits 3 days ago

    The love child of Hayden Christensen and John Waters

  • king ghidorah
    king ghidorah 3 days ago +1

    Enjoy yourself

  • Reza Golnezhad
    Reza Golnezhad 3 days ago

    i know him since bye bye man

  • Mexie Mex
    Mexie Mex 4 days ago

    Guys like Doug Jones and Andy Serkis deserve way more credit and fame than they actually get.

  • Meagan Duncan
    Meagan Duncan 4 days ago +1

    Clicked for Hell Boy stayed for Doug Jones. Huge fan of both since I was very young.

  • The Bumbo
    The Bumbo 4 days ago

    Doug was also in a fanmade fallout movie called nuka break

  • Ms.DangerousDemon
    Ms.DangerousDemon 4 days ago

    You know ima say


  • Toby
    Toby 4 days ago

    Oh wow! Doug was great in Legion.

  • The Bible is 100% fake #Butthurt?

    Now I’m gonna go hide in his bushes.

  • Kaya Skov
    Kaya Skov 4 days ago

    I love this guy.

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith 4 days ago

    I knew it was gonna be Doug Jones!

  • MadelineTopper
    MadelineTopper 4 days ago

    He played Billy in Hocus Pocus.

  • Szymon Zimek
    Szymon Zimek 4 days ago

    by the title i thought the video was about Andy Serkis

  • MegaGameCore
    MegaGameCore 4 days ago

    I'd like to know what he thinks about it now that /pol/ has perverted the character ^^

  • Yvonne D
    Yvonne D 4 days ago

    I love his form and lips

  • Diary Of A Big Guy
    Diary Of A Big Guy 4 days ago

    One of my favorite moments is meeting him an 2011. He had a Hell boy hand with him and I got a picture of us high fiving wearing the hand. Hes a very nice guy.

  • GreatNate Bolton
    GreatNate Bolton 4 days ago

    I prefer the makeup style over CGI it holds up longer over time & generally looks much better to the eye. The problem is most actors are winey babies without this man's amazing level of dedication.

  • FrankensteinDream
    FrankensteinDream 5 days ago

    the famous actor that makes every monster look the same.

  • Abdullah Dx
    Abdullah Dx 5 days ago


  • Computer Tech
    Computer Tech 5 days ago

    Wait so is he Moon Man? What the fuck?!

  • Leprosu Gnome
    Leprosu Gnome 5 days ago

    what a sweet guy :)

  • Lily Raimey
    Lily Raimey 5 days ago

    Does he have acromegaly?

  • James Houghton-Brown

    He's like the practical effects version of Andy Serkis

  • tutracrafty
    tutracrafty 5 days ago

    What's the name of the movie with the monster with eyes on its palms?

  • Connection Points
    Connection Points 5 days ago

    E N J O Y Y O U R S E L F

  • Gabriel Alejandro
    Gabriel Alejandro 5 days ago

    What a legend!

  • phoenixonfire83
    phoenixonfire83 5 days ago

    ppl like him and Serkis deserve far more credit than they r given, and true recognition as well. They are often the lynchpins of the movies they star in, completely stealing every scene.

  • DJ MuTant
    DJ MuTant 5 days ago

    like it fame without shame

  • Chocolate Storm
    Chocolate Storm 6 days ago


    sry it's just a really obscure reference

  • Electric Wolf
    Electric Wolf 6 days ago

    Silver Surfer (◑‿◐)

  • Katrina Rose Rius Loreto

    Well I'm glad, because I really didnt expect the content from the title. Great job!

  • Dr.Mantis Toboggan
    Dr.Mantis Toboggan 6 days ago


  • Shmuck 101
    Shmuck 101 6 days ago

    wait wait wait he's the moon man the fucking moon man

  • Khairunnisa Abdul Rahman


  • Alcatraz Gaming
    Alcatraz Gaming 6 days ago

    B A L L E R