Big Narstie - Sounds Of The Verse with Sir Spyro On 1Xtra

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • Sounds of the Verse, on Sir Spyro's show on BBC Radio 1Xtra - 140 seconds to spit fresh bars over a fresh 140 bpm beat.
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Comments • 115

  • Saint Sessions
    Saint Sessions 7 days ago

    What’s this beat ???

  • NinjaKai TV
    NinjaKai TV 17 days ago

    This needs to be on iTunes ASAP!

  • Stryf And Splash
    Stryf And Splash 17 days ago +1

    You know this is gonna be some MMA fighters next walk out tune 🤣

  • James C
    James C 20 days ago

    Go on tell your mates what’s happened here

  • TheJoeKM
    TheJoeKM 21 day ago

    Instrumental ?

  • Sherwood CS
    Sherwood CS 23 days ago


  • - Synergyy -
    - Synergyy - 23 days ago

    The goat🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

    GHETTE LAVA 25 days ago +2

    Effortless as always..futuristic barzzzzzz..lavaaaa🌋🌋💯🎤🎙🔊🔊

  • DJ K3
    DJ K3 26 days ago


  • Paul Dooley
    Paul Dooley 27 days ago +4

    I had the great chance encounter to meet Big Narstie he was humble and kind just a good human !

  • Edgar Phillips
    Edgar Phillips 28 days ago

    Big narstie !! I know it's good before I even listen to it !!!

  • Tophe
    Tophe 28 days ago

    shiiiyeeet haha gully

  • Bowsbullys Chris
    Bowsbullys Chris 29 days ago

    Lovin biggggggggggg ,always got them tongue tie bars ,,,,,,,, fair play

  • L JC
    L JC 29 days ago +8

    Big narstie will replace Charlie sloth one day

  • Jenqa
    Jenqa 29 days ago +2

    Need this on Apple Music fr

  • KenZo
    KenZo Month ago

    Still think Grime Report got shut down cos somebodys tryna protect Nasties image. FUCKED.

  • PaulioMaldinio
    PaulioMaldinio Month ago

    Narstie bringing Pain, BDL.

  • 14sGP De
    14sGP De Month ago

    Hardest verse so far 💯❄️

  • Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith Month ago

    Classic Narstie don't ever get it twisted.

  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown Month ago

    The best in the uk hands down no one can fuck with this guy, since 05 this guy has been killing it, I have to big up Dice Recordings all day!

  • GMGMontana
    GMGMontana Month ago +1

    go on tell ya mates wahs jus happend ere

  • Jerry Marc
    Jerry Marc Month ago

    Skepta wrote his bars lol

  • john ross
    john ross Month ago +3

    narstie been blessed by god an all rounder

  • Cleveland 1990
    Cleveland 1990 Month ago +1

    Biggin up man like Big Narstie

  • Lil Gsta Faux
    Lil Gsta Faux Month ago +1

    Legend! Still XxX

  • MrBaileyMusiq
    MrBaileyMusiq Month ago +1


  • mc hunter 1st
    mc hunter 1st Month ago +1

    family tree

  • Bishopdadon UK stand tall

    Always kills it, one of da best in a dis 💯💯💯

  • R.S. G
    R.S. G Month ago

    Retire you nerd

  • Spartan Entertainment
    Spartan Entertainment Month ago +5

    Some of the best flows in the game🔥🔥🔥

  • Arthur’s Tube
    Arthur’s Tube Month ago +1

    Cmon 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • God Zeno
    God Zeno Month ago +2

    Narsitie up too no good again !!!!

  • courtney dominique
    courtney dominique Month ago

    Trim and big narstie would shell together.

  • Mayday
    Mayday Month ago +1

    veryyyyyyy cold

  • Candy Pink
    Candy Pink Month ago +3

    Leviticus 20 :18
    [18]And if a man shall lie with a woman having her sickness, and shall uncover her nakedness; he hath discovered her fountain, and she hath uncovered the fountain of her blood: and both of them shall be cut off from among their people.

  • James Smith
    James Smith Month ago +4

    What happen to the uncle pain on grime report? That was class!!

    • Mostly clips of DJ's playing Dubstep and Grime
      Mostly clips of DJ's playing Dubstep and Grime Month ago +1

      James Smith i heard a lot of uncle pains were taken down in relation to narstie’s tv contracts. There was also a separate issue with the grime report channel being taken down

  • flex Korasaki
    flex Korasaki Month ago +2

    Am late. This is flames😡

  • lil dick
    lil dick Month ago +24

    narstie will die a legend for so many reasons but he ought to be remembered for his penmanship on the mic

  • First Name
    First Name Month ago

    This guy is the most underrated in the scene by far but ngl he chooses some of the worst beats

  • Tony 901
    Tony 901 Month ago +4

    Narstie, D Double and Skepta are my favorite UK artist.

  • Gunna Rocky
    Gunna Rocky Month ago

    Fuck this guy man. Free Lordie/grime report...he's got a cheek to mention uncle pain.

  • Sparky DPitbull
    Sparky DPitbull Month ago

    Crap like all these brit wannabe yanky rappers. Whole world is laughing at you morons

  • Kevin Twine
    Kevin Twine Month ago +2

    This was hard 🔥

  • A-NO Music
    A-NO Music Month ago +1

    Flipping hard. It's mad how Nartsie never loses his edge. And Memoirs of Pain is one of the best grime tunes to drop this year.

  • Lee Lavery
    Lee Lavery Month ago +1

    your a legend mate

  • James Hodgson
    James Hodgson Month ago +2

    Nasty pasty role horsepower bare hug the spot Dr merk on the flow drip drip bigNAsty in De Game

  • James Hodgson
    James Hodgson Month ago +1

    Added to GRMhot20

  • fuck off
    fuck off Month ago

    Underrated 🔥🔥

    SODAMN RETRO AJ Month ago

    Don’t fuck up the bass

  • Facts facts And more facts


  • Stress Mc
    Stress Mc Month ago


  • Ash Spinks
    Ash Spinks Month ago +2

    narstie stop it!! proper g haha

  • Questionable Motive - QMotive

    Slyly waiting on Channel 4 to copyright strike this video...

  • Section 23
    Section 23 Month ago +2


  • geneiuspower
    geneiuspower Month ago +1

    narstie .

  • Damian
    Damian Month ago +4

    Yes big up man like BIG NARSTIE microphone champ 💯🔥

  • Danny Johnson
    Danny Johnson Month ago +2

    Man had bars from day for days

  • john musgrave
    john musgrave Month ago +3

    jheeze big narstie the absolute legend !!

  • grime wavey
    grime wavey Month ago

    Could of cum with more tho

  • grime wavey
    grime wavey Month ago +1

    Legen in the game ....................