What’s Gone Wrong at Tottenham?

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
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    What’s gone wrong at Tottenham Hotspur?
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    October has been a nightmare for Tottenham Hotspur. They have conceded 10 goals in two games, turning a shaky start to the season into a crisis.
    Spurs look nothing like the team they were and Mauricio Pochettino is under more pressure than he has been at any other point during his time at the club.
    Is this the natural end of a cycle, or has something gone badly wrong?
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Comments • 1 156

  • 8un3zz
    8un3zz 12 days ago

    These info graphs are getting so damn lazy..

  • ufcfan
    ufcfan 14 days ago

    ى مًزد

  • Scott Rodgies
    Scott Rodgies 14 days ago

    This story is so forward thinking and explained why the sacking was made! (Probably not wise from a financial position but none the less was needed)
    I do have one request for a video.
    We have teams like Rangers, who want their glory back and others like Astana who want theirs known.
    My request is, why some teams find the Europa League so important and other, like arsenal (who at the time of writing this, have not qualified for the next stage but still feel the need to field an inexperienced squad, with a mostly empty stadium) do not. Is the financial gain of the premier League so great? I think arsenal's best chance of reaching the champions League is by winning this tournament, not through the league so should pay this tournament more respect!

  • Anonnynonny
    Anonnynonny 15 days ago

    "Aggressivity"? LOL Buh-bye.

  • Sensei Ois
    Sensei Ois 15 days ago

    You need to do another one about Jose morhino at Tottenham and his new tactics personality change and transfers and relationship with Daniel levy as well as the previous record his got with other clubs and what he can potentially bring to Tottenham as well as potential trophies and where Tottenham stand now after potchitnho and where they could be at the end of the season with morhino if all goes well

  • Hugo Reinhard
    Hugo Reinhard 16 days ago

    West ham 2 vs spurs 3 Mourinho effect

  • Mariano Abundiz
    Mariano Abundiz 16 days ago

    If "infrastructure" is fancy for "money" then yes, that's always been his priority.

  • Tanay Butala
    Tanay Butala 16 days ago

    the video got pochettino sacked

  • I Am DeAdsHoT
    I Am DeAdsHoT 17 days ago

    wait and see the big money spending brought by Mourinho come January

  • Junger Chen Long
    Junger Chen Long 17 days ago

    Even give poch another 2 years...will never win a cup for spur...cos second level coach

  • Ed smith
    Ed smith 20 days ago

    I blame the directors
    for lacking the vision to trust Pochettino

  • michaelandlucifer
    michaelandlucifer 20 days ago

    2:04 fewer than Leicester City? What made Tottenham better than Leicester fc? Tottenham won 2 EPL Champion vs 1 by Leicester City fc?

  • Nicolo DiCara
    Nicolo DiCara 21 day ago

    I just dont see Mourinho lasting too long, he must deliver right away and if the results dont come, fans and the media are going to be brutal ...

  • Jerry Rawlings
    Jerry Rawlings 21 day ago

    Lool these script writers are Levy's friends possibly relatives.

  • O
    O 21 day ago


  • Skyline369
    Skyline369 22 days ago

    I watched this video before going to bed, woke up the next morning to find out Pochettino has been sacked lol.

  • dAbSpUr 1882
    dAbSpUr 1882 22 days ago

    You got to remember why Poch got the job in the first place. Levy needed a man he cud get away with giving fuck all money to why he was paying for the building of the stadium. It cost so much that he needed a young man who was so thrilled to get the job that he wasn't going to make a fuss about money. Now Poch had got to a lvl where he cud start asking for money, Levy wud rather give it to a more experienced man with trophies under his belt. Poch has proved he's not a winner. His crying for hrs at winning a semi final showed his lack of belief that he cud go one better. Also his zero trophies show he's no winner.

  • dAbSpUr 1882
    dAbSpUr 1882 22 days ago

    Overachieving is when a team like Leicester manage to perform at a higher lvl than they should be capable of for a period of time. To which they fall back down to their original lvl afterwards. Leicester won a title and the next season were in relegation battle for some time. So proving that they overachieved.
    Spurs on the other hand got a squad of players together that were of a higher lvl than they'd had before. They consistently performed at this higher lvl for 4-5yrs. Proving that this new standard was in fact their new lvl and the lvl of this group of players. They weren't overachieving for one season then falling back to mid table, they stayed at the lvl of their ability, thus no overachieving! They topped a 2yr league table but failed to win either yr due to unfortunate timing. That was their lvl. The club may have overachieved for where they were used to but that has nothing to do with the quality of the players. If the player were overachieving then none of them would be playing for their country. But they do cus that's their lvl. How many of Leicester player played for their country? Fuck all cus they were overachieving. Spurs sitting 14th in the table is however underachieving. That's why poch got the boot.

  • Diddy1970AD
    Diddy1970AD 22 days ago +1

    What's gone wrong at Tottenham?, on 20th November 2019 everything!!

    • Jerry Rawlings
      Jerry Rawlings 21 day ago

      Ha ha that day gave me more euphoria than the day I lost my virginity.

  • Barry Boy
    Barry Boy 22 days ago +7

    Who’s here after Pochettino was fired and Mourinho was brought in

    • Mohanraj Jk
      Mohanraj Jk 19 days ago

      Who will be here after Tottenham fire Mourinho and bring in Wenger?

  • LordDoucheBags
    LordDoucheBags 22 days ago +2

    And now JOSE MOURINHO is here

  • Ben Jerry
    Ben Jerry 22 days ago +1

    Wait wait wait, the players feel underpaid? underpaid? let me be clear you defo said underpaid? Fucking hell, what a bunch of wankers.

  • 5Oblivion
    5Oblivion 22 days ago +1

    And now Mourinho is manager. God help us.

  • Instigator37
    Instigator37 23 days ago +11

    Tifo lads, you should absolutely do a followup to this video now. Get that bus graphic ready!

  • darkness2121
    darkness2121 23 days ago +4

    Pochettino has help to shape Tottenham and England national team. Levy will regret this...

  • SuperVarun11
    SuperVarun11 23 days ago +3

    Aaand now Spurs have sacked Pochettino. Well done Daniel Levy. Well done

  • JeffersonBrownie
    JeffersonBrownie 23 days ago +120

    Who’s watching this after Pochettino got sacked?

    • MrMowky
      MrMowky 7 days ago

      Watched it when it came out, of course

    • 8un3zz
      8un3zz 12 days ago

      @KasÕ° That's exactly what I meant. Thanks for proving my point even further.

    • KasÕ°
      KasÕ° 12 days ago

      @8un3zz ok boomer.

    • 8un3zz
      8un3zz 12 days ago

      @KasÕ° Your lack of speech proves my point lmao

    • KasÕ°
      KasÕ° 12 days ago

      @8un3zz ??

  • ghostilla
    ghostilla 23 days ago

    Mauricio Pochettino has just been sacked

  • Taylor Macklin
    Taylor Macklin 23 days ago +6

    Poch lost that locker room after not starting Lucas moura in the CL final

    • Nicolo DiCara
      Nicolo DiCara 21 day ago +1

      I think he is going to regret that for the rest of his life, Moura should have started, he deserved , he was in great form, and no one would have questioned Pochettino had he done that, huge mistake

    • Shabazz Siddiq
      Shabazz Siddiq 22 days ago +1

      Don't also forget that part of it was Harry Kane's fault, who put his own desire to play in the final over his team's chances. He was clearly unfit.

  • tom odhiambo
    tom odhiambo 23 days ago

    As an arsenal fan am luvin whatz happening to them ha ha ha ha!

  • Cal Erba
    Cal Erba 24 days ago

    Same issue as Napoli...

  • Vape
    Vape 24 days ago

    Footballers are such divas

  • Enyioma Agada
    Enyioma Agada 25 days ago

    if these guys are really good players they dont really need motivation, if anything they should be more used to each others playing styles.

  • Sam Allardyce
    Sam Allardyce 27 days ago

    nothing wrong with spurs. it just spurs being spursy. nothing to see here.

  • Martin Taiani
    Martin Taiani 27 days ago

    It's 3 am and I'm looking to solutions for Tottenham"s issues on youtube. If this isn't rock bottom, it's looks a lot like it.

  • John Long
    John Long 27 days ago

    Lads, it’s Tottenham...

  • marty mcglame
    marty mcglame 28 days ago

    Why can't some Brit's figure out how to pronounce ANY Spanish words/names correctly? Did this narrator actually Lorente instead of what should sound like Yorente? All these hours spent obsessing over football and you can't even pronounce someone's name correctly?

  • shehu musa
    shehu musa 28 days ago

    What about pochetino fielding a poor form harry Kane and delli Alli in the expense of other better players in form,that too can cause a rift in the squad

  • Fred Perry
    Fred Perry 29 days ago

    Levy enough with the greed. Spurs' fans want legacy, not profits!

    • Salty 556
      Salty 556 28 days ago

      As somebody from the states who started following football 4 years ago and a spurs fan. I couldn't agree more. It seems levy pulled the purse strings closed once the stadium started construction. I admit I'm not tuned to the intricacies of football politics but I'm not buying that players are tired. Doesn't Man City and Liverpool pretty much have the same lineup of tournaments? I think the players are pissed and Mauricio is gonna pay the price. Is it expensive to go and watch a match?

  • [Click To Enter Name]
    [Click To Enter Name] 29 days ago +2

    It looks bad, but we are 6 points away from the relegation spot but only 3 points away from the top 5, if we get a high scoring game where we win we could possibly get back on track and bring in a replacement for Eriksen who fits our play style and can bring back our old style
    We need to also need to do different training and some less training days or mixing up the training would make our player happier and want to try hard
    In January if we get rid of our old players to bring in young prospects who have time to grow and become stars.
    Pochettino needs to start working on our players morale or we wont have any of our prospects wanting to stay because they’re not playing enough games across the stadium
    And he needs to stop focusing on getting far in the champions league and works on qualifying for Europe. We can win away in the CL and then he experiments the teams in the prem against equal opposition making us lose

  • Deals
    Deals Month ago +1

    Commenters will say Harry winks is a promising young lad in 7 years

  • Oscar S
    Oscar S Month ago +1

    Imagine thinking that £50,000 a week MINIMUM isn’t enough money

    • Tony Becker
      Tony Becker Month ago

      It's all relative. The numbers don't actually matter, it's about feeling valued.

  • Uncultured Police
    Uncultured Police Month ago

    As a spurs fan I’m not worried at all. We are a great club and will come back. At least we aren’t United.

  • Dill Carver
    Dill Carver Month ago

    Spurs are dropshort bottlers. Won nothing for how long? Back to decades of mid-table mediocrity for the them. No wonder they call the new ground the Bottle Bank

  • Tottenham Trev whitaker thfc

    Nothing has gone wrong .wankers by the way us yids hate Chelsea scum arsenal scum man united scum West ham scum Leicester scum Everton scum .Liverpool cheating murdering scum and all you obsessed anti semetic cunts that talk about our great club in disrespect get down one of our local pubs and start mouthing off let's see how fucking brave you are then .scum ...YID armmmmyyyyy

  • Halcon1097
    Halcon1097 Month ago

    Well, I can tell you Janssen is doing well over here in Mexico. He scored a hat trick in a game just today.

  • Carl Bailey
    Carl Bailey Month ago

    The players don't care about the fans, their meat 'n potatoes, bread 'n butter.
    They want the sweet rich desserts of sponsorships, branding.
    Diabetes of the ego.

  • DimsThe Immortal
    DimsThe Immortal Month ago +1

    Damn this is a sad story

    RANDY WEAVER Month ago

    Do a video on how var is actually ruining football

  • Vitaliy Yakovlev
    Vitaliy Yakovlev Month ago

    Nothing wrong with the Spurs. It's Ajax who stopped selling cheap players so Tottenham who were used to never pay the full price just can't get any more or less new good player.

  • d p
    d p Month ago

    Nothing!... they bought a built a stadium instead of buying players. They now have a swanky stadium and more revenue. Spurs were mid table since the 80’s, now look where they are.

  • Kim Strandberg
    Kim Strandberg Month ago

    Nothing's wrong, just Spurs going back to their normal small-club state....

  • Alex MacGillivray
    Alex MacGillivray Month ago

    How many days off? Training is to hard? Have they even heard of hockey?

  • Mr. Unboxing
    Mr. Unboxing Month ago

    Reason: tottenham didnt appeared in athletic

  • Eldritch
    Eldritch Month ago

    Tottenham lost their magic of last season

  • Alexis Droulers
    Alexis Droulers Month ago

    Spurs r just fully sh*t

  • darkside user
    darkside user Month ago

    When did spur finish 2nd in the league in 2016/17 season ? I thought they came third in a two horse race beaten to 2nd by Arsenal

  • ninety sun
    ninety sun Month ago

    All I hear in thhis video are excuses... Just get rid of the coach and move on

  • Federico Detto Fred

    That's what happens when you claim to be a top club having won NOTHING in your entire history.

  • Boitu Taunyane
    Boitu Taunyane Month ago

    It is worse