JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:Golden Wind OST: ~Giorno's Theme~ "Il vento d'oro" (Main Theme)

  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind Ost
    Giorno Theme
    "Il vento d'oro"
    This is big meme song now so I'm famous whay
    I found lyric on google for u so here ig
    Hype music
    Hiphiphip hop,
    Feel the rhythm,
    Get that,
    Turn up the bass
    Go crazy, one by one
    *Epic mouth noises*
    Hiphiphip hiphiphip hiphop,
    You dont like it?
    Turn up the bass!
    Go crazy, it's a dangerous world,
    *Epic mouth noises*
    [Hype music]
    *Mouth noises*
    Hiphop hiphip hiphop
    Feel the rhythm,
    Get that,
    Turn up bass
    Go crazy,
    One by one,
    *Mouth noises*
    Hiphip hiphiphip hiphop
    You dont like it?
    Turn up the bass!
    Go crazy, it's a dangerous world!
    *Mouth noises*
    [GIO GIO]
    [GIO GIO]
    Hiphip hiphip hop,
    Feel the rhythm,
    Turn up the bass,
    Go crazy one by one,
    *Mouth noises*
    Hiphiphip hiphiphip hiphop,
    You dont like it?
    Turn up the bass!
    Go crazy, it's a dangerous world,
    Get funky, get freaky, get funky, yeah now, Wind. Golden Wind!
    Hiphop hiphiphiphop,
    You dont like it?
    Turn up the bass!
    Go crazy, one by one!
    *Mouth noises*
    Yeah yeah,
    Hiphip hiphiphop,
    You dont like it?
    Turn up the bass!
    Go crazy, it's a dangerous world!
    *Mouth noises*
    JO JO!
    Epic Sax
    Piano solo


    Please dont get taken down smh

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    GENIS HUGUES 8 months ago +174306

    Romans: Finally we killed Jesus
    Jesus 3 days later: 3:45

  • _БлятьMan_
    _БлятьMan_ 3 minutes ago +1

    *Me* : bout to go to a Walmart and buy some toilet paper (I know, I'm rich) because I've already eaten the last roll.
    Some old Karen who's closer to the last *fuck*ng* toilet paper roll 3:45.

  • Sentery
    Sentery 12 minutes ago

    The mobile game boss: I've finally got you!
    Me after watching an ad for a extra life: 3:45

  • Stepaion438 Eldon
    Stepaion438 Eldon 28 minutes ago

    When Leafy returns to kill Idubbbz

  • Black Mesa Scientist
    Black Mesa Scientist 30 minutes ago

    CJ: *sits on a chair looking at a picture of his mom with a depressed look*
    Big Smoke: 3:45

  • Racso 17
    Racso 17 45 minutes ago

    Me who didn’t read part 6: Man I hope part 6 will not be as sad as part 5
    Father Pucci: 3:45

  • couldn't think of a good name

    China: we have finally managed the coronavirus
    Italy: 3:45

  • Double Whiskey
    Double Whiskey Hour ago


    SOUPISH Hour ago

    0:57 has to be my second favorite part

  • Deisme III
    Deisme III Hour ago

    2:59 i love this

  • The Serendipitous Hand Towel

    Idubbbz: *slips up
    Leafyishere: 3:45

  • DemonicMrAwesome
    DemonicMrAwesome Hour ago +1

    Everyone: 2020 can’t get any worse
    The Death Star: 3:45

  • GeneralsAlert
    GeneralsAlert Hour ago

    Richard Lawrence: *attempts to assassinate Andrew Jackson, but both his guns misfire*
    Andrew Jackson: 3:45

  • davi borba
    davi borba Hour ago +1

    Sonic the hedgehog in the old movie design: *i have da bad skin*

    CATS MOVIE: 3:45


    When the nerd pushes his glasses up 3:45

  • ZorotZ
    ZorotZ 2 hours ago +2

    Me playing Zelda: *hit a chicken*
    All others in place: 3:45

  • Yuri Sohma
    Yuri Sohma 2 hours ago +1

    *ゴゴゴ* キラークイーンすでに持っていますこれに触れたコメント *ゴゴゴ*

  • Kaleb Hewitt
    Kaleb Hewitt 2 hours ago +1

    Smash Fans: Wants Geno in Smash

    Sakurai about to release Byleth: 3:45

  • Bird Song
    Bird Song 2 hours ago

    Leafy: returns
    Idubbbz: 3:45

  • Trontour Wang
    Trontour Wang 2 hours ago +1

    When the blind kid enters the drivers side: 3:45

  • Marko Nikolovski
    Marko Nikolovski 2 hours ago +3

    Giornio Giovanni you crazy bastard

  • joji sushi
    joji sushi 2 hours ago +2

    *me winning lottery ticket worth 30 million dollars*

    My dad who came back from the grocery store: 3:45

  • pugviper /sharpshooter/ve15224

    Everyone: 2020 can't get any worse!
    Dio preparing his epic comeback in July: 3:45

  • Anaya Saint Fleur
    Anaya Saint Fleur 3 hours ago +2

    I told my friend that part five was gay and man you should've seen the demonic look on her face

  • Federico Bettoni
    Federico Bettoni 3 hours ago

    Me: 2020 can't get worse than this
    Thanos from 2014 coming in April: 3:45

  • Erwin Smith
    Erwin Smith 3 hours ago +2

    People in july: Finally we killed COVID-19!
    COVID-20 5 months later: 3:45

    • John Knox
      John Knox 3 hours ago +1

      I swear on your right arm if it fucking happens...

  • Federico Bettoni
    Federico Bettoni 3 hours ago

    Everybody: 2020 will be a great year
    Coronavirus: 3:45

  • Mr_ KetChop
    Mr_ KetChop 3 hours ago

    I hit a villager by accident
    The village golem 3:45

  • Mr_ KetChop
    Mr_ KetChop 3 hours ago

    randi orton kills the Undertaker 1:10 ,undertaker a tournament after 3:45

  • sandra garciacobo
    sandra garciacobo 3 hours ago


  • Kiron
    Kiron 3 hours ago +1

    Assignment: Due 11:59 pm
    Me turning my clocks time back: 3:45

  • Baldo_sk_1111
    Baldo_sk_1111 3 hours ago +1

    SUKA BLIAT: 3:45

  • Pablo theGamer
    Pablo theGamer 3 hours ago

    Esto tiene copyright amigo , puedo usar este sonido sin problema?

  • Unai Estirado Alfaro
    Unai Estirado Alfaro 4 hours ago

    Villano:por fin gane.
    Giorno: 3:45

  • Lior Papismedov
    Lior Papismedov 4 hours ago

    June 2020:the Corona virus has finally passed and we can return to normal live's.
    *Chinese guy with a bat soup in the corner 3:45

  • kiRA
    kiRA 4 hours ago +1

    World- finally we have the vaccines for COVID19
    COVID20 : 3:45

  • Bam boozled
    Bam boozled 4 hours ago +2

    People:2020 Cant get anymore worse
    Corona Virus: 1:07
    “I live in the america I should be fine”
    The man who ate a bat in america: 3:45

  • FireBoyYT
    FireBoyYT 5 hours ago

    Me : we just made the impossible spinner tricks
    Other : eww spinner is sucks now get some bottle flip
    Me : 3:46

  • Terra Pro
    Terra Pro 5 hours ago

    3:45 the part we came for

    CARLOS SALAS 5 hours ago +1

    Government: stay home

    The homeless: 3:45

  • Mariyah Burgos
    Mariyah Burgos 5 hours ago

    Now my fucking classmates got me addicted to JoJo.

  • J-Strokes
    J-Strokes 6 hours ago


  • Goirno Giovanna
    Goirno Giovanna 6 hours ago +1

    Bruno And The Gang Losing

  • 1RoScythe1
    1RoScythe1 6 hours ago

    South Korea: We're ready to strike America.
    America: 3:45

  • paundra0217
    paundra0217 6 hours ago +1

    3:46 AMD when they release Zen processors

  • Elizabeth Midford
    Elizabeth Midford 6 hours ago

    I forgot this became a meme and got astonished at the views.

  • K-Red
    K-Red 6 hours ago

    People in Africa: Damn! The ebolavirus is killing everyone
    Covid19: 3:45

  • CatNeowPlayz 13ッV2
    CatNeowPlayz 13ッV2 6 hours ago +1

    *Student opens a pack of gum*
    The whole school: 3:45

  • კინოები ქართულად

    Whoever disliked this is gay

  • こたねこのゲーム実況


  • SuperSonicShow 27
    SuperSonicShow 27 6 hours ago +1

    The quiet kid when he pulls out a m134 minigun:

  • Spider Productions
    Spider Productions 6 hours ago

    I fricken hate this so much everyone everywhere is acting like there are not any other characters or character themes besides giornos cause this theme is really bad

  • td tainment
    td tainment 6 hours ago

    all right they need to add this to super smash bros

  • Xx ZekkenxX
    Xx ZekkenxX 7 hours ago

    Congrats on The YT money

  • Jaxob321
    Jaxob321 7 hours ago +1

    the governtment decides to shut down school because the covid - 19 outbreak
    me : gosh fina-

  • Feather S.
    Feather S. 7 hours ago

    Police: with this new finger print detecting thecnology we will be able to catch every criminal!
    Gloves: 3:45

  • Nghĩa Lê
    Nghĩa Lê 7 hours ago


  • Tachron Jr.
    Tachron Jr. 7 hours ago

    99.9% of comments: 3:45 memes
    .1% of comments: corona

  • Tsinelas Koto
    Tsinelas Koto 7 hours ago

    Mom:Spanked you with her hand
    But I dodged it
    Me: 3:45

  • midoriya
    midoriya 8 hours ago +1

    Coronavirus: I'm inevitable
    Me eating 3 gummy vitamins: 3:45

  • Grimnir
    Grimnir 8 hours ago

    Can we stop with he 3:45 memes? I would rather see original comments.

  • Upfrontkoala53 6
    Upfrontkoala53 6 8 hours ago

    School: *cancelled for month
    Me: Yeah! No work!
    Online classes: 3:45

  • Kitarinki
    Kitarinki 8 hours ago

    *mouth noises *

  • Dabi Does things
    Dabi Does things 8 hours ago +1

    Are we gonna talk about how the comment about Jesus has the most likes and replies I’ve ever seen
    Like you can’t even reply to it there is that many

  • NekoKoneko
    NekoKoneko 8 hours ago

    Japanese attack the Pearl Harbour
    Japan: Haha! We got them now!
    America,who has two atom bombs in the making: 3:45

  • shyasaturtle
    shyasaturtle 8 hours ago

    Nationalism is on the rise in Germany.
    Japan is remilitarizing.
    Benito Mussolini's grandson is running for president Italy.

  • Ranette M
    Ranette M 9 hours ago

    Mcdonalds employees : *exists*

    40 year old moms 3:45

  • John Lee
    John Lee 9 hours ago

    Chinese people eating bats
    Coronavirus: 3:45

  • EdgeGD
    EdgeGD 9 hours ago

    Any villan: I'm gonna be the king!
    3:43: *starts playing up*
    also that villan: *wait nevermind im gonna die eventually*

  • BigJMC9
    BigJMC9 9 hours ago

    January: Australia’s on fire.
    February: School starts.
    March: Corona enters the chat room.
    April: Demons begin their attack on earth.
    May: Earth is literally Hell.
    Doomslayer: 3:45

    OZKORAPPA 10 hours ago

    Surely 2020 cant get worse
    April: 3:45

  • Benedict Bohol
    Benedict Bohol 10 hours ago

    *"Oh! Is this from Tiktok?"*

  • My nationality doesn't matter

    China: it's ok guys we have this under control

    Covid-19 a week later: 3:45

  • Nicola Pesce
    Nicola Pesce 11 hours ago +2

    qualche italiano?

  • oops
    oops 11 hours ago +4

    I now feel an irresistible urge to punch things over and over while yelling “useless” in Japanese

  • MBJ23 Jongco
    MBJ23 Jongco 11 hours ago

    3:45 When you reach You're Level of Rage

  • Pagan Floki
    Pagan Floki 12 hours ago

    I am here to get 10 000 likes without any JoJo Refference. Can you give me A HAND ?

  • Ryan Olivier
    Ryan Olivier 12 hours ago +1

    At least 2020 can't get any worse...
    The Aliens in April: 3:46

  • Jakibox
    Jakibox 12 hours ago

    Mastu ?!