Killswitch Engage - The Signal Fire

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
    "The Signal Fire" from the "Atonement" album.
    Director | Producer: Ian McFarland
    DP: Matt Dorris
    AC: Asa Reed
    Gaffer: Jesse Cardoza
    Grip: Mike Spurling Jr.
    Production Manager: Sarah La Flemme
    Location: JDI Prodcutions
    Camera Support: Rule Camera Boston
    Editor: Ian McFarland
    Colorist: Mike Grasela

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  • Killswitch Engage
    Killswitch Engage  21 day ago +534

    Mash that subscribe button!

    • Ragamuffin Gamerz
      Ragamuffin Gamerz Day ago

      Been listening since 2000 love you guys

    • TopShelfGaming
      TopShelfGaming 3 days ago

      @g2daferndizle I'm sure Jesse is but this song had both singers in it! they've done this in the past to! its fucking amazing when they do!

    • Steve Borman
      Steve Borman 3 days ago

      @Rene s that's a little disappointing

    • Jacob Speedy
      Jacob Speedy 5 days ago


    • Goulet Boys
      Goulet Boys 6 days ago

      @Jacob Speedy 🦸‍♂️

  • H. Wallace
    H. Wallace 23 minutes ago +1

    Ficou fodaaa :)

  • Jim Bruzan
    Jim Bruzan Hour ago

    Can we get a collaboration between these guys and Frank Reyonds (aka the warthog)?

  • TheNotoriousNemo
    TheNotoriousNemo Hour ago

    I havnt listened to killswitch in a long time, and I i always thought their last albums where ok, not great. Then I see this and Im like oh look a new singer, then I hear him sing and am like wait he sounds too good like an og, lol. This song is good, they need more groovy tasty jams like the old days.

    EVIL PICKLE Hour ago


  • Mutilasi Jelangkung
    Mutilasi Jelangkung 2 hours ago

    yeah , next video should be Take Control

  • William
    William 3 hours ago

    I can die a happy man now.

  • That Dude Named Dale
    That Dude Named Dale 3 hours ago

    2:09 The fist bump heard around the world

  • Cody Atchley
    Cody Atchley 3 hours ago

    I just grew ovaries and shortly after they exploded.

  • Zak Edwards
    Zak Edwards 4 hours ago

    fuckin goosebumps, bud.. \m/_ _\m/

  • James Conlin
    James Conlin 4 hours ago

    Top ten.

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike 4 hours ago +1

    Wish they would stay like this, my goodness this is beautiful.

  • Jack Hasty
    Jack Hasty 5 hours ago

    Dress like a male gigalo.... rock outlike a mutha fucka....i love Adam D.!!!!

  • Abel Ashcroft
    Abel Ashcroft 5 hours ago

    Howard Jones!!! Yeahhhh!!!

  • Wasp87
    Wasp87 5 hours ago

    This to me is the heavy metal equivalent of if McDonald's and Burger King combining the Big Mac and the Whooper. My fatass dreams of that and this is the perfect presentation for it.

  • Billy Meininger
    Billy Meininger 5 hours ago +1

    Dude. Howard just looks so happy to be on a killswitch song again. Its natural. Its fun. This song and video rock. Idk if the bamd will see this but MAKE AN ALBUM WITH HOWARD AND JESSE.

  • NJ Riff-Guitarist
    NJ Riff-Guitarist 5 hours ago

    This is awesome beyond any belief!

  • joey50byrne
    joey50byrne 5 hours ago

    Need more music between them both please and thank you

  • webbertools
    webbertools 6 hours ago

    Damm it mother fucker yes!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, just coming back here again to get goosebumps and motivated to drop kick a midget.👍

  • dahippness
    dahippness 8 hours ago

    and then the next song up is END OF HEARTACHE...

  • Yanthungbemo Ezong
    Yanthungbemo Ezong 8 hours ago

    Howaaarrrdddd! :')

  • Oggydogg 313
    Oggydogg 313 8 hours ago

    Who would pay big money to see a Killswitch engage tour with Jesse singing his songs and then Howard singing his songs. Like 40 mins of Jesse then 40mins of Howard..

  • Adrianna Torres
    Adrianna Torres 9 hours ago


  • Creative name
    Creative name 10 hours ago

    I get goosebumps literally every time I see the back of Howard's head at 0:53

  • SonsOfAnarchy1995
    SonsOfAnarchy1995 11 hours ago

    this song brings a tear to my eyes! especially seeing them together...absolutely beautiful

  • Michael Hawkins
    Michael Hawkins 11 hours ago

    God I love this song and i really love the lyrics:
    Can we walk a mile in another's shoes
    To determine what we have to lose? (To lose)
    Disconnection of a common reality
    Becomes so lost in this world of hypocrisy
    The reason why I love those lyrics is because it tells the truth of you never what it is like to walk in someone elses shoes and to be be able to you will see what you can lose :(.

  • Mike Cote
    Mike Cote 13 hours ago

    I have to be honest, this is the first KSE song I really listened to and it makes me want to run through all the walls.

  • Nathan Ryan
    Nathan Ryan 14 hours ago

    Thank U for KILLING my depression even 4 a moment...

  • Adam Nunya
    Adam Nunya 15 hours ago

    Sigh...Why can you set a video to repeat ) =

  • Choke blok
    Choke blok 18 hours ago

    Here's where we all cried happy tears 2:09

  • Abdullah Ibrahim
    Abdullah Ibrahim 18 hours ago


  • Brandon Reekie
    Brandon Reekie 21 hour ago

    I’m just :) plus don’t get how this ain’t over 10mil views caz .. well we know

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 23 hours ago

    UK tour in October/November 2019, no supports posted yet. Surely its going to be Howard with Light the Torch? We can only dream brothers.

  • * Yoel.Andria.Müller*
    * Yoel.Andria.Müller* 23 hours ago

    Is beautifull

  • * Yoel.Andria.Müller*
    * Yoel.Andria.Müller* 23 hours ago +1


  • Jonathan Centeno
    Jonathan Centeno 23 hours ago +1

    *Girlish screams* I mean I guess it was alright.

  • Andrej Davidov
    Andrej Davidov Day ago +2

    That fist bump of Jesse and Howard at 2:10 says it all :)

  • Michael Perron
    Michael Perron Day ago

    Did a fart of joy :')

  • E.V.G F.P#1
    E.V.G F.P#1 Day ago

    Love this fkn song both make a great team

    DIEGOROKA22 Day ago

    Howard Jones

  • Mkp Gedion
    Mkp Gedion Day ago

    J & H is dope.

  • Mkp Gedion
    Mkp Gedion Day ago

    Fuck!!! i keep on listening to this shit. I'm a diehard fan of killswitch with both vocals l, but seeing them together just made me cry

  • Striver
    Striver Day ago

    what a passion in one video!!!! God i love this!!! >:D

  • Axl Ggv
    Axl Ggv Day ago +3

    Okay okay, now you've sold me the teaser trailer... so WHERE'S THE WHOLE F*CKING MOVIE!! Hell yeah bois

  • Jesro Lee
    Jesro Lee Day ago

    song is epic

  • Nicolas Aranda
    Nicolas Aranda Day ago

    OH SHITT!!
    This is great

  • Kötübirgün olacak

    İ mis you howard jones

  • Lobo Nada Solitário

    Me: I swear for all, i wil not cry anymore.
    Killswitch: Hold my beer bro...

  • Mike Lachance
    Mike Lachance Day ago

    Holy fuck I was extremely blown away by this track to start .n then Howard Jones comes in and they blow the fuckin roof off the house with this explosive beast of a song

  • SmokeyVox
    SmokeyVox Day ago +2

    I like how KSE kept Howard in, like he never left KSE.
    Usually you'd see "X Artist feat. Y Artist"
    But KSE kept it simple. They called it "Killswitch Engage - The Signal Fire", like they were not only including Howard, but also respecting the fact that he was still part of the band.
    And I'm sure I speak for every damn KSE fan, we're fucking glad to see Howard and Jesse go at it!

  • JESSROCKED Channel

    Wow, the last time I heard KSE was back in highschool, with one of their best song OST for resident evil "end of heartache"
    And here they are, still killin it in 2019!

  • The Headless Horseman

    does that guitar have a pizza on it

  • Corbin Dallas
    Corbin Dallas Day ago

    This still left me speechless

  • Adam Batakji
    Adam Batakji Day ago +1

    I am so amped up right now! I can't believe they made this happen

  • Regan Johnson
    Regan Johnson Day ago

    This just feels so right

  • Edwin Cruz Diaz
    Edwin Cruz Diaz Day ago


  • Nemo the Fallen Angel

    Poetry. from the heart

  • Chris Hirst
    Chris Hirst Day ago

    nearly forgot to watch this today..

  • Reinhard Guggi
    Reinhard Guggi Day ago

    Wonderful, really nice to see Howard back in awsome shape!

  • Coach Feratu
    Coach Feratu Day ago +1

    This song is stronger than a Monster energy drink.a line of cocaine and shot of steroids right in the a$$ !!!!!