Recreating The Taco Bell Volcano Burrito

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • Josh recreated the Taco Bell Volcano Burrito and Lava Sauce! GMMore #1532
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Comments • 656

  • Life-Row-Toll
    Life-Row-Toll 4 days ago +1

    I miss the Volcano sauce!

  • Amy Kay
    Amy Kay 6 days ago

    I don't like the glasses...

  • villarreal6
    villarreal6 6 days ago

    Tmj. I got it too homie. Since I was 15. 27. Mf still pop. No one even knows. Because it's not an issue. Stay up

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith 10 days ago

    Is the recipe Josh made somewhere? I really want it.

  • Kaitlyn McCort
    Kaitlyn McCort 14 days ago

    I wear a mouthguard because I have TMJ. I have anxiety so so bad but I've had TMJ my like entire life. And yeah. the mouthguard goes on the top of my mouth too

    DARK DRAKONIS 14 days ago


  • Madison Miller
    Madison Miller 14 days ago

    Wait I want the recipe for the lava sauce please

  • MonkeyJam
    MonkeyJam 14 days ago

    How does one make the lava sauce???

  • TJ The Entertainer
    TJ The Entertainer 15 days ago

    I remember trying a volcano burrito once. I was crying and my nose was dripping as I ate it. My dad told me to stop hurting myself, but I couldn’t because it tasted amazing

  • Kaesha J
    Kaesha J 16 days ago

    I used to wear a mouth gaurd(before my toddler threw it in the trash unbeknownst to me) and I’d always have dreams about my mouth being glued shut with vast amounts of gum

  • flappy188
    flappy188 18 days ago

    dude dont carry spoons around, you will be arrested!

  • Will Campbell
    Will Campbell 18 days ago +1

    volcano burrito was my absolute favorite thing from taco bell

  • JoyfulSelah
    JoyfulSelah 19 days ago +2

    Oh wow.. cook for me. I volunteer as tribute. :D

  • matt boles
    matt boles 19 days ago +1

    "a way to break up... particles"

  • DS 6
    DS 6 19 days ago

    The bird in the denim vacuumed that burrito up real fast

  • antonio zarate
    antonio zarate 19 days ago

    i really hate that lard ass she is so pathetic

  • Phoenix Marzrover
    Phoenix Marzrover 20 days ago

    She looks totally toasted.....

  • Elli Sowers
    Elli Sowers 21 day ago

    Ellie’s reaction to spicy food is a MOOD

  • Kyle King
    Kyle King 21 day ago

    All the grinding references but no grinder app joke lol I am shocked

  • OliviasAnimation
    OliviasAnimation 22 days ago

    Bring back the volcano burrito!!!

  • DeCo Slush
    DeCo Slush 22 days ago

    I need a full fledge recipe video please. I need this in my life. 7 YEARS I'VE BEEN WAITING A FOR IT TO COME BACK. Zesty Nachos too.

  • Nevets Notlrac
    Nevets Notlrac 22 days ago +1

    What was your favorite part Timmy?
    “I liked the part where they talk about mouth guards for a looong time!”

  • 2010gt1
    2010gt1 22 days ago

    The volcano taco was the best

  • MaxLPQueen
    MaxLPQueen 23 days ago

    Josh you need to put a red mark on Ellie's finger because you know she's holding the knife wrong. :)

  • Derber's Discoveries
    Derber's Discoveries 23 days ago

    From the grocery store you can buy TB beef Seasoning packages and Doritos to make a mountain of nachos in 15min. TB branded Beans and all sauces too. It's good taste on fresh beef when made at home, just sayin'...

  • Amelia Brown
    Amelia Brown 23 days ago +1

    I'm really digging Josh's Lex Luthor vibe.

  • Sand McNatt
    Sand McNatt 23 days ago

    Sometimes Link is not the dad we want, he's the dad we need.

  • Just Another Random Channel

    I miss the volcano burrito.... 😢

  • TJ
    TJ 24 days ago

    More of Josh!!! He kills it every time.

  • David Thorn
    David Thorn 24 days ago

    Bring it back

  • elizabeth brogan
    elizabeth brogan 24 days ago

    As she still doesn’t know how to tuck her fingers 😬🙄

  • Jacky Woods
    Jacky Woods 24 days ago

    Anyone else sad that they cut it when they did? Lol

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 24 days ago +1


  • omarqb
    omarqb 24 days ago

    Please dont ever have that girl on camera, like ever!

  • Bubber Ducky
    Bubber Ducky 24 days ago

    @ 8:10 Link mentions that he wears a mouthguard whilst sleeping. If that's true then don't! It is really dangeorous to have something that you could choke on in your mouth while you're sleeping . . .

  • CalypsoRaz
    CalypsoRaz 24 days ago

    Josh looks like a mannequin without hair

  • Jonathan Hansen
    Jonathan Hansen 24 days ago

    Volcano Burrito? How long did they offer these? I actually remember when they had “Moby Jacks”.

  • Jesse Gonzalez
    Jesse Gonzalez 24 days ago

    Taco Bell HOPE YOU READY THIS. This is personal, bring BACK THE Volcano Taco 🌮. Plz 🌶😩

  • Jesse Gonzalez
    Jesse Gonzalez 24 days ago +2

    Who prefers the Volcano taco 🌮 over the
    Fiery taco

  • Luke_
    Luke_ 24 days ago

    Dude I ate 7 of those in one sitting
    Why did they take it away from meeeee

    CHASIN STACKS 24 days ago +1

    Good stuff👍

  • Isaac Hernandez
    Isaac Hernandez 24 days ago

    I miss the stache bro..

  • DeadLeaFMoth
    DeadLeaFMoth 24 days ago

    The Congo movie Volcano promos were my favorite Taco Bell product EVER. I wish they'd bring that back

  • DatLove
    DatLove 24 days ago

    I’m still mad Taco Bell took this away. It was one of the best items they had. Much better than those gross Dorito shells. Ugh. Petition to get it back please?

  • J W
    J W 25 days ago

    How does this video have over 6k likes?
    The woman, who doesn't know how to use a knife, is more of a man than the rest of the sissy boys... SAD!

  • Charles Robinson
    Charles Robinson 25 days ago

    I love taco bell!!

  • anakin skywalker
    anakin skywalker 25 days ago

    y'all look like you're Schwitzen a little bit

  • TheMadGamer
    TheMadGamer 25 days ago


  • Jennifer Kelley
    Jennifer Kelley 25 days ago

    What about GM Baja sauce??

  • Jennifer Kelley
    Jennifer Kelley 25 days ago

    Does Josh have a GM lava sauce on your store?

  • Christinaah 119
    Christinaah 119 25 days ago

    Another item I miss is Wendy's pitas. That was one of the only things I'd ever get from there and suddenly they were gone.

  • The Crown Joker
    The Crown Joker 25 days ago

    Hey Josh, any chance you have a loose recipe for that lava sauce?

  • Melanie Flowers
    Melanie Flowers 25 days ago

    I love how concerned Link gets, he's such a caring sweetheart 😊

  • Yadiry Guevara
    Yadiry Guevara 25 days ago

    I also have a low spicy foods tolerance.

  • Puddi Panda
    Puddi Panda 25 days ago +1

    The Volcano Burrito: A warning of what your mouth's about to become :o

    COLIN TOSH 25 days ago

    Good luck the next day when you go for a shite

  • Kimberly Terminelle
    Kimberly Terminelle 25 days ago +1

    Lov oyu

  • Lady Blooming
    Lady Blooming 25 days ago +1

    When Link pretended to grab the knife by the sharp end, I quietly giggled to myself.❤️

  • Gavin Draculia
    Gavin Draculia 25 days ago

    Josh is shaping up man~

  • Stricken4Pot
    Stricken4Pot 25 days ago

    Volcano was the only reason I ate at Taco Bell 7 years ago...

  • The Demon Noof
    The Demon Noof 25 days ago

    The lava sauce came back a few times over the past few years.

  • Bharadwaj Ananthkumar
    Bharadwaj Ananthkumar 25 days ago

    Lol..I thought he was going to eat a 30 yr old stale burrito😂

  • Missy's Animals TV
    Missy's Animals TV 25 days ago

    My favorite thing was the volcano phase tb went through. Now it’s just whack healthy food.

  • mrburns805
    mrburns805 25 days ago +1

    How do you make the lava sauce?????

  • Chief Rileigh
    Chief Rileigh 25 days ago

    Is josh single and does he want to be a step dAddy. 🤔

  • Ariana Capraro
    Ariana Capraro 25 days ago

    I miss the volcano stuff 😢

  • Dustin Lewis
    Dustin Lewis 25 days ago

    Don't forget about the Volcano nachos those were good 👍

  • Fredo Santana
    Fredo Santana 25 days ago

    She looks like a crack head

  • vincent hicks
    vincent hicks 25 days ago

    That burrito is 7yrs old? Wow time flies

  • skater gator
    skater gator 25 days ago

    Taco Bell is really good but does not really come close to authentic Mexican food

  • Biskuit
    Biskuit 25 days ago

    I miss the volcano sauce/burrito so much :(

  • MultiTarded
    MultiTarded 25 days ago

    Looks great.

  • Anhel Rajikova
    Anhel Rajikova 25 days ago

    4:23 Smella that

  • demontrent10653
    demontrent10653 25 days ago

    I ate this in the non~jalapeño variety SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...~MANY TIME'Z,I felt as though I ate all the ingredient'z,&made it impossible'z for our local location'z to make anymore'z,l.o.l.z.,Rhett&Link~!!!>;"3>

  • Stacy Haviland
    Stacy Haviland 25 days ago


  • Brandon Pettefer
    Brandon Pettefer 25 days ago

    Bring back the BAJA SAUCE!!!!

  • Barry Evans
    Barry Evans 25 days ago

    We still have the volcano burrito in the u.k. It doesn't have the Cheetos in it though, as much as I wish it did. It's still super hot though!

  • Ráfla Dearfach
    Ráfla Dearfach 25 days ago

    This was really stupid: No recipe and no one said whether it tastes like lava sauce or not. They just keep crying that it's spicy 😒😒😒👎🏽

  • Namboss Awesome
    Namboss Awesome 25 days ago +1

    GMM is too over saturated with josh these days... they dont have the variety like before

  • blackglittercandy
    blackglittercandy 25 days ago

    Everyone needs a Link in their lives 😂

  • ShawolAD
    ShawolAD 25 days ago

    Why was I so invested in the teeth grinding conversation? :P

  • Do not look at my profile picture

    *The last person to like this comment has a huge pp*

    PS: *do not read my name*

  • AaronSkone
    AaronSkone 25 days ago

    Over here on an army camp in the Middle East, there’s a Taco Bell that still serves the volcano taco and burrito

  • ThatMofoJoJo
    ThatMofoJoJo 25 days ago

    Volcano taco, fruitesta freeze (might’ve spelled that wrong) blackjack taco. All og tb snacks

  • ian johnson
    ian johnson 25 days ago

    Volcano sauce is way better than a fiery shell.

  • Digitalkn1ght1
    Digitalkn1ght1 25 days ago

    I loved that Volcano burrito. Was so good.

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 25 days ago

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  • MADDOG3377 Gaming
    MADDOG3377 Gaming 25 days ago

    Josh has to cut the food. It didn’t feel right when she did it.

  • Desiree Lopez
    Desiree Lopez 25 days ago

    The volcano taco that they had was the best😫

  • C Love
    C Love 25 days ago

    I was literally obsessed with the Taco Bell volcano sauce. Can I get a recipe, Josh? That would literally make my freaking birthday the best!

  • pink penguin
    pink penguin 25 days ago

    Josh , bring back the facial hair.

  • kimmiecab
    kimmiecab 25 days ago


  • Arrozconbeans
    Arrozconbeans 25 days ago

    I’m still devastated over volcano tacos being gone from the menu. That was the only good thing from there 😔

  • Angie987412
    Angie987412 25 days ago

    Global knife!!!

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 25 days ago

    #19 on trending street

  • st0rts .97
    st0rts .97 25 days ago +1

    For breaking up pickles.. Good save elle

  • Tafoilapaper
    Tafoilapaper 25 days ago

    You're telling me the fattest person both doesn't like mayonnaise and can't use a knife? What kind of twilight zone is this?

  • Tyce Bruursema
    Tyce Bruursema 25 days ago

    We don’t like Josh stop letting him come on set. He’s just trying to finesse being a bigger part of the show.

    • Tyce Bruursema
      Tyce Bruursema 25 days ago

      Another side note that chicken biscuit story is the most retardedly unnecessary made up story I’ve ever heard and chicken biscuits look nothing like an empanada. You know damn well an empanada is not even a sandwich.

  • Saengard
    Saengard 25 days ago

    You should do the Taco Bell Chicken bacon ranch club burrito...that was awesome!!

  • flattabang
    flattabang 25 days ago

    Where is the world heading when you´ve lost the sense on how to use a knife.. oh sweet lord LOL