BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love' M/V

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
  • BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love'
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  • OhMy Cheezits
    OhMy Cheezits 13 hours ago

    0:09-0:14 Jennie pants turned from black to white

  • Dulce ivon Leon
    Dulce ivon Leon 13 hours ago

    Lisa y rose y I love you

    BRENDA REIS 13 hours ago

    Tenho umas 300 fts delas😍😍 eu acho ou é 200 sla

  • Yessi Aguilar
    Yessi Aguilar 13 hours ago +1

    Balck pink in you áre😍😍😍😍

  • excuse me, what?
    excuse me, what? 13 hours ago +1

    They are girl group that i will forever stan....

  • Peekaku Chu
    Peekaku Chu 13 hours ago

    Calling all blinks calling all blinks If you have time this week please watch D4 a few times per day or as many as you can thanks

  • Syifa Ul khoir
    Syifa Ul khoir 14 hours ago

    Plise jangan bubar BLACKPINK😢😢😢😢

  • Siti Annisa
    Siti Annisa 14 hours ago

    Iya love Jennie blakpink

  • Hun Kimi
    Hun Kimi 14 hours ago

    plack pink I will rember for you

  • BTSxARMY Youniverse
    BTSxARMY Youniverse 14 hours ago

    I really feel hurt when people make fun of rose & say she doesn't deserve her position as main vocal.
    Those people probably don't even listen to blackpink songs, just heard a bad mr removed & started hating on her.
    For me rose has one of the best vocal colors in kpop. She is very expressive with her vocals, & she conveys every word she says full of emotions, not to mention her voice is very charismatic. A lot of main vocals only sing their lines but rose expresses her lines while singing. People need to stop discrediting her as a main vocal.
    In kill this love she showed so much maturity in the way she sang. Her singing part in the car will forever be iconic. Not just this as if its your last, whistle, stay playing with fire & etc song she sang she always sings with charisma.

  • I'm gay and i love cookie
    I'm gay and i love cookie 14 hours ago +1

    BLINKS !!!! We are getting slow right now in voting and str3aming !!! (currently BLACKPINK has been nominated in TOPMUSIC AWARD , PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD and BREAKTUDO AWARD)
    Please tell me if i miss any award...:')

  • Tiara Banac Puente
    Tiara Banac Puente 14 hours ago

    (Fans myself rapidly)
    Holy cow, I swear I am gay for these four girls.

  • Samantha Montero
    Samantha Montero 14 hours ago +2

    Lisa muy lindo canto
    Rose muy bien cantas

  • Galaxy Galaxy
    Galaxy Galaxy 14 hours ago


  • Min JiSun
    Min JiSun 14 hours ago +1

    No me canso de ver el M/V :"3 (T w T)

  • moonlightbluë
    moonlightbluë 14 hours ago

    why doesn't anyone talk about jennie's pants changing color at the begging???

  • Forever Young
    Forever Young 14 hours ago

    0:12 jennie’s pants is black, 0:14 Jennie’s pants is white. Wtf?

  • Adriana Martínez de la Cruz


  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 14 hours ago +1


  • Rufaidah Solehah
    Rufaidah Solehah 14 hours ago +1


  • Kauane Victoria
    Kauane Victoria 14 hours ago

    Hi BlackPink! This song of you is so good that ... I performed for a Talent Show with your song and dance: D

  • Emily Zurita
    Emily Zurita 14 hours ago

    is it just me or is it when I see it the first time I feel like I'm see everything like I know everything going on but then the second time I see it like I'm like I haven't seen this before

  • Tito gabriel rangel
    Tito gabriel rangel 14 hours ago +1

    You love

  • Thien Le Official
    Thien Le Official 15 hours ago

    700 M soon

  • holy jisoo's
    holy jisoo's 15 hours ago +2

    *This Halloween instead of saying "boo", imma just say "BLACKPINK" because apparently that's what scares yall the most*

  • Kaycee Gonzalez
    Kaycee Gonzalez 15 hours ago +2

    💋Kill This Love💋
    Full Daily Views (9:00 AM KST)
    *10/13/19: 617,565,551 (+1,209,308)*
    10/12/19: 616,356,243 (+1,267,756)
    10/11/19: 615,088,487 (+1,131,211)
    10/10/19: 613,957,276 (+1,043,755)
    10/09/19: 612,913,521 (+1,014,508)
    10/08/19: 611,899,013 (+1,024,994)
    10/07/19: 610,874,019 (+998,752)
    10/06/19: 609,875,267
    10/06/19: 609,875,267
    *10/13/19: 617,565,551 (+7,690,284)*
    Good job Blinks lets try to get 1.3M tommorow

    • Akane Toriyasu
      Akane Toriyasu 15 hours ago

      *Vote for Blackpink in KLOVE awards, they're nominations in 4 categories vote for them now! We can do it blinks we can get them at least 1 award!*

  • Aricat48 Gacha
    Aricat48 Gacha 15 hours ago

    Black pink ROCKS ALOT😎😎😎

  • Cuiping Chen
    Cuiping Chen 15 hours ago

    I love your song

  • glori.21 glore_
    glori.21 glore_ 15 hours ago


  • j twinny
    j twinny 15 hours ago

    I REALLY wanted to stan but Lisa's braids i-
    She was my favorite too 😔

  • Akane Toriyasu
    Akane Toriyasu 15 hours ago +12

    *Vote for Blackpink in KLOVE awards, they're nominations in 4 categories vote for them now! We can do it blinks we can get them at least 1 award!*

  • Joshua Palma
    Joshua Palma 15 hours ago

    Guys watch Jennie shot to 0:00 to 0:14... So weird🤔🤔🧐🤫🤫

  • Mariangel
    Mariangel 15 hours ago +2

    OMG I love rose's voice
    who else?

  • Kenny Romero
    Kenny Romero 15 hours ago

    lisa sebe bonita

  • Juana Soto
    Juana Soto 15 hours ago +1


  • Rafa Games BR
    Rafa Games BR 15 hours ago +1


  • Giang Phan
    Giang Phan 15 hours ago


  • Kylie D'tin
    Kylie D'tin 16 hours ago +3

    *Do you know that* *an* *article in* *Korean* *there* *said* *that *Blackpink* *was* *late* *attending* *the* *adidas* *event* *even* *though* *if we look* *at* *most fancams* *they* *actually* *came* *early* *and* *were* *seen* waiting* ... *Aaaa* *I* *was* *tired, *I felt* *very* *sorry* *for* *Blackpink* *many* *people were jealous* *of YG's success*
    *China and Japan* *love* *Blackpink* *very* *much* *did* *you see* *how* *Jealous* *magazine* *that* *posted* Blackpink* *photos in* *many* *buildings and Dome* *tour tickets sold out* *for just a minute* *Blackpink deserves* *love and not hate* *bad people who are* *always jealous don't* *deserves *Blackpink* *Do* *Korean ppl* *deserves Blackpink* ?? *They seem* *attackin* *and ruin* *YG's* *and YG artist* *life*

    • Blubber Yies
      Blubber Yies 14 hours ago

      Come on we know that knetz hate BlackPink whats new?

  • maite fã da julia manigil


  • {Kiwii-kun} UwU
    {Kiwii-kun} UwU 16 hours ago

    귀하의 지역에서 블랙 핑크

  • Sofyan Rono
    Sofyan Rono 16 hours ago +3

    *We NeEd BlAcKpInK CoMbAcK*

  • dayana lizeth carrasco gonzales

    blackpik in your area

  • Amelyn Calix
    Amelyn Calix 16 hours ago +2

    Lisa te quiero sos la mejor en baile y en rap 😍 💞✨👑
    Jisoo me encanta tu voz 🎤🎶😚😘

  • dani lazo
    dani lazo 16 hours ago +2

    like si les justa blackpin

  • Fer Fire
    Fer Fire 16 hours ago

    Un grandote abrazote las 4 integrantes Jennie,Rose,lisa jisoo pero lo que no entiendo de ustedes asen un espacio ay un integrante inbisible ay 5

  • tae's Gucci Bag
    tae's Gucci Bag 16 hours ago

    When are they gonna have a full album? When are they gonna realise more songs? When is YG entertainment going to go bankrupt?

    *what I question myself everyday.*

  • Adrian Troy
    Adrian Troy 16 hours ago +1

    Who else is hoping for BLACKPINK November comeback?

  • Jazmin Adinolfi
    Jazmin Adinolfi 16 hours ago

    0:9. And 0:13 jennie's shorts

  • Los Angeles
    Los Angeles 16 hours ago +3

    Vote BLACKPINK for the KLOVE Awards there in 4 categories

  • yanne manigirl
    yanne manigirl 16 hours ago

    😍😍😍 blackpink

  • Your favourite science guy

    I remember when I accidentally pressed on this video

    Best mistake I ever made 😍

  • ze luiz luiz
    ze luiz luiz 17 hours ago

    lindas plak pink e bts lindos e minha vida

  • Army Luna
    Army Luna 17 hours ago

    Rosé solo

  • Kayra Gokalp
    Kayra Gokalp 17 hours ago


  • Miguel angel Martínez tafur

    I love this song

  • Emir Morales
    Emir Morales 17 hours ago +1

    me encanto son las mejors

  • Jhosep Murayari Nolorbe

    💘 💘 😒 😒 👌 😢 😭

  • Army Luna
    Army Luna 17 hours ago +1

    This my addiction

  • UTT kim Jisoo
    UTT kim Jisoo 17 hours ago +1


  • UTT kim Jisoo
    UTT kim Jisoo 17 hours ago +1