Joe Rogan Experience #1330 - Bernie Sanders

  • Published on Aug 6, 2019
  • Bernie Sanders is a 2020 Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party and is currently serving as the U.S. Senator of Vermont.

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  • That Guy
    That Guy 9 minutes ago

    Bitch ass old commie!

  • Jacob Ivey
    Jacob Ivey 47 minutes ago

    He lost me when he said we have 12 years.. notice all the democrats say climate change now instead of global warming?

  • ndbigeyedfish
    ndbigeyedfish Hour ago

    Ya know I watched this with an open mind, but this guy is living in a fucking fantasy world. He made great points about pharmaceutical raping of America... then he went into his crazy socialist shit.

  • soccerguy325
    soccerguy325 Hour ago +1

    It's so refreshing to hear a long interview with an important political figure without endless obnoxious studio audience applause and clamoring every 5 seconds.

  • Tup Yu
    Tup Yu 4 hours ago +1

    He should come back for another one but this time 3 hours, get into details about his childhood and activism that people don’t know about

  • troysoldier77
    troysoldier77 5 hours ago

    Bernie says "they make the laws" like he hasnt been part of that as a law maker...

  • reddfoxx916
    reddfoxx916 6 hours ago

    How is it the 2nd most viewed video, yet nowhere near the top of a "bernie sanders" search?

  • Cody Choules
    Cody Choules 6 hours ago +1

    Screw that! I was forced out of college because I refused to go into debt. I Worked labor for 2 years longing for higher education and intelligent culture because I did the right thing and didn't go to school when I couldn't afford it. I now have finally made enough money to complete my education and now these fools who gave into debt and now have high end educations and are in large part responsible for the increased prices are going to get a free pass and I get nothing! If you want to solve a problem solve it fairly. UBI or nothing!

  • steph
    steph 9 hours ago +2

    I'm Australian and my jaw DROPPED when I heard the current minimum wage. I feel so sorry for Americans, your system is so backwards in so many ways. Bernie seems like a really good person to being about the change that's needed

  • ElChapo TunnelDigger
    ElChapo TunnelDigger 10 hours ago

    Raising the minimum wage will only cause businesses to adopt more automated systems. A win for AI and robotics companies.

  • Improvisational Biologist
    Improvisational Biologist 11 hours ago +1

    This drastically broadened a plethora of perspectives. Bernie is extremely intelligent and has an awareness like no other. I hope this man achieves his goals in the election because he could do a lot of positive things for the world.

  • jasiel delgado
    jasiel delgado 12 hours ago

    iPhone communists are hilarious

    • Jared Budler
      Jared Budler 8 hours ago

      @jasiel delgado You are just a NPC just giving out memes. You haven't realize these policies are hindering your prosperity.

    • jasiel delgado
      jasiel delgado 8 hours ago

      Jared Budler

    • Jared Budler
      Jared Budler 9 hours ago

      @jasiel delgado Oh, lol you think communists don't have phones, they only have breadlines. Hahaha He wants everyone to have an iPhone. Dude you realize he also want to beak up these companies to prevent corruption and them taking away our rights.

    • jasiel delgado
      jasiel delgado 9 hours ago

      Jared Budler
      Doesn’t matter
      Still an ultra capitalist company that iPhone communists support without even thinking
      Just like how they contribute to capitalism by consuming and engaging in ultra capitalist platforms like google, TheXvid, Facebook, Twitter.
      Can’t beat them if you feed them.
      Good meme indeed

  • 302king
    302king 12 hours ago

    I hope he runs again next term

  • xPumaFangx
    xPumaFangx 12 hours ago +1

    I need a firearm to protect me from criminals on my day to day. I am a merchant. There is always some crazy person, gang member, or criminal of some type willing to attack me for the cash I keep on me. The police cannot be around me 24 hours a day. But I can keep a firearm on me. I am 41 years old. My heath is still ok. But it is not what it was when I was 21. Also I know as I age. My health will just fade.

    I own two guns one for conceal carry, and the other one for home defense. If I was a hunter. I would own one for hunting. As in I know I own weapons designed for killing people. To protect the people I love. I will not give up my weapons because there is some crazy person shoot up a group of people.

    Other than that I like Bernie.

    • Richard Atkinson
      Richard Atkinson 8 hours ago

      Bernie does not support taking away your gun. If that's the only reason you disagree, you should be reassured that you don't disagree with him on anything.

  • L99K
    L99K 14 hours ago

    canada only has 30 million people too, plus gov't run healthcare isn't the greatest, just look at govt run public schools

  • John V. England
    John V. England 14 hours ago

    If only he wasn’t so fucking old. He’s legit gonna die if he gets elected.

  • Jie Mac
    Jie Mac 14 hours ago

    Bernie. I am with you, I support similar if not the same ideas but, get your facts together! Talk numbers, half sp civic facts as examples... you can’t afford to say “I don’t know”, “ver low”, etc.

  • sinister blade
    sinister blade 20 hours ago

    I know what these idiots will do. They will vote Trump again. What a brainless fucks.

  • Patrick Fry
    Patrick Fry 22 hours ago

    Good with lots of his views other than fucking with the second amendment I and everyone in The United States that can pass a background check should be allowed to own any fire arm that the Constitution and second amendment says we can have .... Just like all the people that will hate this response have the right to say so via the 1St amendment

  • Buzzy boy
    Buzzy boy 23 hours ago +1

    I don't have free medical because Trump won't give anything for free even tho I have low potassium and bronchitis and low blood pressure and yet I have job not getting paid well or eat my daily meals I live in extremely expensive rent even tho I can't afford paying on myself .... but Bernie I hope you become president next year Bernie 2020 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Digital Truth
    Digital Truth Day ago

    The last comment is absurd. This communist p.o.s. hates America and is our enemy. Saul Alynsky's Rules for Radicals, Agenda2030. The fact that Rogan even remotely trys to legitimize this treasonous rodent is disturbing.

  • Jubbernaut
    Jubbernaut Day ago

    I voted for Bernie last election and will always have a ton of respect for him but Yang seems like the obvious pick this election. I'm tired of partisan politics and I think Yang can accomplish more and unite the country far better than Bernie

  • Jerry
    Jerry Day ago

    26 min in and I'm hurt about the amount of truth coming out right now

  • Kirkland Ramsay
    Kirkland Ramsay Day ago

    I dont hate Bernie. He has a lot of nationalist ideas... but my god. I dont know if its just bad information he has, but if he actually cared about climate change solutions he would know that Nuclear Energy is the cleanest form of energy. If he was a Nuclear advocate than i would loudly applaud. Im disappointed that Joe didnt check his bs "Assault Weapon" rant. It is clearly the least informed subject he discusses. Other than that you cant really criticize him. He makes great points about government corruption and the lobby death grip that has politicians ruining the world!

  • Joseph Shelfer
    Joseph Shelfer Day ago

    Assault weapons? All guns are made to kill you fuck wit. Come get it.

  • Jessie VaineoHurst

    It’s an absolute lie that a college degree is required to get a good paying job and be in the upper middle class. Here I am with a high school diploma making more than countless people with their useless degrees. It is absolutely not the responsibility of taxpayers to bankroll and pay for the terrible decisions of people falling for the lie they will get a high paying job fresh out of college. It’s not anyone’s fault but their own they got a degree in something like political science that adds nothing to society.

  • Aron Johnson
    Aron Johnson Day ago

    I'll never support a communist

  • Long Johnson
    Long Johnson Day ago +1

    Yo Bernie is still a fraud I don’t trust him and never will. Abortion supporter, illegal immigrant supporter, communist supporter, sounds like a disaster to me

  • VCG
    VCG Day ago


  • rodborgesx1
    rodborgesx1 Day ago

    It’s sad to hear people embracing these socialistic ideologies while living and benefiting from a capitalist society.
    Get rid of your iPhones and your starbucks americanos e go live in a socialist country for a while and see how it works - not theoretically - but in practice. Is it hard in the US? Try making it in Brazil. Go rely on healthcare over there and see how it goes. Send your kids to school there and talk to me. Go see how corrupt the government in these countries are and you’ll have a first hand experience on what Bernie is preaching.
    It’s easy to talk about these ideas from a 1st world country.
    Honestly, be thankful that you were born in the US or live here. Seriously.

  • Edison Abdiel
    Edison Abdiel Day ago +4

    The eloquence of this man is truly admirable. He's the best thing that could happen to the US

  • Dylan's Profile
    Dylan's Profile Day ago

    Jaime you need to understand.

  • Arian Dito
    Arian Dito Day ago +2

    the dislikes are from the close-minded people that won't research Bernie and what he's been doing and they instead bought in the smears of Fox News and other Rightwing outlets.
    they don't realize 'Fake News' is not just on the left.

  • Lacey mZ77
    Lacey mZ77 Day ago +1

    Please win and be the change we need. Thank you Bernie and Joe Rogan for being a way for us to be educated and warned. You are amazing.

  • jay tate
    jay tate Day ago

    This dude is a failure sellout .
    Keep suckin his dick, everyone.
    Worked out good for you the first time, right?

  • Jessica Ridge
    Jessica Ridge Day ago

    Wish youd interview Marianne Williamson, I think you've interviewed every other progressive candidate. Shame.

  • Frozen Blade
    Frozen Blade Day ago +2

    I love this guy. His policies are intelligent and his personality seems very likeable.

    I am not from America and I don't really like reformists but he would definetly be the best choice that has a chance to change something inside of the law.

  • John
    John Day ago

    I want an explanation on how we’re going to get the rest of 90% emissions cut from the rest of the world we never get a full explanation and how we’re going to do that China shut down all climate change protest yet they’re funding to push climate change in our media 🤔

  • John
    John Day ago

    Solar and wind are useless, we must use the new NET power like Crenshaw talked about and nuclear if we’re reasonably going to cut off all emissions solar and wind are okay for resident houses. Solar roofs can save money in the sunny places in the USA but solar farm and wind farms are not effective at all. It’s create a lot of toxic material to make the high tech panel and batteries for this. You need heat to smelt the metal to create giant wind farms where do we get that heat? Gasoline of course and you have to transport everything to appropriate places it’s just not as simple as people think

  • John
    John Day ago +1

    Democratic socialism just implies socialism that the people elected for; a lot of socialist and communist revolutions start out with the majority wanting it. The government gets control over corporations and private property, it’s all good for awhile, then slowly, but surely, either collapses or the government has to become authoritarian to maintain the system.
    Their are many historical examples of this happening
    The problem with off the leash laizze faire capitalism is that the low regulation and low tax rate it allows the really successful business to exponentially grow and grow and eventually becomes a monopoly and can control society; we see this in the case of Rockefeller in 1890s, Great Depression which was caused by an excess in abundance rather than a shortage. Great Depression promoted fiscal policies to be made and what saved the USA economically was WWII where the military industrial complex was founded and they made bank and brought people out of the depression but this resulted in a corrupt system being embedded into the government. their is a fundamental fiscal balance policy that is needed to prevent this; my problem with Bernie is that he places the people’s woes on corporations when that’s partially true but their a many factors. He gets mad when amazon gets tax breaks but the reason that this is the case isn’t because of corruption but rather the USA trade war with China. China lured corporations out the USA with a 15% corporate tax rate and with $4 minimum wage workforce almost to good to be true for the executives but their is a catch of course and that is that the Chinese government will control the corporation the executive and owners will sell out their company and will give up the job of their american workers for a lifetimes supply of money. And the American worker is screwed over. Bernie hasn’t really given a solution to this competition, high corporate tax rates like he proposes will scare all the large international corporations away and crush small business, he is against open borders so I support him their. I’m Healthcare sounds good I would chip in an extra %5-10 of income to have free healthcare. but Idk I fear after Obamacare disaster, and how it could kill innovation. I actually kinda agree with the fundamental idea of socialism in that you have a limit to the wealth you can acquire. Like if your a billionaire, be honest do you really need all that money? And billionaires can create a dynasty which can become corrupt. But I also think if your hard working and innovative, being a millionaire? I think people have right to be wealthy but when is it to much is what we should be asking rather than raising taxes over the net population.

  • Chance Masters
    Chance Masters 2 days ago +1

    Hardcore communist to his bones. Multi millionaire and he tips like shit. Literally the worst presidential candidate in the history of this great country

  • paul picone
    paul picone 2 days ago

    Bernie 2020

  • Sierra Etze
    Sierra Etze 2 days ago +3

    I'll be honest, some things Bernie talks about i dont completely agree with but most i really do. I hope he goes far because even though the man is ancient, he's passionate and he knows what he wants and HOW to do it and how WE will do it. I love this

  • mbealhighjump
    mbealhighjump 2 days ago +2

    Joe Rogan's Top 10 Viewed Videos of All-Time

    1. Elon Musk - 11months - 24M views
    2. Alex Jones - 5months - 15M views
    3. Ben Shapiro - 2yrs - 13M views
    4. BERNIE SANDERS - 2months- 10.1M VIEWS
    5. Neil Degrasse Tyson - 2yrs - 10M views
    6. Dan Blizerian - 2yrs - 10M views
    7. Neil Degrasse Tyson - 2yrs - 10M views
    8. Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo - 2yrs - 9.5M views
    9. Joey Diaz & Tom Segura - 1yr - 8.2M views
    10. Mike Tyson - 6 months - 8M views

    When you consider the likes/dislikes ratio, positivity/respectfulness of the top comments, and the extremely mixed political nature of Rogan's audience it's clear that Sander's populist message and Progressive platform speaks to a variety of Americans. Even if you disagree with a few of his policies, I challenge you to honestly think of a candidate that has a better record and platform than him. Sanders is the only Democratic candidate that has more individual donors than Donald Trump and more important his grass-roots revolution is the only the key to healing the “national divide" we often hear about these days. He’s not only discussing coming after the Republican establishment but also the Democratic. Speaking truth to power and putting action behind those words.

  • Cody Barnes
    Cody Barnes 2 days ago

    Democrats get it in your head, the rich already pay more in taxes, they have more money, any percentage if more money is always more then the same percentage of less money, stop trying to take from the wealthy Because they have more you greedy fucks

  • Brandon Blackfrye
    Brandon Blackfrye 2 days ago

    Public school isn't free. Yeah they didn't pay to attend the school but there was a lot of cost for books and stuff

  • Brandon Blackfrye
    Brandon Blackfrye 2 days ago

    We need everyone to come on here to do the debate and let Joe be the Moderator, would work out perfect. He's already sat down with most of them. We need Andrew Yang interview again or Tulsi Gabbard

  • Brandon Blackfrye
    Brandon Blackfrye 2 days ago

    Lol the top comment of this video has the most likes I've ever seen on a comment. 36,000 likes and there's so many replies(500), you're not allowed to add a reply 😂

  • D M
    D M 2 days ago +3

    It's high time the working class won the class war!

  • Dave Marchildon
    Dave Marchildon 2 days ago +4

    Bernie is an absolute giant among men. Unflappable.

  • Jason Felice
    Jason Felice 2 days ago +2

    10 million yeew!

  • Bonnie Dario
    Bonnie Dario 2 days ago +1

    nice guy

  • Svetozar Stojkov
    Svetozar Stojkov 2 days ago

    1:04:40 What???

  • Blessed Isco
    Blessed Isco 2 days ago

    Land of the free but ur all slaves to the billionaire capitalist once u wake up frm ur fake reality and realize what u are then u will acc Be free

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith 2 days ago +1

    I enjoyed this, I'm a conservative.
    Sanders makes some good points I'm this videos which I'm on board with. On the flip side I strongly disagree with altering constitution RIGHTS in regards to the 2nd amendment or any of the rest of them.
    Killing jobs in fossil fuels under a "promise" that "some other company" will reinvest in the area or making assumptions that those "new" jobs created will pay laterally in comparison is a joke.
    But more than a disagreement what I absolutely loath is the simple fact that if half of american believes in gun ownership and the other half dont...or altering the constitution. Then step off the issue, the radical ideas prevent a lot of fairly minded people from considering a democratic point of view.

    • Brookles the Seeker
      Brookles the Seeker Day ago

      The guns issue is the only point I really disagree with him on, even then I don't entirely disagree with him. I'm not for banning "Assault Weapons" or more accurately, military style rifles. I'm a gun enthusiast, I enjoy shooting them, taking them apart, and modifying them, I go to the range with friends and family to do some target shooting and we have a good time. I've also met some pretty cool people at a gun range too, from all kinds of backgrounds and demographics. And I'm all for what Sanders is saying, more extensive background checks, limiting (or even not allowing) private sales sounds like a good start to limit illegal activity when it comes to firearms. And like @LunaCosmos90 said, I'd definitely trust Sanders more than any other politician when it comes to gun safety.

    • Brandon Smith
      Brandon Smith Day ago +1

      I whole heartedly agree

    • LunaCosmos90
      LunaCosmos90 2 days ago +4

      If we had Sanders, I would trust him over any other dem or republican when it comes to gun safety. If Trump takes our guns or if another Dem does, I know it would be far more extreme. I also dont think Bernie will send police and the military to peoples houses to find guns like beto wants. buyback programs, not allowing private sales, closing the remaining gun show loopholes, and implementing thorough background checks make total sense.

  • kelvera88 chief
    kelvera88 chief 2 days ago +6

    Not a lefty but the man makes ALOT of sense.

    • Ron Gavalik
      Ron Gavalik Day ago +1

      We all appreciate honesty. The left/right paradigm is real, but it's blown way out of proportion by the political class, the wealth class, and the media. They spend billions to make us fight each other. But when we share a whiskey, we tend to agree on quite a lot. Everyone wants their children educated, clean air and water, good healthcare, nature conservation, low crime rates, etc. Bernie shows us it's time to get each other's backs.

    • LunaCosmos90
      LunaCosmos90 2 days ago +2

      thast because he isnt very far left on an international scale. its just that americans are so right wing that anything beyond centrist fake left politicians is considered extreme and is labeled as communist

  • tony mclaughlin
    tony mclaughlin 2 days ago +1

    A wake-up clarion to USA.. you have in your midst a man who wants the best for every down-trodden citizen in your country...anyone with an argument against anything he said???

    • Aron Johnson
      Aron Johnson Day ago

      yes, his ideas are communist propaganda

  • Tom Coombes
    Tom Coombes 2 days ago

    Andrew Yang

    • Jason Felice
      Jason Felice 2 days ago

      Why? Great ideas in a decade or 2. Too much-needed work to be done. $1000 ain't gonna cut it.

  • Tom Coombes
    Tom Coombes 2 days ago

    Vote Yang

  • hyliahero
    hyliahero 2 days ago +7

    I used to be a diehard republican, but after Trump I’ve never been more embarrassed and turned off if Republican politics. I still believe in less government and state rights, but I’m done with millionaires and billionaires not paying their taxes and putting the burden on the working class. I’m voting Bernie 2020.