• Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • Watch the highly anticipated Cassidy vs Goodz battle from URL's Resolution card.


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Comments • 56 759

  • Ta-Sheena Miller
    Ta-Sheena Miller Hour ago

    Philly standup!

  • Jermaine Jones
    Jermaine Jones 2 hours ago

    Cassidy to EMOTIONAL always talking while goodz rapping

    • Jermaine Jones
      Jermaine Jones Hour ago

      @Guess who I just stated the point he talks thru niggas round on everything he says about him

    • Guess who
      Guess who 2 hours ago +1

      Huh....Ya Point b..??

  • Ram 1738
    Ram 1738 3 hours ago

    Goodz cooked that nigga in the 2nd and 3rd

  • Alexander the great
    Alexander the great 3 hours ago

    Cass 1-2 but his one was the best part of this whole video lol who watch this and fast forward to the 2 or third round.

  • whatssofunny171
    whatssofunny171 3 hours ago +1

    You came to the *comments* for the time starter your safe for 4:20

    A.R. ASH CORP 4 hours ago +1

    For real .... Cas was poppin off

  • Tom Forbes
    Tom Forbes 4 hours ago

    Cassidy lost when the crowd booed him. He bitched out and Goodz roasted him:

    LOSHEM HASHEM 4 hours ago

    cassidy won

  • Karabo Mathe
    Karabo Mathe 4 hours ago

    goodz won this battle i dnt gv a fuck what u say

  • Sap Sap Lifestyle
    Sap Sap Lifestyle 4 hours ago

    Cassidy won just my opinion

  • anthony rivera
    anthony rivera 5 hours ago

    This whole battle was trash honestly

  • Marcelo Jimenez
    Marcelo Jimenez 6 hours ago

    Cassidy lost. His bars were ok but you can’t be complaining on stage if the crowd don’t feel your shit.
    They were booin him cuz he didn’t provide any rebuttal to Goodz first round. He just spit recycled shit

  • Spade Boost Power House!

    Cass took a L these comments funny 😂

  • Thelasthoward
    Thelasthoward 6 hours ago +1

    Not Cassidy's best. Metaphors was good but he didn't get personal enough.

    • YourMom Favorite
      YourMom Favorite 4 hours ago

      He did get personal as fuck tho

    • Michael Mensah
      Michael Mensah 5 hours ago +1

      Thelasthoward Cass still won, he was the better lyrical rapper, that’s why it’s called battle rap

  • SALEEN Jackson
    SALEEN Jackson 6 hours ago

    Cassidy 1st round is a year long‼️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • jayreal86
    jayreal86 7 hours ago

    Too much dick hugging in these comments, Goodz won this

  • mister 5150
    mister 5150 8 hours ago

    I'm know I'm late on the comments butt...Cass first round was fire, his last two rounds was shit.....

    A.R. ASH CORP 8 hours ago +7

    I made battle rap popular, you got popular off battle rap..... DAMN. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Infidel infamous
    Infidel infamous 9 hours ago +2

    That dude said “I could hit you with a pistol so big it could lift a hippo and knock an elephant down” cass bodied that nigga🤣
    Goodz is complete trash, on stage with that Wonder Woman shirt lol

  • Alexander Cuevas
    Alexander Cuevas 10 hours ago

    Yo goodz was literally garbage! Cass all day

  • Quran Muhammad
    Quran Muhammad 10 hours ago +3

    This was a set up cass won obviously this isn't about hype it sounded like the same people upfront booing and people that actually wad listening telling them to stfu. Everything Goodz said chill to the crowd they stopped immediately nobody got that crowd control not even smack😂💯

  • Josh Watson
    Josh Watson 12 hours ago

    I bet this went over every body head... He said he got extensions micros... If yall know guns and gun opticals like yall say yall do u can guess wat hes sayin... I dont evwn deal wit guns and i can tell u... Lets see who first... GO

  • Kaleb Lucian
    Kaleb Lucian 13 hours ago

    He slaughtered Cass!!! Dam!!🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • gfromda4
    gfromda4 14 hours ago +4

    If goodz won I'd say it... but he's trash it was the crowd hyping him...cass bars was on 100 dont care if anybody feels like his style old he bodied goodz with that new trash

  • Andrew Kanoa
    Andrew Kanoa 16 hours ago

    Cass got bars but it dont land hard

  • Wallace Barbour
    Wallace Barbour 16 hours ago +2

    Goodz died! I hate a group of dick riding mfs! He fucked him around! Fact 💯💀!

  • Tone Tone
    Tone Tone 17 hours ago

    Cassidy is trash! Goodz stated facts and I know y'all seen his eyes when Goodz said he was bringing that tranny out 😂😂😂😂

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown 17 hours ago +1

    Go after me - “ you seen his sextape well you probably about ta see ya daughter on his next tape”

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown 17 hours ago +4

    “Only artist to drink n work I turned this shit to sip and paint” - Goodz 🗑 🗑 😂😐🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Keith Davis
    Keith Davis 17 hours ago +3

    3 -0 Cassidy the 2 round Cassidy still won even they didn’t let him finish goodz is an actor he was scared ass hellz he knew he lost sense the first round

  • Keith Davis
    Keith Davis 17 hours ago +2

    Cassidy ate the goodz frr 1 round ko he definitely won the battle goodz is trash he probably had all his people there booing class frr yo goodz be real homie you lost

  • ace fernandez
    ace fernandez 17 hours ago

    I use to think rap battle was a thing when murda mook vs serious jones was going head to
    Head ,, now it looks silly to me,, niggas just making funny body mechanics it’s been polluted with to many memes with the crowddd saying ohhhhhhhh in my opinion,,, but cassidy marked his territory years ago when it was popping.

  • Jarious Mitchell
    Jarious Mitchell 17 hours ago

    Goodz won this one yall sleep

  • Sde354
    Sde354 18 hours ago +1

    Cassidy Won by TKO

  • Sde354
    Sde354 18 hours ago

    Beasley look like Jaz the rapper. ............illlllllllllllllll 😆

  • Nero Jdm
    Nero Jdm 18 hours ago

    Cassidy bars going over people’s heads.

  • Path2Greatness Baller Edition

    Wait this the battle dude was biting rhymes? What else you expect nowadays..cats judge battles off performance lmao...... this screen play battle leagues..not hip hop at all

  • Conrey Everett
    Conrey Everett 19 hours ago +2

    Cassidy Cooked dude!

  • tazadi100
    tazadi100 19 hours ago +5

    Cass:I got 18 acres
    Crowd:you lying
    Crowd wasn't trying to hear bars tuff

    • Michael Mensah
      Michael Mensah 5 hours ago +2

      tazadi100 there’s so many “You Lying” that could’ve been said in Goodz special ed bars

  • Marcus Taylor
    Marcus Taylor 19 hours ago

  • Marcus Taylor
    Marcus Taylor 19 hours ago

  • Marcus Taylor
    Marcus Taylor 19 hours ago

  • Losasquez
    Losasquez 19 hours ago

    who's still watching in 2021

  • Tgypt King
    Tgypt King 20 hours ago +2


  • Anthony Mitchell
    Anthony Mitchell 20 hours ago

    Cassidy lost 4 the 1st time in history 2-1 GOODZ DAMN ... BUT IT SEEMED LIKE IT WAS ALOT OF GOODZ FANS IN THE CROWD SMH IDK WASN'T A 3-0 THO they kept saying 3-0 I think alot goodz FANS amped his bars up crazy ... but I fuck with Cassidy all day 💯💯💯💪💪💪

  • Jarious Mitchell
    Jarious Mitchell 21 hour ago +1

    Goodz said battle rap scam artist😂😂😂😂yall sleep

  • ROZAY Wilchcombe
    ROZAY Wilchcombe 21 hour ago +2

    I think cass murder boi.. but of course ppl gone hate on this man..

  • Philip Edwards
    Philip Edwards 21 hour ago +4

    Whoever said Cassidy lost... never seen a dictionary...
    ever............... crowd was lame...

  • Alexander Cuevas
    Alexander Cuevas 21 hour ago +8

    Goodz is garbage. Cassidy demolished this boy.

  • Montreyus Walker Sen.
    Montreyus Walker Sen. 21 hour ago +8

    This mf Goodz trash wtf!!!! I'm trying to get through this battle but damn

  • Montreyus Walker Sen.
    Montreyus Walker Sen. 21 hour ago

    Goodz paid for my to heckle bs 👎🏽

  • Montreyus Walker Sen.
    Montreyus Walker Sen. 22 hours ago +1

    Goodz garbage and he definitely was trying to be loaded 😂😂😂

  • Aki Perks
    Aki Perks 22 hours ago

    Goodz with the W!

  • 1love
    1love 23 hours ago

    Cassidy is the winner fuck Goods pussy ain’t nothing but pussy wood u not hood take that to the bank 🏦

  • Jackson Netshisaulu
    Jackson Netshisaulu 23 hours ago +13

    Wow cant believe i actually have cassidy winning... mute the crowd and goodz is not saying much

  • Don Infamous
    Don Infamous Day ago +1

    Such a disrespectful crowd, there is really good bars on both sides.

  • Seymour Kitty
    Seymour Kitty Day ago

    Cassidy won 2-1. The crowd pussy.

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown Day ago

    For those making funny comments about Cassidy and his sadam Hussein and dimond shop bars , he said at the end he said “I’m a modern day explore” which makes perfect sense he s talking 💵 to goodz and saying all the places he’s been and seen and money he done spent & different types of $ he had all that traveling U gota have some cake guns cars all that jewelry, ppl mkn jokes like why would he say that there s the point he’s talking money,. The man said he diamond shop where the diamond SHOPS diamond shop,

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown Day ago

    “Ya mom a Thot I heard she got herpes her vagina Hot, a robbery probably make like 20 dollars if he pawn ya watch”

  • Mr. Mack
    Mr. Mack Day ago

    Now don't get me wrong Goodz can hold his weight no hate no hate at all

  • Mr. Mack
    Mr. Mack Day ago +2

    The game it's not the game it is just that a game how you boo the hardest bars this s*** is wack Cassidy keep doing your thing

  • Seymour Kitty
    Seymour Kitty Day ago

    Once Cas had the crowd against him it was over.

  • Peter Grogan jr
    Peter Grogan jr Day ago

    Get that crowd out of there

  • Galvatron
    Galvatron Day ago +19

    Crowd was super biased.. Goodz was basic as hell.. Cas was too advanced for em

    • Alexandru Chitu
      Alexandru Chitu 2 hours ago

      @SpaceGhost P Leave him alone, his brain is to washed by cassidy 😂

    • SpaceGhost P
      SpaceGhost P 3 hours ago +2

      Galvatron so why was Cass getting cheered in the first? Hes basic as fuck and even his first was gassed lmao

  • Brad Mazza
    Brad Mazza Day ago +4

    Cass won period..way more bars!! Dat crowd bias asf. Corny

  • Norfar
    Norfar Day ago

    goods repeats one bar, cass hurries him. cass repeated a ton of shit.

  • Bee Diggler
    Bee Diggler Day ago +1

    The crowd seemed like young children

  • #1mike Bczu
    #1mike Bczu Day ago

    Damn he choke like freeway no philly dudes can battle bars not counting meek but the rest is ass

  • Adam Ortiz
    Adam Ortiz Day ago +1

    Nina my bitch but that bitch can get dumped 💡

  • Chad Marco
    Chad Marco Day ago

    Fortnite bars.

  • Khurbin Brodhur
    Khurbin Brodhur Day ago

    Nah fuck "who won?" bullshit. Who won? The audience won. Both Cass and Goodz straight fire.

  • Calvert Steele Jr.

    Damn I love Cass....but Goodz Got Em. I’m just being honest.

  • J. Dino.Supreme
    J. Dino.Supreme Day ago +1


  • J. Dino.Supreme
    J. Dino.Supreme Day ago +1

    16:00 Cassidy got that fat nigga shook....his facial expression changed and got scared.🖕🤣🖕

  • aironmonger
    aironmonger Day ago

    5mins in:
    Why is the crowd mic'd?