I Made That Awful Jeans Chair

  • Published on Feb 28, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Mikey V
    Mikey V 3 hours ago

    Make a bunch of scarecrows for Halloween with them legz

  • CrazyFerret :3
    CrazyFerret :3 8 hours ago

    i would steal that!!! :3

  • Anna Devereux
    Anna Devereux 11 hours ago

    The fact Jenna found it difficult to find four identical pairs of jeans in the same size cheaply, makes me feel sorry that Americans don’t have primark.
    ... I could go in and buy 10 identical size 6 jeans right now for €60 in primark and it’s 4am.

  • Abigail Ross
    Abigail Ross 12 hours ago

    Not to sound like I’m defending 5 minute crafts. But they only used 3 pairs of jeans.

  • Brittany Baxter
    Brittany Baxter 12 hours ago

    Just to put your mind at ease a little, I found a video of a food scientist reviewing these kind of food "hacks" videos by 5 minute crafts or other channels similar, and she proved every single "hack" was fake. None of them worked! She said she contacted the channel or company that does these to ask if they cared that they didn't work or were potentially dangerous, and they responded that they didn't care, that they were just there to get views and generate revenue
    To prove I'm not just making shit up, Ann Reardon's (How To Cook That) video: thexvid.com/video/vSBSzWmjXO0/video.html

  • G Drinan
    G Drinan 15 hours ago +1

    tbh i AM GOING to do this cuz i have a BUNCH of jeans that don't fit me and are the same but I'm gonna SEW it instead of staple 👌

  • Richard Brigance
    Richard Brigance 15 hours ago

    1:32 I think Kermit is having Vietnam flashbacks in the background.

  • Harper Shultz
    Harper Shultz 16 hours ago

    It’s like sitting in a denim clad spiders lap

  • Yevette Cecil
    Yevette Cecil 16 hours ago

    The human centipede of 5 minute DIY crafts........ 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Layla Khadhrawi
    Layla Khadhrawi 19 hours ago

    I'm sorry but I want Jenna to make another chair by using actual logic and sewing the jeans together

  • Isabella Marks
    Isabella Marks 21 hour ago

    why do i want one

  • brianna castro
    brianna castro 21 hour ago +1

    It’s called five minute crafts because five minutes in it you realize how bad it is

  • A Furry
    A Furry 22 hours ago

    I would pay money for you to see you send this to send this to Safia

  • Alexandria Gamez
    Alexandria Gamez 22 hours ago

    1:35 activated my Siri 🥺

  • iluvmylilsnickys

    It’d be comfier with sweat pants

  • Fire Willow
    Fire Willow Day ago

    I wanna see Jenna make her own club house like the trend

  • Ariel True
    Ariel True Day ago

    "Okay Mr. Hansen" 😂😂

  • Tiffany THE Cannaboss

    😄😄😄😂 I laughed my ass off

  • AndSorrowsEnd
    AndSorrowsEnd 2 days ago +6

    She always delivers, man. The queen of subverting clickbait and delivering CONTENT!

  • Miranda Adria
    Miranda Adria 2 days ago

    Ok but.... why 20 bucks for each pair of jeans? Why not go to a thrift store?

    • kiralyn shealy
      kiralyn shealy Day ago

      it would be kind of hard to find 4 pairs of very similar jeans at a thrift store

  • Matthew Lol
    Matthew Lol 2 days ago

    Shane Dawson should do a video on company’s and channels like this

  • KoroCreations
    KoroCreations 2 days ago

    Please come back and give this chair a makeover for next Wednesday

  • EpicBandicoot
    EpicBandicoot 2 days ago

    Pull up at your crib with a STAPLEGUN

  • badabambambambambambambadabambadambadamdamdamdam

    do it again but with hot glue!!

  • Ripley the Skull dog

    Use a navy blue or tan upholstery thread for the jeans! Hand sewing takes a long time but it yields a good result.

  • phatsmurf
    phatsmurf 3 days ago

    Why do those jeans look like my actual legs in jeans :')

  • NyT
    NyT 3 days ago

    The whole video is Jenna rambling about making this shitty craft

  • melody ashwin
    melody ashwin 3 days ago

    Human spider

  • Presley Anderson
    Presley Anderson 3 days ago +1

    I only have jeans lol I have so many pairs that I don’t want and now I want to make that

  • Davor Mitrović
    Davor Mitrović 3 days ago

    We need to get jenna to 50M

  • Catalina2808
    Catalina2808 3 days ago

    Plot twist: finished product is sown! 💥

  • Donut Chan
    Donut Chan 3 days ago

    I would never trust Julian to be my camera man 😂

  • thedragongirl
    thedragongirl 3 days ago +1

    Give this girl more subscribers

  • Wise Canadian Woman
    Wise Canadian Woman 3 days ago

    You two are so funny!

  • Rylea Thomond
    Rylea Thomond 3 days ago

    5 minute crafts should change their channel name to 5 hour crafts that’s how long it takes you to make their crafts ly Jenna julien marbles peach bunny and Kermit x❤️🐾

  • olivia perez
    olivia perez 3 days ago

    13:17 ha jenna’s gonna lose it... lose her marbles

  • gotcha
    gotcha 3 days ago

    Ok but do you think this would work with leggings? I’m asking for a friend

  • Camillo Spiegelfeld
    Camillo Spiegelfeld 4 days ago

    The Dogs are very Nasty bois

  • Akii Ko
    Akii Ko 4 days ago +1

    Is it good or bad that I can recite this video off by heart?

  • Lea Bracker
    Lea Bracker 4 days ago +4

    All those hacks on five minute crafts be like
    "You wanna light a candle but have no matches? No problem! Take a coconut, a tuba and a pair of fairy wings..."

  • KnifingCat
    KnifingCat 4 days ago +2

    is it me or when he said 20$ for jeans is hella cheap i kinda felt poor 😂

  • Janalyce Lane
    Janalyce Lane 4 days ago

    AYYYEEEE I see you with the Nick Tahou shirt!!!!! Yes baby rep ROC

  • Mad Mike
    Mad Mike 4 days ago

    Should be 5 minutes of my life I wasted crafts. It looks like you have the lower half of 4 people laying on the floor lol

  • Buzz Feed
    Buzz Feed 4 days ago

    i wear sweats cause Im thicccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc.

  • Viola Lockhart
    Viola Lockhart 4 days ago

    kermy is a mommy's boy he wants all the affection

  • Ashton
    Ashton 4 days ago

    5 min crafts is addicting... but it sucks when they don't have measurements for recipes

  • Ziril
    Ziril 5 days ago

    Oh. This god forsaken "chair" I hate it. it really makes me cringe genuinely. It makes me CRY inside it. I hate it. Why. Please. It's so horrible. No. Why. WhyHyHyyyyyyy. ;0;

  • Aesthetic Vibes
    Aesthetic Vibes 5 days ago

    Jenna’s the only person who has time for this

  • Lily L.
    Lily L. 5 days ago +5

    Jenna stabbed him in the back with a single staple
    “Et tu, Jennā?”

  • Lily L.
    Lily L. 5 days ago

    Jenna stabbed him in the back with a single staple
    “Et tu, Jennā?”

  • marie long
    marie long 5 days ago

    Your stapler is the wrong size

  • Fission The Subliminal Reviver


  • Shes Anxious
    Shes Anxious 5 days ago

    5 minute craps

  • Michael Wagner
    Michael Wagner 5 days ago

    Jenna marble doing content cop on 5 minute craft.

  • Alt Mandy
    Alt Mandy 5 days ago

    “ As horrible and terrible as it is, I still kinda fucking want it”
    That’s me picking out my body in heaven

  • Darkness Witchwood
    Darkness Witchwood 6 days ago

    Me: ok hear me out…
    Me: ok soooo i hAvE nInE jEaNs aNd i lOvE aLl oF tHeM!!!!!!!!
    Jenna: …WTFFFFFFF………

  • Inservio
    Inservio 6 days ago

    Omglol he looks like a baby elephant trying to sit in a chihuahua's bed

  • Inservio
    Inservio 6 days ago

    Holy shit that is the most terrifying catcher's mitt I have EVER seen xD

  • Inservio
    Inservio 6 days ago

    I found a brand and cut of jeans I liked once. I have eleven pairs now, scaling up in size over the years as I grew. Lost some weight so wearing the biggest one with suspenders now. Comfyyyyy

  • Colt Labrynthius
    Colt Labrynthius 6 days ago

    plz buy an inflateable suit and fill it with helium plz plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Juan Luna
    Juan Luna 6 days ago +1

    By 5mins do they mean 12 to an 1hr

  • Best Bird Buds
    Best Bird Buds 6 days ago

    Jeans are way too expensive to do this🤣

  • Andrew.MP4
    Andrew.MP4 7 days ago +11

    "we already know its a lie"

    kermit: *_starts crying_*

  • Hannah Hinckley
    Hannah Hinckley 7 days ago

    Jenna looks amazing 😍

  • Midnightx user Midnightxuser

    🌈🦋 Hey guys I think the chair you’re making looks like a catchers mitt for the jolly green giant. But maybe for functionality you could take a belt and put it through all the loops and then sent it tight and then you just have to sit on the hard buckle thing.🐾🙃

  • TheMorbidStoner
    TheMorbidStoner 7 days ago

    This is actually a really great idea. Other than the staples. But buy clothing from a thrift sore or reuse fabrics and get A sewing machine and it could work out better

  • Fairy 777
    Fairy 777 7 days ago

    18:16 it would've been funny if those glasses broke XD

  • KeeblerElf
    KeeblerElf 7 days ago +1

    Who else hears that weird like “caw” at 17:14?

  • KeeblerElf
    KeeblerElf 7 days ago +2

    I lost it when Julien tried to pick up the chair the first time and ripped it

  • Fancy G.
    Fancy G. 7 days ago

    My dad walked in at 16:38 and just turned around and left the room

  • DX
    DX 7 days ago

    You guys should have just used hot glue for the ends

  • Abigail Gray
    Abigail Gray 7 days ago

    You don't deserve these dislikes

  • brianna uwu
    brianna uwu 7 days ago

    "just, have a seat right there. have a seat right there"
    "okay mr. hansen" SKSKSK

  • benditlikebeckhamofficial

    there's prob more things i should take away from this months old video but honestly that's a nice ass house wtf in this economy jenna??

  • L grey
    L grey 8 days ago +5

    I think that bag of that poly stuff would have made a better chair