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  • En En
    En En 15 minutes ago

    First “Im Okay” and I got emotional. And this song-sign me up Im stanning!

  • Jsll Prt
    Jsll Prt 23 minutes ago

    DK's part, my favorite!! ❤

  • Vidia Panges
    Vidia Panges 35 minutes ago

    Finally ngerasain kangen banget sama ni anak anak. Dulu yg kangen banget pas masa masa ga comeback comeback pasti berat banget huhu. Ini baru berapa bulan sih mereka ga nongol di tv, tp kerasa udah lama banget ga liat. Huhuuuuuu.

  • __Hanbin Stan__
    __Hanbin Stan__ 37 minutes ago +1

    You all don't like ballad/slow songs and it shows..
    Our daily vi3ws dropped to 70-80k per day , I'M OK, GR, AND KILLING ME Japanese version teaser is out and KM got 200k already.. OK what's the point? Nothing Lol. 😂

  • Keith Phommarath
    Keith Phommarath 39 minutes ago +1

    *I literally thought they were going to disband.* well, stan iKON! ❤❤

  • __Hanbin Stan__
    __Hanbin Stan__ 43 minutes ago


  • Nayeon Cutie
    Nayeon Cutie Hour ago +2

    Lets go iKONICs keep streaming !!!

  • Azizah Ajah2004
    Azizah Ajah2004 Hour ago +3

    ikon fighting and sorry

  • Mariah Sofiana
    Mariah Sofiana Hour ago

    Hanbin mah jago bikin fans nya nangis gara2 lirik doang🤣

  • NewKPOPstans Trash
    NewKPOPstans Trash 2 hours ago +3

    Bring back 100k vi3ws per day please 🙏💜

  • Fayaraha
    Fayaraha 4 hours ago +2


  • Always BE L
    Always BE L 4 hours ago +2

    B.I 💜 ♥️ 💜

  • Adinda Kazekage
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  • Adinda Kazekage
    Adinda Kazekage 5 hours ago +1


  • Adinda Kazekage
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  • Adinda Kazekage
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  • Gnanii Fairy
    Gnanii Fairy 5 hours ago +5

    _IKON_ = _PERFECT_ 💕

    Jay bias.? 🙋 Love u Jinani.! Love U IKON 😘

  • Linda
    Linda 6 hours ago +3

    I have to say GOODBYE ROAD. Dont worry IM OKAY eventho Its KILLING ME 🙁❤

  • adinda putri.y
    adinda putri.y 7 hours ago +5

    good bye😢 :"))

  • antonia Luna
    antonia Luna 7 hours ago +5

    My love B.I

  • sakura blossoms48
    sakura blossoms48 7 hours ago +5

    Let's not stop at Love Scenario!
    True iconics will continue to show their support by watch!ng their newest MV "I'm ok" too ❤️❤ We can watch both, ICONICS!!

  • bomi hwang
    bomi hwang 7 hours ago +3

  • Elisa Ramli
    Elisa Ramli 7 hours ago +3


    REVELUV BLINK IKONIC 8 hours ago +9

    02/22 10:05PM KST:35,438,850
    02/23 10:05PM KST:35,525,612
    Today views:86,762

    • Sarah Maria
      Sarah Maria 5 hours ago +1

      REVELUV BLINK IKONIC please dont use the word stre*m because it gonna make the vi3ws freezing, sorry and thank you 😊

  • Avid BlinKonic
    Avid BlinKonic 8 hours ago +11

    I'll never get tired of streáming...
    Anything for iKON

    • Da Ya
      Da Ya 7 hours ago +2

      same ❤

  • Nguyen Hamy
    Nguyen Hamy 8 hours ago +3

  • hanna clarice
    hanna clarice 9 hours ago +4

    one of the fave 🥰

  • hanahasmavi
    hanahasmavi 9 hours ago +5

    please let this mv ,
    - bling bling
    - rythm tha
    - bday
    - apology
    - my type
    bobby runaway & i love you
    mobb full house & hit me
    get 100m this year . fighting iKONICs for our baby . they already work hard 😢😭

  • Nurr BbhPcy
    Nurr BbhPcy 9 hours ago +3

    100m Ikonic fighting💪💪

    K-POP KIRA 9 hours ago +1

  • Minnie Sayami
    Minnie Sayami 9 hours ago +1

  • Hanbin Land
    Hanbin Land 9 hours ago +3

    Every day left one heart ‍❤️‍

  • Bang Jun Hyuk
    Bang Jun Hyuk 9 hours ago +1

    Who broke B.I's heart!??

  • Kakak Ze
    Kakak Ze 11 hours ago

    Saya suka lagu ini ..

  • Montor Gaming
    Montor Gaming 12 hours ago +1


  • 차녹
    차녹 14 hours ago +1

    진짜 너무좋다....

  • Mike Kim
    Mike Kim 14 hours ago +2


  • That elephant on Taetae's hand

    I'm absolutely in love with this song.

  • L H12345
    L H12345 15 hours ago +1

    I'll Never say Goodbye to iKON

  • Truc Nguyen
    Truc Nguyen 17 hours ago +2

  • yewonie kim
    yewonie kim 17 hours ago +6

    That 9k who disliked this great video have bad taste of music

  • Nguyen Hamy
    Nguyen Hamy 17 hours ago +3


  • Fino 56
    Fino 56 17 hours ago +2

    gepan gepan

  • be aim
    be aim 18 hours ago +5

    Who's still stream this mv?

  • Seo Ji Dong
    Seo Ji Dong 18 hours ago +5

    To all korean sns fans :
    they are human too and deserves to be happy. I can understand that it breaks your heart that one of your bias have a girlfriend...but please don't spread hate on him !! They deserves to love and to be love by their "other half" too. Soon or later it will happen. So just accept the facts. iKON fighting. Don't mind haters. We all still love you as you are

  • Shenn
    Shenn 18 hours ago +4

    Always love it

  • K D
    K D 19 hours ago +6

    This is the first time I got addicted to a boy group after One direction and EXO

  • Nur Atirah
    Nur Atirah 19 hours ago +4


  • Novalinda Simarmata
    Novalinda Simarmata 19 hours ago +4

    Comeback here

  • loemoetblueholic
    loemoetblueholic 19 hours ago +3

    pdhal klo liat engsub'y lirik'y dalemmm parah, gue aja yg kaga ngerti bahasa'y syukaaa bgt sma meaning dri lagu ini sinkron sma dance'y jg, keren ihh 😭

  • La Sugita
    La Sugita 19 hours ago +3


  • ensee trash
    ensee trash 19 hours ago +7

    chanu starting the song. nothing could be better than this

  • JP EXO-L
    JP EXO-L 21 hour ago +3

    2:05 that girl look like HANSOL the ex trainee of SMENT! HAHAHAHA :D

  • riri safitri
    riri safitri 21 hour ago +6

    Pls make this song to your Playlist to streamming all day :
    1. Rytam Ta
    2. Bling-bling
    3. Goodbye Road
    4. My type
    5. Im OK

  • carmen talara
    carmen talara 21 hour ago +8

    Love Scenario is my song whenever Im on a travel. B-DAY is my song for my birthday. Im Okay is my song whenever I want to act cool. Killing me is my song everytime I take a bath .Goodbye Road is my lullaby song. HoLuP of Bobby is my alarm. Love Me is my caller ringtone. Check it out(a lyrics in goodbye road) is my message ringtone.
    Ikon surely love us Ikonics so let us continue to love them also❤❤

    • Mike Kim
      Mike Kim 14 hours ago +1

      You're the best

    • Sarah Maria
      Sarah Maria 21 hour ago +2

      carmen talara and bling bling is a song that will make you jump without stopping 😂

  • My Bias Is K-pop
    My Bias Is K-pop 22 hours ago +9

    iKONICS we are being too lazy. Let's str3@m this to 100k a day!

    KIM HANBIN 22 hours ago +9

    Fanboy is so crowded👍❤

  • Kennedy Grimes
    Kennedy Grimes 23 hours ago +7

    Day6 and iKON are the kings of brake up songs

  • Alexanne Ngina
    Alexanne Ngina Day ago +6

    i just discover this song and i listen all dayw

  • Rempuii Cck
    Rempuii Cck Day ago +7

    Awww my June why your voice is sooo touching...it breaks my heart ❤

  • Nguyen Hamy
    Nguyen Hamy Day ago +8


  • Truc Nguyen
    Truc Nguyen Day ago +9


  • Nguyen Hamy
    Nguyen Hamy Day ago +8


  • Khương Lê Hoàng

    Hay quá ikon❤❤❤

  • Yosephine Alexandra
    Yosephine Alexandra Day ago +10

    Str3am dont be lazy!!!!

  • Raine Fey
    Raine Fey Day ago +8

    *_iKON_* ❤

  • Sky_ Yang Sảng_ iKON EXO

    Bài này hay vậy mà lượng view ít wa



    • Sarah Maria
      Sarah Maria Day ago +1

      iKON IS COMING TO TOWN! please dont use the word 'stre.am' or 'vi.ew' its gonna make the vi.ews not increase 😊 keep fighting!🔥🔥🔥

  • Truc Nguyen
    Truc Nguyen Day ago +7


  • Jineva San Juan
    Jineva San Juan Day ago +10

    Song: Ph ikonics "shigaaaaw!" 😂👌😍 keep streaming.

  • Jineva San Juan
    Jineva San Juan Day ago +9

    I super appreciate Donghyuk in this song, in this MV!❤️😍♥️♥️♥️

  • Jineva San Juan
    Jineva San Juan Day ago +7

    Let's unlock 40m views 🔐


    02/21 10:05PM KST:35,369,002
    02/22 10:05PM KST:35,438,850
    Today views:69,848

  • Nguyen Hamy
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  • ghairin nisaa
    ghairin nisaa Day ago +4

    Ikonic lest streammm!!!

  • Truc Nguyen
    Truc Nguyen Day ago +6


  • allana culanag
    allana culanag Day ago +9

    iKONICS! Can we get 100M before their comeback this May? I know we can. Please stream as much as u can 😊💕

    • allana culanag
      allana culanag Day ago +1

      +iKON IS COMING TO TOWN! yeah 😔 i always comment from time to time to stream. I even joined iKON amino to remind the members to stream 😔 i know we can do it.

      iKON IS COMING TO TOWN! Day ago +2

      allana culanag if only all ikonics stream we can

  • Mike Kim
    Mike Kim Day ago +8

    김한빈! 김진환! 김지원! 송윤형! 고준회! 김동혁! 정찬우! 아이콘! 잘해줄게 아이콘 지켜줄게 아이콘 비춰줄게 아이콘 행복하자 아이콘💘

  • Qwertyuiop _
    Qwertyuiop _ Day ago +7

    35M ✅

  • iBEAY
    iBEAY Day ago +5


  • Yani Shifa
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  • Yani Shifa
    Yani Shifa Day ago

    그러나 잘 생기고 아름다운

  • Yani Shifa
    Yani Shifa Day ago


  • Zeel Helen
    Zeel Helen Day ago +3

    Go 50

  • Alanood Abdullah

    استنكرتهم بعد قصة العضو اللي أنكر مواعدته مع عضوه مومولاند وضعها في موقف لا يحسد عليه هع

    • Alanood Abdullah
      Alanood Abdullah 6 hours ago +1

      Da Ya okay
      thanks so much

    • Alanood Abdullah
      Alanood Abdullah 6 hours ago

      Shin Hye اوك شكرا حبيبتي

    • Da Ya
      Da Ya 6 hours ago +1

      they didn't date they were just friends they met few times but the media ruined everything and everyone is blaming song yunheong while he did nothing wrong ... he is an angel please don't hate him or any other member iKON is one of the best groups they are humble and the kindest ever. hope people stop believing rumors if u want to know what i'm talking about watch iKON tv :) ❤ (sorry i don't have an arabic keyboard)

    • Shin Hye
      Shin Hye 7 hours ago +1

      هو سوء فهم فقط وكالة يونيونق قالت ايضا انهم يتقابلو من 3 شهور بس من غير مواعدة و وكالة الفتاة قالت نفس الشئ وماذكرت شئ عن المواعدة.. انا فقط حزينة لأنو كثير بيهاجمو يونيونق ويوصفوه بالشخص السئ صديقيني هو اطيب شخص شفتو اعطيه فرصة واتعرفي عليه وحتعرفي انا ليش هيك وبدافع عنو.. فرقة ايكون كلهم متواضعين و مرحين اعطيهم فرصة ومارح تندمي حبيبتي بالنسبة الي هما مصدر سعادتي اكيد رح يعجبوكي واذا بدك اي مساعدة اسألني شو ما بدك ❤❤

    • Alanood Abdullah
      Alanood Abdullah 21 hour ago +1

      انا اساسا صدمت كيف الناس الطيفه اللي زي كذا عندهم حركات زي هذي مثيره للسخريه شكرا حبيبتي لطريقة نقاشك المحترم اول مره اشوف كيبوبيه عربيه تتقبل نقد الفرقه اللي تحبها بصدر رحب اغلبهم متعصبيين حتابعهم عشانك هههههه

  • Amy seah
    Amy seah Day ago +9

    Listening to this song reminds me so much of Big Bang! This bunch of kids are so good. Hopefully they get to be as famous and world renown as Big Bang soon! They have what it takes!

  • Nguyen Hamy
    Nguyen Hamy Day ago +5


  • DoramasAsia
    DoramasAsia Day ago +2


  • yh7 chuo
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  • soomi dreams
    soomi dreams Day ago +10

    ikonics don't ignore this song and lets str**m it together

  • Livia
    Livia 2 days ago +7

    I love this song, its perfect to me.

  • Rose Mari Fanhani Jorge


  • Junio Junio
    Junio Junio 2 days ago +2


  • Lidia Leonor Rivera Espinoza


  • Kwon Ji yong
    Kwon Ji yong 2 days ago +9

    iKONIC fighting💪💪
    Goodbye road go to 50M
    Keep streaming

  • My Bias Is K-pop
    My Bias Is K-pop 2 days ago +11

    There is 4.9 million subscribers but where are they all at? Str3@m everyone because iKON deserves more!

  • My Bias Is K-pop
    My Bias Is K-pop 2 days ago +6


  • nghn nnnmn
    nghn nnnmn 2 days ago +5


  • Sanita Oktari A
    Sanita Oktari A 2 days ago +4

    LEGGO 40M🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️