RPG Maker MV Tutorial: Alternate Menu Screen! (AltMenuScreen3 Plugin)

  • Published on Nov 17, 2015
  • Most picture-y MV Menu ever! ...Though I still miss the Mog ones.
    Download here: www.dropbox.com/s/xpfb71iy6r2...
    Though I encourage you to pick up the DLC because it is awesome.
    Also, apologies for cutting out the options/end/save pages. Little editing mishap, haha. Nothing different happened in them.
    More MV videos coming soon! Feel free to comment requests!
    Game music belongs to the rpg maker folks.
    Background music used is from JewelBeat.com, used with permission from EndlessGaming.Today.
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  • Micro Hamster
    Micro Hamster 6 years ago +13

    I don't know why i have not found your tutorials until now. These are great, and a huge time saver, i was doing alot of this all by guesswork, and was taking days. You have save me alot of time. :D

  • First Last
    First Last 2 years ago +8

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! Also i’m sorry if this sounds a little dumb since I’m still new to rmmv but say I wanted the character portraits to change depending on what equipment they’re wearing, how would I go about doing that? Would I just have a parallel process in the background inside every map to check what equipment they’re wearing and then change the image based on that? Or is there a simpler way without having dozens of character portrait images, like with some kind of transparent image overlay so the clothes are over a base image of the character? Sorry I’m not too familiar with JavaScript since I’m primarily an artist, thank you for reading through this mess lol.

  • Vianca Martinez
    Vianca Martinez 6 years ago

    You are a godsend. I swear, I am going to make a statue in your honor in my first game!
    I did not know you could do this and that this plugin existed and I have been trying to find a plugin that would be super customizable with what I had in mind.

  • Camila Gormaz
    Camila Gormaz 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for making this tutorial, it was really helpful! By the way, do you know if there's any way to have semi-transparent background images? It seems this plugin automatically adds a black background behind the overlays, but I'd love to make part of the current map visible, just like with the default menu.

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      Thanks for that:D

    • Camila Gormaz
      Camila Gormaz 6 years ago

      +Echo607 I just came up with the solution, the plugin wasn't drawing that blurry screenshot below the background image, so I just needed to add one line on the plugin: forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/55631-altmenuscreen3-and-semi-transparent-bgs/ I hope it helps! Thanks again for your marvelous tutorials!

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago +1

      +Camila Gormaz I wanted to be able to do that too, but unfortunately there's no way to do that with this one:(

  • Funami Z
    Funami Z 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot for all these awesome videos they have helped me a lot!
    I wanted to see if you know of a way to get rid of hp mp and levels, as well as using this menu for one or two characters (and changing the size and width of the columns)?

  • Driftwood Gaming
    Driftwood Gaming 6 years ago +4

    Very nice tutorial. You're really good with el photoshopo.

  • Tedd Zagan
    Tedd Zagan 3 years ago

    LOVE your tutorials! Did you fix the stats getting cut off yet?

  • FableReign
    FableReign 4 years ago

    Hey, Echo. What did you have your character images sized as? Thanks

  • Reese Leigh
    Reese Leigh 6 years ago

    thank you for this tutorial! really helped me.
    Uhmm.. Is there a possibility that I could remove the options such as "Weapons, Armor and Key Item" in the Menu?
    Well I'm making a simple rpg game without fights but only puzzles and items.

  • Haydeos
    Haydeos 5 years ago

    What if there are extra menus in your game? Like, for example, Yanfly's Skill Learn Menu?

  • SnesDad
    SnesDad 6 years ago

    Very helpful, thanks Echo!

  • RPGdon
    RPGdon 6 years ago

    thank you for sharing x) glad to be able to learn this

  • Hyrule
    Hyrule 6 years ago

    Hi Echo! How did you get the full bust images to appear in your menu? Was it just an extended drawing in photoshop?

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      Happy to help. Good luck:3

    • Hyrule
      Hyrule 6 years ago

      Awesome. Thanks for taking the time to help me out with that one. I appreciate it.

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      +Hyrule When using the plugin, type
      into each character's notetag box to call the graphic.
      It gives you the dimensions you "should" use in the plugin.
      And yeah, I just threw them together in photoshop.

    JDOGGOKUSSJ2 2 years ago

    Is it possible to replace the menu options (items, equip, formation etc) with images instead?

  • Decrypter Prime
    Decrypter Prime 2 years ago

    Using ShareX you can save the screenshot of the ACTUAL resolution of your game, then just open the screenshot / copy from clipboard and edit it that way.

  • Candle
    Candle 6 years ago

    What were the dimensions of the stand images?

    • Candle
      Candle 6 years ago

      +. .Saghneen. Oh im sorry I forgot about the given dimensions im a derpface :3

  • Hunter
    Hunter 4 years ago

    is it possible to make the menu background animated for example the clouds moving

  • Jared Taylor
    Jared Taylor 6 years ago

    Custom menus are something I was looking at for my game, how do the portraits handle party order? Say that Akira was moved to the end of the party, will she still appear in the order in the above video due to photoshop, or does the game automatically move her portrait to the end of the party? Very informative video though, I'll be referencing these as I work. Thanks!

    • Jared Taylor
      Jared Taylor 6 years ago

      +Echo607 Makes sense, thanks! :D

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      +Jared Taylor The party graphics are separate images, so it'll move it. They're no different than face graphics except for how they're called and placed:P

  • DerParagorn Panda
    DerParagorn Panda 6 years ago +2

    Hello! :D Sorry for my Bad english i'am german. So... I Love your Tutorials, i learn and learn and learn. But one queststion please! You customize the Menu but.... Your Text for "Item" "Skill" "Equip" and and and is in the center of the box. How did you do this? I Hope you read this. And understand it. Sorry again!

  • RED Tom
    RED Tom 5 years ago

    Any idea how to add an animated background?

  • Super Zach 2005
    Super Zach 2005 5 years ago

    How do you make easy animation and easy custom sprites?

  • Fedelta
    Fedelta 6 years ago

    I think I found one bug with this altmenuscreen plugin. The problem is that it didn't show the reserved party member stand_picture image at first, until you highlight them in your menu screen. Only after that, the stand_picture image of your reserved party member will show for the rest of the game. (stored in cache I believe).
    You can replicate this bug again by closing and reopening the game.
    I wonder if you have solution about this bug.
    Other than that, great video as always!

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      ^_^ Thanks for enjoying them!
      And you're welcome:3

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      Wow O_o That's a lot of items. I don't think I've ever used more than 200... though I've never tried to make an open world game.
      I don't know of any ways you'd be able to change the actual in-program amount(actually, 2000 is amazing - the old RM's only let you use up to 999!) :P I'd get up to 2000 and worry about it when you get there:3

    • LittleGameDev
      LittleGameDev 6 years ago

      Ok thanks a bunch and Happy New Year xD
      one more question :D. Dose the CoreEngine plugin also change the amount of game items. MV has a default of 2000 items. I am trying to make an Open world RPG so most of the items will food stuff and recipe books :D. I know 2000 is alot I probably am not going to make that many xD but I just want to know for the future :D.

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      Yep_CoreEngine plugin, you can set the screen width/height:3

  • Shazam Ham
    Shazam Ham 6 years ago

    Does your brain ever sometimes explode when you get a bunch of new information about something you do not understand at all? I'm going to need to watch this a couple thousand times or so. Do you really need a plug in
    though just to have your own custom menu screen?
    I would love my own menu...

    • Shazam Ham
      Shazam Ham 6 years ago

      Gimp it is then. Thx :D

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      Gimp because free.
      Photoshop when you get good:P

    • Shazam Ham
      Shazam Ham 6 years ago

      Hmmm, gimp or photoshop @_@

    • Shazam Ham
      Shazam Ham 6 years ago

      Gwah! Theres always something that stops me from doing what i want! scripting and plugins always getting in muh way... Oh well, still love you Rpg Maker. You are already more than what we should get.

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      Just with math:3
      There are a handful of different menu plugins out now.
      You could also delve into the .js files and make one yourself:P

  • Gita Jani
    Gita Jani 5 years ago

    For me to access my menu I need to press Esc. Is their any other way to change it to Tab?

  • Cherry-sama
    Cherry-sama 6 years ago

    What do you do if you have one of Yanfly's scripts added in that is set to the default background? How do you change that one?

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      Take your time^_^

    • Cherry-sama
      Cherry-sama 6 years ago

      Yeah, I think I will do that... Because I always have strange problems when it comes to programming. x.x Though, give me a week or two because school is currently being a pain.

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      You certainly have strange problems O_o
      If you feel like sending it to me I can try and troubleshoot it for you.

    • Cherry-sama
      Cherry-sama 6 years ago

      +Echo607 I've turned off every plugin I can think of, and it still happens. O_o I decided to ignore this for now and focus on creating my Menu Images, when I noticed that the HP and MP stats don't appear at the bottom, but rather BESIDE the image, and putting it effectively over the next actor's face. Maybe that's a clue...?

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      That's... odd. When I have both plugins on, it still works O_o Try disabling all the other plugins to see if anything's conflicting with it, and make sure the graphic is set and named correctly:3

  • Lee H
    Lee H 2 years ago

    If I want to use show picture as map like Etarian odyssey, can the map menu be changed like this?

  • ChaoticLight TV
    ChaoticLight TV Year ago

    Is this plugin still available? I can't find it anywhere :(

  • Clint Hennesy
    Clint Hennesy 6 years ago

    Im just wondering- why/how did you make your HP/mp bars look so skinny? I want to modify the width of the actual bars. Haha. xD

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      ^_^ Welcome

    • Clint Hennesy
      Clint Hennesy 6 years ago

      Ohh. Thank you! :D :D :D TYVM

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      +Clint Hennesy (The Clint Hennesy) It's an option in YEP_CoreEngine - I believe the parameter is something like Gauge height?

  • PikminPro Dabest
    PikminPro Dabest 5 years ago

    my problem is that i can't make pictures or draw characters at all on pc (not the pc's fault but mine because i can't draw good on pc lol) so making my custom characters is pretty out of my reach

  • SkipperKippz456
    SkipperKippz456 6 years ago

    What is the default screen resolution? and is it different for the Mac version?

    • SkipperKippz456
      SkipperKippz456 6 years ago +1

      @Echo607 Thanks!

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      +SkipperKippz456 I believe the default is 816 x 624, and it's probably the same for the Mac version.

  • Tushan YingYing
    Tushan YingYing 6 years ago

    I'm in beta for my demo. if you would want to play it I'd be happy to send you a link when the demo is done. also still waiting on that one tutorial and how do I change the game over screen. And.... how do I add pictures and biggest character pictures.to scenes

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      Okay^_^ It'll be up friday.

    • Tushan YingYing
      Tushan YingYing 6 years ago

      Thanks echo you're the best. And yes that is exactly right. The pages hold power of the story and once added to the book start a new cutscene and are removed after being added to the book.

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      +Shiro Nikku The tutorial was, just verify this for me:
      An "item" book, where you find pages(that get added to it), when you use them they cause a cutscene, and then the pages get removed?
      I'm planning it for friday's tutorial:3
      To change the game over, replace GameOver.png with the new one under Project/img/system.
      Bigger character pictures to scenes? ...Showing pictures is one way, but I think there's an option in a plugin for it (but I can't remember which one atm! I'll look into it!)

  • The Noble Solo
    The Noble Solo 3 years ago

    im 30% here for tutorial 70% here for your personality

  • Er P
    Er P 6 years ago

    Does your tutorials work for RPG MAKER VX ACE ? Thank you for the vids

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago +1

      +Erico Pereira Any ones labeled [Eventing] should work on most RPG makers.
      The plugin ones ~usually~ have a similar script for vxa, but it would be implemented differently.

  • Alex Amarelo - Music
    Alex Amarelo - Music 2 years ago

    your characters are awesome as hell.

  • Vanzuhn
    Vanzuhn 6 years ago

    is there a link for the alternate menu 3?

    • Vanzuhn
      Vanzuhn 6 years ago


    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      +Vanzuhn Not yet... but as you're the xth person asking for it, I decided to just cave and upload it. Here you go:3

  • W Tri
    W Tri 5 years ago

    er.. question, I'm doing exactlylike this but when I open the menu, I got only the character head. it cutoff from the body picture . how to fix this?

  • DrHoGGerTV
    DrHoGGerTV 6 years ago

    Do you use photoshop to draw your own character faces and put them into the game?

    • DrHoGGerTV
      DrHoGGerTV 6 years ago

      Ok :) thank you very much.And thank you for your very helpful tutorial videos :)

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      Probably. I've only used Manga Studio EX4, and I've only used it for drawing black/white manga, but I imagine it would be fine:P
      Really any program (beyond mspaint lol) that's a 'drawing/image-editing' program would probably be fine:3
      Gimp is another common(free) option.
      I use Photoshop for extra effects as well:P

    • DrHoGGerTV
      DrHoGGerTV 6 years ago

      +Echo607 You think manga studio 5 is ok too?

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      +Matteo Maresta I use Paint Tool Sai for drawing characters:3

  • JM
    JM 6 years ago

    if i wanted to remove the skill option or something since its not needed in my game how would i go doing so?

    • A D A M
      A D A M 5 years ago +1

      go into database, click system, and them uncheck "skill" bud

    • Griffon Mender
      Griffon Mender 5 years ago

      Don't put skill in your menu, I guess.

  • Enyxious Starline
    Enyxious Starline 6 years ago

    What is the Program you used to edit the picture, if there is any way you can let me know it will be most helpfull

    • Enyxious Starline
      Enyxious Starline 6 years ago +1

      thank you soooooooo much your awesome

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago +1

      +Jaron Collins I use Photoshop cs6, but Gimp is a good free alternative.

  • Andre Delacion
    Andre Delacion 3 years ago

    Can you fix the download link?
    (Edit)Can you upload your copy?

  • Nimacamo
    Nimacamo 6 years ago +1

    Thanks a lot ;3

  • MikeOutLoud
    MikeOutLoud 6 years ago +3


  • Staraxya
    Staraxya 4 years ago +4

    hi, i know the video is old but the download link isn't working any more the file isn't there.

    • Frisk
      Frisk 3 years ago

      I believe just change the extension to .js by renaming and say use .js and you're good to go! Happy game making!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Iaro Show
      The Iaro Show 4 years ago

      Do I past the text in Sublime text or download the file,because when I download the file,I get a txt file

  • Marcial Guerrero
    Marcial Guerrero 6 years ago

    I would like to know if we can use our character generator as an enemy, and they also have the same animation as our actors.

    • DragonPC
      DragonPC 6 years ago

      @Echo607 he is doing an open beta for his Patreon suporters i believe, which is where i saw it.but it is quite nice.

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago


    • Marcial Guerrero
      Marcial Guerrero 6 years ago

      +Echo607 Gratz on 1k subs :)

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      That's fine:)
      I hadn't heard about it and wasn't able to go searching for it at the time is all:P

    • DragonPC
      DragonPC 6 years ago

      +Echo607 Technically its not released yet, I apparently misread the feed. its in beta currently and I don't feel comfortable posting a link without yanfly's express permission.

  • William Ferreira
    William Ferreira 5 years ago

    what is the terms of this plug.....can be used free for comercial games too? someone can tell me the terms please?

  • Mr. Ringtale's Workshop


  • RetroDead
    RetroDead 4 years ago +6

    Um.. the link is currently broken, is there an alternitive?

    • KingBib0fBub YT
      KingBib0fBub YT Year ago

      But how do you change it from an text file to a javascript file

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis 5 years ago

    ECHO can we change standing actor face sets in game>? thanks

  • Jonah Butterfield
    Jonah Butterfield 4 years ago

    Rg I am an author so my high is story development. And also a musician so I'll be having my own music.... unfortunately I am used to only drawing art on paper and realistic art at that. I wish I could draw character pics for this but I am not to great at drawing on my computer...

    • Maia Rosenthal
      Maia Rosenthal 4 years ago

      try drawing something realistic on paper. Trace over the most defined parts if you want it a little more cartoony. then you can scan it and put it into photoshop or gimp to either add a background or make the paper look solid.

  • ᏞᎾᏒᎠs Ꮎf ᏟhᎪᎾs

    you plugin is missing from you dropbox where can i find a similar plugin just asking

  • Maru
    Maru 5 years ago

    My commands show up in the middle of the screen and the Status and Game End are rendered outside of the screen completely, help!

  • Akemi Homura
    Akemi Homura 6 years ago +18

    While watching his video i ate potato salad with pepper. and it was delicious!
    yay tutorials!

  • Kampfzwuggel
    Kampfzwuggel 2 years ago

    Uhm i know iam "pretty late" but how to change the faces to such an retro style cuz it looked awesome

  • Ramati
    Ramati 6 years ago

    When I use this plugin with the YEP_CoreEngine my HP/MP/TP bars are out of place. (It works fine without YEP_CoreEngine.) Could anyone help me fix this issue?

    • Satanael
      Satanael Year ago

      @Echo607 im having the same issue, but if I put anything above altmenu3 the image doesn't work at all and the game crashes if I open the menu

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      Yay:3 Glad you fixed it.

    • Ramati
      Ramati 6 years ago

      +Echo607 I completely misunderstood what you were saying, the problem is fixed now, thanks.

    • Ramati
      Ramati 6 years ago

      +Echo607 Did not fix the problem.

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      Hmm... check for updates?

  • FinalCrown
    FinalCrown 5 years ago

    You are quite the artist +Echo607

  • Mswebkinzgirl 100
    Mswebkinzgirl 100 5 years ago

    please can do do mv in game manual plugin?

  • Casey Ford
    Casey Ford 6 years ago

    where is the AltMenuScreen3 plugin at? I can't find it.

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      +Casey Ford I got it through the DLC, though it will likely make it's way to the internet soon enough.

  • PatatoDoYodel PrettySure

    where the heck you download AltMenuScreen3 plugin?

    • Griffon Mender
      Griffon Mender 5 years ago +1

      It's part of the resources you get when you download the full version of rpg maker mv.

  • Bill1024
    Bill1024 6 years ago

    Where do i get this plugin 0-0

    • Bill1024
      Bill1024 6 years ago

      +Echo607 acc, the dlc section in rpg maker mv steam is kinda strange... it has every dlc basically and peoples online plugins?
      kinda strange

    • Bill1024
      Bill1024 6 years ago

      +Echo607 o, kk thanks :D

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago

      +Willhenster2Gaming I got it through the DLC, though it will likely make it's way to the internet soon enough.

  • Desintegrador de grasa

    where i can play your games echo??

  • Bravediamondcat
    Bravediamondcat 5 years ago +5

    paint.net also work for this???

    • Knox Robo
      Knox Robo 4 years ago

      i know because i don't have Photoshop

    • Dark chaos trejo
      Dark chaos trejo 5 years ago

      +Bravediamodcat for you require simplest graphics, paint.net work correvtly (sorry for bad english)

    • noob Tube
      noob Tube 5 years ago +3

      gimp works

  • S P
    S P 6 years ago

    Why i acnt get it to work it just is transparent and i see my rpg map pls help

  • Louise the Chinchilla [mechanic]

    plugin has been deleted in the link

  • Majo Ellen
    Majo Ellen 5 years ago

    What do you mean *JavaScript?* RPG Maker uses RUBY. Kappa
    JOKES ASIDE that was very lovely information~!
    ... Time to bust out the MSPaint. ;;"

    • Jono99
      Jono99 5 years ago

      @Majo Ellen Not to be rude, but have you even seen a plugin file? for one, their extention is .js (javascript file), not .rb (ruby file). Also, ruby doesn't use semicolons (;) to end commands and yet they end every command in a plugin's code. I hope that clears things up.

    • Majo Ellen
      Majo Ellen 5 years ago

      The plug-ins are made with the same form of scripting as the other ones. Thus, Ruby.
      Pretty sure.

    • Jono99
      Jono99 5 years ago +1

      Majo Ellen MV uses JavaScript. All the others (that allow scripting) use ruby.

    • link70222
      link70222 5 years ago +1

      Don't use MS Paint... just don't do that to yourself. Photoshop CS2 is free.

  • Przemo
    Przemo 3 years ago +1

    link doesnt work :(

  • The Rewinder
    The Rewinder 5 years ago

    How to add plugins

  • WulfyRoxas
    WulfyRoxas 6 years ago

    okay this video was great and super informational and also i have to not that if your not using a voice editor..
    like the whole video i thought i was listening to just an anime girl warning me about what to do before entering this dungeon >w>
    subscribing to you for life

  • Rogelio Martínez Badillo

    holy fk your voice is like a squicky toy...
    liked and suscribed

  • LittleBigSmoak
    LittleBigSmoak 2 years ago +1

    The dropbox link doesn't work.

  • pcnerd19
    pcnerd19 6 years ago +2

    This probably sounds dumb, but how to you pm people on TheXvid?

    • pcnerd19
      pcnerd19 6 years ago +3

      ok thnx. lol

    • Echo607
      Echo607  6 years ago +10

      +UltimateSimsNerd Go to their channel, click About, and then Send Message.
      TheXvid likes hiding useful things because youtube is a derp.

  • Ryuto Vongola
    Ryuto Vongola 3 years ago +2

    pastebin.com/a2WWU2Uz Alternative link

  • Renkai Noctis
    Renkai Noctis 3 years ago

    Oh, echo how much I love you.

  • Mswebkinzgirl 100
    Mswebkinzgirl 100 5 years ago

    i mean tutorial of the plugin

  • Esty Dee
    Esty Dee 2 years ago

    you sound like my age!!!! (very young)

  • Suryaansh singh
    Suryaansh singh 4 years ago +1

    your voice is too cute!

  • Dnndbsb 88
    Dnndbsb 88 Year ago

    Hey Game Makers!!!.

  • MrLinkman477
    MrLinkman477 6 years ago

    alright now that i have seen this...........my mind just got lazy..........stupid brain y u no work when duh...duh..duuuhhhhdhhduhduhhhh derp

  • XxFallenAmbitionxX

    this plugins gone. o.o fuuuuckkk..!

  • Sebastião Silva
    Sebastião Silva 9 months ago

    Pink Girl beautiful ok

  • Sazuki
    Sazuki 6 years ago +1

    Doesn't make sense.

    • The Haunter Show
      The Haunter Show 6 years ago +2

      +PakaWaka If this doesn't make sense, then it's probably too advanced. This is for people who want a more original looking menu screen. It, obviously, requires more effort than the normal plugin for MV.