RPG Maker MV Parallax Mapping for Beginners - Part 1

  • Published on Oct 30, 2015
  • Part 1 of my Parallax mapping series, for RPG Maker MV. Skip ahead to 3:20 to get started~ Part 2 is here: thexvid.com/video/qwK3DuhhVS0/video.html

    If your map is too big for print screen, you'll need to make multiple screenshots and make sure to align them correctly within your blank canvas. Another way to do this is to make your "skeleton" map in a program called TileD instead of directly within MV's editor.
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  • Lorelei [VTuber]
    Lorelei [VTuber]  8 months ago +9

    I'm so glad this tutorial is helping people still!! This video super outdated but some concepts (especially in PART 2) are still relevant! I now livestream with a virtual avatar on Twitch, so I hope you can check me out from time to time :) I'll be playing all sorts of games - including RPG Maker sometimes! Twitch.tv/LoriVT or go to loreplays.games :D

  • mghostube
    mghostube Year ago +19

    It's 2020 and I'm learning so much from this.
    Thank you.

    • Jazzadrin
      Jazzadrin Month ago +1

      Holllaaaa! Good luck with your projects and learnings of RPG Maker MV!

    • Felix Joseph
      Felix Joseph 5 months ago +1

      @Joseph Westin no problem :)

    • Joseph Westin
      Joseph Westin 5 months ago +1

      @Felix Joseph Thanks, I signed up and it seems to work =) I appreciate it!!

    • Felix Joseph
      Felix Joseph 5 months ago +1

      @Joseph Westin flixportal

    • Joseph Westin
      Joseph Westin 5 months ago +1

      I realize it's kind of randomly asking but does anybody know of a good site to stream new series online?

  • Ryan Sturm
    Ryan Sturm 6 years ago +3

    All of these are really well-done, coherent, and I love the reminders for key commands. Thank you, I will definitely keep an eye out for any other tutorials you post!

    • Lorelei [VTuber]
      Lorelei [VTuber]  6 years ago

      +Ryan Sturm Thanks so much!! I'm glad you liked them =D

  • Ivster
    Ivster Year ago +1

    Hi lorelei :) Great tutorial! I'm on linux with MV and gimp and I just managed to do everything in gimp aswell. setting up the grid etc. really awesome and some whole new level of creating maps! thanks for your tutorial, it is very well done!

  • SchlummerKatze
    SchlummerKatze 6 years ago +1

    This tutorial is really great and easy to follow!
    And your maps are really pretty to look at *____*
    Thank you so much!

  • Paul Mabbitt
    Paul Mabbitt 3 years ago

    Awesome video! The explanations are thorough, new ideas are presented, and this tutorial is extremely high quality.

  • Ayluin Gaming
    Ayluin Gaming 2 years ago

    This is an absolutely beautiful tutorial! thank you!

  • djnorthsky
    djnorthsky 5 years ago

    Thanks so much for this! I'm nervous about doing maps cause I do want them to look great. Your tutorial is great for a photoshop newb like me. I am going to finish building my game and come back and spruce up the maps. If I release it I'll be sure to give you a thanks!!!

    • djnorthsky
      djnorthsky 5 years ago

      +Зенон Рокоссовитския I think the title will be "In Between" and its going to be about kinda what I feel like might happen when we die. Your adventure will take place in a realm between Life and Afterlife. Thank you for wishing me good luck!

    • 山寨
      山寨 5 years ago

      Hello! What's your game called? I'll be trying it and give you a feedback once your done :D Goodluck on your game!!!

  • Rayhaku808
    Rayhaku808 6 years ago

    Excellent enunciation, very thorough. I look forward to a lot more!

  • Azolpha
    Azolpha 5 years ago +7

    I really appreciate your work! :)

  • h8tm3
    h8tm3 2 years ago

    Terrific tutorial! Thank you for creating!

  • ItsMeZekken
    ItsMeZekken 3 months ago

    I have been looking for this tutorial for over a year and now you are finally the one who made this kind of video. You are really great because you made a very clear tutorial of this. Exactly what I needed.

    In return, I subscribed to you.
    I like your videos. It is very informational.

    Thanks for your very detailed tutorials. I willl share it with my fellow TheXvidrs.

  • TheMattcharden
    TheMattcharden 5 years ago

    Awesome tutorial! Just what i was looking for!

  • Belias • Digimon Channel

    hey, first of all, thanks for your great tutorial, i think this will help me alot with what i have planned to do! but i have a question: in another tutorial from someone else, it was adviced to use the same plugin you use for top and lower layer parallax mapping, so the character might walk beneath some objects.

    i created my own map in photoshop and tried it in RPGMV, when i started the game, sadly i got an error saying my map was too big: its 100 x 100 tiles big, so maybe i went a bit overboard with it. what is the max height and length of a parallax map that works with the said plugins? thanks in advance!

    • Lorelei [VTuber]
      Lorelei [VTuber]  6 years ago

      It's true that a larger map might cause some lag, but I think 100x100 isn't *too* large here. I make smaller maps because I don't like having lots of wasted space, but it certainly depends on the type of map =D if it's a huge forest or maze, then 100x100 is fine~ Right now in the game I'm making, the biggest size is 40x45 so far haha but it feels kinda cramped

    • Belias • Digimon Channel
      Belias • Digimon Channel 6 years ago +1

      i'll try to contact the dev. so are you developing a game with rpg maker? which size of maps do you usually go with? i heard that if your map is too big, it might lag because of all the NPCs walking and stuff going on.

    • Lorelei [VTuber]
      Lorelei [VTuber]  6 years ago

      +Belias I'm actually not sure what the max size of the plugin supports! 256x256 is the max for MV, so it's weird that it doesn't allow 100x100. Huh. You could always contact the BindPicturesToMap developer, or try another overlay plugin, such as Kaus?

  • JmeBee
    JmeBee 4 years ago

    I just started playing around with RPg Maker and you were extremely helpful and wonderful to listen to (as a beginner Thank you!)

    I am def. Liking and Subscribing.

  • Sirius Boo
    Sirius Boo 5 years ago

    I just started and I'm just so thankful that you gave time to do this so thank you very much and i'll be heading on to part 2 now :DD

  • Hyreal S
    Hyreal S 4 years ago +1

    Very welcoming and friendly to beginners :) Lovely video, good work :)

  • iLostMyKeys iC
    iLostMyKeys iC 6 years ago

    Exactly what i needed. Thank you so much for this !

    • Lorelei [VTuber]
      Lorelei [VTuber]  6 years ago +2

      +iLostMyKeys iC You're welcome!! Glad it helped you :D

  • George Harrison
    George Harrison 6 years ago +2

    I loved your tutorial... thanks a lot!

  • Perplexing89
    Perplexing89 3 years ago

    You are wonderful for making this. Thank you so much.

  • Koryn99
    Koryn99 4 years ago

    Just got RPG Maker MV for my Macbook, was getting started, but I didn't know how to make neat-looking maps to test things in, which is one of my favorite parts, the creation of a world. So this tutorial is really great, and I'm definitely gonna be watching the rest!

  • Meh
    Meh 6 years ago

    This really helped me, thanks very much.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your other videos.

  • Troy Bear
    Troy Bear 5 years ago +2

    Finally someone explained it so I can understand. Thank you. Wish you were making more videos.

  • Heavynubeslayer
    Heavynubeslayer 6 months ago

    Awesome tutorial, it really helped

    BZA CRACK Year ago

    Thank you so much! Now i can start my first map :)

  • Feihyme
    Feihyme 3 years ago

    Basic mapping or not, this helped a lot. You've just got yourself a new subscriber!!!

  • Hosam Orfali
    Hosam Orfali 4 years ago

    You are awesome, can't wait to check the rest of the tutorial!! :D

  • Joëlla Berkhout
    Joëlla Berkhout 5 years ago +1

    thanks soo much!
    I'm just starting out and this was super helpful!

  • Nikke'ta Snowden
    Nikke'ta Snowden 2 years ago

    Thank you for all your help. As of now i think i;m not going to use parallax mapping, but Lord willing i will in the future.
    You inspired a map that i put in my game...not sure when it'll be done, but i will let you know.

  • thepsyche100
    thepsyche100 5 years ago

    Excellent, clear and concise tutorial series with the addition of a beautiful voice. Thank you very much.

  • StrayDogFreedom
    StrayDogFreedom 3 years ago +1

    The first RPG Maker tutorial with a person's voice I like listening to. Thanks a lot! Great video!

  • Gabriel Matta
    Gabriel Matta 5 years ago +1

    Good video. Actually, you solved my problem with the Photshop grid and tileset space, thx. Keep doing these videos. :)

  • HaydeosGaming
    HaydeosGaming 5 years ago +23

    well after months of using MV I just realized the "Save as image" function...thanks!

  • whatever forever
    whatever forever 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot, I am using this technique in game maker with rpg maker 2k sprites!

  • jwj2k
    jwj2k 5 years ago

    great job. very helpful.

  • Chris Fayte
    Chris Fayte Year ago +1

    Great tutorial thank you!

  • The Seed Pod
    The Seed Pod Year ago

    You're great...keep it up. Huge help. ~Cheers

  • DJ
    DJ 6 years ago

    Near the beginning, you added a message about changing the resolution through scripts. How do you determine the size of the map? I guess a better way to ask this is, how big is each tile in pixels?

    • DJ
      DJ 6 years ago

      +Ravani Lestari Nevermind, I jumped the gun on that question before you mentioned multiplying by 48 in the video. I'm a bit anxious because i have huge maps that I want to parallax. Forgive me! :)

  • Tohisu Kael
    Tohisu Kael 6 years ago

    The result is gorgeous. I did a lot of mapping in Vx ace, but with MV and your tutorial, I think I have an excellent opportunity to recreate my game better.

    • Lorelei [VTuber]
      Lorelei [VTuber]  6 years ago

      I actually plan on making a sun-rays tutorial tomorrow! =D

    • Tohisu Kael
      Tohisu Kael 6 years ago

      +Fallen Lorelei Do you know how to do some sun rays all over a map? I would love to do some on my maps. I just give you some eventual ideas for your next guides. (I'm not english so I dont think my english is perfect.)

    • Lorelei [VTuber]
      Lorelei [VTuber]  6 years ago

      +Tohisu Kael I'm so happy you think so! Good luck with your mapping :D :D I'm sure they'll look great~

  • Lucas Silva
    Lucas Silva 6 years ago

    Amazing tutorial ^^ keep doing this great job (+1 Sub)

  • Tartaruga
    Tartaruga Year ago

    Finally, a worthy tutorial, my parallax will be legendary

  • WiRE M0NK
    WiRE M0NK 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for the help. Watching this set helped me P-lax tremendously. : )

  • Joshua Bingaman
    Joshua Bingaman 2 years ago

    Just wanted to mention in case someone didn't already if you right-click on your map selection in RPG maker you can save it as an image and it will only save the map. You can then just open that image in photoshop and drag it into the new canvas layer! Happy creating!!

  • Will Ragsdale
    Will Ragsdale 4 years ago

    Loved your tutorial

  • Kevin G.
    Kevin G. 4 years ago

    Thank you. Very helpful.

  • Brian Weber
    Brian Weber 6 years ago

    You can right click on the the map in the map list and click "Save as Image..." No screenshots required.

  • youknewmyname
    youknewmyname 3 years ago

    Great tutorial!

  • Shayne Mc
    Shayne Mc Year ago

    I’m using 1920-1080 screen resolution in game.

    I’m getting a lot of images that are literally just repeating. I’ve tried adjusting the dimensions heaps. My guess is parallax doesn’t like 1920-1080

  • Neil S
    Neil S 5 years ago

    I haven't finished the tutorial yet, but I had to comment just because you blew my mind with the "Photoshop can overlay a 48px grid". I've been using a template I made, copy-pasted into every tileset I've edited. I'll still need templated for the auto-tile pages, but still this is gonna be really useful haha. Looking forward to the rest of the tutorial.

  • DelleJ
    DelleJ 4 years ago

    Hi I would like to know one thing, I insert a tilesets in a4 (walls) to put the walls. But I have a small problem, so my character walks on the walls, how can I not walk?

  • Tarin Crowell-Mackie
    Tarin Crowell-Mackie 5 years ago

    Ok I think I got it. Sent it to Photoshop, expanded it by the right amount of magnification, it looks aligned now :)

  • KefkeWren
    KefkeWren 5 years ago +15

    My only real complaint is that you didn't explain at the beginning exactly what "parallax mapping" _is_. I think I figured it out as you were explaining the how, but I still don't really _know_ know. Other than that, though, I found this really easy to follow, and it wasted a lot less time on things that are self-explanatory than many tutorials do.

    HELP I HAVE NO SKIN 5 years ago

    Excellent tutorial

  • White Devil
    White Devil 6 years ago

    That was weird. Your trees were under the water tile then above it in game test. I've heard of "just seeing things" but that was interesting.Thanks for the tutorial, will be watching. I didn't even understand Parallax till just now...

  • Rae Llaneta
    Rae Llaneta 5 years ago

    First Tutorial!?! Your a natural!! I enjoyed this tutorial, thanks!! Subbed!!

  • 山寨
    山寨 5 years ago +2

    What recorder are you using? Oh and BTW, great map :D

  • Izlude Tingel
    Izlude Tingel 6 years ago

    I just got the ancient dungeons resource pack. Ok so THIS is how they did those screenshots :O So pretty much you have to make your skeleton map and then touch it up all fancy in photoshop :) Thanks, that's definitely going beyond just tiling a map. lol. I'll give it a shot, maybe do a video of my attempt. Thanks again!!!

  • Donald Sims
    Donald Sims 5 years ago +6

    This is basic enough that it helped me. If you had fun, keep it up.

  • Zorark1Ø1
    Zorark1Ø1 4 years ago +15

    I love how the "game" is listed as Minecraft in the description :^)

    • Zerosan
      Zerosan 4 years ago

      Yeahhhh i think the same aksjdaksjda

  • VoicesFromTheDark
    VoicesFromTheDark 6 years ago

    Thank you, helpful stuff you got here ^_^

  • Ace
    Ace 6 years ago

    Just tried the grid feature on photoshop and for some reason when I do 48 pixals it gives me very tiny boxes. However, if I put 48 inches it shows the correct format like in your video.

    • Lorelei [VTuber]
      Lorelei [VTuber]  6 years ago

      Awesome! Glad you figured it out~

    • Ace
      Ace 6 years ago

      @Fallen Lorelei haha I Made a dumb mistake lol. I figured it out. For some reason it started on inches for width/height, and I forgot to change that to pixals. Also the res was 300 for some reason. I guess that also prevented for me from dragging and dropping any titles probably bc they were different sizes? Either way thank you for the help.

    • Lorelei [VTuber]
      Lorelei [VTuber]  6 years ago

      I'm also using CC from Creative Cloud, so at least we're using the same version! You can check your resolution by going to Edit Image Size, or just go ahead and make a new canvas - making sure "72" is under Resolution (which is under width and height).

      Are you using the "move" tool to move the icons between the two windows? Sometimes I'm not paying attention and try to move it with the marquee tool still selected. If that's not it, then I'm not sure. Maybe you'll need to copy/paste until you figure it out D:

      Sorry! It's hard to tell the problem without messing around with it myself. I typically troubleshoot through trial and error lol

    • Ace
      Ace 6 years ago

      @Fallen Lorelei Not exactly sure I will check everything and see if i can figure out the problem. It has been a very long time since I used photoshop and I just installed the new photoshop CC so im not as familiar with it.

      Another issue I have is i can't seem to drag and drop any titles/images into a new one like you did with the grass and stuff. It lets me move them but then doesn't appear on the other side. It just makes a new transparent layer.

      This is a brand new install from creative cloud and like I said it's been a long time since I used photoshop so this is all unfamiliar to me atm.

    • Lorelei [VTuber]
      Lorelei [VTuber]  6 years ago

      +trips487 That's very odd. Check your canvas's resolution, maybe. Mine is at 72. Is your canvas's dimensions set in pixels as well? It sounds like your canvas is massive which may be the result of 300 dpi resolution or accidentally using inches instead of pixels when putting in the original dimensions.

      It may also be that sometimes Photoshop puts in little mini-grids inside regular grids. I'm not on my home computer so I can't check what that setting may be. If the resolution is at 72, Plan B could be going to View -> Extras and unchecking everything except for Grid. *chinstroke*

      Ninja Edit: It also sounds like you might be using Pixel Grid instead of regular Grid?

  • puxN
    puxN 4 years ago

    Totally love it!

  • Ξοην ΓΙΩΡΙΚΑΣ Δοε

    Nice tutorial!My map's size is quite big so you can't see it full without scrolling or zooming out and because of that I can't use printscreen.Also if I try the "Save as image" option of the editor,the quality of the resulting image is super low...Can someone help pls?

    • Ξοην ΓΙΩΡΙΚΑΣ Δοε
      Ξοην ΓΙΩΡΙΚΑΣ Δοε 6 years ago

      Ah!Thanks for the quick reply!I will try what you suggested :D

    • Lorelei [VTuber]
      Lorelei [VTuber]  6 years ago +1

      +Outer Heaven Until someone makes a "map saver" plugin, right now what you'll need to do is make multiple screenshots of the map and try your best to align them correctly. If you have the right canvas size already open, you can paste in the "top" half of the map - aligning it to the corners - and then paste the "bottom" half, aligning it to the bottom corners. That should work :D

  • True Nenekikillz
    True Nenekikillz 4 years ago

    I know this video was made years ago, but I just wanted to ask... Can I just left click the map then click on "Save as Image" and open that saved image in photoshop? or does it have to be a screenshot? :? ~

    D4NNY W4YNE 5 years ago

    @15:10 Does the 72 pixels per inch matter when making new canvas?

  • Nihat Alacahan
    Nihat Alacahan 3 years ago

    Hi Fallen Lorelei, I am a French photographer and I love so much your soft voice and your pretty smiles !!! Continue your excellent tutorials! You are the sun of all RPG Makers !! Best Regards and kisses from France.

  • Neotokyo vibes
    Neotokyo vibes 3 years ago

    Good tutorial but please put your commentary through audacity and remove the background noise, it's very easy to do and will make you not sound like there's a waterfall in your room hehe

  • RPG Maker - MV.com
    RPG Maker - MV.com 6 years ago +2

    Great tutorial ! :D
    Your map is beautiful by the way o_ob

  • Haise Sasaki
    Haise Sasaki 5 years ago +1

    How do you take a screenshot of the rpg maker MV map screen?

  • silversteampunk
    silversteampunk 4 years ago

    Thanks for the tutorial! :O

  • Jeff Powell
    Jeff Powell Year ago

    Absolutely, 100% new to plug-ins here. I followed your instructions and tried to download the Region Restriction file from YANFLY but it received an error. I am pretty sure I am just being an idiot but has anyone else had a problem with the file saying there is a problem?

  • Sasha Justine
    Sasha Justine 5 years ago

    So for the life of me I can't figure out how you got your map from RPG maker into Photo Shop and fill in the new file that is made from multiplying 48 by however big your map is. For some reason I end up with all this blank space around my imported map :( Have you ever run into this problem?

  • Bastien Van Hyfte
    Bastien Van Hyfte 2 years ago

    +1 subscriber. I'm gonna watch all your videos. That's all I want to say. Thank you

  • Void779
    Void779 4 years ago

    Not sure why there are some thumbs down for this video. Probably people just jelly of your awesome voice lol. Anyways thanks for this awesome tutorial, really helped me out a lot! :)

  • Simas
    Simas 6 years ago

    THANKS!! good tutorial

  • Tarin Crowell-Mackie
    Tarin Crowell-Mackie 5 years ago +6

    Hey Fallen, When I try to take my PNG of my map, it is shrunk in Photoshop? I did the whole multiplay by 48 and did a screen shot and nothing seems to be aligned right. Help?

  • Grumble Beard
    Grumble Beard 4 years ago

    awesome thank you!

    D4NNY W4YNE 5 years ago

    please don't second guess yourself I am a dummy when it comes to photo editing and making maps on MV I find this quite valuable to my own efforts

  • Pringly
    Pringly 5 years ago

    hey, when i try to open the image in photoshop, it doens't really work that well, even if the grid is set to 48 by 48, and yes, i did multiply the size of my map by 48 too, but the grid looks bigger than it should be, idk why

    • Pringly
      Pringly 5 years ago

      thanks a lot, that will save me a lot of time, and that was pretty simple, i dont know why i couldn't find it on google, i need to learn how to search things on google haha

    • Lorelei [VTuber]
      Lorelei [VTuber]  5 years ago

      Glad you figured it out!! For the layers, right-click the image preview box next to the layer name, and then select 'Clip Thumbnail to Layer Bounds' :D it's probably set to Document now. I think its that way by default

    • Pringly
      Pringly 5 years ago

      1 more question, how do you see what you have in each layer? like, i can perfectly see the trees in your layers, but mine is just blank, and then you can barely see something in the middle, you can't even tell it's a tree

    • Pringly
      Pringly 5 years ago

      yeah, that was it, thanks, it wasn't 1:1, yeah, i noticed haha, but thanks a lot, I actually saw that 1:1 thing yesterday and realized i was being dumb, and thanks for the tutorials, my maps now look 10x better

    • Lorelei [VTuber]
      Lorelei [VTuber]  5 years ago

      Hmm maybe the map isn't 1:1 when you export it? So the Grid *seems* too big / too small? I recommend looking at part 3.5 to use Orange Mapshot also, instead of taking a screenshot (this tutorial is a bit old, haha)

  • Venthros
    Venthros 6 years ago

    Very nice! Subbed!

  • anthony snyder
    anthony snyder 6 years ago

    just after using the snipping tool i copy and use ctrl V to paste in photoshop. it ends up not filling in all the boxes. like the image is too small. i have never used photoshop before so maybe there is something i dont have set in the settings or im just doing something wrong, idk. any thoughts?

    • Meh
      Meh 6 years ago

      +anthony snyder Thank you man! I done the same thing lol

    • anthony snyder
      anthony snyder 6 years ago

      ok i figured it out. i was zoomed in on my rpg maker 1X. yup. on with the tutorials.

  • Darakudemon
    Darakudemon 6 years ago +1

    How do you copy the map over if it's big?

    • Lorelei [VTuber]
      Lorelei [VTuber]  6 years ago

      Go ahead and send me a PM here on TheXvid =D

    • Darakudemon
      Darakudemon 6 years ago

      No I tried it after seeing you tried it before the patch and it isn't yet. D: I did make a smaller map and I'd love to hear your opinion on it, I have a video uploaded of it if you wouldn't mind seeing it.

    • Lorelei [VTuber]
      Lorelei [VTuber]  6 years ago

      When I "Save as Image," the picture ends up being resized to a smaller version. But maybe it was patched when I wasn't paying attention =D I'll have to check when I'm home from work

    • Nokdef
      Nokdef 6 years ago

      Mine is working O.o

    • Lorelei [VTuber]
      Lorelei [VTuber]  6 years ago +1

      +Darakudemon Yeah, unfortunately "Save as Image" isn't working right now. What you'll need to do is make multiple screenshots and do your best to align them correctly in the canvas (align the top left corner and then the bottom left corner, it should work out). At least until someone makes a MapShot plugin like VX Ace :)

  • GreyAlice
    GreyAlice 6 years ago +168

    OMG it's the Bob Ross of RPG Maker Mapping.

    • MTC
      MTC 9 months ago

      This comment is a gem

    • Asamu KSV
      Asamu KSV Year ago

      She really beat the devil out of this map.

    • CyrexXx
      CyrexXx Year ago +5

      "Somewhere behind those tress there is a little event"

    • Leandro Américo
      Leandro Américo 4 years ago +8

      I thought the exact same... I came for the information, stayed for the soothing voice.

  • Beaver Joe
    Beaver Joe 5 years ago

    Thank you so much !

  • Oli & kj
    Oli & kj 11 months ago

    "welcome to rpg maker mapping with bob ross, today, we will make a lovely parallax map for out main character's house"

  • Dieter Lische-Parkes

    my snipping tool saves it smaller then the multiplied canvas?!

    Edit: Okay so for anyone who is having scaling issues it has to do witht he scale your map is saved as. In MV if you click on the "Scale" button you have to click actual size and it wisll set it to the correct scale then proceed to save the map!

    If the map is bigger then your screen hook your laptop/pc to a bigger monitor/tv and it will do the trick! Hope this helps!

  • Alessandbro
    Alessandbro 5 years ago

    I have a much smaller selection of pieces to work with.. Am i missing something?

  • Nyx Fenris
    Nyx Fenris 5 years ago

    I really do not understand. I have never used photoshop, but i am trying it out now in order to follow your guide and get accustomed to this method...i am having all sorts of problems.

    For one thing "copy-pasting" is not really a simple matter in photoshop, if you are not used to it, i had to watch a bunch of tutorials and read some other stuff just in order to understand why a new layer was made each time i tried to paste something...hehe, anyway, i got through that, so now i know how to copy and paste using photoshop, but it is NOT simple still.
    i still can't just ctrl+c-ctrl+v. i have to click on a bunch of other thing, otherwise i get these obscure error messages...ok, maby not so obscure once you are used to it, but for a beginner. COMPLEX!

    anyway, i am trying to paste the image of my skeleton-map. the simple thing i did in RPGmaker and now want to import into photoshop in order to make it pretty. however, when i paste the image of my map i can no longer see the 48 pixl grid that i made in order to be able to see where my character can walk. now there is this super-complex grid that fills the entire picture and makes it impossible for me to see where anything is...so, i am at a loss again.

    why do these extra grid's appear and obstruct my view of the photo? i am unable to follow along with your tutorial now...

    god i'm such a photoshop noob...i feel really dumb.

  • Pat Castiel
    Pat Castiel 3 years ago

    danke für das tutorial!

  • Leonardo Paiva
    Leonardo Paiva 4 years ago

    hey, on minute 3:16 you have alot of tiles, i only have the first 6 lines that you have... this is a dlc? how did you get all that? i have to activate something? i cant make the tutorial because i dont have all this tiles.


  • Kale Allerion
    Kale Allerion 2 years ago

    Don't know about anybody else but I had to multiply using 32. 48 was too big.

    • Lucary
      Lucary 2 years ago

      Which RPGmaker are you using? If it's MV then 48 SHOULD be right. Some of the other ones use 32 though.

  • Joseph Smeenk
    Joseph Smeenk 5 years ago +1

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  • finguest
    finguest 5 years ago

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  • 1992holycrap
    1992holycrap 2 years ago

    Honestly, the only thing keeping me from getting Photoshop is the fact that it's "subscription only."

  • Earthpartyradio Podcast

    im trying to move a map from vx ace to photo shop then to mv. is there a different sizing thing have to do because as of now they are all coming out awful.

  • Kunal Shetty
    Kunal Shetty 4 years ago

    When I paste the map image to the canvas in photoshop the image becomes small ??

  • rennaden nedanner
    rennaden nedanner 6 years ago

    a tales of the abyss fan i see.. well that alone makes me trust your videos will be great.

  • Patrick Dudemaister
    Patrick Dudemaister 4 years ago

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