The Most Famous Actor You’ve Never Seen

  • Published on Mar 2, 2018
  • You might not know his face, but you’ve seen his work. With over 150 movie and TV credits to his name, Doug Jones has been every creature, monster and villain known to Hollywood. From the Amphibian Man in “The Shape of Water,” the Silver Surfer in “Fantastic Four” to the Thin Clown in “Batman Returns,” Jones has been spicing up your movie-watching experience for the past three decades.
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  • Great Big Story
    Great Big Story  2 months ago +8

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  • Max Choi
    Max Choi 4 days ago

    Hellboy 1 and 2 are kinda masterpieces to me. Why were broken... work fans! hellboy 3 gone away... Ron is almost 70...

  • Donovan Hjersman
    Donovan Hjersman 11 days ago

    The daft punk of cinema

  • The Milky Games
    The Milky Games 18 days ago

    I always wondered: "Who the f*ck is that?"

  • WestNileSnipes
    WestNileSnipes 19 days ago

    I would love to hang out with this dude, he probably has a ton of cool stories.

  • Luna Elizabeth Lovegood

    Kaddi ❤️❤️

  • Chicago Zephyr
    Chicago Zephyr Month ago

    Met Doug after he received a Doctorate in Humanities (I think!) at Judson University (Elgin, IL). Wonderful person, remarkably humble and very kind. Wish him all the best!

  • Brian Steele
    Brian Steele Month ago

    There's an actor with the same name as me who I imagine can also walk down the street without being recognised.. Brian Steele

  • ReignSCB The Original

    He can be a giraffe character...

  • qhaireen iqa
    qhaireen iqa Month ago

    Wowwwww....Soooo cool... my mind just explode...🤯🤯

  • Ryan Dougherty
    Ryan Dougherty Month ago

    Basically wherever there's Guillermo del Toro there's Doug Jones. Wonderful man!

  • Thicki Nikki
    Thicki Nikki Month ago +1

    *His neck*

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan Month ago

    I feel like I saw Doug Jones at Walmart

  • Price Kay
    Price Kay Month ago

    Wait he was in hocus pocus? *i am shook*

  • doktor halus
    doktor halus Month ago

    hey I can put my leg on the back of m neck too, and scratch my head with my leg a lot of people were surprised in my class [P.E] [and the teacher and I,m a 10 year old [male] and I can almost do the split, which is painful.

  • 🍒 taciturna 🍒


  • Chasing Chickens
    Chasing Chickens Month ago

    Nothing can beat practical effect...I MEAN NOTHING!


    *e n j o y y o u r s e l f*

  • alZiiHardstylez
    alZiiHardstylez Month ago


  • Miti Abulaiti
    Miti Abulaiti Month ago

    His hand movements are so elegant

  • Random person who likes memes


  • Laszlo Papp
    Laszlo Papp 2 months ago

    My favourite character from Hell Boy. He is an awesome actor.

  • all.surat edit
    all.surat edit 2 months ago

    komputer lcd sob.

  • purple lavenders
    purple lavenders 2 months ago

    Hollywood land

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 2 months ago

    He should be Martian Manhunter

  • atomykbonsai
    atomykbonsai 2 months ago

    moonman - notorious kkk

  • Merpug
    Merpug 2 months ago

    Him and Javier Botet are my official Tall, Slendy Icons Who Clearly Deserve Much More Recognition And Love Than They Get.
    I legitimately only found out about them today, despite having seen them onscreen multiple times without even knowing it, and this uptsets me to no end.
    Doug Jones? You've seen it in this video, he's played a streak of well renown characters you've most certainly seen or heard of.
    Javier Botet? Mama, Slender Man, the motion capture for Alien Covenant, the Crooked Man, the leper from IT, a whole other bunch of scary monsters that always get brushed under the "special effects" carpet without anyone crediting the actual man behind them.
    They both deserve so much better.

  • Traids
    Traids 2 months ago

    Wow i thought the shape of water creature beard a striking resemblance the the blue guy in hell boy

  • wasabisazzdafirst
    wasabisazzdafirst 2 months ago

    he is my kind of humor

  • castro
    castro 2 months ago

    they did not mention his most important role, Pencil Head, from All Star by Smash Mouth

  • don't sub me
    don't sub me 2 months ago


  • Niamh Malouff
    Niamh Malouff 2 months ago


  • Owen Smith
    Owen Smith 2 months ago


  • Robert Morris
    Robert Morris 2 months ago

    Ive know of this guy for awhile... Hes in two of some of my most favorite movies Hellboy, and legion.

  • Aaron Leigland
    Aaron Leigland 2 months ago

    HELLO I am a producer looking for a giraffe/humanoid character, and YOU just got the job!!

  • Adeeb
    Adeeb 2 months ago

    Whats the film from the very first clip at the start?
    P.s It’s the one with the eyes on it’s hands

  • tri-troy
    tri-troy 2 months ago


  • Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov 2 months ago

    1:17 that scene from what movie it is ?!

  • young_dagger _vibes
    young_dagger _vibes 2 months ago

    was he hellboy as well

  • Xsilly
    Xsilly 2 months ago

    Still waiting to see him topless

  • Talis
    Talis 2 months ago

    His fourth-booking was Saint pepsi.

    *Saint Pepsi*

  • PANADA Lvnl
    PANADA Lvnl 2 months ago

    Hellboy was my favorite movie when I was like 8

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 3 months ago


  • JoHanz DP
    JoHanz DP 3 months ago

    Old sheldon. Bazinga!

  • Fugglestick theugly
    Fugglestick theugly 3 months ago

    He meant to say since hes been getting recognized there are topless people in his bushes.

  • Hello Old friend
    Hello Old friend 3 months ago


  • Jamona
    Jamona 3 months ago

    he moves so elegantly

  • TheElectronicGamer 2007
    TheElectronicGamer 2007 3 months ago +2

    Finally!?!? Man what took so long 4 the face reveal

  • GoldenTV3
    GoldenTV3 3 months ago +1

    0:50 Moon man, Moon man, can't you see?

  • Heh
    Heh 3 months ago

    It’s been like 30 years since we have ever seen this guys face

  • Joshua Andrea
    Joshua Andrea 3 months ago

    Also actor javier botet

  • chairmanwesker Official Channel

    moon man

  • hu man
    hu man 3 months ago

    I love alien

  • Raymond Conroy
    Raymond Conroy 3 months ago

    I never thought about it, but having a Mime as those character was amazing. A Lot of their emotion comes from their body language.

  • pradana mardya
    pradana mardya 3 months ago

    He sure look like abe sapien

  • Casey Rules 117
    Casey Rules 117 3 months ago


  • Tutu Tutu
    Tutu Tutu 3 months ago

    Fuck! this guy gave me nightmares

  • Gabe A. Maher
    Gabe A. Maher 3 months ago

    I saw him in Yakima back in October for C4

  • scarlet ramirez
    scarlet ramirez 3 months ago


  • Buzzin Boi
    Buzzin Boi 3 months ago

    My guy skinny tall boi was the silver surver

  • Paddy C
    Paddy C 3 months ago

    Always been a fan of Doug Jones, one of the best actors of this generation. Too bad he gets dubbed most of the time. I guess that's not bad to be a motion actor. You don't have to memorize the lines just the set up and cues.

  • Milagro
    Milagro 3 months ago

    the best face reveal on yt

  • l Nayak
    l Nayak 3 months ago

    Great guy.....Respect

  • Stardust Ether
    Stardust Ether 3 months ago

    I just realized that my favorite actor of all time actually exists and not made up of pixels. PS: I'm a huge fan of Hell Boy and Pan's Labyrinth.

  • Lucy Trigueros
    Lucy Trigueros 3 months ago

    You are awesome

  • Dalavine
    Dalavine 3 months ago

    He's been without makeup, costume, ect before.... I can't remember what it was... Heroes maybe?

  • Opan Mustafa
    Opan Mustafa 3 months ago

    Doug Jones is a treasure!

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere 3 months ago

    this man is 58

  • Germ pacito
    Germ pacito 3 months ago

    finally, after all these years. I finally knew who he was

  • Evan Moon
    Evan Moon 3 months ago

    When you need to go and you’re in a very expensive suit for a movie you just got to go

  • Nombre Generico Con Xx xX

    ¿There is any character he dosn't have done?

  • fleshlight that cries
    fleshlight that cries 3 months ago


  • Δrgo
    Δrgo 3 months ago

    *oh my god the ice scream man*

  • Dum Dolphin
    Dum Dolphin 3 months ago

    The guy behind moonman

  • The Grinch
    The Grinch 3 months ago

    I only known him for paleman

  • Joli Gâchis
    Joli Gâchis 3 months ago

    Wow he does the most *A E S T H E T I C* add ever

  • deezynar
    deezynar 3 months ago

    I so wanted him to say that he had the starring role in the Silver Surfer.

  • Jess Hallam
    Jess Hallam 3 months ago

    I love him so much

  • fá
     3 months ago

    he's mesmerizing 💖

  • hima adi
    hima adi 3 months ago

    this man should be a jarvis

  • Baseball 24/7
    Baseball 24/7 3 months ago

    He’s gay

  • Carlos Vasquez
    Carlos Vasquez 3 months ago

    I met him on set of cozmos bar he is amazing

  • Qwerty Saurus
    Qwerty Saurus 3 months ago

    I want this guy to be my dad

  • Randika Vishvanath
    Randika Vishvanath 3 months ago

    my favourite

  • swigitty swooty I'm coming for the booty

    Now that everybody know what you look like you should expect people in your bushes

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer 3 months ago

    Of course I've seen him

  • Adam Beck
    Adam Beck 3 months ago

    Moonman lmao

  • Adam Turner
    Adam Turner 3 months ago

    I met him at a graduation in Illinois. He was fantastically animated and a joy to listen to speak

  • Brandon Banks
    Brandon Banks 3 months ago

    I went to Ball State University!

  • Derpy_Umaru 7
    Derpy_Umaru 7 3 months ago

    Before this video started I saw Donald Trump. Wow TheXvid. Wow

  • shurikeN
    shurikeN 3 months ago


  • Ed Zehoo
    Ed Zehoo 3 months ago

    0:52 OMG. He's even in my favorite vaporware songs

  • Some Random Weeb
    Some Random Weeb 3 months ago

    I legit thought it's gonna be Andy Serkis for a moment there

  • Matador Batista
    Matador Batista 3 months ago

    Doug Jones played in the episode Hush de Buffy The Vampire Slayer and he played The Ancient in The Strain.

  • chaffXgrenade
    chaffXgrenade 3 months ago

    I never would've known he was Mac Tonight
    ya learn something new every day~

  • Aidan Cheng
    Aidan Cheng 3 months ago

    *HowToBasic Face Reveal*

  • Cake K
    Cake K 3 months ago

    What's the song at 0:22?

  • damien taylor
    damien taylor 3 months ago


  • Aman Tiwari
    Aman Tiwari 3 months ago

    Big fan bro😂