Everything Wrong With Shrek The Third In 16 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on Sep 25, 2018
  • They definitely made way too many Shrek movies. Shrek the Third is just flat-out terrible. Also full of sins.
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  • CeltycSparrow
    CeltycSparrow 9 hours ago

    They should have combined Shreks 3 and 4. In the fourth movie, Shrek is exhausted and overwhelmed with parenthood and when a birthday party for his children gets out of hand and he loses his temper, he wishes he could just be the Ogre in the swamp again and Rumplestiltskin changes his fate until he realizes how lucky he is to be a dad. Instead of what they came up with in that movie (which was pointless and added NOTHING to the Shrek lore) they should have established that Shrek and Princess Fiona were going to have kids (a logical next step in their relationship) and then maybe they have some crisis....maybe the king dies and Shrek and Fiona have a fight about him being the king/father and Shrek goes on the adventure with Arthur and learns that he CAN be a good King/Father. And why DOES Arthur look so much like Charming? Same blonde hair parted down the middle, same kind of eyes. Are they related?

  • PDA Kid
    PDA Kid 2 days ago


  • Róza Tóth
    Róza Tóth 3 days ago

    +1: At the theatre performance, a guy makes two differently pitched notes on the same timpani, which is absolutely impossible.

  • Planet Nate
    Planet Nate 3 days ago

    Puss in boots: and you my friend are royally fucked, hence the horn

  • G Jackson
    G Jackson 3 days ago

    Idc wat no one says alll the shreks movie is my shit 💯

  • 101TripleT
    101TripleT 4 days ago +1

    1:44 goes from 10 to 1 sin

  • NCC13
    NCC13 4 days ago

    Fun Fact: If someone didn’t know this, you can head the instrumental of All Star when Shrek gets into the assembly looking for Artie

  • Ludvig Kransholm
    Ludvig Kransholm 5 days ago

    Shrek movie is bad Shrek is best

  • Deirdre Moynihan
    Deirdre Moynihan 5 days ago

    Your just mad because the shrek memes are better than yours

  • meow meow
    meow meow 6 days ago

    This video should be illegal

  • TommyTonk
    TommyTonk 7 days ago +2

    This video is 17 minutes to long

  • Kadijah Kamara
    Kadijah Kamara 7 days ago

    I love the Snow White part with the animals, I was so dead. She was all AHHHHAAAHAHAHAHHHHH AAAHAAHHHAHAHHAHHHHAH😂😂

  • Tigertempertantrum
    Tigertempertantrum 8 days ago

    I've had a few theories and answers to some of the questions he asked:
    4:05- Perhaps they could've said that he'd been divorced many times; it'd make sense because of their awful personalities and technically he'd married and divorced all of them, but had gotten back with Rapunzel. (also, the game spoof near the beginning of Shrek has Cinderella up for grabs as well as Snow White, so maybe it's indicating that or that they just weren't rescued yet.)
    6:00- I've wondered for a while how Donkey could talk since there aren't many talking donkeys as far as I know, but then I thought 'What about that movie Pinocchio where all the bad kids went to Treasure Island and turned into donkeys?', so my theory is that Donkey DID receive wedgies, but in his human form before he was turned into a donkey and became one of the few that could talk and wasn't given work.
    7:40- I'm thinking they're the trees from Snow White when she was running and it looked like the trees were coming for her, which is also probably why she got revenge when they revolted. I might be wrong, but I don't really know what else it could be.

  • mr. power player
    mr. power player 8 days ago

    Literally n9thing wrong with the m9vies

  • Amxeno
    Amxeno 8 days ago +2

    You missed your chance to say Shrex Machina

  • SkullShooter 115
    SkullShooter 115 9 days ago

    I thought he said "Fucking it"

  • WindWaker 5000
    WindWaker 5000 9 days ago

    There is nothing wrong

  • Brady McCullough
    Brady McCullough 10 days ago

    finishing on Fiona's t*ts

  • BlackCage3
    BlackCage3 10 days ago

    Time for Shrek Happily Never Ever
    I meant Shrek Fuckingly Ever Before
    I mean Shrek I am an Ogre!
    Ya that one

  • Steven Connors
    Steven Connors 11 days ago


  • Arista Broadus
    Arista Broadus 13 days ago

    Game night is such a funny movie

  • georgedog3
    georgedog3 14 days ago

    Everything wrong with shrek number tw- shhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Akuma
    Akuma 14 days ago

    puss in boots: and you my friend are royally *horn*fucked*horn*

  • Father Flash
    Father Flash 15 days ago

    There was a lot wrong about this movie, and Justin Timberlake is all of them

  • alycat411
    alycat411 16 days ago

    1:45 puppy monkey baby!!

  • orang orang
    orang orang 16 days ago

    D O N T T A L K B A D A B O U T O U R G O D

  • Sis And bro HD
    Sis And bro HD 16 days ago

    12:46 and 12:52 man this dude is angry

  • Max M.
    Max M. 19 days ago

    the " ugly one" jeez I'd smash him her?Ummm ?

  • darrin z
    darrin z 22 days ago

    did sin counter reset at 1:50

  • darth Great
    darth Great 23 days ago

    Worst not badest omg this movie it's making me lose my mind

  • Phoenix Lucario
    Phoenix Lucario 24 days ago

    This movie deserves a thrashing

  • Heather Horst
    Heather Horst 25 days ago

    Old shrek was good
    shrek 3 says
    Hey thanks for checking in and I'm still a peice of garbage

  • Sam Trapp
    Sam Trapp 25 days ago


  • jason
    jason 26 days ago

    I think the trees are from never ending story

  • David Still
    David Still 27 days ago

    Shrek is my favorite anime.

  • Rianna Faith
    Rianna Faith 28 days ago

    shrek repeating that he’s an ogre is the same as lele pons saying sHeS laTiNa

  • Becca Chapman
    Becca Chapman 28 days ago

    I think the trees are supposed to be the spooky trees from Disney's Snow White.

  • Jesus S
    Jesus S 28 days ago

    "OgreKill" :v

  • Unicorn Ambea
    Unicorn Ambea Month ago +1

    Incorrect!!Shrek is perfect

  • Bilal Faruki
    Bilal Faruki Month ago

    It went from 10 sins to 01

  • Limey Boye
    Limey Boye Month ago +2

    The Prince Charming High Note startled my kitten as he was laying in my arms, sleeping peacefully. Twenty Umptillion Sins

  • This man exudes sex
    This man exudes sex Month ago +2

    so you're really not gonna take off a sin for when Lillian (played by Julie Andrews) headbutts the wall and then HUMS "FAVORITE THINGS" FROM SOUND OF MUSIC?????? THAT'S GOLD

    OPA ARTS Month ago +2

    Was the "when the frog king croaked" pun intentional?

  • S0larSystemWolf
    S0larSystemWolf Month ago

    Did he not sin the creepy Donkey/Ogre baby face scene?

  • Phebe Youn
    Phebe Youn Month ago

    I only liked this video because I'm so glad you made fun of it

  • Phebe Youn
    Phebe Youn Month ago

    Shrek the Third is the worst out of all of them
    Shrek 4 was ok but it just didn't feel like a Shrek movie
    Shrek and Shrek 2 are the Gods
    Here are my results:
    Shrek: REALLY GOOD
    Shrek the Third: *EWWW GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!*
    Shrek 4; Forever ever after: It's ok I guess

  • Random Random
    Random Random Month ago

    If you didn’t get the reference at 3:37 you have no childhood

  • Kayla Murray
    Kayla Murray Month ago

    I actually liked the first one and this one. The princess fight scene was dope lol

  • DrizzlyEarth
    DrizzlyEarth Month ago

    14:15 totally missed an opportunity to say "Shreks machina"

  • Navy Rajyn
    Navy Rajyn Month ago

    9:19 yep that's the voice of Eric Idle all right. I know because I saw the Nostalgia Critic's review of Secret of Nimh 2.

  • AquaWatermelons
    AquaWatermelons Month ago +6

    1:14 How could you forget the single greatest movie character ever created?

  • Christina Kim
    Christina Kim Month ago +3

    SO, if Arthur becomes the King of Far Far Away, Far Far Away is Britain?

  • Madysen Holt
    Madysen Holt Month ago +1

    Oh, my word! Haven't laughed that hard at a cinema sins video in forever!

  • Baby Master
    Baby Master Month ago

    It went to 01 in 1:55

  • Alyssa Back-Mahurin
    Alyssa Back-Mahurin Month ago +3

    Sin 28: so by that logic, shouldnt charming basically have a harem of the princesses?

  • Teddi Rhodehouse
    Teddi Rhodehouse Month ago +1

  • Overlord Dren
    Overlord Dren Month ago

    Easiest way to explain away Cinema Sins.... “It’s in the script.”

  • Rean Gacha
    Rean Gacha Month ago


    • Jesse Demler
      Jesse Demler Month ago


  • 25 Subs No Videos
    25 Subs No Videos Month ago

    Shrek Movies Ranked
    #1. Shrek 2
    #2. Shrek
    #3. Shrek 4
    #4. Shrek 3
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  • Memes R Us
    Memes R Us Month ago


  • Kelvy The 13th
    Kelvy The 13th Month ago

    How dare you

  • chris b.
    chris b. Month ago

    10 sins for hiring justin timberlake instead of, well you know... AN ACTUAL FUCKING TEENAGER!!!

  • Juniperus
    Juniperus Month ago

    1:18 is that a Journey reference or is part of the paper cut out?

  • Ebony Rainer
    Ebony Rainer Month ago

    Female nipples aren’t always hard, and not wearing a bra doesn’t make those nipples seeable through clothing. Almost like cinemasins have never seen breasts

  • Wild Side
    Wild Side Month ago

    How about doing Shrek 4 now?

  • Misty The Powerful
    Misty The Powerful Month ago

    All i remembered from this movie before watching this is the various ways characters were locked up. Why did you get me want to remember that

  • Hermione Gangrene
    Hermione Gangrene Month ago

    Wow puss in boots is fing creepy in this one

  • Jake Zmak
    Jake Zmak Month ago

    I really loved this movie. All 3 shrek movies where amazing. (That's right not 4, the fourth isn't allowed in this club)

  • Cozmos God
    Cozmos God Month ago

    MORE SINS!!!!🤬🤬🤬

  • August Springfield
    August Springfield Month ago

    You should do The Hitman’s Bodyguard

  • the reaper
    the reaper Month ago

    Biggest Sin: No Smash Mouth

  • Namjoon Broke the stage once while performing

    Who else laughed at the coz I did

  • Miguel Buelna
    Miguel Buelna Month ago

    *goes to theater to watch Shrek the third*
    *It ends*
    *Immediately goes to poster, scribbles out third with sharpie and writes turd on it*

    Shrek The Turd

  • dabezt 12375
    dabezt 12375 Month ago

    3:14 idfk why do human guys have nipples? Add a life sin
    P.S. ik that its because when developing in the womb we all start out as females hence when nips are formed, but point is guys dont need them so wtf

  • just stop this
    just stop this Month ago

    “Baddest” that’s one sin for cinema sins it’s worst

  • Yoel Azar
    Yoel Azar Month ago

    Worst Dreamworks movie. Even Shark Tale or even freaking Bee Movie have better humor and comedic timing than this. You can tell Dreamworks didn't want to do this. It's got none of the energy, charm or satire from the first 2.

  • Superflamegameplays

    Can you do Shrek 4 now?

  • J.G Productions
    J.G Productions Month ago

    Only reason I liked Shrek 3 growing up was because they killed off Prince Charming who I couldn't stand in the 2nd one

  • {DDLC} Model
    {DDLC} Model Month ago +1

    Missed sin: where's the fucking guards when you need them?

  • David Cass
    David Cass Month ago

    he used soviet womble in a voice clip at the end. im so proud

  • X RandomXCity X
    X RandomXCity X Month ago

    Ogre porn

  • Stephsaguudefan
    Stephsaguudefan Month ago +1

    This movie was just awful. It's not the poop jokes or the lame movie references (though those do get old) it's the fact that this movie had NO PLOT! Seriously, there are 3 or 4 different plot lines in this movie and each one changes so much and so constantly that by the end you feel like you just watched 5 minutes of at least a dozen different movies. Try explaining everything that happens in this movie in just a couple of sentences. 1 was fantastic and 2 was pretty damn good for a sequel to this kind of movie. 4 is even tolerable. But this one is just horrendous.

    • Yoel Azar
      Yoel Azar Month ago

      Agreed. This movie and Despicable me 3 are on the same page of bad. Both were only made as a cash grab, plus have no focus whatsoever. Too many side plots that don't gel together.

  • Buffalo The bull
    Buffalo The bull Month ago

    Cloud trout? Clout?

  • DakotaThe Great
    DakotaThe Great Month ago

    205 sins?!?

  • Mr.train star 6 Smith

    Biggest sin no Smash Mouth

    SS3MANIA Month ago

    Every shrek is good every shrek is life

  • Mister Wuss
    Mister Wuss Month ago

    This one was so bad I can't even laugh AT it! At least number 4 was funny enough to laugh at because it isn't a movie, it's a deviantart fan fiction.

  • Shadow-Star Animations
    Shadow-Star Animations 2 months ago +1

    13:13 you're quite a good actor

  • MexiFryStains
    MexiFryStains 2 months ago +18

    Shrek 1: great
    Shrek 2: AMAZING
    Shrek 3: I want to die
    Shrek 4: better than 3 but still pretty bad

  • luko berry
    luko berry 2 months ago

    Sorry but shrek is flawless

    FNAF MASTER333 2 months ago

    7 minutes in there is 147 sins

  • Noah Buie
    Noah Buie 2 months ago

    Please don't say my saviors name in vain

  • Liam Crowell
    Liam Crowell 2 months ago

    why ya gotta hate shrek 3

  • Deh Guy
    Deh Guy 2 months ago

    Call 1-800-give-bread and give bread i need it to live i am german toaster

  • Maddox021 - Comedy and More

    Meme or not, this movie's a bore

  • Connor Bowden
    Connor Bowden 2 months ago


  • Someonerandom17
    Someonerandom17 2 months ago +1

    1:55 the sin counter

  • Bafeminhu Bodi du mal
    Bafeminhu Bodi du mal 2 months ago

    1:49, remove 10 sins for no fucking reason

  • Alecte_
    Alecte_ 2 months ago +1

    wait we guys have nipples? like have we always has nipples or did I just not see them on my chest? and even if so what are they for?!!!

  • The Strawberry Pimp
    The Strawberry Pimp 2 months ago

    Shrek the Turd