Safaree is a New Man Since Getting Married!


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  • joann simon
    joann simon Month ago


  • Jess in king
    Jess in king Month ago


  • D M
    D M Month ago

    He acts like Ray J in so many ways 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😉. You can't help but have love for them.

  • Val Mc
    Val Mc Month ago

    I think he did well and brought great energy. The ladies, except Loni in most cases, didn't understand a few of his expressions. He said his album had Jamaican vibes to it, yet the ladies missed his expression of "STRAITT". I'm pretty sure they were only thinking "heterosexual" when he said STRAITT 😂 LOL. Amanda Seales, although not Jamaican, might have been able to take this interview to a whole new level, as she might be more familiar with the caribbean connection. I think the interview was actually funny though and I laughed at how things just flew over their heads, especially Tamera's. Tamara, & Ladies, my suggestion is to not make faces like Tamera did when you don't understand your guests. You give your audiene the impression that your guests are confusing but I'm sure that is not your intention for your guests and that you do not want other celebreties to see such responses and fear coming on your show. Guests aren't stupid - know that it's only a miss in what is being communicated. Ladies, I suggest that you include some REAL caribbean reps in your circle; it would contribute to more realistic representation, which I know is one of your goals for the show. Hugs!

  • maryam mure
    maryam mure Month ago +3

    Tamera's side eye there at 44sec. Y'all know she don't believe him. Lol

  • SimplyFoodByTy
    SimplyFoodByTy Month ago

    But what about the sex toy? Lol

  • Kere Kere
    Kere Kere Month ago +1

    Show needs a lil shake up.

  • hellotinashe
    hellotinashe Month ago +1

    I need Tam's dress in my life

  • paulettie mwami
    paulettie mwami Month ago +4

    Another Ray J lmao

  • fried chicken
    fried chicken Month ago

    He didn’t get married

  • love Tate
    love Tate Month ago +8

    Hes so good looking lol 👀

  • Yanique Thompson
    Yanique Thompson Month ago

    Yuppp....that's his Jamaican side!. 🤣🤣🤣🇯🇲 my people

  • L L
    L L Month ago +4

    Really unrelated but, his haircut is F R E S H

  • ellebelle. bxby
    ellebelle. bxby Month ago +2

    I really want them to talk about this bhab Bhabie with box braids drama

  • JazminRene
    JazminRene Month ago +5

    I love how everyone was howling when Tam asked that🤣🤣🤣

  • -Truth -Hurts-
    -Truth -Hurts- Month ago +4

    I think Safaree and Erica look good together and I'm not even attracted to dark skinned men.🤷‍♀️

    • -Truth -Hurts-
      -Truth -Hurts- Month ago +1

      @m e No, I'm not.

    • m e
      m e Month ago

      -Truth -Hurts- you missing out

  • Tracy G
    Tracy G Month ago +1

    Great answer. If you didn't send the pic to your wife you sent it to no one at all

  • COCOB2096
    COCOB2096 Month ago +1

    Love Safaree 4life!

  • Shay91
    Shay91 Month ago +1

    He's another black man who caters to non black/lightskin women. Black men are so brainwashed and colorstruck. The white man did a number on them. Damn shame.

  • Cindy Castro
    Cindy Castro Month ago +23

    “I don’t remember”. 😂 😂 I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve heard guys say that. Tam ain’t buying it, that’s my girl 👏🏼

  • Abigail Buchanan
    Abigail Buchanan Month ago +1

    I was waiting for the interview #jamaican

  • Jordss
    Jordss Month ago +113

    He basically said now he’s married his hoeness is deleted, shout out to Draya.

    • Alia Q
      Alia Q Month ago +1

      Who's Draya?

    • Jasmine
      Jasmine Month ago

      Right, That was her philosophy FIRST!😄

  • Rannddalll
    Rannddalll Month ago

    He lyin’ and they all see through his bullshit 😹

  • TruthSheTold
    TruthSheTold Month ago +46

    "When I put on this ring I don't remember nothing from the past"
    Man code for:
    "Hell yea I did it but I ain't gone tell on my dang self" 👀🤾🏾‍♀️😂😂😂

  • VSG
    VSG Month ago +18

    Safaree and ray j two peas in a pod

  • Dylan Mijer
    Dylan Mijer Month ago

    ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️he sooo damn fine with his corny ass.

  • Michelle
    Michelle Month ago +42

    Safaree's outfit looks good on him

  • Onur Bb
    Onur Bb Month ago +37

    "I'm a new man"
    *next month*
    And today on the real we discuss safaree cuz he cheated on his girlfriend

    • Markita Davis Brown
      Markita Davis Brown Month ago


    • Alex James
      Alex James Month ago +1

      Zy Ramus Adrienne never cheated the fck? And nobody is dogging him out?? They are asking about his pic that he himself leaked

    • Zy Ramus
      Zy Ramus Month ago

      I think that is funny how they are trying to dog him out. But Adrienne admitted to cheating MULTIPLE TIMES. And they are quiet.

  • Onur Bb
    Onur Bb Month ago +46

    I love tam's "are u being truthful right now?"

  • Up To No Good
    Up To No Good Month ago +23

    Imagine being with him for 12 years.

    • Les Lavy
      Les Lavy Month ago +1

      Up To No Good 😂😂😂😂😂😂lawd right. Omg only a fucking penis. He damn lucky it’s big too.

    • -Truth -Hurts-
      -Truth -Hurts- Month ago +2

      @Up To No Good Nothing but truth. Some of these women are so desperate and make us look bad. Glad my man's the opposite and "slanging" too. LOL
      I don't want to be any man's mother unless he came out of me.

    • Up To No Good
      Up To No Good Month ago +5

      ypm 123 sis imagine having no ambition for 12 years, living off of a multi millionaire chick who paid for his hairline and all he could ever bring was a penis, well crafted by God. A wasteman!

    • ypm 123
      ypm 123 Month ago

      Lol I could , he has a great personality and he is slanging!!

    • Young Laquifa
      Young Laquifa Month ago +1

      Up To No Good Lmfaoo

  • 지니J
    지니J Month ago +120

    0:48 looool every guy when they’re lying “alright look”

  • Mariah Carey
    Mariah Carey Month ago +132

    Who else remembers when Safaree’s safari leaked👀

    • Alex James
      Alex James Month ago

      It's Friday What privacy? He posted it himself on his social lol

    • Alex James
      Alex James Month ago +1

      Mariah Carey It wasn’t leaked, he posted it himself

    • -Truth -Hurts-
      -Truth -Hurts- Month ago

      LOL Y'all sound so thirsty. Glad I've had one that large before and got it out the way. 😍

    • Dylan Mijer
      Dylan Mijer Month ago +2

      Mariah Carey LoL I still got the pictures

  • Devinn Edwards
    Devinn Edwards Month ago +18

    Isn’t this the new script for all married dog-I mean men?!!😂😂😂

  • Kam More
    Kam More Month ago +30

    They knew he was lying 💀

  • Sasha Jolie
    Sasha Jolie Month ago +11

    I don’t get it. Is the 4 of y’all not enough? These guests are so boring. At least get some interesting people like Margot Robbie, Halle berry, or Jennifer Anniston. I don’t mean bad by this. Just miss the older days. Felt more real.

    • Ale 01
      Ale 01 Month ago

      @bsbgirl85 they have bigger people nowadays. Jlo, Angela Bassett, Kerry Washington etc but yea the guest hosts are d list people

    • Sasha Jolie
      Sasha Jolie Month ago

      Zy Ramus yes that’s what I mean! I love the girl chats from a while ago. They were the most entertaining

    • Sasha Jolie
      Sasha Jolie Month ago

      Jazzy One why no to Margot and Jennifer but yes to Halle? 😂😂 I find all of them interesting and talented! Everyone likes different things ♥️

    • Sasha Jolie
      Sasha Jolie Month ago

      Tamerra T they’re interesting to me BUT that’s my perspective 😂😂 I’m sure everyone has people they want who others would find boring. Those were examples lmao.

    • Jazzy One
      Jazzy One Month ago +1

      I don't like the guest hosts on the show because it always feels like they're hesitant to jump in and give their thoughts. Maybe it's because the permanent hosts have an established dynamic. I love Tisha though.
      A big no to Margot and Jennifer.

  • Vanessa Awada
    Vanessa Awada Month ago +18

    every man says this. we all know how it ends.