Halsey - Graveyard (Time-lapse)

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • Graveyard by Halsey out now. halsey.lnk.to/graveyardYD
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    Music video by Halsey performing Graveyard (Time-lapse). © 2019 Capitol Records, LLC
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  • nthabie Gillian
    nthabie Gillian 21 minute ago

    this is a beautiful song

  • Marczemio
    Marczemio 34 minutes ago


  • Isabelle Sosa
    Isabelle Sosa 36 minutes ago

    Her hair is pan colors? 🤫

  • Sharita Cormier
    Sharita Cormier Hour ago

    Oh my God I love this HeArt

  • Tulf42
    Tulf42 2 hours ago

    Is it me or does the painting look a bit like Scarlett Johansson?

  • Seren Omer
    Seren Omer 2 hours ago

    She did this her name is Nures shes so talented

  • Amanda RC
    Amanda RC 2 hours ago

    why does it look like hayley kiyoko

  • paula cid castro
    paula cid castro 2 hours ago

    esta musica me inspiro

  • Tamara Campbell
    Tamara Campbell 3 hours ago

    Beautiful person,and so talented 🤗😍💯♥️

  • Aisha
    Aisha 3 hours ago +1

    1:55 omg it looks as if shes combing the colors through the hair! stunning!

  • Jackie Brooks
    Jackie Brooks 3 hours ago


    BD RESULTS ONLINE 4 hours ago

    Why are all of Halsey’s songs so good?

  • Kerpii ツ
    Kerpii ツ 4 hours ago

    halsey is a great artist

  • Rosa Ortega
    Rosa Ortega 5 hours ago

  • Mighty Moyan
    Mighty Moyan 7 hours ago

    Google Moya Moya.........Add me on Facebook.....I need some friends to get me out of a dark place.

  • Yamely Jimenez
    Yamely Jimenez 7 hours ago

    a mi parecer no me gusta halsey yo solo vine a criticar

  • marife diones
    marife diones 7 hours ago


  • Die The fox
    Die The fox 8 hours ago

    concha de su madre todos hablan ingles

  • Alyssa Smith
    Alyssa Smith 8 hours ago

    Omg she's coming to new England in December for Jingle Ball??!?!?!? No one ever comes to New England?!?! I stan an artist who goes to states no one cares about!!!!

  • Jhuna VyVy
    Jhuna VyVy 9 hours ago

    Talent wow!!!!!

  • Michael Lyons
    Michael Lyons 9 hours ago

    Halsey is amazing. Love my 609 girl. NJ proud

  • your roommate
    your roommate 11 hours ago

    Young Gerald really effed up.

  • Tambi Raj
    Tambi Raj 11 hours ago

    ╚══╝╚═╩═╩═╩═╝ this song..

  • Nat !
    Nat ! 11 hours ago

    I know this song but who is the picture

    xCHERRY BLUESx 12 hours ago

    wait, so after all the comments, THAT LADY IS HALSEY? OMGG O.O

  • Akhmad Ali
    Akhmad Ali 12 hours ago


  • Scarlett Feather
    Scarlett Feather 14 hours ago

    God: "How many abilities do you want?"
    Halsey: "Yes!"

  • Arturo Llll
    Arturo Llll 14 hours ago

    Retire and dedicate to paint exclusively 😍

  • Lizzie.
    Lizzie. 15 hours ago

    She sing,
    She paint,
    But most importantly:
    She great

  • qawiyya haqq
    qawiyya haqq 18 hours ago

    yo what

  • Elizabeth Quezada Moreno


  • Vivi- Chan
    Vivi- Chan 21 hour ago


  • Uhmazing Grace
    Uhmazing Grace 21 hour ago


  • Jüh Nascimento
    Jüh Nascimento 22 hours ago

    Demais 💚

  • Christine Martinez
    Christine Martinez 22 hours ago

    LOVE THIS!!!!

  • iiiSokia
    iiiSokia 22 hours ago

    Who else thought at First it was a girl holding her heart sitting down

  • Hadassah Crisp
    Hadassah Crisp 22 hours ago

    she is so pretty and amazing at painting and good at singing i wish i was like her and you don't want to see me sing or draw and i am not pretty

  • Natasha TASH MAhAL
    Natasha TASH MAhAL Day ago +1


  • Erika Mahoney
    Erika Mahoney Day ago +1

    I was listening LANA no this!

  • Ann Osh
    Ann Osh Day ago


  • Spieler phys89
    Spieler phys89 Day ago +1


  • alaina
    alaina Day ago +1


  • xXunicorn_ YadhXx
    xXunicorn_ YadhXx Day ago +1


  • Claudia Sánchez
    Claudia Sánchez Day ago +1

    why it looks like millie bobby brown lmao

  • marcelo
    marcelo Day ago


    ARMY BTS Day ago

    Ilove this song

  • Adam Czubaszek
    Adam Czubaszek Day ago

    this song kinda sounds like a commercial from youtube or a song that plays on spotify between the songs you actually listen to in a clip that promotes buying premium

  • L Vong
    L Vong Day ago +2

    Why do we love things that only hurt us?

  • jace mela
    jace mela Day ago

    Randall Fowler - NO DISTURBING (Stripped) Official Music Video

  • Lucas Zanini
    Lucas Zanini Day ago

    This is art. Literally

  • Francoeur Valparaíso

    *Bowie, is that you?*

  • شاكر دواي


  • Dyarah Msp
    Dyarah Msp Day ago +1

    how did you do this in one day tho tf

  • Keely Jalissa
    Keely Jalissa Day ago

    I love you halsey😭💜

  • Erin Lia
    Erin Lia Day ago

    Watching this video made me want to make time lapse video of my drawing with this song in the background. But I'm scared to get my as* copyrighted.

  • Owen Wilson
    Owen Wilson Day ago

    she just did my entire grade 11 work of art assignment in one sitting

    • sagen mandi
      sagen mandi Day ago +1

      Ur workout is her warm up may be 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • sagen mandi
      sagen mandi Day ago +1

      She is hard worker

  • maya
    maya Day ago

    Oh such a beautiful 😍🥺🥺

  • 48lilly
    48lilly Day ago

    You did it ❤️🌈👌🤗🤗🤗🤗I’m proud of you 👍😆

  • Sydney Hill
    Sydney Hill Day ago

    It's the Pan colours.

  • Andrei Stefan
    Andrei Stefan Day ago

    You are sooo feautiful!❤️❤️🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴