My Saint Bernard Dog ONLY eats Microwaved food. Impatiently whines while his food is being heated.

  • Published on Feb 16, 2020
  • Is your dog super picky? Or does your dog insist on having his or her food microwaved? Let me know in the comments :)

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  • MRC
    MRC  +662

    He has trained his human well.

  • Rockd
    Rockd  +155

    The heat brings out the flavor. Doggo got sophisticated tounge.

  • Jim C
    Jim C  +548

    Don't ever show him the barbecue grill

  • Andrew Will

    The things we do for our dogs. Still isn't enough for what we get in return!

  • Megan
    Megan  +64

    My golden retriever is the same way. Won’t eat unless it’s heated or has cheese in it 😂

  • Montecristo

    Ahh yes, moist microwaved dogfood, the dog has quite the refined taste if you ask me.

  • Scott McGoldrick

    I've never thought about trying this for my dog thats a bit funky with his dry food! Thank you!

  • Kevin Bertalotto

    Lmao reminds me as a kid where I would only drink water if it was really cold

  • Kettterer
    Kettterer Year ago +45

    That is one lovely and healthy St. Bernard. I'm glad to see a handsome dog in a happy condition.

  • skjaldmær

    This is so funny! 😄 Our dogs do similar things that need trickery to resolve!

  • 601salsa

    Ok question what is it like having a st bernard? How much food do they go through? Are they easier to groom than a husky?

  • Blue Flare

    Lol, reminds me of my cat with water. She only drinks water from the refrigerator and doesn’t like it from the sink. Whenever I get myself a glass of water she’ll sit at my feet and meow at me until I get her some too.

  • Allison Querze

    He looks like he could use some really good and hot homemade dinners with gravy and veggies. The dry food is just a snack in between meals.

  • Gab
    Gab  +3

    Your dog is so cute. Expert advice, never elevate the food bowl. It should always be on the floor (unless adviced by a vet). Elevation increases risk of GDV, especially in large dogs. Also, microwaving will diminish the nutritional value of the dog food (denatures proteins, destroys vitamins etc). Better to use warm not hot water, or short microwave time to slightly warm the food.

  • Theresa Pappas

    So adorable a little angel 🐶🐾😇🐾💚

  • Teresa H

    I can not stop laughing😂

  • Aparajita & Leo vlogs

    My saint Bernard loves all semi boiled vegetables,all kinds of and chicken ,mutton,lamb,turkey,egg is his favorite...Leo is his name..He loves to eat everything that is consumable by human but restrictions are to kept,no sweet dishes at all..1 green chili taste is necessary for him with every meal he has....Rice and oats to,with bajra and five grain flour chapatis..He's 1year 5 months old..Leo..At the very beginning he had all canned food ,not freezed adding Luke warm water to it , including tuna,lamb,goat ,pork ,salmon,chicken and livers of some.. Adding 1spoon salmon oil to the expensive brand of dog foods, imported here in India ,first 7 months royal Cannin and then more something more expensive,I don't remember the name.But everything must be a little hot and semi cooked....

  • Geeta Shetty

    He is so smart 😂😂😂😂

  • Fila Sophies

    I had a cat that had to have a dash of fresh food from the container everytime. Wouldn't touch the gourmet wet cat food. Only liked to eat Costco dry cat food, peas, and chicken. His name was Kitty Kat and he just appeared on my porch one day. Miss that boy.

  • Guy Nonsense

    The dog: RAW