Melanie Martinez - K-12 (The Film)

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
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  • Kamiyah Gresham
    Kamiyah Gresham 10 hours ago

    This was a good movie i love k-12, my favorite alblum and now movie!

    • Kamiyah Gresham
      Kamiyah Gresham 10 hours ago

      I dont understand how kelly, her friends, malanie, and her friends had over 20,000 hairstyles? Maybe its bc of malanie's abilities?

  • Samantha Gonzalez
    Samantha Gonzalez 11 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice Melanie wasn’t wearing her tattoos ....🤔

  • lol, wot?
    lol, wot? 12 hours ago +1


  • Wendy Hernández
    Wendy Hernández 12 hours ago

    She named her pet Felipe:^

  • ThrustTDP
    ThrustTDP 12 hours ago

    Hey my name is Melanie too.

  • Music4Every1
    Music4Every1 13 hours ago +1

    Melanie: I'ma let it be free!
    TheXvid: And I'm gonna stop you.

  • Latina girl gacha lover I love mai dog

    She changed it she really does not

  • Calvin Lamb
    Calvin Lamb 13 hours ago +1

    Manger:ok Mrs.martinez what hair style do you want
    Melanie:All in the WORLD
    manager -_-
    Manager again⏺👄⏺

  • Galaxy Teddy
    Galaxy Teddy 13 hours ago

    I love the movie❤️❤️❤️❤️🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊💜💜💜💜

  • I LiKe PiGs
    I LiKe PiGs 14 hours ago

    I am so grateful I can still watch this masterpiece B)

  • Elizabeth Rodriguez
    Elizabeth Rodriguez 14 hours ago

    I already watched it for free but i wanted to see it again and now its not😢

  • _Ana _Sz
    _Ana _Sz 14 hours ago


  • Savannah Kanso
    Savannah Kanso 14 hours ago

    I can’t watch it again it says I need premium

  • Rhiannon Williams
    Rhiannon Williams 14 hours ago


  • kate44123
    kate44123 15 hours ago

    i miss this movie even though it’s only been 2 months and i’m not allowed to buy it

  • MamiLeya .Vu
    MamiLeya .Vu 15 hours ago

    all the people who were smiling in drama club im sorry to say but yall looked like deviled eggs

    oh and also thanks possessed kids for eating the principal!

  • Taralynn Thompson
    Taralynn Thompson 15 hours ago

    Melanie's hair said: ⬆➡⬇⬅⬆➡⬇⬅↗↙↔↙↕➡↗⬅⬆↙↕↕

  • Itz_Nat _Wolfie
    Itz_Nat _Wolfie 15 hours ago


  • • Henrique
    • Henrique 15 hours ago +1

    this is the time machine
    To see the movie, you need to click on the link

  • PupperKat ;P
    PupperKat ;P 16 hours ago

    She put it on TheXvid for FREE. Take off the dang subscription she cares enough to put it for free and it obviously cost a lot.

  • Luis Arias
    Luis Arias 16 hours ago

    Guys the only way to watch it is by going to google then write k-12 online

  • Riccardo Zaffino
    Riccardo Zaffino 16 hours ago +1

    (The moment you realize Angelita is Canadian just like you)

  • Evie Ashton
    Evie Ashton 16 hours ago

    I love this flim❤️

  • Eden Marcus
    Eden Marcus 16 hours ago


  • xX flυffуlσνє Xx
    xX flυffуlσνє Xx 17 hours ago

    Me: doesn't get why comments saying stuff about money cause I just watched it 87 × 92 times.

  • Paula Ribeiro
    Paula Ribeiro 17 hours ago

    Melanie que palhaçada é essa??? Coloca isso de graça de novo 😪

  • Owo_itz_weronika ;-;
    Owo_itz_weronika ;-; 18 hours ago +1

    My favourites in order:
    1.the principal 👨‍🏫 and tell🧸
    3.wheels on the bus🚌
    4.class fight👊
    5.nurses office🏥
    7.strawberry shortcake🍰 juice🍊
    9.drama club🎭
    10.lunchbox friends👭
    11.teachers pet🐰
    12.highschool sweethearts💗
    13.recess⛲️ drill 🚨

  • •Blue e Red séries•

    Ainda bem que vi o filme antes de vir esse "somente disponível para music Premium"

  • weezy Smith
    weezy Smith 18 hours ago


  • simply sunflowers
    simply sunflowers 19 hours ago +1

    YALL. it was free for a damn month. its your fault that you didn’t watch it within the month that it was free

  • IThinkGreyHairIsSexy
    IThinkGreyHairIsSexy 19 hours ago +1

    Comments: ItS NoT FREe. I M so BrokE
    (Me not realizing what they mean because I’m the privileged) :👀
    Get premium

  • Flavio Fonseca
    Flavio Fonseca 19 hours ago

    oi blz?
    portuguese :^

  • Rico’s Party.
    Rico’s Party. 20 hours ago +2

    Give us all some theory’s for what will happen next In the story?
    Example: where did crybaby stay?,where did Lilith take them at the end?

    I’m interested comment below.👇🏻

  • Giih Acacio
    Giih Acacio 20 hours ago

    7:52 violin music?

  • Bunny Crazy -chan:3
    Bunny Crazy -chan:3 20 hours ago


  • Daphne Castillo
    Daphne Castillo 21 hour ago

    me: coming to see the movie for the sixth time
    youtube: only available for the rich, BITCH
    also me: screaming in latin

  • jamila masuud
    jamila masuud 21 hour ago +1

    angelita was in mad hatter aswell
    and those Black eyes are in mad hatter to go and warch it

  • loloforsho Nuc
    loloforsho Nuc 21 hour ago

    It was free smh

  • •karen cool •
    •karen cool • 22 hours ago


  • Haha No
    Haha No 22 hours ago

    Aww it’s not free anymore but I’m glad I saw it when it was 😢

  • XxMzMxX
    XxMzMxX 23 hours ago

    F~ck count: 64

    Honestly, someone else counted, but I don’t see anything about this so, your welcome...

  • Andres Altafulla
    Andres Altafulla 23 hours ago +1

    ????? Why????

  • Farhad Ismaeil
    Farhad Ismaeil 23 hours ago +1

    I got some popcorn and the last thing the moive was not free are you kidding I made the popcorn for no reason

  • Cottoncandyblue ;3

    ME:Oh music premium members
    ALSO ME: ight ima head out to video prime (I think they have it there)

  • Jayla Dellosa
    Jayla Dellosa Day ago


  • 綺麗なYøkii
    綺麗なYøkii Day ago

    It was free :'( Now it isn't... YAY!

  • Foodsafetyfirs T


  • a .b
    a .b Day ago

    You know what TheXvid?
    Fuck you.

  • N OE L
    N OE L Day ago

    :'< i cant wach it! :

  • Proudlove Hamster

    Rly I wanna wacth ittttt ;-;

  • Mr. Potato0624
    Mr. Potato0624 Day ago

    Me: I forgot to watch the whole movie.
    Friends: WATCH IT
    Me: Watches
    Me: NoT fReE??

  • XxMiss Fallen AngelxX

    Me : K-12!!!!!~
    Video : *this video is only available to MuSiC pReMiUm MeMbErS!!!~*
    Me : CURSE YOU TheXvid -.-

  • x Fancy Milkk x
    x Fancy Milkk x Day ago

    I kinda wish I watched it cause I was like “ I’ll watch it later” and now I cant

  • Langovski Family

    The next time your in a bus, put your seatbelt on or this is going to happen. Lmfao

  • Justin Redd
    Justin Redd Day ago

    just bought youtube premium to watch this wonderful movie again!

  • gacha wolfie
    gacha wolfie Day ago +1

    *This video is only available to Music Premium members.*

    *non-premium melanie martinez fans:* Am i a joke to you?

  • Serenity Colson
    Serenity Colson Day ago

    crybaby: i wanna go home i hate it here
    *gets the chance to leave
    crybaby: actuualllyyyy

  • Briana Davila
    Briana Davila Day ago

    U Matherfu**r

  • Briana Davila
    Briana Davila Day ago

    (ಠ_ಠ) it nottttt freeeee

  • Ãshłeý Shaffer

    T-T I'm dying inside but I'm putting every music vid together to get the film XD