Being the Best/Worst Ever


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  • I'm Eight Kinds of Trouble!

    Who was that person who crushed Jaiden? I'm gonna crush HIM!!! NO ONE DEALS WITH JAIDEN (BEAUTIFUL)!!!!!!!

  • Arhum Umair
    Arhum Umair 6 hours ago

    4mil views mama mia

  • Arhum Umair
    Arhum Umair 7 hours ago

    Omg i did not know u guys were growing sooo fast..james has 9.3 mil subs and u have 5mil ahhhhhhhhhhh i remember u were just at 1 mil

  • Just Sol
    Just Sol 7 hours ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    You showed Pewdiepie's chair
    So I subscribe to you
    But seriously though, you're awesome.

  • RASSERD __
    RASSERD __ 7 hours ago

    you should do another piano video pls ;-;

  • Lumine The Alpha
    Lumine The Alpha 7 hours ago

    My self improvement
    *failure* ... :-;

  • I’m Gay
    I’m Gay 7 hours ago

    - 9 year old army

  • 曹破天
    曹破天 7 hours ago

    I thought the audience was 0 and 1 code lol,probably cause i am a CS student

  • Kittiez Aspect
    Kittiez Aspect 7 hours ago

    ;o my favorite color is purple and galaxy purple.

  • melvrick dancel
    melvrick dancel 7 hours ago


  • Nooblet 46
    Nooblet 46 7 hours ago

    I'll never animate as good as jaiden :(

  • CakeSlime
    CakeSlime 7 hours ago

    2:44 beating the Sans undertale boss fight first try is a great achievement.

  • bagasapra yt
    bagasapra yt 7 hours ago

    My teachers name is ari

    ABANDONED SCOTT 8 hours ago

    U r now a meme due to your infiltration of pewdiepie reference.
    U r in lwiay

  • Tyrone Hanspard
    Tyrone Hanspard 8 hours ago

    Love your vids

  • Artist Longitude
    Artist Longitude 8 hours ago

    Jaiden was in youtube rewind!

  • Rainbow Wolf
    Rainbow Wolf 8 hours ago

    Is sameting Else yet your boyfriend

  • literally just a bird
    literally just a bird 8 hours ago

    8:22 the first dab in 2018 that does not make me feel disgusted

  • YOnewBUDDY ME!!
    YOnewBUDDY ME!! 8 hours ago

    5:37 sweet heart I love you but I need to you stop being the female version of me

  • Rgg_Grahamcracker12
    Rgg_Grahamcracker12 8 hours ago

    How do you feel that your in the most dislike vid ever

  • Pred
    Pred 8 hours ago +1

    I swear like, half the time I dislike the channel. Then the other half I really like. I have been subbed since or before 1 mil and I'm confused as shit

  • Eevee1008 AJ
    Eevee1008 AJ 8 hours ago

    I think im a cry baby....

    *cryed because teachers where talking to be about my bad grades*

    *brought them all up to a C and my one A went to a B*

  • Jorden Julien
    Jorden Julien 8 hours ago +1

    Had to come back to all my jaiden vids cuz she subbed for PewDePie thxs Jaiden u the best

  • Pewdiepieyourmom :3
    Pewdiepieyourmom :3 8 hours ago

    You were in one of pewdiepies videos

  • Musical Ava
    Musical Ava 8 hours ago

    "Cocky douchebag"
    Me: *looks up whilst flinging my glasses off my face*
    *gasps like SpongeBob* SqUiDwArD

  • the potassyum man
    the potassyum man 9 hours ago

    I just shoot a deer

  • minchang ma
    minchang ma 9 hours ago


  • Annora Moore
    Annora Moore 9 hours ago

    My favourite colour is Black and If proud of it

  • Alex Crain
    Alex Crain 9 hours ago

    Thx for doing ur part

  • Little Plays123
    Little Plays123 9 hours ago +1

    And I suddenly feel the branch give way

    TORI _PLAYZGACHA 9 hours ago

    R u better now cuz im worried

  • katilyn boyd
    katilyn boyd 9 hours ago

    Jayden when im sad and depressed i watch your video's and i feel better I wish there was a way that i could talk to u in private

  • Gumm :D
    Gumm :D 9 hours ago


  • Random YouTube content
    Random YouTube content 9 hours ago +1

    Why the hell! We’re you in TheXvid fucking rewind

  • Banana Guy
    Banana Guy 9 hours ago


  • Tristan Kun
    Tristan Kun 9 hours ago

    My sister can speak three languages and I can only speak two

  • Mathew Johnson
    Mathew Johnson 9 hours ago

    I'm so great at being humble. People should worship me for how humble I am.

  • A good Youtuber name
    A good Youtuber name 9 hours ago

    Anybody else wanna see another random thoughts video

  • Pojinx
    Pojinx 9 hours ago

    Holy shit your animations are amazing

  • THE
    THE 9 hours ago

    Kind of helpful video

  • Jasilou Leber
    Jasilou Leber 9 hours ago

    This is stupid but, whos's the blonde guy???

  • Marcos Yamamoto
    Marcos Yamamoto 10 hours ago

    Me never Win a fricking thing

  • Josh Marchetti
    Josh Marchetti 10 hours ago

    Staying under 10 mins

  • Justin Hung
    Justin Hung 10 hours ago

    That Jaiden-styled All-Might by @floating_megane... *holy crap.*

  • Rachel Choi CY
    Rachel Choi CY 10 hours ago +1

    Can you collab with cupquake again pleaseeeeeeeeee

  • Lannan Wall
    Lannan Wall 10 hours ago

    Thanks for putting pewds in youtube rewind

  • Obligated Productions
    Obligated Productions 10 hours ago

    Discovered you after Rewind but turns out I really enjoy your videos as well. I’m gonna subscribe. Keep up! And also thank you for the 399.

  • Broxina
    Broxina 10 hours ago

    *anime training*

  • Poisonpython 5719
    Poisonpython 5719 10 hours ago

    If you want to be a piano god just play 2 low d’s one high d an a then figure it out from there

  • Лорд Тачанка

    That was slick. And I ain't talking about rewind.

  • TommyRBX
    TommyRBX 10 hours ago

    6:28 is a meme, look at her left hand, you'll see this - 👌

  • Panda PrincessXD
    Panda PrincessXD 10 hours ago

    The person playing the piano is me

  • Daijha Wesley
    Daijha Wesley 10 hours ago

    The dabs got me good xD why Jaiden why.

  • Kathryn Walcott
    Kathryn Walcott 10 hours ago

    Who else came in comments to make sure they thank her for pewds references

  • Secret Secretary
    Secret Secretary 10 hours ago

    I do appreciate the fact that she snuck a Pewdiepie reference into TheXvid Rewind, but I’m just in awe how she knows who Bo Burnham is.

  • stanley wu
    stanley wu 10 hours ago +1

    I not being wierd but you are my god JADIEN!

  • Alberto Mcdonalds
    Alberto Mcdonalds 10 hours ago +1

    8:22 has me on repeat

  • Oscar Tomato
    Oscar Tomato 10 hours ago

    Only $299

  • Henry Wolfe
    Henry Wolfe 10 hours ago +1

    I've been subbed to you since 1 mil and been subbed to pewds since 2 mil
    thank you, Jaiden for doing your part.

  • Lashingtarsier5 1
    Lashingtarsier5 1 10 hours ago +1

    Jaiden tell us the story of the tattoos on your arm!

  • cat family🐈🐇
    cat family🐈🐇 10 hours ago

    I like pupple to 😺😸

  • Lonotonic
    Lonotonic 10 hours ago +1

    Oof your videos make me so happy thank you for being youuuu

  • Alberto Mcdonalds
    Alberto Mcdonalds 11 hours ago

    Am I the only person who looked up “can you whip yourself?”

  • cat family🐈🐇
    cat family🐈🐇 11 hours ago +1

    10/10 w0w, such good, me like, yes.

  • Deni Lefie
    Deni Lefie 11 hours ago +1

    Now us 9 year olds are moving into your channel.

  • Truepadalin971
    Truepadalin971 11 hours ago

    Ye branch twins

  • Stitch Fanatic
    Stitch Fanatic 11 hours ago

    Subscribed, fuck TheXvid

  • spaceship80sguy
    spaceship80sguy 11 hours ago +1

    I just realised your thumbnails have you doin a blep in the bottom left corner.

  • Jelly Miller
    Jelly Miller 11 hours ago

    Thank you for putting sub 2 pewds in your part in rewind

  • Ana. Rodriguez
    Ana. Rodriguez 11 hours ago +1

    You and James are in rewind

  • Milottic Boy007
    Milottic Boy007 11 hours ago +1

    3:27 Look at this funny thing XD Thank me and like my post :)

  • Leticia Lopez
    Leticia Lopez 11 hours ago


  • Austin Mcneely
    Austin Mcneely 11 hours ago

    Yes the dab

  • KipperKeeper
    KipperKeeper 11 hours ago +1

    And my friends wondered why I got so discouraged and angry when they said "you can't do [insert many things]? I figured out how to do it when I was in 6th grade! It's easy!" It's not encouragement! Stop building yourself up by tearing others down!

  • Super Droops
    Super Droops 11 hours ago

    I said I had the same favorite color as my friend but I didn't and then some how it became my favorite

  • Mar Blue
    Mar Blue 11 hours ago +1

    Holy grape juice

  • Familyvlogsandgames
    Familyvlogsandgames 11 hours ago +1

    When your one second away from that ten minute mark

  • Like No
    Like No 11 hours ago +1


  • Ed Bell
    Ed Bell 11 hours ago



  • supitzsash :D
    supitzsash :D 12 hours ago

    Who else just watched her first video and is incredibly proud of her quality?

  • Sergio SS
    Sergio SS 12 hours ago +1

    Hi! Jaiden! I really like how you express reflections with your videos. I like to know there are people like you out there. I personally believe in most of the things you have said, and it is cool to know that no matter where a person lives or what language a person speaks a person can think similar to you. I'm Sergio from Mexico. Greetings and sorry for my grammar mistakes if I have any. I'm still studying English.

  • Shiimo '
    Shiimo ' 12 hours ago


  • Jill Ebert
    Jill Ebert 12 hours ago +1

    My favorite color is purple too! And i have a plain purple shirt like in your animation.💜

  • Mary Apetse
    Mary Apetse 12 hours ago

    What I say to bullys you'll get 9:59 by me

  • 2funny4you2handle
    2funny4you2handle 12 hours ago

    How does it fell to be on youtupe rewind
    *Cough cough* 13mill dislikes *cough cough*

  • Woo Wugget
    Woo Wugget 12 hours ago

    After watching the remix I was like c’mon speed it up

  • Dexholder Emerald
    Dexholder Emerald 12 hours ago +1

    my favorite part of this video is you yelling at a baby for an unnecessary amount of time.

  • Universe Moon
    Universe Moon 12 hours ago +1

    Is it bad that I already played myself ever since I was in Kindergarten,and living up to the expectations of everyone around me?

  • Aster's World
    Aster's World 12 hours ago


  • godofthunder9010
    godofthunder9010 12 hours ago +1

    Much respect for sneaking Pewds into Rewind. Never heard of you before that. Looked you up. Like your stuff, so I subscribed.

  • Natalie Goodwin
    Natalie Goodwin 12 hours ago

    For me I'm usally really proud of my self. I think I'm a great singer and that have a talent but I have Alout to improve. But with art I love seeing the final product and all the detail I mean I just started animation and though my animations are really simple I just love seeing them knowing I created that

  • Nick Hill
    Nick Hill 12 hours ago

    I was one of your first subs and I feel like a father because you have over 5 mil subs

  • KaiserMan
    KaiserMan 12 hours ago +2

    Jaiden, you are a war hero. For putting a Pewdiepie reference in the rewind, I reward you with a golden star sticker, the highest honor. Thank you for your service.

  • Hamilton Fam
    Hamilton Fam 12 hours ago +1

    “People who like purple are freaks”
    But.... I like purple

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 12 hours ago +1

    When you use 6 pound dumbbells to work out

  • Dooblio
    Dooblio 12 hours ago +1

    If you look on the shelf on Jaiden animations part in the rewind, you can see a submarine, a peace symbol, and a P letter.
    Together that means SUB 2 PEWDIEPIE
    Thank you Jaiden Animations I give my saluts

  • TheCats_AndAdam
    TheCats_AndAdam 12 hours ago

    3:30 uhm lol

  • Muzza pictures
    Muzza pictures 13 hours ago

    What happened to you and oddsout

  • NinJaDragonFire69
    NinJaDragonFire69 13 hours ago


  • GBP utxutxit Issifitsd8t8st

    Thanks for adding pewdiepie in rewind.