The Real Hidden Secrets We Found Deep Within Antarctica

  • Published on Jan 23, 2019
  • Antarctica is considered one of the biggest mysteries on Earth. Ice, glaciers, snow, polar bears, mountains, secret bases, dangerous wilderness-the list goes on and on when we’re talking about the most southern continent in the world. Now, this is what we found in the most isolated and remote area in the world.
    It comes across as a frozen wasteland, incapable of hosting human life. But firstly, people come to Antarctica all the time for research. There are even compounds for people to temporarily live there. But would you go there to settle down with a family? Probably not. Given its incapability of hosting any life besides the polar creatures that have adapted to the area, we only have ice to look at. In reality, there is so much more than what meets the eye.
    For one, there have been really crazy sounds coming from the ice sheets of the southern continent that make us believe that there could be ghosts in the area. Not only that, but there are also secret bases and bunkers originating from World War II. Why would Hitler have an interest in that? Between that and the crazy craters that continue to get discovered, it seems there’s a lot more action in Antarctica than we ever thought possible.
    While some people think the area may have been host to alien life, a lot of those theories have been quickly debunked with simple research and logic. But, there are still plenty of secrets about the continent that can be found. If anything, even debunking these theories proves just how amazing the area can truly be. Hang out with us and check out some of the coolest things about Antarctica that may inspire you to take a trip to this isolated continent. You’ll definitely need to pack your warm winter clothes for this one!
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  • TheRichest
    TheRichest  10 months ago +84

    How do you think a pyramid managed to get itself in Antarctica despite it being so far and cold? Would you dare investigate it with your friends?

    • Patriots Rising
      Patriots Rising 19 days ago

      @I am Groot How do you know that as you stated "more than likely"? How are you so sure? Are you dating carbon again?

    • Patriots Rising
      Patriots Rising 19 days ago

      @I am Groot I know you....You'd chicken out at the last minute and then wet your pants like you have done before during the trip to Uranus.

    • Patriots Rising
      Patriots Rising 19 days ago

      @I am Groot WELL YOU GOOOOOOO Mr. and or Mrs. Smarty PANTS! WHY I OUGHTTA! gRRRRRRR!

  • Willem Sterk
    Willem Sterk 2 days ago

    And again that same shit music, overdramatic crap. How come you guys that make these video's always come up with that unbelievable annoying ''background music''!!!

  • Roadrunner
    Roadrunner 2 days ago

    This is a government sponsored video clearly.

  • Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation

    If you need more evidence than the plethora of convergent data points. Omg..,,hahaha. Nothing outside of.. I have never hear such myopic linear non logical thinking in my life. I'm stunned. It is called GO THERE YOU NATIONS WITH THE CAPABILITIES. WE HAVE ADMIRAL BYRD ARE YOU KIDDING!!!!!!!!! I WASTE NOT MORE TIME. Tell Father hello. I'm sorry for you.

  • Cornelius bruin
    Cornelius bruin 2 days ago

    you liars!

  • Howard Anderson
    Howard Anderson 3 days ago

    Wow, c'mon you guys this is pathetic, your not fooling anyone. The Bias and position presented here is glaringly biased. Nice try!

    AGENT X SECURITY 3 days ago +1


  • Nanaur Bizness777
    Nanaur Bizness777 4 days ago

    🤔 Wtf

  • Melinda Vaughn
    Melinda Vaughn 6 days ago

    And there might be Anunnaki there under the ice!

  • Phillip Kennedy
    Phillip Kennedy 6 days ago +1

    ffs there is no polar bear meat in antarctica, poisoned or otherwise!!!! Lost me

  • MachineThatCreates
    MachineThatCreates 7 days ago

    So the Nazi base is now a fact but Adm Byrd's testimony is still a myth.
    Fair enough.

  • Robyn Nunya
    Robyn Nunya 9 days ago +1

    This site annoys the hell out of me, they over dramatise every detail of a story, and for heavens sake do NOT let truth get in the way of your ridiculous fantasies. Scientist have already proved that the climate in Antarctica once supported plant and animal life. Not really surprising since it was a part of Gondwanaland as was Australia. And there are penguins in prolific amounts there, so life still exists there. I just loved the way you decided that if the Nazis had a base in the Arctic then of course they must have in the Antarctic as well even though that has never been proven. Get your so called facts straight lady.

  • Dean C.
    Dean C. 9 days ago +1

    It's beyond Top Secret in Antartica, you'll never know what's going on their for another 50 years.

  • Santino2k1
    Santino2k1 9 days ago

    Disinformation Propaganda!

  • Amir Kalabic
    Amir Kalabic 9 days ago +2

    and who is (we )here?

    • TheRichest
      TheRichest  9 days ago +1

      these guys:)

  • Sheila
    Sheila 10 days ago

    Its owned by different countries and RESEARCH is only a cover up lol....

    LANDGOD RELLO 11 days ago

    Help us change lives

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 12 days ago

    👽 don't exist there demons

  • Shawn Rollins
    Shawn Rollins 12 days ago

    Polar bears dont live in Antarctica.

  • pauly repa
    pauly repa 13 days ago +2

    There's no polar bears in Antarctica.?.....

  • Laura Goode
    Laura Goode 16 days ago

    Your a oxymoron

  • Laura Goode
    Laura Goode 16 days ago

    Annukie look it up there here

  • Laura Goode
    Laura Goode 16 days ago

    Why is this bitch liejng to she's in on it to

  • Laura Goode
    Laura Goode 16 days ago

    Of course the government would lie liers

  • Helen someone
    Helen someone 17 days ago

    But now we know they lying to hide something big...or why bother making this vid x?

  • Kareem Mcgee
    Kareem Mcgee 19 days ago

    No mention of Admiral Byrd 🤔......🤷‍♂️

  • Chryon
    Chryon 19 days ago +1

    This video is a waste of effects budget.

  • Who What
    Who What 20 days ago

    Poisoned Polar bear meat in the Antarctic? I think somebody needs to read a book other than DR. Suess

  • Artie Snow
    Artie Snow 20 days ago

    this video is bogus

  • Donnellt Marshall
    Donnellt Marshall 20 days ago +1

    why must there always be a lie to cover up what they secure, then like other discoveries, attempt to disprove the truth.

  • chrono2959
    chrono2959 21 day ago +2

    This is not the video you are looking for

    • TheRichest
      TheRichest  21 day ago

      lol neither is this one :)

  • S.O.J online child protection team

    Other crap peace of shit earning money from us..

  • Eyes open wide
    Eyes open wide 24 days ago +3

    There was a time when Antarctica was different. Pyramids are found all over the globe with the same geometry. Don't be so quick to say there can't be a pyramid in Antarctica which would have nothing to do with that other mountain that misled.

  • Justin Mcnerney
    Justin Mcnerney 24 days ago +1

    why would the nazi's bring polar bear meat all the way to antarctica?

    • Rebecca Howie
      Rebecca Howie 21 day ago

      Justin Mcnerney I thought the same thing!!!

  • ArmyRetGuy
    ArmyRetGuy 24 days ago

    Swamp gas, all of it. There is no Antarctica, that’s swamp gas too. I have my reporting manual right here, yeup.... swamp gas...

  • Glenn Borden
    Glenn Borden 24 days ago

    Why would thoes five tanks lined up,pointing there Maine guns at the space ship.Five tanks would not be there way out in the middle of no where

    MONK BEAR 25 days ago

    Those hotspots are clearly underground bases or cities those domes are exactly what you would see and I'm sure they connect to the lakes. The best and maybe only good info in this video.

  • justin time
    justin time 27 days ago

    Lying bitch

  • Justin Stevens
    Justin Stevens 27 days ago

    3:30 - "...after the [Nazi crew] ...were killed by poisoned polar bear meat..."
    Hmmm. So everyone knows that polar bears don't live in the south pole, so how is this possible? Did they NOT know at the time? So the Allies put a couple captured polar bears with some sorta time-released poison nearby? Why not just... oh I don't know: drop a bomb on them?

  • Fast Money
    Fast Money 27 days ago +1

    Why is it that when people can’t explain something they go straight to blaming it on aliens? Aliens probably look at humans like a bunch a dumbasses 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    • TheRichest
      TheRichest  27 days ago

      i agree, that's rediculous. But here's one that's definitely NOT aliens :)

  • Nogi.237
    Nogi.237 28 days ago +1

    I want the teacher to play this video in class just so i could stand up and shout and argument in front of the whole class + the teacher how much of goverment bullshit this is and that they WANT us to play this in schools. 🤣🤣
    Me imagining scenarios in my head xDd

  • Drip
    Drip 28 days ago +1

    Imagine if Antarctica was a rainforest at one point

  • Jessie James
    Jessie James 29 days ago

    Aliens 👽 are very real !!! Their out there man.

  • Paul Slevin
    Paul Slevin Month ago

    how about those 3 each. 1mile wide craft. 1 crashed and 2 landed on the surface. They are a mile or so apart. They where canabalized long ago to make a higher survivability environment for their ( occupants/race/population/

  • Yael Yohann Ben Levi

    Send more Bright scientists from the around the world to discover something great in Antarctica to help human kind & to understand mother earth.

  • Yael Yohann Ben Levi

    If U use a laser it will break up & shape ice.

  • Yael Yohann Ben Levi

    Sounds like Ultrasonic sound to break the ice.

  • Yael Yohann Ben Levi
    Yael Yohann Ben Levi Month ago +1

    It could be a home of the fallen angels???

  • Yael Yohann Ben Levi

    U need a ground scanner, to check Antarctica to see what's @ the bottom!

  • John doe
    John doe Month ago


  • RANDY Marsh
    RANDY Marsh Month ago

    Whilst all the conspiracy theorists are debating what's hidden and who's at war over Antarctica they missed the complete disappearance of the North Pole... Misdirection hard at work

  • J M
    J M Month ago

    Her voice is fuxkn annoying

  • Emmaneul Kubi
    Emmaneul Kubi Month ago

    How about you tell the people the truth,in which case I will be the one to tell them what you are not telling, perhaps is the place where The Lord cast the falling Angel's that's why Satan's children like yourself are trying to dig them out.

  • الفرعون
    الفرعون Month ago +1

    Liar !! the secret of Antarctica is Agartha the underground hidden city it's reached by 2 major holes in Antarctica actually this channel was paid from th US government to share this crap video

  • Vincent Morton
    Vincent Morton Month ago

    Disinformation again

  • Rolo Hernandez
    Rolo Hernandez Month ago

    We will never know smh

  • CHONG Vaj
    CHONG Vaj Month ago +4

    This is called a government brainwash cover up video

  • RC Christian
    RC Christian Month ago

    Don’t waste your time watching this buzzfeed shit

    CORY INJAPAN Month ago

    The earth is flat though?

  • Phillip Collins
    Phillip Collins Month ago +1

    We know alien ships, alien cities, giants, lost cities, civilization it's nothing new so why keep it quiet or a secret