Anthony Davis Full Highlights 2019.10.10 Lakers vs Nets - 16 Pts 5 Asts, 2 Blks! | FreeeDawkins

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • October 10 | NBA PreSeason | Anthony Davis Full Highlights 2019.10.10 Lakers vs Nets - 16 Pts 5 Asts, 2 Blks! | FreeeDawkins - NBA Video'
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Comments • 97

  • Mike Drowne
    Mike Drowne Month ago

    consider this a warning

  • Arthuro Pacamalan
    Arthuro Pacamalan Month ago


  • kamikazekopec
    kamikazekopec Month ago +1

    Gonna be calling him Anthony Bosh by the end of the year

    PG 13PACERNATION Month ago

    if AD stats healthy the Duo will be scary

    • Black Jesus
      Black Jesus Month ago

      PG 13PACERNATION I have a good feeling about this season not only for AD but for the rest of the league

  • K06E
    K06E Month ago +1

    Dwight Howard isn’t really jumping out the gym

  • hihi noob
    hihi noob Month ago

    can teach me english? what is temple with a three?

  • Làetrell Oatz
    Làetrell Oatz Month ago

    Lol y’all dtm they lost by three without they starts in the second half lol golden state lost by 20 sum with they starters on Nd off the court y’all better read between the lines

  • Slim 803
    Slim 803 Month ago +3

    Overrated and injury prone

  • Hyena laughing matter

    davis is a tranny 100%

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller Month ago

    How tf Lakers still lost to Nets without Kyrie Irving. This is a sign of old veteran can't keep up with youngster. Even though they're lack of experience but still have more energy to play. I know it's preseason but Lakers have two top 5 players n still lost. How embarrassing lol

    • Chris Miller
      Chris Miller Month ago

      @SK & DDG's SHOOTA #wahmyn8mewh #THATSTUFF older to be your dad. lol dont be mad cuz i speak the truth about Lakers. Y'all lakers keep complaining and want this n that. Clippers still win without PG

    • SK & DDG's SHOOTA #wahmyn8mewh #THATSTUFF
      SK & DDG's SHOOTA #wahmyn8mewh #THATSTUFF Month ago

      @Chris Miller just out of curiosity, how old are you? You're obviously Anonymous so you can share... I'm trying to see something...

    • Makanaky love
      Makanaky love Month ago

      Chris Miller talking about clippers they won against a bunch nobody

    • Chris Miller
      Chris Miller Month ago

      @Tha Huncho u too dumb n can't handle the truth lol

    • Tha Huncho
      Tha Huncho Month ago

      zLwy stop arguing with him lmao he’s clearly 13

  • Mikasa Ackerman
    Mikasa Ackerman Month ago +2

    Yo Dawkins where the rajon rondo highlights?

    • G5 The goat
      G5 The goat Month ago

      Mikasa Ackerman thank you

    • Mikasa Ackerman
      Mikasa Ackerman Month ago +4

      @Just a dude he was the second leading scorer is all I'm saying.

    • Just a dude
      Just a dude Month ago

      Mikasa Ackerman
      No body is going to watch it so why should he waste his energy and time

  • Dzabis Babis
    Dzabis Babis Month ago


  • cris leopando
    cris leopando Month ago

    lebron selfishness will be lakers achellis wtf lebron your already fucking 35 yearsl old pass to other teammates enough for superstar ego

  • Fuckity Fuck Nigga
    Fuckity Fuck Nigga Month ago +19

    Lakers lost? I thought they were ready to hang their championship banner after the first pre season game...

    • Samuel Mckoy-Johnson
      Samuel Mckoy-Johnson Month ago

      Unlike whatever team or franchise u follow Lakers aren’t use to being not dominant we all just hyped that we got two of the best players in the league and we gonna most likely be wining a chip this year cause that’s what LA is use to the greatest franchise in the history of the NBA

    • James Matthews
      James Matthews Month ago

      Umm we are hanging out championship banner we ain’t worried bout this preseason loss that wasn’t even a blow out lol 😂

    • Fuckity Fuck Nigga
      Fuckity Fuck Nigga Month ago

      Calis Finest kyrie n levert didnt even play 2 mins

    • San Diego’s Finest
      San Diego’s Finest Month ago

      The Lakers played very good their finishers were on the bench you saw that so?

    • John Chester
      John Chester Month ago +2

      It doesnt matter if they win or lose its just the pre season lol stay tuned on oct 22 you goin to eat yo words

  • gizmochina
    gizmochina Month ago +5


  • shots fired
    shots fired Month ago +3

    Davis highlights this game is boring the last game was better

    • San Diego’s Finest
      San Diego’s Finest Month ago

      oinkpiggin not true at all the whole team played good but they were just tired you could tell both teams were missing so many open shots and layups and turning the ball over so much being in China on their timezone is different

    • oinkpiggin
      oinkpiggin Month ago +1

      Well cuz the team learnt his last game and double team him this game. He couldn't go wild this game, but it is free up for the other guys to score.

  • JBM428
    JBM428 Month ago +37

    Why does Dwight Howard look like he’s 6’7

  • Zeeshan Ahmed
    Zeeshan Ahmed Month ago +47

    He’s looking real good rn. Hope he stays healthy this year

  • Black Jesus
    Black Jesus Month ago +9

    Nets are going to be tuff this year should be all about building chemistry and developing their young guys

  • Basketball Renaissance

    AD was the best player on the floor despite LeBron’s stat sheet. LeBron had the ball in every possession, was grabbing uncontested rebounds and couldn’t finish around the paint.

    • Shed Gang
      Shed Gang Month ago +8

      kjax Hes just asking why you guys bring up LeBron when the video isn’t about him lol. Shit is weird. You can call me mad or hurt as well anything to deflect the truth

    • RayJovjov
      RayJovjov Month ago +3

      AlphaDwg lmao u sound hurt af. Highlights of LeBron were literally in THIS vid. Tf you mean “what does this have to do with Lebron?” Lmao

    • Brandon Ingram
      Brandon Ingram Month ago +1

      Kinda sad that lebron is already getting old

    • AlphaDwg
      AlphaDwg Month ago +6

      @kjax I don't care. This says Anthony Davis highlights. You weirdos are obsessed. Thinking about another man 24/7 . Can't make a comment about another player without having his name in your mouth. It's kinda sad actually lmao

    • Derek Deford
      Derek Deford Month ago +3

      kjax so are all the other players lmao what’s your point

  • IG Vergs
    IG Vergs Month ago +3

    Well, not taking away anything from the nets but they are damn good team also. No need to blame ad or bron with the L.

    • James Matthews
      James Matthews Month ago

      Do you really think we’re worried about the nets

    • airgens
      airgens Month ago

      @Nasir Jones weirdos

    • Nasir Jones
      Nasir Jones Month ago

      Who gives a fuck it’s preseason and they played 3 quarters

  • BronAin’tShit
    BronAin’tShit Month ago +14

    LeHelp: 20-6-2 on 7/15 FG, -4
    AD: 16-2-5 on 4/10 FG, +5
    When LeHelp was ball dominant and stealing AD’s rebounds, the Lakers were losing.

    • AlphaDwg
      AlphaDwg Month ago +1

      Imagine coming to an Anthony Davis video to talk about Lebron. Y'all are obsessed lmao

    • MyNoseisDirty
      MyNoseisDirty Month ago +9

      imoja 844-395-1271 call this number to get help with your mental issues prayers.

    • imoja Beats
      imoja Beats Month ago +5

      @Paul C cuz hes a fucking bum and his dickriders refuse to accept that he aint the goat.

    • Paul C
      Paul C Month ago +9

      Bro how can you hate on a man so intensely I’m confused af

  • BronAin’tShit
    BronAin’tShit Month ago +14

    AD had his rebounds stolen from LeStatPad and shot 4-10 under his system, he still had a better +/- than LeStatPad.

    • Good Guy
      Good Guy Month ago

      @common man!he just sucking his dick thats the, payment

    • Dative
      Dative Month ago +1

      Just get your ass off of this video if you're gonna talk about Lebron. This video isn't even about him, you're so fucking dumb.

    • common man!
      common man! Month ago +14

      how much did MJ paid you to post here???

  • 1-8 in the Finals without Ray Allen and Kyrie

    Anthony Davis > Lebron James

    • KingOne
      KingOne Month ago

      AD hasn't won an MVP yet and made the playoffs only twice but yeah better than LeBron who by the sam age won 2 MVPs went to the NBA finals and dragged one of the worst teams in hisotry to conference finals, playoff every year and leading the league in wins shut the hell up fool.

    • #1 YouTube Fan
      #1 YouTube Fan Month ago +1

      Basketball Reinassance first of all, y'all took the "lebron makes his teammates better" narrative out of context, when they said lebron makes his teammates better it doesn't necessarily mean that he improves the stats of his teammates. He gives open looks to his teammates but he doesn't literally raise the ppg of his teammates. second of all, lebron had nothing to do with k love's poor finals performance everyone else from that cavs team, played really well, k love just always seemed to struggle against the warriors since he had his moments in the playoffs.

    • MyNoseisDirty
      MyNoseisDirty Month ago +1

      Basketball Renaissance so you mention guys like that but leave out Ray Allen Kevin Garnett Vince Carter Jason Kidd Paul pierce Allen Iverson You Jordan fans are so deluded it's funny

    • MyNoseisDirty
      MyNoseisDirty Month ago +1

      captain save a hoee dirk won 1 ring in 20 years.... If that's you're argument Dirk is the goat with 1 Ring while never even averaging 27 points💀 Good comment

    • captain save a hoee
      captain save a hoee Month ago +2

      @MyNoseisDirty dirk won a ring without another all-stars.. lebron is over-rated and cant carry a team to a finals win without a second all-star..

  • EXO Andrew
    EXO Andrew Month ago +1