HIGHLIGHTS | Norwich City 3-1 Newcastle United | Teemu Pukki Hat-Trick

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • All of the action from City's first home game of the Premier League campaign against Newcastle.
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  • Irmão Silva
    Irmão Silva 18 hours ago


  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi 4 days ago

    Pukki = goat

  • Laura Vickery
    Laura Vickery 14 days ago

    Pukki is rubbish

  • Laura Vickery
    Laura Vickery 14 days ago


  • Margaret Goh
    Margaret Goh 14 days ago

    Back when fellow Norwich fans thought that we would do just fine this season😥

  • Benjamin Powell
    Benjamin Powell 29 days ago

    Pukki Blinders!!!

    FIN EPE Month ago +1

    Pukki to Real Mardid

  • The River End Lads
    The River End Lads Month ago

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  • Seeley
    Seeley Month ago

    Oh Pukki 😥

  • Sleepy Gunner
    Sleepy Gunner Month ago +1

    A new commentator please

  • ihsankingZack ihsankingZack


  • Mika Koo
    Mika Koo Month ago

    We have already seen all Pukkis goals this season. The last was in September.

  • yuri
    yuri Month ago


  • Fery Kisel
    Fery Kisel 2 months ago

    pukki mak kau

  • Niko O
    Niko O 2 months ago +1

    Pukki is a Finnish hero! 9 goals in Euro 2019-2020 qualifiers. Pukkiparty is real!

  • Marko Mäkelä
    Marko Mäkelä 2 months ago

    Pukki FIN national treasure!

  • AMBEE 2772
    AMBEE 2772 2 months ago +1

    Just a 6 match-wonder. He's still at 6..lol

  • Topi Mäntylä
    Topi Mäntylä 2 months ago

    Teme on kone

  • jerinho
    jerinho 2 months ago +4

    After 5 games he be like... I've done top scoring this season !! I'm done here !! I deserve to play for bigger team !! Transfer list me !!! Let me go !!! 😂😂😂

  • saimou
    saimou 2 months ago

    The power of perkele🇫🇮

  • its_hotpure
    its_hotpure 2 months ago

    Everyone hates Norwich shity

  • Panda_Darumma
    Panda_Darumma 2 months ago


  • Hadyrain
    Hadyrain 2 months ago


  • LuizGames 1
    LuizGames 1 3 months ago

    Can someone tell me te story of pukki?
    I never heard too much about him
    He his a beast smart movements beatiful finish...

    • jerinho
      jerinho 2 months ago

      once upon a time there was pukki. one day he died. the end

  • Best Ever
    Best Ever 3 months ago

    Better than Giroud.

  • Piers Madden
    Piers Madden 3 months ago

    As they say no pukki no party

  • Olvi12
    Olvi12 3 months ago


  • Romiyadi 818
    Romiyadi 818 4 months ago

    No Pukki no party.. good luck from INDONESIA

  • Muhammad A. Wibowo
    Muhammad A. Wibowo 4 months ago

    Teemu Memek

  • Erick Christian
    Erick Christian 4 months ago

    Pukkimak pukkimai

  • G G
    G G 4 months ago +1

    hidup puki😂

  • lukman osman
    lukman osman 4 months ago

    Pukki is on another level 😲♥️

  • Andria Gaming
    Andria Gaming 4 months ago

    as united fans.. norwich playing more entertein than United.. that's why they beat city

  • GM Pamungkas
    GM Pamungkas 4 months ago

    This is Judi online.. Settingan

  • Nadir Munoo
    Nadir Munoo 4 months ago

    Rio Ferdinand was right, United should go in for Ben Godfrey. Seems a real talent

  • boa L
    boa L 4 months ago

    Aowoaowoakwo pukki

  • Ahmad Tresno
    Ahmad Tresno 4 months ago

    Ingat vardi waktu masa jaya nya

  • j b
    j b 4 months ago

    yes pukki lfc

  • Nico Pasquariello
    Nico Pasquariello 4 months ago

    Lets not forget shelves banger

  • FAS - Failing At Soccer

    Pukki for President!

  • Reza Al Azar
    Reza Al Azar 4 months ago

    No pukki no party

  • FalconEuee
    FalconEuee 4 months ago

    What about the win vs man city

  • poysian studio
    poysian studio 4 months ago

    Pukki Goal (EPL Player of the Month) & Otomendi Slip thexvid.com/video/pVfb6MoGDNI/video.html

  • Franny Darko
    Franny Darko 4 months ago

    You totally EMBARRASSED the best team in Europe as I keep getting told by the pundits you had a massive amount of players out but still won the PLASTICS..WELL DONE LADS 👍

  • EstebanOcon31
    EstebanOcon31 4 months ago

    Raikkonen > Pukki

  • Farha Brazillian 10
    Farha Brazillian 10 4 months ago

    Congratulation NORWICH TEAM 🖐

  • NiklasMJ
    NiklasMJ 4 months ago

    Fuck i miss Pukki in brøndby but yeah he was too good for the superliga so good thing he can come to league were he can shine atleast and get the recognition he deserves.. But he will always be ours anyways

  • jani betteri
    jani betteri 4 months ago

    Pukki, hold My beer

  • Iccav Memec`
    Iccav Memec` 4 months ago

    Puki memang mantap

  • Alberto Sarasua Galan
    Alberto Sarasua Galan 4 months ago +1

    Yo pensaba que era el FIFA 2000 pero no... Son de verdad! :0

  • MJ S
    MJ S 4 months ago

    Here after seeing him get a POTM.

  • Dian Puri
    Dian Puri 4 months ago

    Apakah semacam daging berbulu

  • BayernLucario25
    BayernLucario25 4 months ago

    Imagine scoring a a hattrick in the Premier League.....

  • Vincent Productions
    Vincent Productions 4 months ago

    Lewandowski should learn from this legend.

  • Gabriel Mmushi
    Gabriel Mmushi 4 months ago

    why is Leitner playing CDM???? hes an attack minded player!

    BLACKIE 4 months ago

    Pukki is better then rashford 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿.

  • November Rain
    November Rain 4 months ago

    Pukki = Pussy in Malaysia language 😂😂

  • Mirza Mary
    Mirza Mary 4 months ago

    Pukki the Legend

  • Aidil Hafizh
    Aidil Hafizh 4 months ago

    i watch it over and over again every morning

  • Mr. Meme
    Mr. Meme 4 months ago

    How's it going bros? MY name is Pukkipie!