COME ON IN | Front Entry For Our Container Home

  • Published on Aug 25, 2020
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  • bonnie pelletier
    bonnie pelletier Year ago +1

    I hope that even when your home is all finished you two continue to take us on your family journey. I just love your videos ❤️

  • Good Simple Living
    Good Simple Living Year ago +148

    I have quietly watched you for a couple years. I appreciate this as a mother, and wife building a house and homestead right now. I've been a mama 14 years and I will say this... the days are long but the years are short. Take that family time, you guys are killing it. God bless ❤

  • Elizabeth Howard
    Elizabeth Howard Year ago +5

    I just love this journey with you! So genuine, so honest, so real! The only thing that stinks is all the work you have to do to make my life easier. You are my go to TheXvid channel when I need a break from life. Time definitely does fly by way too fast. Most of us don't recognize it until much later. So glad you recognize this now. You are all just so wonderful to allow us into your world. Thank you!!

  • Mary Wehmeier
    Mary Wehmeier Year ago +253

    Let me sound like your Grandmother, Kenzie: Feeling a little melancholy and tired after all you've been through this past couple years is normal. Take that time to be good to yourselves. Give yourselves permission to take a weekend or two off. It will recharge you. Me time is highly under-rated, especially with a baby. YOU have done very well coping with all the workload. So pat yourself on the back. Wish I were closer, I'd be driving out with dinner in the truck to check on you two and make sure you're getting properly fed.

  • Tim Thompson
    Tim Thompson Year ago +60

    Nobody, but nobody, on their deathbed says, "I wish I had spent more time at the office." Enjoy every moment with those you love and DON'T BLINK! Love to you all...

  • Lisa Hill
    Lisa Hill Year ago +6

    You two are amazing. Yes time flies, and someday you will look back on this and wonder how you made it through. Keep doing what feels good for you. Your daughter is obviously thriving and seems well loved and cared for. Perhaps a break would be a good idea, but only you two know what is best for your family. BTW, sometimes a good cry from out of the blue can do wonders for your day. : ) You inspire us all.

    KARMA GAMING Year ago +145

    When your a homeowner you're never "done" with everything...always something to do...take time for eachother and yourselves cause the work will always be there no matter how fast you is unpredictable...never know how much time you have with eachother....never forget that!

  • Julie Smith
    Julie Smith Year ago +7

    I was upset when you said you were changing the outside colors. I really liked the dark blue. Now I see it was absolutely the right decision. It looks so clean and fresh. Plus, as a fellow Southerner, I know it will keep it much cooler.

  • The Gifted Prodigy
    The Gifted Prodigy Year ago +1

    The shots, angles & editing is amazing. Home is truly coming together nicely.

  • Harit Narke
    Harit Narke Year ago +6

    Being a mother , just handling the child itself is a difficult and stressful task.

  • QuoyaLenã TV!!!
    QuoyaLenã TV!!! Year ago +1

    You guys are such an inspiration for my family and I. You guys make us feel that if there is a will there is way to start something from scratch a build something so amazing and memorable. Love your videos. You guys are phenomenal💖💖

  • Nina Kirkland
    Nina Kirkland Year ago +4

    So, I've been thinking that when you are done with the house that you have a career waiting for you as videographers ... I really love your editing and audio insertions. So relaxing to watch ... my 'weekly' 15-minute treat.

  • Leslie Garcia
    Leslie Garcia Year ago +90

    Can we just take a moment to applaud Makenzie! That woman just painted the whole exterior of their home by hand ...with A BRUSH!...👏 wow

  • Scott Morgan
    Scott Morgan Year ago +3

    You Guys!!!! It's hard enough building a homestead and I LOVE what you are doing and how you are doing it. Add in a Baby and WOW... It gets X10 harder. What blows my mind is the quality of your video. I am in the broadcast/AV industry and completely understand how much effort it takes to frame the shot, make sure the lighting is right, the time it takes to edit, and all the other "Blah blah" techie stuff that most viewers have no idea about. Your videos very professional, but its your journey that has me hooked. I love your channel and have been watching for a long time. Kudos and keep it up.

  • Mina Lanzetta
    Mina Lanzetta Year ago +3

    You spoke from the heart Kenz. Time together is important guys! My eyes were filled up listening. Love each other but most importantly take time and go on a picnic in the meadow, the projects will always be there when you own a home. You are burnt out already, you can see it in your eyes.

  • David
    David Year ago +1

    Having seen how and where this project started out 2 years ago and going on the journey with you guys, this house being on the brink of being done is honestly a huge pay off. I am super happy for you guys!

  • Abril Storms
    Abril Storms Year ago +15

    When she was down by the meadow, talking about what matters, I felt all of that. 😭 i hope/pray that spencer can soon start to take time to live a little more in the moment. Your baby has grown SO much and those are moments/years you’ll never get back, when you least expect it she’s off to college!

  • The Hadster
    The Hadster Year ago +8

    I learned something a few years ago from a friend of mine. If you want to keep snakes away, get ducks and or chickens. We encourage the wild ducks to work for us by putting down bird seed, but you can also use chickens. I notice that you have a fence around your yard, so perhaps that will help keep them in. Anyway, ducks and chickens hate snakes because they eat their babies. As a group, they will gang up on the snake and drive it away or kill it - which ever comes first. Happily, our wild duck visitors also rid our property of many bugs, including very large dock spiders (by large, I mean the size of my hand). Some years we have more wild ducks than others, and we notice the difference in the bug control during lighter duck years. Anyway, its a passive way to keep snakes off the property. FYI.

  • Brian Hartley
    Brian Hartley Year ago +268

    When you have a woman that will paint your whole house with a chip brush, you know you have got a keeper.

  • Yon Tony
    Yon Tony Year ago +2

    I am very proud of you guys and the immense work you put in everyday. My dream is to have a project like that done one day too. You guys are amazing. Love it