• Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, Draft to Glory, FIFA 20 Draft
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Comments • 193

  • Josh C
    Josh C Month ago

    I know you like narrow but try it out for a change and maybe try different players

  • L.A.X Beast
    L.A.X Beast Month ago +2

    Hey someone give me the low down of nep’s camera settings please

  • Loli Pop
    Loli Pop Month ago

    Man said quartet

  • Claire Almen
    Claire Almen Month ago +1

    Speaking of ex arsenal people one of the opposition had unai Emery in charge

  • Ben Kramer
    Ben Kramer Month ago

    EA should be ashamed and you should play something else

  • Ben Kramer
    Ben Kramer Month ago

    least favorite fifa ive ever played ive been playing since 2004

  • Ben Kramer
    Ben Kramer Month ago

    game fuckin sucks

  • arsenq krasgh
    arsenq krasgh Month ago +1

    "This opponent was very very good"
    makes 3 big errors in defense seconds later, saying someone is good and you win is only to make you look like a sicko.

  • Andros Townsend
    Andros Townsend Month ago

    Should I play draft aw a way to make coins, I am a gold 2 player btw

  • Gilli Pálsson Augustinussen

    Nep challenging his inner rapper 16:55

  • Billy Allotey
    Billy Allotey Month ago +7

    Nepenthez: “why is that a silver line?”

  • Redacted Jedi
    Redacted Jedi Month ago

    Nep, could u try out some non meta formations maybe add a bit more variety:)

  • WKDXcrime X
    WKDXcrime X Month ago

    What I don’t understand is why telles is 84 rated but has better stats then 85 Robertson

  • 64 Ahmed
    64 Ahmed Month ago

    A team with sacrates and sokratis cannot lose

  • The North Manc
    The North Manc Month ago

    We all knew he was going to take messi 🤦‍♂️

  • Landon Parker
    Landon Parker Month ago

    We've got Alli….. Dele Alli….

  • LarssonHD
    LarssonHD Month ago

    Came to see reaction, missclick open it, me sad

  • Adam Prosser
    Adam Prosser Month ago

    Next time u see IF talisca please take him he is so OP!! Love the content keep it up 👍

  • longbbbb
    longbbbb Month ago

    Why don’t you use the chemistry bug?

  • de vazut
    de vazut Month ago

    How can you get a camera like that ? It s so zoomed out,can someone help ?

  • GSN
    GSN Month ago

    Hi Guys, Can someone please tell me his camera settings and stadium? Thank you

  • all theway
    all theway Month ago

    WOW still as arrogant as ever I see, people asked you to try something different and you just ignore them, you do realize thees people are the guys paying for your FIFA coins?.

  • blazeshadowdark
    blazeshadowdark Month ago

    I have that Dybala card, whats your thoughts on him? I am hesistant to buy anymore due to being overprized but would love to hear your thoughts..

  • Scott Kreis
    Scott Kreis Month ago

    Nep, for the millionth time, either take your goalies first and then all your defenders or take all your defenders and then your goalie.

  • Erik Nilsson
    Erik Nilsson Month ago +1

    "This guy is probably above gold 1 in fut champs" look at 11:51 😂

  • Bob Andy
    Bob Andy Month ago +1

    Pick some different players

  • beastwood
    beastwood Month ago

    The white line is the w2s special

  • TheCrushedRock
    TheCrushedRock Month ago

    I still stop every penalty with the head movement so i don’t think its fixed i just think people don’t know how to work around it

  • DL YT
    DL YT Month ago +1

    I got Ronaldo in my fut champs rewards, the videos on my channel have a look🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Btw love the vids❤️

  • LXWI5
    LXWI5 Month ago +1

    I did a draft and got if messi on my channel 🤩

  • Juho Viinikka
    Juho Viinikka Month ago +2

    Thank god trendt popped up again I wouldve been so triggered

  • Samir Quintella
    Samir Quintella Month ago +2

    Digne popped up he didnt even mention It :(

  • BFMert
    BFMert Month ago

    Whats that reward what???

  • FAMPIAN 99
    FAMPIAN 99 Month ago

    Messi 🔥💣

  • Muhammad thashriq osman

    Any1 has an idea when team of the group stage will come out

  • Harry Taylor
    Harry Taylor Month ago +9


  • Muhammed Asvat
    Muhammed Asvat Month ago +1

    Guys what does that silver line mean?? I got the same thing yesterday but it was a trash pack

    • N!cK
      N!cK Month ago

      Muhammed Asvat I HAVE NO IDEA it's just started randomly happening to me as well its kind of annoying

  • Tanuj Das
    Tanuj Das Month ago

    Why you take figo? If you not use him.

  • SinisterQ8
    SinisterQ8 Month ago +1

    White line maybe for futmas?

    JUNIOR NGINDU Month ago +6

    In the star of the vid Nep basically said “forget you guys I do what I want”

  • Owen Hexley
    Owen Hexley Month ago

    A 50 card k

  • Anthony Allchorne
    Anthony Allchorne Month ago

    It's about you won that reward set!

  • Nijas Ahmed
    Nijas Ahmed Month ago

    Nep.. could you explain the pack animation again?.. How do you know it's a board or walkout by looking at the door?

    • Là Pfannenwender
      Là Pfannenwender Month ago

      You cant tell if its just a board or a walkout. What you can tell if it's at least a board or nothing. Basiclly the faces of the players on the pack are much brighter when it's a board or a walkout compared to a regular one.

  • Sl l
    Sl l Month ago

    I packed Zidane yesterday! 94 rated look at my video

  • SaNdO luke
    SaNdO luke Month ago

    You get 45k coins dybala etc I get lovren -_- won draft .. game is rigged to fuck

  • FSU
    FSU Month ago

    i'm in the States and i watch your draft every night before bed. It's like a nightly ritual for me. Brings peace to me soul

  • Oscar Hernandez
    Oscar Hernandez Month ago +14

    Try diffrent cards!!!! Or diffrent draft ,, ITS the same thing :(

  • Oscar Hernandez
    Oscar Hernandez Month ago +3

    Try diffrent cards!!!! Or diffrent draft ,, ITS the same thing :(

  • Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan Month ago +3

    Petition for Fifa to put Van Vasten back in the game

  • morapedi masima
    morapedi masima Month ago

    Great video nep!

  • Braeden Hurley
    Braeden Hurley Month ago +1


  • fgchico98
    fgchico98 Month ago

    That's crazy... I think the best player I've gotten is 85 matudi

  • Clive Rose
    Clive Rose Month ago +1

    Should have taken that Payet for the strong link to Mbappe on your last pick

    • Rory Whelan
      Rory Whelan Month ago

      Mbappe wouldn’t gain any more chem and everyone else would lose chem

  • 22221 SAVAGE
    22221 SAVAGE Month ago

    How did you get 2mil I didn't see him pack a player

    • Felix Garberi
      Felix Garberi Month ago

      22221 SAVAGE he sold his baby Henry for 800k

  • Anmol Dhingra
    Anmol Dhingra Month ago

    Draftness wow

  • DeadWrong
    DeadWrong Month ago

    How much ads nepo?

  • Dylan Parrott
    Dylan Parrott Month ago +2

    Is the sliver line because of them trying to do a winter theme for futmas?

  • Randhika Ikra
    Randhika Ikra Month ago

    just got 8-0 ed by some guy using if modric as his striker and avoid all of my tackle like a fuckin tekkz. jeez draft this year has been horrible for me

  • 574ryyaann
    574ryyaann Month ago +1

    like if neppo should keep using narrow formations

  • JustAsh1
    JustAsh1 Month ago

    awesome rewards for an awesome guy! Keep up the content buddy! Helping me through my night shifts!