I'm Dating a Celebrity / BEHIND THE SCENES

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
  • Hello, I am Andrea and I have been with my boyfriend Justin for a few years and everything was going great, but recently things have been falling apart. Our relationship is going downhill and he is at the lowest point I've seen him. He's depressed and just not himself. All of this because of one mistake he made.
    Justin is a pretty great guy. He's sweet and funny, and he loves to make people smile. That's why I fell for him in the first place. I remember when I met him I was amazed because he seemed like a completely different person than anyone I had ever met before. He had this energy and enthusiasm about him. He was like this super-charismatic natural entertainer that was always making people smile and laugh.
    I guess that’s why he became so popular. You see, Justin is an Instagram blogger, or vlogger, or whatever you call it. He’s got a ton of followers and they are always checking in to see what he’s up to. He posts pictures, videos, and stories and they all get lots of reactions. He got popular enough on Insta that he branched out to his own TheXvid and Twitter with ads and was actually making some good money. I think being a social media personality made him happier than anything else. Most people don’t get to pay their bills by having fun and doing something they love.
    Sometimes it was almost like he was a little too into building his web following. He was always doing weird and crazy social media challenges, any crazy stunt or meme that was trending, he was all over it. He did skits, pranks, exceptionally stupid things people would dare him to (like drinking Tobasco sauce or making snow angels in nothing but a pair of shorts-Both real examples.) But no matter how ridiculous his online antics were, they were always a big hit with the audience. It almost seemed like he could do no wrong until he made a wrong step, or steps I should say and the internet turned on him.
    So it all went downhill after we went and saw Joker. He wanted to maximize the movie tie-in, so he had a bunch of ideas, some good, some pretty bad. We settled on recreating the most iconic scene from the movie. The Joker dance down the stairs in the Bronx. And yes I know that Everybody started doing that and taking selfies on those steps and stuff, but we were doing it when it was still cool.
    Justin was super pumped about it. He planed it all out like he was directing the Godfather or something. He spent about a day planning camera angles, picking out what he was going to wear and deciding on just the right ironic music selection. He was convinced this was going to be a huge viral video. I think he was already preparing for what he was going to talk about when he gets invited on Ellen. He had pretty much established in his mind that this was going to be the funniest thing he had done and he was about to break into the big time. That’s not quite how it worked though.
    We went out to the location on a sunny morning. I recorded on my phone while he did his thing down the steps. I thought it was fun to watch but something about it didn’t seem as cool as what we were expecting. The post didn’t go live until that night and we went to bed. The next morning Justin found out that his post had gone viral and he did blow up, just not the way he was anticipating.
    The first time I saw him that next morning he was sitting in front of his laptop looking depressed like I had never seen before. The reviews were in and they weren’t good. His post spawned several new hashtags like #stairfail #can’tdanceguy, #Jokerfail, and some less polite ones. It seemed like everyone had something to say. And by “something” I mean things like “At least Joker was smart enough to hide his face while he was skipping down the steps like an idiot.” or “You dance like someone trying to walk in heels for the first time,” or another personal favorite “you move like one of those videos of baby goats that don’t know how to use their legs yet...except that you’re not cute or entertaining.”
    Justin has been so depressed and just not himself. He’s so messed up about it that he’s even kind of lashed out at me like it’s my fault. He even said he wants to break up. I think he’s just embarrassed and wants to crawl into a hole by himself. I just don’t know what to do to get the old Justin back.
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  • Gacha _darkness
    Gacha _darkness 3 days ago +1

    Her belly is so fat tho and her purple hair doesn't match good enough its really ugly

  • Landon Hickey
    Landon Hickey 5 days ago

    Justin beiber

  • How are you You must die

    Tell him to get rid of his phone and make a living like a man should

  • The Playlist Queen
    The Playlist Queen 7 days ago

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  • Marissa Prendergast
    Marissa Prendergast 7 days ago

    It's it justen bever

  • Helen Larkin
    Helen Larkin 7 days ago

    Well that's the inteweb for you

  • •Zia's Lemons•
    •Zia's Lemons• 7 days ago

    Who else wants to look up Justin and find out who he is

  • Xiomara Ramos
    Xiomara Ramos 8 days ago

    I have advice break up with him

  • John Rosado
    John Rosado 8 days ago

    I scared😟

  • Addison McKay
    Addison McKay 9 days ago

    Me: Justin Bieber..... oh wait he’s married

  • Preezworld79 Moyer
    Preezworld79 Moyer 9 days ago

    Justin bieber ps he looks like him
    Look at the thumbnail 👍

  • paige
    paige 10 days ago

    use me as a 'wtf' button

  • Ajla XD
    Ajla XD 10 days ago

    If his Name is Justin, Then why does he look like Inquisitor masters boyfriend?

    (I know it's a animation but why??)

  • Keith Terry
    Keith Terry 12 days ago

    First when I heard Justin I was like yep that's Justin Bieber I just know it was cuz she's just said Justin

  • Ragad Najjar
    Ragad Najjar 12 days ago

    Justin.... Justin Bieber?

  • Angelie Fuentes
    Angelie Fuentes 13 days ago


    i don’t really know AHAHAHAHAHA

  • Lou Sunny
    Lou Sunny 13 days ago

    omg well he already said he wanted to break up with you, so I think that should be your answer.

  • Josh Taylor
    Josh Taylor 15 days ago

    If he famous how do I know who he is

  • Michael Acosta
    Michael Acosta 16 days ago

    I do tell her this that do the same thing so he fells as if theres is someone else

  • Caroline Byrnes
    Caroline Byrnes 16 days ago

    Its Justin Bieber look at The hair on “Justin” it looks oddly similar to Justin Bieber‘s hair now

  • Trick Shots
    Trick Shots 17 days ago

    guys its not justin beirber not even close

  • Fortnite Pro
    Fortnite Pro 18 days ago +5

    Who thinks this is real or fake

  • Magdalene Aniako
    Magdalene Aniako 19 days ago

    I live near there

  • juju the best
    juju the best 19 days ago

    Justin what

  • T W
    T W 19 days ago +1

    I want a bf

  • Bryan Villa
    Bryan Villa 20 days ago

    Jake Paul

  • malaya beasley
    malaya beasley 21 day ago

    Y’all ain’t see that iPhone 11 he had

  • Chizo Egbulem
    Chizo Egbulem 22 days ago

    what the hell do they mean be "behind the scenes" where the heck is it

  • Aron Jarmaine
    Aron Jarmaine 24 days ago

    Who is wanting to be a TheXvid

    SAVAGE_NoorXD 25 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • Panda Sims
    Panda Sims 25 days ago

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    i thought she dated Joaquin phoenix
    so did you

  • Spirit Sprite
    Spirit Sprite 27 days ago

    Yea.. this isnt real.. I looked the hashtags up.. nothing my guy

  • Fade hype21
    Fade hype21 27 days ago

    Listen, i know you care abt him a lot, but if he just spends his time in ig or other social media, he dosent care abt you, if I was you I would dump him

  • ZanGoon
    ZanGoon 27 days ago

    Is he James Charles?

  • Roccimo
    Roccimo 27 days ago

    Guys is justin beiber

  • TypicBenjamin
    TypicBenjamin 27 days ago

    Um, is is she talking about morgz or justin beaber

  • commanding chief of the Cheese ape armed forces

    I would’ve seen on the news

  • lazyboy king kingdom
    lazyboy king kingdom 27 days ago

    1:27 who is he jake Paul

  • Night moon
    Night moon 27 days ago

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  • Night moon
    Night moon 27 days ago

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  • Princess Diva squad
    Princess Diva squad 27 days ago +2

    Who else noticed she was wearing a Calvin Klein shirt

  • look you kil247
    look you kil247 28 days ago

    I stop laughing r if you think it's not his what do you think y you were here the TheXvid funny if someone makes fun of you i don't think so if you're laughing stop laughing

  • sheep gamer
    sheep gamer 29 days ago +1

    1:22 that is normal thing what i do after sauna

  • Christian Perez
    Christian Perez 29 days ago

    Logan:it's ok Justin I feel u bro

  • Christian Perez
    Christian Perez 29 days ago

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  • la kim
    la kim 29 days ago

    Im think he is justin hartley just i think.

  • Kristen Jansen
    Kristen Jansen Month ago

    Girl telling the story I'm dating a celeb named Justin
    Me:Justin Bieber or it can be Justin Timberlake too

  • My beauty world Ariel

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  • Lexi Villa
    Lexi Villa Month ago

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  • •B L A c K B E R R γ•

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  • I am Misfit
    I am Misfit Month ago +4

    is he the guy who says:

  • u stoopid
    u stoopid Month ago


  • Harper Dreamback
    Harper Dreamback Month ago

    So i found this dude named Justin Baldoni, and he has kids though and a wife or gf idk yet but maybe its him.

  • INoahClownFN
    INoahClownFN Month ago

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  • Spirhit Spring
    Spirhit Spring Month ago

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  • Shraddha Thakur
    Shraddha Thakur Month ago +1

    You could definitely help him get back his fame....

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    JustKate33 Month ago

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  • XxhoneyberryxX 22
    XxhoneyberryxX 22 Month ago +7

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    Zofia Jadziewicz Month ago

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