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    guys listen to B. I’s “Back then(그땐)” it is an unreleases song but you can find it in youtube. so sorry for those int’l iKONIC who don’t understand the lyrics cuz it is so funny and sad at the same time.

    • chacha prianka
      chacha prianka 14 hours ago

      Hyun Ie Hwang ah i do really want to know the translate:(

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    I wonder when Ikon will dye their hair again. I do want them to be careful though, we don't need anyone losing hair

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    girls do not forget to vote in starple your vote is important let's go to the app 👏❤👏👏😘😘😘

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    please your vote is important starple thanks

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    ❤❤❤ girls you have to vote in starple do not forget we support 👏❤😘 #AAA #STARPLE

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      you must have your cell phone the time of seul korea so you can vote
      download the application again 👏😘😘

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      Kat Cast how to vote in AAA?? And i downloaded starple but it is saying that it cannot be opened

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    I like it

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    Happy birthday to the best leader, to our Hanbinie!

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    • nabilla prameswari
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      0:01 Jung Chanwoo / Chan / Chanu (1998), Vocal, sub rapper, Maknae on top, and also youtuber ( 찬우살이 ) IG name : chan_w000
      0:12 Kim Jiwon / Bobby (1995), Rapper,song writer, face of the group, smtm 3 champion. Unit MOBB (Mino & Bobby) " Full house, Hit me", Solo album (Love and Fall) IG name : bobbyindaeyo
      0:38 Kim Jinhwan / Jay / Jinan / 13cm fairy (1994), the oldest, Main vocal, IG name : gnani__
      1:02 Kim Donghyuk / DK (1997), vocal in charge of high notes, main dancer and also choreographs some of their songs. IG name : _dong_ii
      1:14 Song Yunhyeong / Song / yunhyeong (1995), 2th the oldest, chef yoyo, Visual, Vocal in charge of high notes too. IG name : sssong_yh
      1:26 Kim Hanbin / B.I (1996), Leader, Rapper and also composer, song writer and producer of all the song of ikon. IG name : shxxbi131
      1:50 Koo Junhoe / Junee (1997), Main vocal too, IG name : juneeeeeeya
      watch this video, to help you know more basic of iKON this video is The best unhelpful guide for ikon so far! thexvid.com/video/difvs5WjoNY/video.html&t=0s&index=36&list=PLX68ku4NrFjej5e8SOtANKR877UhaW5Uc
      if you wanna stan iKON, You can start with watch WIN, and MIX&MATCH to know more about them and how they started.. next you must watch ikon tv, idol school trip ikon, Summertime in bali, summertime in saipan, summertime in hawaii, wintertime, kony's island season greeting, etc (you can see it on youtube or dailymotion with english subtittle.) watch (eps ikon guest) weekly idol (ep 306, 341, 376), idol room ep 17, runningman (BI,Bobby ep 416), knowing brothers ( B.I, bobby, junee, yunhyeong ep.113) , unexpected Q (junee), awesome feed (song yunhyeong), problematic men ep 171 (B.I, jinan, donghyuk), MBC Video Star ep 115 (full team), hidden singer (B.I, yunhyeong, donghyuk), mimi shop (full team), king of mask singer (ep jinhwan, junee, bobby), tvn 300, life bar (B.I, Junee, jinhwan), amazing saturday (donghyuk bobby), heroes of remix (full team), mari and i (hanbin and jinhwan), my celeb roomies (jinhwan and bobby), Amigo TV (full team), ASK in a Box (full team), Star Road in vlive (full team), MBC idol radio (in vlive/youtube), etc.
      And also Please try to listen to the whole ikon album, try listen My type, Killing Me, Bling bling, rhythm ta, Rubber band, beautiful, best friend, B-day, Dumb and dumber, sinosijak, Anthem etc. ballad song just for you, apology, jerk, hug me, everything, long time no see, climax, just go, Airplane, etc. please support ikon till the end. Hope this can help u^^

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    16M 🔥

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    Who dare dislike?! This is so good

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    Keep streaming guys! Thanks a lot for your efforts 💞

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    Listen this song while drinking a cup of black coffee and dance by yourself

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    16M 💢

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  • พิไลวัลย์ วงษ์ฤทธิ์


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    💓💓💓💓💓💓💗💗💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖💖💖💕💕🌷🌷🌷🌷🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 IKON I LOVE YOU 😍😍😍😍😍💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

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    no matter how busy i am i'll always make sure that i come to our top 3 main stream twice a day

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    This is something 😭here exol watching ikon ❤

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    16M 💖💖

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    Please download STARPLE app and vote IKON!!! Hwaiting

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    Happy birthday uri leader kim hanbin i love u so much ❤❤❤❤

  • jinhwan iz not sH0rT everyonez just tALl


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    16M yeorobunn!!

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    Me hacen cantar una canción´triste, alegremente hejeje

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    16m 😍😘

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    Streaming guys! 💪🏻

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    AAA VOTE PLEASE!!ㅠㅠ The power of overseas fans is the most important♥ please 😭🙏 and always thanks!!

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      I'm voting everyday 😊

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    Listening again and again 💙💙

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    16M DONE! ROAD TO 17M, GOOD JOB iKONICs! Keep streaming, SLOWLY BUT SURELY...
    20M, LET'S GET IT!💪🌚
    We can do BETTER, TOGETHER!

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      An Enigma keep it up ❤️

  • jinhwan iz not sH0rT everyonez just tALl

    *16m* ❤❤

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      jinhwan iz not sH0rT everyonez just tALl keep it up ❤️

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    16 M✨✨✨✨

    • Natalie C
      Natalie C 16 hours ago

      Xin Ru keep it up ❤️


    Hi IKONICs! Monbebe is here to streammmm. Please help us to stream Monsta X Shoot Out too.

  • jinhwan iz not sH0rT everyonez just tALl

    *Keep on voting iKON on Starple(download the app) others are really catching on us so fast* ☝ fighting

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    Happy birthday Hanbinie😘💐🎂💐
    God bless you Hanbinsssss🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

    REVELUV BLINK IKONIC 19 hours ago +14

    10/21 10:15PM KST:15,655,842
    10/22 10:15PM KST:15,994,765
    Today views:338,923
    Happy Hanbin Day 22nd Birthday 💓💓Love U

  • 골드오리사 장인 daspleto

    한쿡인 손!

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    It's already 3 weeks and im still here every single day..never get bored😁

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    B.i 오빠 생일 축하해요♥

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    amazing ikon

  • Cheshire Cat
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    I really want the rap line to comeback with a super strong rap like the ones during smtm3 or ANTHEM, because Bobby and BI have sooo much talent and as much as I like this concept, it doesn't show their real talent that well. Other groups like stray kids and monsta x are having amazing comebacks and their rap lines are on FIRE, and I realllllyyyyy wanna show that our iKON rap line is just as amazing!

    • Hanbin Star
      Hanbin Star 13 hours ago

      I actually love this kind of rap (they rap but sing it with unique melody and flow). Double B rap should match the vocal line. That's why their transition from rap to vocal/ vocal to rap is always smooth and well-made, so it sounds easy listening and everybody can rapsing it. But, yes, we miss strong and heavy rap like in Anthem, Bling Bling, and Sinosijak. Next comeback, since this break up saga end, iKON will bring new theme. Hope it'll be happy, powerful, and hype song 😊 so Double B can rap more fierce and strong 😁

    • Natalie C
      Natalie C 16 hours ago

      Cheshire Cat it's okay we can wait until BI solo to be released. Both 3 comebacks are what BI trying to promote this year, its his production too! We still be grateful for that! ❤️

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    bobby always slayiiiinnnn💖

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    Grbe grbe..

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    Happy Birthday Kim Hanbin ❣️🎂🎁

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    Happy Birthday HanBin!!!😍

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    so I'll just be here crying when the time ikon comes here in the Philippines. It's this november and the tix are already sold out damn

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    Annyeong iKONICS! I would like all of you to help me and our dorks by downloading an app called "Starple" And you can vote them in there for AAA Music Awards, I hope we can help them rise more and right now they are at 5th place... So proud

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    sorry for not being so active I missed this wonderful art damn

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    Today October 22 @9PM KST, iKON will be on SBS School Attack 2018 plus New "Star Road" episodes will be released. 😍

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    BOBBY !!!!! :")

  • jinhwan iz not sH0rT everyonez just tALl


    • Jo Yi
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      jinhwan iz not sH0rT everyonez just tALl I can't even sign up its so annoying , I tried in all my devices and they don't even work.....I rly hope that app will be more convenient. Anyway, since I can't vote I will stream everyday. Thank you iKONICS that voted♥️, wish that you guys can keep it up

    • JJYHDJC konic
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      jinhwan iz not sH0rT everyonez just tALl yeah..I hope other fellow ikonics will vote on them too😘fighting ikonic we can do it💪

    • jinhwan iz not sH0rT everyonez just tALl
      jinhwan iz not sH0rT everyonez just tALl 20 hours ago +1

      +JJYHDJC konic its okay were working hard thankyou for trying btw 💕 the app really doesnt work on some devices esp rooted devices

    • WinPinKon _21BANG
      WinPinKon _21BANG 20 hours ago +1

      +JJYHDJC konic ikr. A lot of iKONICS want to help but they're having trouble with the app itself. 😭

    • JJYHDJC konic
      JJYHDJC konic 20 hours ago +1

      jinhwan iz not sH0rT everyonez just tALl I have download the app for three times for a goodness sake but I can't open it at all..I really want to vote for iKON😭I hope you guys can vote for them and make them topping the voting🙏🙏Keep fighting guys it's good to know they're in the top ten😆😄

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    HBD kesayangan🎂🎂🐥
    Love u😘😘💛💛💛

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    Please vote iKON in Starple guys.. 👍🏻👊🏻

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  • clarize canete
    clarize canete 21 hour ago

    3:26 doesn't the girl looked like Im Yoo-nah? of SNSD/Girls Generation

    • Algen Langeras
      Algen Langeras 14 hours ago

      +Natalie C yeah... Ahahah😂😂

    • Natalie C
      Natalie C 16 hours ago

      All the boys can't remember who are the girls too.. they filmed this last year 😂

    • Algen Langeras
      Algen Langeras 21 hour ago


  • Calista Chung
    Calista Chung 21 hour ago +8

    Keep listening to 50M! We can do it iKONICS ❣️. Fighting>>>

    • liessa laura
      liessa laura 21 hour ago

      I always listening this song on TheXvid 😍✌️ fighting

  • alice99
    alice99 21 hour ago +4

    how many hair colors jay changed in this sjhshsgs

    • JJYHDJC konic
      JJYHDJC konic 20 hours ago +1

      alice99 they already film this last year and some of the scene was taken this year so yeah..Jinhwan hair was different for a few scenes

  • Adamyaa Rocks
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    Happy birthday B.I

  • elicel jabillo
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    chanwoo 😍😍

  • krati trigunait
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    Happy Birthday B.I

  • Annamev
    Annamev 21 hour ago +4

    Who the- what the- who is shirtless??? There’s just that one scene ahahaha 3:46 I’m guessing it’s most likely Jinhwan but idk

    • LI EZ EL
      LI EZ EL 21 hour ago +2

      Please watch iKON ask in a box.. 👌🏻 its Bobby.. 😉👍🏻

    • liessa laura
      liessa laura 21 hour ago

      Bobby, dear...

    • Agustina Hanny
      Agustina Hanny 21 hour ago

      Annamev Bobby 😆

  • LI EZ EL
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    Guys please vote iKON in starple, download the app Starple then sign up..

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  • Min Lee Lee
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    Fan from VietNam ❤️

  • 지인
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    goodbye goodbye 이별을 알았다면
    그토록 사랑하지 말 걸 그랬나 봐요
    (check it out yo)
    무덤덤해져 가는 서로의 감정 때문에 상처를
    주는 것조차도 이제 무덤덤한 우리
    이미 사랑은 떠났고 정밖에 남지 않았어
    그냥 그런가 하고 뜨뜻미지근 해졌지
    (where you at)
    관심은 집착이 되어 버리고
    (where you at)
    의심은 거의
    밥 먹듯이 해 너와 내가 쌓았던 신뢰란 성은 무너지고
    넌 이제 이별길을 걸으며 새사람을 찾지
    같이 울기 위해 널 만난 건 아닌데
    (눈물이 난다)
    상처받기 위해 쌓은 추억이 아닌데
    (잊혀져 간다)
    너무 쉽게 또 한 사람과 남이 돼
    고작 이별하기 위해 널 사랑한 건 아닌데
    (익숙해져 간다)
    잘 가요 그 험한 이별길을
    나를 떠나 부디 꽃길만 걸어요
    조심히 가요 외로운 이별길을
    가는 길에 나의 모든 기억을 버려요
    (check it out)
    지나간 기억 속에서 산다는 건
    그 얼마나 무기력한 외로움일까
    그 기억 속에서조차 잊혀진다는 건
    또 어떤 순간보다 잔인한 아픔인가
    죽도록 사랑했건만 끝내 나 죽지 않았네
    숨을 깊게 들이마셔도 내뱉으면 한숨이 돼
    누구나 하는 이별이니 우리 슬퍼 말아요
    난 또 그대 닮은 듯 아닌 사람 찾아갈게요
    같이 울기 위해 널 만난 건 아닌데
    (눈물이 난다)
    상처받기 위해 쌓은 추억이 아닌데
    (잊혀져 간다)
    너무 쉽게 또 한 사람과 남이 돼
    고작 이별하기 위해 널 사랑한 건 아닌데
    (익숙해져 간다)
    잘 가요 그 험한 이별길을
    나를 떠나 부디 꽃길만 걸어요
    조심히 가요 외로운 이별길을
    가는 길에 나의 모든 기억을 버려요
    (check it out)

    goodbye goodbye 이별을 알았다면
    그토록 사랑하지 말 걸 그랬나 봐요

    goodbye goodbye 어차피 떠난다면
    어떤 미련도 남지 않게 보란 듯이 살아요
    (check it out)

    잘 가요 어여쁜 내 사람아
    나를 떠나 행복하게만 살아요
    (행복하게만 살아요)
    조심히 가요 가슴 아픈 사랑아
    내 곁에 있을 때처럼 아프지 말아요
    (그대 아프지 말아요)


    (check it out)

  • shelou016
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    They really shine!❤❤❤

    • shelou016
      shelou016 21 hour ago +1

      +liessa laura yessss.❤ They really deserve an award. They work hard this year and their schedules are tight.😢

    • liessa laura
      liessa laura 21 hour ago +2

      Oh thank God 😭😭😭

  • Jindo Anime
    Jindo Anime 22 hours ago +5

    The songs so good
    And idk why I'm crying 😂

  • spicey the foodholic
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  • Ngọc Như
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    🌹 *GOODBYE ROAD* 🌹
    21/10 - 6PM KST : 15,577,645
    22/10 - 6PM KST : 15,927,951
    ➡ *TODAY : + 350,306*
    🔥 *KILLING ME* 🔥
    21/10 - 6PM KST : 65,001,594
    22/10 - 6PM KST : 65,258,387
    ➡ *TODAY : + 256,793*
    21/10 - 6PM KST : 194,146,851
    22/10 - 6PM KST : 194,740,351
    ➡ *TODAY : + 593,500*

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  • Kanon 音花1228
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    share the vid iKONICS almost 1m like please ;/

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    I love IKON and there song muahh

  • Kanon 音花1228
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    let's reach 16M views tonight

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    Happy birthday hanbin 😍😘

  • Nix Molika
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