Aladdin & The PLAGUE of Disney Live Action Remakes

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
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    Disney's new live action Aladdin starring Will Smith has not been getting a good response from fans. Here's why.

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  • captainmidnight
    captainmidnight  3 months ago +320

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    What did you think of the Aladdin trailer?

    • metallavery
      metallavery 8 days ago

      It's amazing, and any one againstis are a monster.

    • OneUpNerd
      OneUpNerd 27 days ago

      My dad always watched captain midnight when he was young. Really happy I found your channel, I'm a huge movie goer myself; and it's refreshing to find a channel with great essay's about what makes movies good, and what makes movies bad. Keep up the great work :)

    • MollyShine20 Brown
      MollyShine20 Brown 2 months ago

      I know everyone has different opinions, but the full movie isn't out yet and almost no one is willing to give it a chance. I mean come on, your judging it based on the trailer and because it's live action. When Kingdom hearts 3 opening theme song came out in the trailer, some people judge it and the full song hadn't come out at time, rather want a remix of the ending theme. But when it did came out, people all of sudden change their minds. Once the whole movie come out, what are you going to say about it then?

    • KT Chong
      KT Chong 2 months ago +1

      Actually, you missed THE MOST IMPORTANT reason why Disney has been remaking its animated classic into live-action films. Disney was actually FORCED by Warner Brothers and other Hollywood studios into remaking its animated classics into live-action. Warner Bros and other studios were planning to remake all the Disney animation into live-action films, BEFORE Disney had thought about it. Those other studios wanted to get "free rides" out of the nostalgia and popularity of Disney's classic animated films.
      If you do a little research, you would find out that the live-action Beauty and the Beast actually started as a WARNER BROTHERS project, long before Disney even had a plan for a remake. Warner Bros were going to make a live-action MUSICAL Beauty and the Beast, and Emma Watson was in talk with Warner to to play Belle. The "musical" part was a clear sign that Warner was going to get a free ride out of the nostalgia for and popularity of the Disney's animated classic. Of course Disney had to react. Then, Disney somehow just swooped in and took Emma Watson from Warner, which pretty much stalled Warner's project. If Disney was not going to remake Beauty and the Beast, then Warner would. Disney had every reason to do it - certainly just to stop and spite Warner.
      Then there was Warner Bros' live-action version of The Jungle Book. The Warner's live-action project actually started BEFORE Disney's version, but Disney was able to complete and release its live-action Jungle Book first before Warner. That pretty much KILLED Warner's Jungle Book, and forced Warner to dump its Jungle Book to Netflix. Again, Disney OUTPLAYED Warner.
      Universal was going to make a live-action musical version of the Little Mermaid, with Chloë Grace Moretz attached to play Aria. Again, that was long before Disney started its streak of successful remakes. The Universal project is currently dead after Disney started its own live-action remake project.
      There are a few other similar projects at other studios. You can google them.
      So, here is the truth: the other studios pretty much FORCED Disney's hand. Warner Bros, Universal, and the other studios wanted to get free rides out of the nostalgia and popularity of Disney animated classics . So Disney had to ACT first to stop those other studios from stealing. Warner Brothers, Universal and other studio pretty much forced Disney's hand. Ironically, after Disney started the remakes, those movies have turned out to be a huge money makers for Disney; on the other hand, all those other projects at the other studios: they are all dead, dead, dead.

    • Yuya Sakaki
      Yuya Sakaki 2 months ago


  • James Rotock
    James Rotock 4 hours ago

    I don't care what is said here or elsewhere, the same fools that say they hate remakes will show up in droves to either this crap or the Lion King! You sheep have no control what so ever and Disney is laughing all the way to the bank each and every time they make this crap and it grosses a billion even after everyone complains about how they are tired of remakes! You dumbasses have no one to blame but yourselves as I have not watched a single one of these movies and never plan to do so!

  • Fuggin Wat
    Fuggin Wat 6 hours ago

    >great youtubers like lindsay ellis

  • Dylan Wilson
    Dylan Wilson 10 hours ago

    I like and miss the old animation too

  • Ana Maldonado
    Ana Maldonado 16 hours ago

    Is not just Will Smith. Beauty and beast remade broke my heart. I mean replacing a movie, the first animated movie nominated to an Oscar for best picture chute. Like sacrilege.
    And replacing the music Celine Dion by Arianna Grande? Come on.

  • Unicorn Bunny
    Unicorn Bunny 2 days ago +1

    If Disney wants to remake their old animated movies, why not just remake them into new CGI animated movies? That way, you’d still have the colour, life and imagination of animated movies to work with without having to worry about special effects. Movie studios need to understand that there’s only so much you can do in live-action, and so much *more* you can do with animation.

  • Julie Dority
    Julie Dority 2 days ago

    I wish Disney would stop making sequels and remakes and put effort into breathtaking interesting and unique original stories

  • Gabe PL
    Gabe PL 2 days ago

    Will Smith's a avatar

  • Charlotte McLean
    Charlotte McLean 3 days ago

    I enjoyed the Cinderella remake I felt like the additions to the story in that one we subtle but meaningful in a way that made the message of the story about the value of being kind come through more clearly. I haven't seen the Jungle Book remake but they seemed to be going for something between the Kipling and the original Disney Movie with that one so again meaningful additions. But the Lion King and Aladdin are the kind of stories that I feel like should be told through animation and so the "live action" versions just seem off and weird.

  • warren byrne
    warren byrne 4 days ago


  • anuma nuva
    anuma nuva 4 days ago

    It's gonna be lit, like Ghostbusters and cpt. Marvel

  • Angel Barrera
    Angel Barrera 4 days ago

    Remember how people didn’t like George Lucas during the prequel times because he was chipping away at the Star Wars franchise until the bad outweighed the good. Well those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat them and these remakes are no different, though I’m not sure if it’s better or worst that the remakes are just forgettably passable instead of memorably bad to at least paint the original in a better light.

  • Heto Ah Hi
    Heto Ah Hi 4 days ago

    Aladdin is going to be awesome.

    • D Leo
      D Leo 7 hours ago


  • Sakura Hime
    Sakura Hime 5 days ago

    I like the new movies, They’re ok .-. I know I’ll get a lot of hate for it but that’s ok. I was actually named after the princess in Aladdin so I was excited about the remake and I’ve seen worse live action remakes so I don’t think they’re too bad. Dumbo was really good , it was a different story in a lot of ways which made it exciting to see. I think if they did what they did with dumbo in their remakes maybe they wouldn’t be so bad to everyone, you know a different version of the same story. I kinda also get a part of the reason for remakes , though we all love the original movies , a lot of the new generation is used to “ Better art style , better graphics and voicing “ ect , even I will admit that I don’t play old games that I used to enjoy because I’m used to better graphics and can’t focus on the amazing story I loved because of the terrible art. It’s kinda like that , everyone complains but in the end the newer generation is use to a much different style of movies and such, if they don’t change from old animation style they will go out of business .-. I mean the movies were modified versions of actual stories , so these movies are modified version of our old stories. Everyone complains like it’s such a huge insult but I wonder if those who were told the original stories as children would feel insulted. I bet the family of Pocahontas would feel insulted that her story was changed to take away from the brutality that happened to her and made to look like a romance , that’s why I don’t feel we have a right to complain or act insulted .-. So I just go with the flow

  • Svenger Mc. Spazzy
    Svenger Mc. Spazzy 6 days ago +1

    We are the only true Disney fans. Why is that? Because we're the only people calling them out on their shit practices.

  • yohannbiimu
    yohannbiimu 6 days ago

    The most "dated" moments in "Aladdin" is Robin Williams' impressions of people who were topical when the movie was made (William F. Buckley comes to mind), but who are either dead or not current anymore. That sort of topical humor gets old REALLY fast.

  • Thom Van Dommelen
    Thom Van Dommelen 6 days ago

    I love the remakes.😅

  • kylo ren
    kylo ren 7 days ago

    CGI is like gets worse as it age's......unless it's blue cheese 🤨blue screen????

  • Thisguy 2532
    Thisguy 2532 7 days ago

    Really all these live action films Disney did ruins my childhood( who the hell thought will smith would make a good geni ( not sure how u spell it) but it will never replace rob Williams)

  • CharizardDragon
    CharizardDragon 8 days ago +1

    I really don’t think we can judge movies until they come out, but for the live action Disney movies that are already out, the reason I love them is because there are some added scenes, information, and songs that I’ll forever love. There are also songs revamped and somewhat better (to some). I know they’re making the films for money because of fans nostalgia, but I never liked some of these animated movies to begin with. The “realistic” ones are a little nicer to watch, what with the beautiful backgrounds. There’s also something really cool about the hard work put into remaking these films. It seems like a lot of people’s problems with live action films are the fact that it’s nothing new, but Disney does have other projects in the works other than live action movies. They’re not being lazy, they’re being resourceful and it’s not hurting anybody. It’s creating more job opportunities, bringing old favorites back for fans, and dabbling in a new medium.

  • dgkway
    dgkway 8 days ago +3

    Disney "Who should we get to play the genie though, good enough to compare to Robin himself?
    Also Disney "Just get that famous youtuber Will Smith"
    Genie "AH THATS HOT"

  • Nik Fury
    Nik Fury 8 days ago

    could just call some anime artists in. just sayin.

  • youseineko
    youseineko 8 days ago

    Apparently, Disney only remade two of their animated movies before 2014: “The Jungle Book” (twice) and “101 Dalmatians” (which got a sequel called “102 Dalmatians”). I remember the second “Jungle Book” remake: “The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Story”. It was pure 90’s cheese, complete with talking animals whose mouths didn’t move, but it was still fun to watch. At least it wasn’t the same movie shot by shot.
    “101 Dalmatians” live-action was fun, too. Again, Disney didn’t just recreate the original movie. First of all, the dogs - who were real dogs, not CG - couldn’t talk in this version. You’d think that would take away from the experience, but they made up for it by having them express emotions in other ways.
    Second, Disney changed the relationship between Cruella and Anita. In the original movie, they were just former classmates. In the live-action movie, Anita was working for Cruella at a fashion label. Anita was actually the one who came up with the Dalmatian coat idea, but she didn’t wanna use actual dog fur. Cruella did.
    Finally, there were lots of scenes that were either different from the original or not in the original at all. For example, there was a cheesy scene where the nanny realized that Anita was pregnant. But because she had just been talking about Perdy, she accidentally told Anita, “I think you’re gonna have a puppy.” She fainted.
    Even with the limitations of film back then (and maybe a smaller budget), I feel like those live-action remakes had more soul than the ones from 2014 to now.

  • Jon Hyde
    Jon Hyde 8 days ago

    6:10 the answer to ur question is my mom, I told her the new beauty & the beast is exactly the same as the old one, but live action, moral of the story is never try to use logic and reasoning with ur mom, it doesn't work

  • Jon Hyde
    Jon Hyde 8 days ago

    Nice to see I wasn't the only one who noticed

  • Carlo Lao
    Carlo Lao 9 days ago +1

    I dont know Y but Detective Pikachu CGI is done so well compared to live action Lion King, Dumbo and/or Beauty and beast

  • Chloe Johnson
    Chloe Johnson 9 days ago

    If they're going to keep milking these properties, I wish they would turn some of the scenes from Aladdin into rides. I mean actual rides, with all the theming, like an indoor roller coaster based on the Cave of Wonders.

  • BlueDragon992
    BlueDragon992 9 days ago

    I'm not kidding when I say that I've seen people on the internet actually unironically saying that *they actually want MORE of these!* Why!? Just, *WHY!?!?*

  • Jordan Arnold
    Jordan Arnold 9 days ago

    Disney: Drops Teaser for Aladdin.
    Internet: Why isn't Will Smith blue?
    Disney: Okay, you asked for it.
    Am I the only one who thought he looked fine as a genie with a human skin tone? Does it HAVE to be an exact remake of the animated film? Why not another interpretation of the classic story?
    Also, why isn't anybody talking about Jafar's costume? He clearly bought it at the Disney Store...

  • RoseAnubis BlakeWilson

    The second trailer dropped for aladdin it looks better. Each love action will make billions cuz its either aladdin or dora ur choice. A poll was taken and most people would rather see aladdin than dora.

  • Arnold Shortman
    Arnold Shortman 10 days ago

    The Genie died with Williams.

  • D. Goyle
    D. Goyle 10 days ago

    So no one watches the Aladdin Musical? That thing has more love and affection than that Blue Smith mess.

  • Peter Panda
    Peter Panda 11 days ago +1

    Nothing beats good animation. All these life like cgi will age badly. Btw I’ve never seen any Disney live action movies and I’ll never will.

  • Wrestling fan
    Wrestling fan 11 days ago +1

    I bet the next remake will be Pocahontas

  • Isla Sullivan
    Isla Sullivan 11 days ago +4

    There are still great 2d movies being made, just mostly by Japanese companies (from what I've seen).

  • theCUBE403
    theCUBE403 11 days ago

    Oh god Will smith.. I think I just threw up in my own mouth.. why cant his family just stop already they all suck

  • Alan Mann
    Alan Mann 12 days ago

    I always go to The Speed Racer movie. That movie looks so different then all this realistic crap they're making today. Speed Racer had a look that was different and imaginative. Making something look realistic doesn't mean BETTER.

  • Alan Mann
    Alan Mann 12 days ago

    It's all about the benjamins. Those live actions remakes keep making money they will keep making them. I hate them.

  • bw13187
    bw13187 13 days ago

    Who wants to see the same movie with new actors? a lot of people! It's like a remix of your favorite song. So far they havent been very good, though...

  • Kasper Boor
    Kasper Boor 13 days ago

    Dumbo was good though

  • lagofala
    lagofala 14 days ago +2

    I think your point about Animation not being respected really nails it. I mean no one thinks remaking the Mona Lisa for the louve using computer graphics is a good idea.

  • chasedoe
    chasedoe 14 days ago

    Let's don't judge Lion King just yet... I hope that jon favreau have smth up his sleeve just like in The Jungle Book.

  • kayd dutcher
    kayd dutcher 14 days ago +1

    One of the reasons I like old school animation - and animation in general - is that the style reinforces the tone, themes and idea that the movie is going for. Aladdin is fantasy, and the fantastical animation encourages suspension of disbelief, because it's constantly re-enforcing the idea that this is a tale, a fantasy. Real people next to bad cgi? Drags you right out of the story. Same with beauty and the beast. I love animation because no other medium can so clearly tie back in stylistically with such ease.

    • Unicorn Bunny
      Unicorn Bunny 2 days ago

      kayd dutcher This is the reason why I can’t stand live-action remakes of animated properties - they suck out the imagination, colour and energy of cartoons.

  • Kenny Darmawan
    Kenny Darmawan 15 days ago

    Yeah, but Disney ain't see a reason to do it.
    Especially when theirs are far better than others, especially Alvin and the Chipmunks.

  • A Choking Fish
    A Choking Fish 15 days ago +1

    I loved the cartoon segment in Mary poppins returns, because it wasn't just cartoon: there were a lot of live action set prices that were designed to look like cartoons, and it was so neat and well blended together I'd like u watch a whole movie like that.

  • James Dyer
    James Dyer 15 days ago

    (Sigh) Which Disney would go back to animated movies instead of doing live action remakes and cgi movies.

    • Unicorn Bunny
      Unicorn Bunny 2 days ago

      James Dyer I mean by Disney is still *making* animated movies, just not in traditional form. Other companies are doing traditionally animated movies like Hullabaloo, Art Story, Klaus, and My Father’s Dragon.

    • James Dyer
      James Dyer 2 days ago

      I haven't seen or heard news of any new 2d animation movies so far. If you know any please make a list in your next reply. Thank you.

    • Unicorn Bunny
      Unicorn Bunny 2 days ago

      James Dyer Bit Disney *is* still doing animated movies.

  • Deadpool Idk
    Deadpool Idk 16 days ago

    Also Netflix made a way better movie than Disney for the jungle book

  • Deadpool Idk
    Deadpool Idk 16 days ago

    I would still prefer the animated version of the jungle book rather than the cgi version.

  • Alex O'Ceallaigh
    Alex O'Ceallaigh 16 days ago +1

    I'm a little terrified of Disney at this stage. It's as if they're shouldering other studios out of the way and just shoving their films down your throat even though I've had this portion already!

  • Kylah C
    Kylah C 16 days ago

    I feel like I have regretted seeing BatB and Jungle Book for the second time. It’s like they’re taking away everything that I expected from the originals. Even though Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella were actually good in my opinion. So probably after seeing The Lion King, I’m going to stop watching more of Disney live action films and giving out money to buy tickets, unless they’re doing The Black Cauldron and Atlantis. And I wanna say that those movies that didn’t do good at the box office deserves a remake, not the ones who got the credit and have been watched before!

  • Matt Aggro
    Matt Aggro 17 days ago

    I feel like they feel obligated to just get these things out.

  • michael demopoulos
    michael demopoulos 17 days ago

    Emma Watson is total trash.

  • Guillaume Ricard
    Guillaume Ricard 17 days ago

    The point of doing it is that people will watch it, plain and simple. When the audience will stop watching, the studios will start doing something else.
    In other words, don't watch those movies unless you want more of them.

  • Estevan Valladares
    Estevan Valladares 18 days ago

    Very little of what the host says is based on much more than "First emotion bias", if you will.
    Gonna make a comparison with a topic I am fond of: MMORPGs.
    Most people who speak about Word of Warcraft says that "vanilla was better", as much as people who played Wizard's Lair says it was better than Ragnarok for example, and so on.
    The first time something makes an impression in emotional prevalent people, they tend to compare the feelings with reason. As Thomas Sowell said about other topics but still valid for anything: "The problem isn't that Johnny can't read. The problem isn't even that Johnny can't think. The problem is that Johnny doesn't know what thinking is; he confuses it with feeling."
    You will never feel the same way you felt when you first played that MMORPG if you like them, you will never feel the same way you felt the first time you played a certain MMORPG after it changes what were familiar.
    The same way you will never feel as good or as bad as the first time you Married, no matter how many times you do it. You will never feel the same way you felt when you first watched a movie. Even if the movie is the same exact movie if it changes enough for you to lose touch with the emotion you felt the first time.
    That is why your reward neural system is more active when you expecting something you hope rather than receiving even a better reward from the same action after a while doing it.
    The host just try to reason it using words that look like reason.

  • Shirrelle S
    Shirrelle S 18 days ago

    The film industry as a whole is dead in my opinion. It has been for many years. I genuienly don't think I've seen a new film I love since I was a child. Some are OK, but don't stay with me or make me go crazy about them.

  • Guts Hill
    Guts Hill 18 days ago

    101 Dalmatians is the only Live action remake I like.

  • LionmaneElsie08
    LionmaneElsie08 19 days ago +2

    If it ain’t broke, don’t ‘fix’ it, Disney

  • ross mcrae
    ross mcrae 19 days ago +1

    just remake star wars, it like 40yrs old and really could do with a remaking

  • not zazu
    not zazu 19 days ago +1

    lets be real. the lion king is not live action. its animation. computer. generated. animation.

  • Jesse Hecht C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E.

    1:02 GUESS WHO?

  • Findecanor
    Findecanor 20 days ago

    BTW, Disney had a live-action remake of _their_ adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame in the works for some reason, when the fire hit.
    Fire is a theme in Disney's movie. I hope that kills it.

  • Nate DS
    Nate DS 20 days ago

    God I hate these remakes. Jungle book and Alice is ok, Aladdin and beauty and the beast is pushing it, but I draw the fucking line at the lion king.

  • Robert Mihai
    Robert Mihai 21 day ago +2

    We watch pieces of fictional arts to forget about reality and its harsh nature so the argument of "we like it cause its more realistic" it s just sad for me

  • Tom Jean
    Tom Jean 22 days ago +1

    Pete's Dragon remake was far better than the original

  • Elijah Tracy
    Elijah Tracy 23 days ago

    I just don’t understand why they didn’t cast Aladdin from the Broadway cast. Then you’d have looks, humor and broadway level singing.

  • Emanuel Nadera
    Emanuel Nadera 23 days ago

    I think the cgi is unfinished

  • Paul Lx
    Paul Lx 23 days ago

    They can try but Disney is not the same anymore...

  • mjkalasky
    mjkalasky 25 days ago

    Now, these live action remakes could always be done well, but Disney is rarely doing anything NEW these days, and, aside from the Marvel movies, the new stuff they actually DO do, doesn't usually end up being all that good, either.

  • Gabriel Brennan
    Gabriel Brennan 26 days ago

    They should be putting this effort into a VR version of that old Aladdin game. That thing was awesome.

  • Jessica
    Jessica 27 days ago

    I hate this new trend of Disney live action remakes and I hate seeing my peers getting exciting about it. Disney is taking advantage of our nostalgia for these movies and releasing garbage and what’s worse is that people are actually supporting it. If I want to watch Aladdin I’m going to watch 1992 Aladdin that I grew up with and love. I refuse to support these movies and wish others would as well. But people vote with their wallet and obviously these remakes are winning.

  • Mr X
    Mr X 28 days ago

    Yes most Hollywood Studios are out of Ideas and only want to play safe with Superhero Movies or remakes of timeless classics. But as long people pay for it they continue with it. But on the other Side, when one of the greatest Fimmaker of our Time (James Cameron) makes a unique and breathtaking Cyberpunk Actiondrama with Alita: Battleangel, and bearly enough people went watching it, it proves Disney and Marvel right. Yes Alita is everything i was hoping for, because it is so fresh and exciting as no other movie i have seen since Avatar. But the whole media was systematicly putting it down and logicly much less people went watching it, but those who did loved Alita so much!!! Rotten Tomato proves it as well, because the so called professionel critics gave it only 60% but the Audiences a full 94% So again people complain about those boring trends from Disney but dont support the realy fresh and creative movies enough....

  • GräfinVonHohenembs
    GräfinVonHohenembs 29 days ago

    With the exception of the Jungle Book? I have never even been able to watch the first 30 minutes becuase it is so boring. It puts me asleep every time. :/

  • Carolina Sousa
    Carolina Sousa 29 days ago

    One of the things mentioned in the DVD extras for Aladdin was how they chose to make a movie that couldn't be done in live action (at the time, at least), referring to the Genie. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one who isn't into the remakes.

  • Dushine
    Dushine 29 days ago

    Sigh lost hope a while ago. This is such a brilliant and on point video. I loved Jungle Book and one of the reasons why that worked better than the rest is because it greatly improved on the original. since they original was by no means a Disney classic in quality terms. But Lion King? REALLY? Aladdin too? The list goes on. I haven't seen any other of the remakes besides Alice in 2010 and even by my shittier taste back then I still hated it.
    Animals making human jokes that are live action doesn't make a movie more realistic, neither does a blue Will Smith.

    I just hope people going to support these movies don't go ahead and say they want more originality from Disney because as long as these remakes make money they will keep making them. Seriously if you're nostalgic for the far superior and original movie...just go watch that?

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher Month ago

    the way i see it is these live action disney films aren't targeted to yester-year generations to poke at the nostalgia buttons that we grew up with but are for the newer generation that is more tech focused in turning something that isn't real into real for that wow effect

  • Hubi Guschti
    Hubi Guschti Month ago

    I actually would hate the remakes to be too different because i know the story already and i want it not to change! Im very excited about the upcoming live action adaptions and relive the stories. It kind of makes the stories more real :) not sure what this absolutely SUPER LAME hatethread here is all about, just dont watch the movies!! But at least half of you noobs without real reasoning is in the end going to watch the movies anyway which makes YOU suck even more than disney (not that i think disney sucks xD) :'D its still a crap load of work behind making these movies, probably a whole lot more than the old animations were. This is just another useless hate thread of ignorant idiots who have no real reasoning and probably suck a lot more in doing what they do for life/work... why not doing better yourself.. ah yes you suck so much that you just can't :'D

  • Christopher McDonald

    Most people don't remember this but Goldeneye for the N64 was advertised as having "realistic graphics".
    Play it now or even look up some clips, it looks absolutely horrible. So will all of these movies 15 years from now.

  • s
    s Month ago

    they should take a risk and remake a live action version of finding nemo with hyper realistice fish

  • P S
    P S Month ago

    Ef you, La croix is great! :P Lol, but seriously though, good video. The Disney renaissance is long past, and now they're pretty much devoid of any and all creativity. They're damn well on their way to being a monopoly in the movie industry too, so they can totally just keep serving us lukewarm shiit, and ppl will keep eating it up cause there's not all that much out there thats better.

  • Wolf By Night
    Wolf By Night Month ago +1

    Disney has always remade everything, hardly anything Disney is original.

  • Steam Punkster
    Steam Punkster Month ago

    I abandon these films because they are awful. But I think the reason they make these abominations was to corner the Chinese audience.

  • Kristy Burgess
    Kristy Burgess Month ago +1

    I used to play that Aladdin game on my computer. I love Aladdin.☺️

  • Firecraker J
    Firecraker J Month ago

    Dreamworks wants YOU to join the Disney resistance!

  • xwaytothedawnx
    xwaytothedawnx Month ago

    I just hate how safe it is. For their time movies like Dumbo, Aladdin, and The Lion King were a leap. They were original. No person at Disney is twiddling their thumbs worried about whether these remakes are going to do well. They already know adults driven by their nostalgia are going to run into these movies opening night. Even if the movie is less then average or uninspired it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day they got their money. I’m boycotting these movies and I’m so frustrated people are so easily falling for these subpar remakes that pale to the originals

  • James Roscoe
    James Roscoe Month ago

    What the hell do you people want? The Genie is supposed to be Blue! I think Will looks good as the genie. I don't see anything wrong there.

  • Dango pop
    Dango pop Month ago

    disney do not stop, ever. they have too much time and money

  • Stephany Fofano
    Stephany Fofano Month ago

    I didn't like Emma Watson for the movie Beauty and the Beast she does not sing well

    • Stephany Fofano
      Stephany Fofano 26 days ago

      i do like Emma Watson for other movies just not this movie
      and i do sing just because i am not famous don't mean anything.

    • Gemna Cariño Iman
      Gemna Cariño Iman 26 days ago

      I didn't like Emma Watson do Emma Watson Like you?
      She doesn't sing well are you good at singing?

  • Butter Pie
    Butter Pie Month ago

    You know, if Disney only did like 1 live action remake every 4 years I wouldn't mind the live action remakes as much. But 4 being released in 1 year (Dumbo, Aladdin, Lion King, Maleficent 2) just comes to show Disney wants to play it safe despite all the precious money in their vault.

  • ClassicAntiZero
    ClassicAntiZero Month ago

    I don't like Donald Glover.

  • TaraLee Smith
    TaraLee Smith Month ago

    I loved the Aladdin game so much as a kid and yeah I agree with you it’s all been cash grabs like even the nutcracker was kind of boring to watch. I do like what they did with Lafoo and gave beast his own song besides that it was pretty cringey listen and watch Emma stone is gorgeous but that’s about it. I never realized how much of the Cinderella movie was more about the mice then the its main character cause the live action was a complete snooze fest. So far I have only enjoyed jungle book and I just saw dumbo it had some good visuals but it was kinda of dull acting besides Danny davito

  • Edwin Palacios
    Edwin Palacios Month ago

    Can’t believe I’ve never came across this channel before , just subbed , and dude , you hit it on all the right points !! And honestly I feel same way 100% I thought the remake of beauty and the beast was great until I came home and re watched the blue ray animation and I was like ... duuuuude ... this is the way it was meant to be watched !! Iam no animator but I do enjoy drawing on my spare time , and I feel like all these remakes are a slap to the face to legends like Glen Kean

  • MEGA MAN Forever
    MEGA MAN Forever Month ago

    I actually miss the 90s era of Disney live action films like Angels In the Outfield, The Big Green, Blank Check, The Mighty Ducks trilogy, etc. At least those were original ideas and I still enjoy them today.

  • Llama Miner
    Llama Miner Month ago

    Run Hermione! Remus forgot his Wolfsbane again!

  • Siann The irrelevant youtuber

    Will smith looks very poorly painted in the trailer and looks like he's playing a character!!not like he isn't playing character but we should be able to think and imagen that he really is the genie!!

  • Aurore Aurore
    Aurore Aurore Month ago

    Why don't they make beautiful 2D movies anymore?

  • sara
    sara Month ago

    given how the live action dumbo is getting scored people might Finally be souring on shot for shot remakes of something they've seen before. i DO see them trying to make a live action little mermaid despite what a nightmare doing the underwater parts would be short of FULL CGI and if they are dumb enough to pull that one it might be what kills the remakes

  • Samantha Cochran
    Samantha Cochran Month ago +3

    To be honest I genuinely enjoyed the Cinderella remake. It added a bit of depth to the love story, the cast did a great job, the costumes and sets were lush and gorgeous, and it didn’t take away from or cheapen the original. It kept the heart of the 1950 classic while adding a beautiful new direction. I own the blu ray and happily watch it from time to time.
    That being said, I’m in full agreement with the point this video tries to make. The remakes need to stop if they aren’t going to take any risks or try anything new. Like maybe remake a flop like The Black Cauldron or Fantasia, and breathe new life into underrated or mediocre films that otherwise would be forgotten. But they won’t stop. Not until people stop going to see them (look what happened with Solo- what felt to the studio like a sure thing bombed and managed to take down a couple upcoming projects along with it).

  • Krk Patterson
    Krk Patterson Month ago

    Pulled out if “retirement” - pretty sure all Disney’s animators got fired with the rise of CGI.

  • Rex67Diego9 fandub
    Rex67Diego9 fandub Month ago

    honestly the trailer of the new lion king just proofs that this photorealistic thing is just crap.
    ot only the colors are utterly watered down, but character expression is completely gone and you can't even distiguish a character from the other

  • Intellectual Canine

    *_Blue Will Smith_*
    f u c k g o b a c k